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  1. Funny thing about Blacksmith, the recruitment boards in game send tells to Deastrom.
  2. Hmm thanks for the interest. My boat got salvaged it seems so server travel isnt ideal, but with only 20 people logged in last night, maybe its time to jump again. I'll keep thinking about it.
  3. I'm a returning player on Celebration with some decent skills (50ish Carpentry, Mining, Combat (Mauls)). I've owned a deed and it wasn't much fun. I'm looking to get back in the game for a few months and enjoy myself. I can read traits in horses and I can enchant grass. Looked at Blacksmith and sounds like mayor is AWOL, looked at Pixie Bay and sounds like they're not CST timezone. Maybe I'll just build an off-deed house again. In game name Andriod.
  4. I'd trade my kingdom for a hammock and a shipping crate. (literally)
  5. Please COD the following to Andriod on Cele (name is correctly misspelled relative to the word) 60QL Exquisite Meditation rug CoC 63 2s 60c
  6. I've been watching for a while, and I've often seen 50c if the buyer provides an altar, 1s otherwise. Like everything, it depends on the seller.
  7. Umm, i'm confused about your path. Wouldn't rank 10 require meditation skill of 60? Meditating: 28.16631
  8. Actually, I like the limitations though I don't think bowstring in particular should be limited. Mailing restrictions create local markets for items that can't be mailed. Want a large maul? well you have to look locally for a weaponsmith and can't just have one of the masters Independance mail you one. It gives us younger players a chance.
  9. FYI. Last rare maul I saw sold for 4s to nobody I know. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding one. http://forum.wurmonl.../page__hl__maul
  10. Rope Tool 12QL 82CoC 1.45s CoD to Andriod please. (Note my name is misspelled relative to the word.)
  11. I'd like to order a 84 ql medium wooden shield (fits my affinity) COD to Andriod on Cele. (note that my name is misspelled relative to the word.)
  12. It's the low end of what I'm looking for, but I'm having trouble getting in touch with Emoo so I'm interested. I'll try to get in touch with you as well in a few hours.
  13. I think it's BC13 that's not crossable in anything but a boat because of shallow clay. Also the south shore in AW19 is a good spot for clay.