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  1. WTB Vyn Priest

    Back too looking, now that I'm back. Willing to do Paypal or Silver.
  2. WTS Characters & Items

    What accounts are still for sale and how much do you want for each?
  3. Thank you for the fast delivery!
  4. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    I was able to fix this by downloading JDK9.. Thanks Anyway Hello, I am trying to use the map generator.. More specifically I am trying to increase the amount of RAM used. But i seem to have errors thrown at me.. Everything is located in the same file. I have this in a .bat file: And it throws this at me when I run the file: My Server specs:
  5. WTB Vyn Priest

    Hey everyone, looking to buy a good vyn priest Would like the priest to have some body stats. Would also like to be able to make bricks/mortar/planks for the building times. Would also like to have self supporting channeling. Please feel free to message me on thread/PMs A Decent battery/Cast priest for the right price is never out of the question, would prefer some of the above though.

    #24 and #25 COD AZRIMALOS
  7. Sold thanks.

    hey want to hit me up ingame and we can have a chat? Or message me here on forums