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  1. Perhaps this came up before but… I am able to load crates into a wagon or large cart so somehow I pick them up. When I unload them, perhaps I could stack them on top of each other? Small crate on large? Small on small? Large on large? Maybe require some sort of winch system to be installed in a building to allow this? Or a mobile winch system? Or heck, a winch system as a feature in general to take carts and other things to the top of buildings? With a clever design of arched walls along the edge of a building and a winch at the top one could design a sort of elevator from floor to floor. (sort of two ideas I suppose) (stacking and winch or hoist) Per my very brief research… winches were available 480 B.C. and by the 4th century BC they were used for architectural use. Shouldn’t be setting breaking to have them in Wurm?
  2. I noticed that my bench was sinking into the Wooden Plank Floor of my cave house. My statue on the other hand does not appear to do that. Is this a bug? I've added a screen shot below.
  3. Posted a bug in the wrong forum Please delete.
  4. For horses I was told to ALWAYS brand them. This allows you to lead them no matter what.
  5. So what permission do you ask the deed owner to change?
  6. Hi there. Thinking of getting a boat and heading out to explore a bit. I’ve been told a few things: Never park on someone’s deed – if they do not grant permissions you lose your boat. Is that true?? If I park on a deed I don’t own, and then I get off the boat, I can’t get back on my boat unless the deed owner allows it? That seems overly harsh! Do carts work that way too? If I’m out and about in my large cart, and then someone deeds where I camp for the night, I lose the cart? Please help me understand the dangers involved here. Ships are not cheap, and the material I put in it might not take many hours to gather. I’d hate to just lose the entire ship and cargo because I LD on a rotting deed. Further, can someone please clarify that carts work the same way? Thank you for helping me understand.
  7. Beyond what I’ve read here I have also heard some comments made by other folks that it’s easier for new players, and harder for older. Older players have “too much stuff” to consider going through all that work – or so I’ve been told. So it seems like there are folks that feel this would be bad for both new and older players alike. Other than money off upkeep, perhaps you could get stronger guards, or even a free one if you can get your overall quality up. As for offering an elitist path, I would submit that most of this game is about getting stuff that others can’t get because they can’t skill as much. Almost any skill is that way. There is a newbie farming tax – they can’t get as much. There is a newbie foraging tax, they can only get one item and can’t even choose what to get. They can’t prospect and see what kind of stone they are going to mine. Lots of skills get better as more time is spent – and one transitions from newbie to veteran player. Ultimately, the goal being to make higher levels of some skills more useful. Lots of ways to accomplish that! And a few good ones listed in this thread too.
  8. I’m still new to the game so perhaps some of the mechanic is already implemented. I’ve decided to try and take up Masonry, which is a fun skill for me to work on. I realize that certain types of devices like forges work better with high quality. What if that idea was extended to other types of items created and placed inside someone’s deed or a village? Perhaps offer a percent off of deed maintenance costs depending on the average quality of all items in the village, anything that can be improved could count as part of the total average. Just a thought to make a 90ql statue count for more than a 10ql statue. I’d think there might be other things to work out. Perhaps the tiered percent off grid, which is based on average quality, also has a minimum number of items that need to be included? Something to stop folks from just having one really nice item pulling the village along to that higher tier. What other ways could drive people to desire high quality items placed in their villages – preferably made by masons