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  1. Hi. Thanks for your response. So i got to copy the wurm backup adventure folder into adventure folder to restore the map? Is it possible to do so without loosing my gained skills on the char im playing? Im doing both i guess. when it comes to shutting down the server. Is one way way of shutting down the server prefered over the other? Game was vanilla when the adventure map broke. The last couple of days i tried some modded maps to be able to play. And installed the No winter mod to start the new maps in the fall season. Okay. yeah that explains alot.
  2. Filed a ingame support request. After 6 hours no response. Have many days does it usually take for support to answer?
  3. So i bought wurm on steam and have playing around ALOT with it for a week or so. Then i started playing around with the deed item to fund a settlement. after that my gameworld got destroyed and ocean titles was created in the middle of my village and destroyed the map. posting a screenie....what to do?