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  1. My ideas on how to go forward: Hold W
  2. If it was limited to 1 while mounted that would be fine, but the issue is it's now limited to 1 even on foot, which means even if you do bring only a single backup horse/pet, you will have to abandon it if you dismount, because otherwise you will not be able to lead your fast main horse At the very least make the limit 2 if by foot, 1 if by mount
  3. Imo it shouldve been same 4 lead on foot to make breeding still reasonable (some breeders are outraged and going back to homeservers) but limit to 1-2 lead when mounted. Meta was usually fast main horse to catch up and engage but it dies, then barded backup to tank throughout the fight With the current changes, if you jump off your main horse then you can't lead both it and your backup
  4. This should be moved to server bugs
  5. It is not the mouse. I have played wurm for years with many different mice, and play many shooter games where precise mouse movement is important, and this only ever happens in wurm.
  6. This also means that after bashing a tower, enemy influence remains, so you cant build towers into that direction, you cant expand your influence into enemy territory, conquest is impossible, and the enemies will just build the bashed towers back in 15 minutes because they aren't gonna wait for a restart for the influence to go away to let you build your own towers in their place
  7. Make mines be like this Not like this
  8. Didnt see this thread before i made a new one, but i can confirm that this was happening on epic last night in pvp with around 30 people in local You could see through stuff for brief moments because it would flicker invisible
  9. When there are a lot of players in local (like 30+ at the MR civil war battle yesterday) then world objects like fences, trees, etc start flickering visible/invisible, or stop rendering at distances that are closer than normal This is bad because it could potentially let people see through walls or trees in pvp
  10. Next he'll be asking for hide trees
  11. That's because nobody used it on you. I used it on your horse and glanced. Nobody else on our side used truestrike Also platinumteef's argument about leather is completely wrong. Leather is within 1% of steel plate vs slash when considering DR and glance rate
  12. We are not your enemies. We are same kingdom. We will help you build your cave. Also with regards to what olloch said: i disagree that hots is the most populated, but in either case go JK because they need numbers
  13. BL could've just kept sending alts out to that fight to keep enemies nearby so MR couldnt pick up the corpses, while our dead players karmad them
  14. I literally bought truestrike last Monday and would be down for the removal of all tomes
  15. Not complicated to remove. We have the wu code to confirm this
  16. Weapon racks/ bow racks/ polearm racks are useful for quickly sorting loot. Only the appropriate items go in when you drag all. To me this is the appeal of shield racks, rather than visuals
  17. Yours is more reasonable but imo loading the whole corpse including loot into a fantastic locked cart with a 10s timer would be too much. At least with a player instagrabbing the body you can kill them to get it back on the ground, but you definitely arent picking that cart until well after the fight is over
  18. You can continue loading in combat. Its more op than picking up bc it doesnt weigh you down and locks it up for your dead friend to karma it while the fight rages on, bc there's no way enemies pick your cart midfight 10s to lock something up for safekeeping until after the fight means nobodys getting drops We dont want battlecarts. Your suggestion may be better than chaos, but worse than what we currently have
  19. People will just use battlecarts again and spamload when people die. Then when the battle is finally over you have the annoyance of needing to pick all of your opponents carts to get corpses out if they havent been karmad yet I have a load bind
  20. Yea karma corpse would have to be accounted for. Thats why i said 3 instead of 5, but increasing karma corpse delay would get around that like you said
  21. What about a 3 minute timer before corpses are lootable? Then whichever side manages to push the enemies back from the corpse and defend it will get the loot