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  1. Kami Canal Voting(Boats Win)Zirgof Gone

    Can't you just push a large boat loaded down with rafts? Sure it takes a few actions to push it a full tile but that sure beats unloading 100 items. Also the bigest deal for the cart's argument to me is that non-swimming animals cannot pass, leading to an impossably long trip if you want (and find) one of these animals on the wrong side of the canal. I initially voted boats for personal convenience, but I changed it because a 1 tile push isn't really that big of a deal to me.
  2. Freeloader Selling Various Services

    Didn't get the PM, try again please.
  3. I've almost gotten enough money to buy premium, and would like to offer my services to the general public. Please bear in mind the following: As a freeloader my skill cap is 20, which most of my gathering skills are. I only have a row boat, so I cannot deliver bulk supplies (I will make them if you wish but you will have to pick them up, or let me use your supplies at your deed) I will only work one job at a time. I only work in Celebration. I only need 2s for my first month of premium, please be generous Kalaii is my username, I'm located at the island at northeast Celebration My work experiance includes making rafts (in bulk), building a guard tower, and digging down dirt to make a mine.
  4. Posted this in the wrong section, please delete or let die