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  1. A New Elevation

    I like the ideas proposed in this topic, but I have some questions, and concerns with a healthy dose of opinionated arguments to add: Have you considered the large altars? As much as I like the ideas proposed in this topic, I haven't seen any discussion on what the implications will be for players who plan to priest up. Looks like with the currently proposed plans they will be forced to teleport to Ele naked and walk to wherever the altars are. Doesn't sound very appealing to me. A possible mitigation is to simply move the large altars very close to the starter deeds. It'd be nice if during the travel ban, at least the discomfort for those who play on home servers can be minimized. EDIT: Didn't remember that priests could make people priests. Oops! What will happen to enemy missions on homeservers? What about missions on Elevation itself? Will template kingdoms and kingdom titles still exist and function like they do now on new Ele? IMHO their mechanism is due for a change before you launch the huge changes later this year or in 2020. For what it's worth I think sorcery and player gods have no role to play on new Ele. They just make things harder if not impossible to be balanced. The 2 WL kingdoms with 3 WL gods vs 1 BL god with 1 BL kingdom setup is already hard enough to balance as is. If it's on the table at all as an option, I'd vote for a simple 1-kingdom WL vs 1-kingdom BL setup, no PMKs, bust most importantly no player gods, and no sorcery. Having only two kingdoms would make things more manageable and easier to test changes, although I expect many people to be very much against merging MR and JK... (But let me ask you, what are their defining characteristics anyway, mechanics wise? Everyone plays in alliances...) Balancing the WL god triad versus Libila has never really worked out well so far... With the latest spell changes I think big steps forward have been made, though, but these player gods just don't make sense. It all sounded very exciting on paper, before anyone managed to become one. But really, in hindsight I think they should not have been introduced to the game, ever. There are so many facets to wurm pvp nowadays, and none of them has been very balanced by itself for as long as I can remember. I seriously think that cutting out unneccessary things would be good for balance in the long term. Start small, then reintroduce things once the kinks in the existing ones have been flattened out.
  2. Wurm Meme?

    One year later he fixed a few bugs and released Unlimited... hate it when jokes come true.
  3. The History of Libila, 2005-2016 RIP

    LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN I guess what I'm trying to say is that I still love you guys and BL isn't grand because of their goddess (although she's pretty rad I admit) but because of the players Except that there are none currently Player gods ruined all deity stuff anyway.
  4. Where are you now?

    I still occasionally check in on the forums as well, just to make sure the ECG on this game hasn't flatlined yet... That and to get a rough idea of updates since I last checked. After I quit Wurm I played Arche Age. Pressed the abort button hard on that one once Trion took it to ######. After that, I moved on to FFXIV for a bit. One of the better themepark MMO's out there, with a truly sublime soundtrack. I missed the freedom of a true sandbox though, and the adrenaline of PvP with real risks. Which led me to try Eve a few times but it seems I can't get into that game, the only way in which Eve's freedom felt like a sandbox was that you were free to choose on how to make your money. After that, I've been keeping my eyes open for a good sandbox MMO, but looks like there ain't any promising ones out there. Albion /might/ be fun, but not enough sandbox elements in there from what I can see. Other than that, I sometimes work, sometimes code, go to the occasional event/conference and I've even had sunlight touch my skin a few weeks (or months?) back! I recently got my (bsc) degree as well, which means I am now drowning in free time, so I've been planning on going backpacking in south-east Asia for a few months while I figure out what I want to do next. Might do a cryptology master's. But we'll see. Right now the thought of weekly assignments and exams alone is enough to make me grip my cup of tea with force and sip with a furiosity unknown to mankind. @LorenaMontana There's still 6 or so sleeping powders on Rotten with your name on it, you know that.. Right?
  5. Bloodstone [WIP]

    But will insanity still be OP :|
  6. Meditation change please?

    You're wrong, there have been epic players who got to 90 and then asked for a fix, but that doesn't matter at all, since Rolf probably won't touch meditating anyway. edit: What needs changing the most are the buffs themselves :^)
  7. Skilldump formatting tool

    What exactly do you mean? Is it not listing the leather working skill? Also, the site is down for a few hours because I accidently my web server, and have to do some other stuff before I have time to look at it.
  8. Forward spawns on Elevation?

    -1 Spawn zones get used like this: Safe havens like that should be kept to a minimum if you want to create a hardcore pvp environment. If people feel the need to have security somewhere reasonably close to hota they should build themselves a secure deed and maintain it. If enemies don't like it, they should be given the chance to catapult it to hell. Doesn't exactly promote people coming to Elevation either if they can simply hop over from their home servers. Yeah you can say "B-but it's soooo far from hota", on old Ele people used those portals as well, and by the looks if it the travel time won't change that much if those forward bases are added.
  9. News Update: Work and Progress. Week 15

    Taking offers, PM me.
  10. Elevation Reset

    Good. I really want to believe this is true. I hope that those changes will be implemented on the new map release date at the latest. Would be a shame to let current mechanics wreak havoc there. I initially even missed the mention of f2p characters on the new server, and I must say I agree with all the scepticism on this. I think the target audience for these characters is people who want to try out the game? Which means they know absolutely nothing about the way this game works, and for them to be put in a situation where they are completely defenseless (5ql short sword + 10 ql shield + at most 20fs vs a 10 man SOTG zerg wrecking their newly made wooden shack with a catapult) against virtually everything on the server (dunno how it is now but newbies used to die to large rats and pigs when I started). I do not think there are many people who will remember that as a positive and exciting experience. In fact, I am having trouble imagining pvp looking fun at all if you have no idea of how things work in the first place. Some core concepts behind wurm pvp (the idea that you are fighting for a cause (e.g. to defend a deed), or the knowledge that what you take with you may be lost should you die, teamwork is not just listening to your raid lead, no UI widgets to show group status etc.) only really start to make sense once you get a feel for what wurm is like and, perhaps more importantly, once your character has a certain set of base skills so you at least have enough CR to participate in combat. Even without considering all the things the group of experienced wurm players would use these free banks spies griefers characters for I think it's a bad idea, simply because f2p chars can't offer a real peak into the depressing I need help someone hnngnggngngngngngnnggwhereismyadrenaline exciting world of wurm pvp
  11. Elevation Reset

    I very much doubt the accuracy of the poll too, but that aside.. What changes? Only the map? Do you really expect that simply resetting the map will keep the ("big majority of") people happy for more than a month? What will happen when the first scenario ends and an obscenely huge and disgusting ###### pillar spawns in the middle of one of the beautiful fresh new deeds everyone spent 100 hours digging dirt for? What happens when HOTA is ###### up with 10 craters again? Another reset? Oh boy. Big changes indeed. Honestly, I can see why a map reset can be beneficial*, but it is not fixing the cause of the problems Epic has. It's merely removing the consequences of these problems and hoping they won't show up a second time. And if the causes aren't fixed before the current map is cast aside, who is to say the consequences won't be visible/tangible on the new map too (ruining it FOREVER AND EVER. AND. EVER.)? If you reset the map, PLEASE consider doing so only together with a set of ACTUAL changes to the features Epic has to offer. Simply giving us a new canvas to ruin paint on won't work if our paint and paintbrushes are still the same old piece of ######. I sincerely hope there will be some announcements regarding those "big changes", I'm afraid that if there aren't any it will turn out to be another huge disappointment. Looking at the announced date of the map reset I'm sceptical on there being anything new though. * I'd even support a map reset if I believed the changes made to Epic so far were enough to make it appealing to play there. Disgusting. Also I see you still haven't reached 90 meditating. You should hurry up, I hear they'll be removing your favourite meditation spot soon.
  12. Skilldump formatting tool

    Updated and added/changed the following: Did an interface revamp added scroll-to buttons made gradient user definable added select output text button
  13. Epic feedback feedback thread

    When you say you are not interested in drawing players from other parts of the game, does that apply to other clusters only, or do you see home servers as a different part of the game too? I think my point still stands, Epic does need something engaging to draw people, be it from other parts of the game , ex-wurmians or entirely new people. Something should tell them Epic is where they want to go if they are looking for competitive elements. Fixing the things you mentioned is of course a good step forward and I am very happy to finally see you directly discussing community input, but I do not feel those changes will draw new people; It doesn't offer anything new.
  14. Epic feedback feedback thread

    To be honest I didn't see anything about portal delay in the other thread, Not that I read it very carefully but reducing it seems like an awful idea to me since it will significantly reduce the amount of boat traffic between servers (Imagine a game w/o the delay, only enemies would have to use boats to get to your server, as even bulk transfer of goods is easier/safer with wagons and just portalling over a few times) EDIT: No local lists on elevation: YES! It will be very interesting to see how this affects pvp, people can argue about it being good or bad, but in the end only trying it out will show us the effects. This will make the game a whole lot more exciting I hope. The Valrei changes seem like a good start, it is a bit of a shame to see a full deity being reduced to a demi god, but it does look like it will be more fair on the board for now. Might even be able to use her board representation as a prototype for a player deity should one ascend. Remove CR nerf: I'm neutral towards this. There have been cases where it worked significantly in favor of a homeserver in fights, but there have also been enough cases where the defending force on the homeserver actually needed the CR nerf to bridge the gap in skills and experience. Maybe change it so there is a CR nerf only in a certain (large) radius around starter deeds? Ele map reset: For now I'd say a big NO. If you start making changes to the way Epic works, do them one by one so we can observe the effects of each change and actually trace it back to that change. Tweak one variable at a time. Resetting the map is one of the most drastic changes you can make to the game and moreover it is irreversible, I'd say wait at least a year with a poll to give time for the other pvp tweaks to settle. F2P on Ele .... This would suck big time, it will result in lots of spy alts everywhere unless there is a good mechanic to prevent f2p players from getting any info on enemy activity (this seems impossible without making f2p so dreadfully boring that it'd be useless to begin with. I'm aware that on Chaos there's a mechanic to prevent spying, but when I made a f2p account there it seemed very buggy still. An ingame map? As in a minimap? I don't know about others but I've never felt the need for this in Wurm, a big fun factor for me is not knowing where an attack is coming from. Especially without local lists this would be amazing, ambushes would really be ambushes. The ability in navigating around the world is one of the true player skills (i.e. not measurable in numbers) that makes wurm unique and is another big fun factor for me. Getting lost is (from what I've seen and read in posts about wurm on other websites) one of the biggest charms (and curses) Wurm has to offer. There is something missing though. All these changes address issues that are relevant for people playing on Epic right now. It will affect the already existing player base and (I think) most of these features will be embraced by the community. However, it does not make Epic more appealing to people that don't currently play Epic, it does not introduce this big "Epic only" thing that is needed to draw players from other clusters. This (in my opinion) remains a very important issue. Nor does it do something about the ever prevalent issue of the home server population being very separate from Elevation activities. Most people on a home server don't give a about Hota or "big group of enemies sighted digging dirt in the middle of the steppe". I think there need to be more mechanics and activities to bond home servers to their template kingdom on Elevation. These features should not oblige home server players on Epic to pvp, but they should be prominent enough to make it clear to new players that even home servers are different from Freedom.