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  1. Cod a green tome to me for 30s please. Also interested in the blue tome if you still have it for 30s.
  2. I'm interested in a charge of the green tome of magic and the blue tome of magic. I'd be willing to offer 50 silver total for both of them.
  3. Super excited to read the post. Eagerly await more news.
  4. WTS Tomes

    How does 15s for a charge from the red cherry sound? If that works Cod Merumbra please.
  5. How does 15s sound? Cod it to Merumbra if that would work.
  6. I like all these ideas and they give me some more as well. If the area was link underground to all servers could do an invasion scenario. Where the linked points underground have to be maintained on the server by guard spawns. If the guards ever got wiped out then the entrance would change to be a spawning point for random monster parties that would slowly start roaming the server till the players regained control of the linked point on the server. Possibly, if it went on long enough, have the monsters settle down and make there own camp that would spawn more monsters. The new monsters spawning on the servers would bash and destroy things at the same rate trolls do now, so less often than on the new server I am suggesting. To help maintain the linked point, players could do missions like for the gods but would be sending supplies to the guards and after enough supplies get there the guards equipment would upgrade for each guard alive. Any new guards that spawn would be at starting armor and have to be worked up. If there was an above ground, could make missions on the new server that would increase the guard count and buff them up enough that they would try to make a foray to the surface for a limited time and help lessen the monster load for players to gather more resources.
  7. Lets have a server that is completely underground. There is no above ground, just mined out pathways to housing areas players carve out and underground pockets areas of lava and monsters. Have cave ins happen much more frequently. Random lava spawns from seismic activity. Have ruins that hordes of monsters come out of breaking through walls and bashing fences and gates more often so it is not a safe place. Also let the players put slabs on the ceiling and dye them different colors to simulate the sky that they will never see on this server. Maybe a new priest spell that will make a simulated sun to light up large areas.
  8. I have one I would sell for 2s.
  9. I have a Black Tome of Magic with 3 charges. I would like to trade it for another sorcery item, other than a White Cherry, Red Cherry, or White Tome, that also has 3 charges on it. I would also take a combination of sorcery items as long as they came up to 3 charges.
  10. please close
  11. That was weird. Anyone know why it went down?
  12. I apologize to everyone on not getting back on this topic. I didn't realize I needed to set up settings different to get updates on this post. (I am so bad at looking through the small details on account settings) I got enough drake hide to finish my set. If anyone wants to sell me more at the same price mentioned above I'm willing to buy it. Would be working on a set for a different toon. Thank you all for helping me get my set made. Here are some pictures of it