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  1. Yay more Unique drama .. the current and previous attempts are lazy half assed cluster f%%cks, which stir nothing but ill feeling in the community .. stuff it. Make the Uniques impossible to interact with and unable in turn to damage anything, and let em roam about the world unimpeded. its time for the Devs to concede this is just another area they cant seem to get a half way decent solution on.
  2. CHOCOBO BAND - Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VIII) [Official Music Video] 4K
  3. [MV] Blaze 블레이즈 by Rolling Quartz 롤링쿼츠 (Official Debut Single) New rock band out of South Korea
  4. Unlucky Morpheus (Racer X - Technical Difficulties Violin Cover)
  5. HAGANE - Labradorite (Official Music Video)
  6. System Of A Down - Genocidal Humanoidz (Official Video)
  7. Metallica - Enter Sandman - 500 musicians rock flashmob - @CITYROCKS cover (official)
  8. Sorry i got to say no map dumps for the new servers is flat out inexcusable.
  9. Showing off video game cosmetics - Poser Hmm, where did i put my Dragon Scale armour anyway?
  10. Yah, its interesting that during the last event we had critters seemingly in abundance, then after the event they dwindled away, and im back to empty landscapes, and in my case thats v large areas of grasslands, desert, steppe etc, where one would hope to see at least a few mobs on any given day .. if u watch population data, the numbers of players on Cadence (and elsewhere) is diminishing so it doesnt seem like its pressure from too much hunting, so WTF Retro? Very much hoping numbers increase, and maybe i can finally see a bison?
  11. Yup, lucky roll on someone's item u are imping for em is their good fortune, and absolutely not your opportunity for profit, any attempt to substitute or replace is flat out dishonest, and the fact u find it necessary to even ask is concerning. Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated, ok.
  12. 【Cover】Nickelback/Burn It to the Ground 演奏してみた♪ NEMOPHILA, w bonus cameo by drummer Muratatamu's new baby
  13. Eh, Im on Cadence, got Archaeo to level 54 and still dont have even one entry in the journal .. abandoned deeds have eluded me thus far, despite occasionally stopping to investigate a few random tiles here n there while on hunting trips. c'est la vie
  14. The Pretty Reckless - 25 From the upcoming album 'Death By Rock And Roll' | Available February 12, 2021:
  15. yeah, i have minimal first hand knowledge to confirm or deny so just stuck it up the flagpole to see if anyone would salute. Tho if its ancient and always wrong why the hell is it still in the wiki? .. i know its all volunteer deal, but .. must try harder hmm.
  16. When the power of a disease is over 100, skill gain is impaired. It has been suggested that disease also lowers one's combat rating.
  17. Frankly that sounds bugged to hell, in the past getting diseased is pretty uncommon unless u had a really crowded pen and u could get it while grooming. Had a guy who was mining with his cart and horses 2 tiles away come on chat yesterday to ask what the diseased message meant .. so its plainly not working properly.
  18. Annalise

    Sorry to hear this, condolences to her family and friends
  19. there has always been a disconnect between players who consider the game to be an ethical and moral vacuum, and those whom play more or less in accordance with their real life values. Some of these people are incapable on understanding that actions ingame can matter to those who are adversely affected by em, and as such are more to be pitied than reviled .. your dismay and outrage is meat and drink to em .. Bottom line protect yourself, there are people here who dont share your values, and if youre unlucky enough to be vulnerable to theft when one of em happens by, they will take advantage if they can. this is a cancer on this game, and imo after many years watching the incredible lengths players will go to in order to grief each other the GMs have grown so accustomed that they have thrown in the towel on any meaningful attempt to encourage better behaviour. Over and Out
  20. Halloween item drop rate was ######, i made a number of attempts to get something, anything, but came away empty handed .. Im up 13 levels of FS so more critters around was welcome, but i would have liked to get SOMETHING.
  21. 5.80QL butchering knife blade, iron CoC88 - 2.80 silver 1ql hatchet head, iron CoC80 - 2.08 silver 1ql pickaxe head, iron CoC80 - 2.08 s COD to Khantaka Thank you.
  22. 【MV】NEMOPHILA / 雷霆 -RAITEI- NEMOPHILA【Cover】KISS / Detroit Rock City 演奏してみた♪