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  1. no doubt the north is infamous for large parties of mobs.. without the top tier players and the few inhabitants it would be unliveable... heheh take care
  2. idkw but i hate hellhounds ... i always used to avoid them. so here i am driving down the usual road with everything in my cart but the bathroom sink and i spied a hellhound crossing my path.. shiit. i say and veer off road for what i thought was a tricky slip by em like milo sanx does on his walkabys. with a generic alt.. but this is my main dressed in everything good i own and carrying like a good bag man or women everything else i could conceive of,,, this manoever would be carried throughout history i gleemed... then whats this over a thicket or two.. but a trolll.. ah no prob... then whats this a little farther three spiders.. hmm.. that yucky feeling in my stomach and after more and more shortcuts come more and more baddies,.. now you have to realize i lived above Vrock lake.. put it this way you know how much Beckett loves his privacy well him and Xallo and Alyeska are my only neighbors and we are each about 5 miles from each other.. so i was shiit out of luck. if one of the three hadn't rolled through trying to get a tick to 100 fighting, well than youve heard of north xanadu if they hadnt rolled through there were mobs everywhere.. around every corner btt i thought to fight i was stuck not able to go up or down the cliff i was on and now fighting 31 mobs.. i dispatched a couple each time i went back to the scene of the carnage after spending upteen hours looking for vague tree groupings and other such nonsense to maybe get 2 or 3 items and vault myself down the hill only to land in lake vrock with 96 dmg to only have to out swim brown bears,, after i don't know how many skill points and a circus of corpses i tied the knot. i married my defeat for sake of sanity. and this happening withiin 10 minutes from my deed and off a major highway by only 20 squares.. sheesh... ps if anybody finds aged i mean venerable happynotch and venerable sadrolf could you please feed them and tell them daddy's coming!!!!!!!!!!! so u think you messed up eh?????
  3. Starting bid : 1 silver increments: 25 coppers snipe : 1 hour buyout: none private bids: none This is an old fashion auction true to the spirit of the idea.. sorry just some left overs from wine making i thought somebody may want to make themselves a few barrels of white wine.. The grapes are green, 194 @ 37 ql and 109 @ 27 ql.. the sap and syrop are in the same range hence my skill.. I will deliver everything to the winning party/ies!!! thanks...
  4. the deed i want to mention is Starshollow's old deed Sunburst.. i don't know why but when i saw this deed showcased and sold earlier on today i was taken back.. maybe its beautiful symmetry.. or its use of land or maybe its the unique use of tile shapes.. it could even be its got good feng shui (sp!) but i just had to draw light onto it.. not only was it sold in mere hours but it may have slipped by our audience.. this deed just struck a key with me and i wanted to share it with you guys in case you havent seen it.. i can only imagine how nice it is in wurm time but from these pictures i am sure i wouldn't be let down visiting it.. so that is that .. what do you guys think makes a good deed.. pvp or pve.. just a topic..
  5. This is a topic, an old one but with a new position.. instead of searching through the bones and cob webs i got gen x lazy and started a new thread.. to show off this deed i saw from one of our own and maybe you want to discuss what makes a good deed a good deed or a structure a good one etc..the skies are the limit... so without further ado.. the great marvels of our modern times..
  6. theres a rare longsword w/o enchants for 2 silver thats a good starting point.. then you can go to the best nahjo etc priest w battery you can find..
  7. he didnt mind out-bidding you if you want it take it!!!! ps this is one of those rare times our interests align and i won't offer a price..
  8. i can vouch for illusion he's got the best kiln on this side of the rainbow a really rare version and the skills to match ..... pottery can take dmg anywhere as i have witnessed it.... cya
  9. ill take the 85 cast lt rare huge axe cod to psisimian,.. thanks.
  10. will you send me the 85 cast one.. thanks..its to psisimian....

  11. thanks for the shoes cya.. good seller .. just be patient...
  12. oh that was you i saw the corpse at the mall i thought it was decoration... heheh made it hard to find vendor.... heheheh....
  13. 2 Rare chain boots@2s each now 1.5 silver each... rare leather jacket was 2s obo now 1.5 silver .. and rare oak fruit press 2s good deal........ i will check here often.. no reasonable offer refused package deal for all.. also a 84 ql rare oak fruitpress w100 c96 at 3 silvers.. good deal high enchants and high ql... let me know...thanks... ps if you are embarrassed to talk to me or not allowed to buy off me.. just send me a line at and we can discuss all private like.. or pm me..
  14. send me the rest of the horse shoes.. please and thanks// cod to psisimian
  15. ill take the w92 compass.. and a spyglass.. how much do you want for these.. pm me.. we can come to an agreement.. so both are happy.. thanks..
  16. no one <hiccup> told me about <hiccup> the bar !!! Thank Rolf for waterskins <hiccup> so i brought me own <hiccup> Wine Anyone?? .....or ale?? or vodka??? .... or howabout whisky??? ... later all..8 hours and going strong, ill post some pictures from my crowsnest the next post i make...
  17. oh its true i believe unless they the team is just poking sticks at all these years.. and i believe we are looking for a small chest w/o decay and inside of which would be the prize.. the reason i say this is because i found one similar with 10 silver coins and a tool.. high ql in summerholt when i was even more of a newb!!! so i tend to believe that this and other things are left to be found.. Rolf loves this game and you ever talked with him its totally his style.. anyhow..
  18. good event they even thought to throw a cog in my affairs.. thats right i won a cog not to mention all the nice imping and casting and sermoning.. is a great event all around and i think 16 hours left.. if anybody can pilot a sailboat back to Xanadu western coast let me know and u can ride home in my now unused new crows nest.!!! wouldnt that be cool.!!!!! ,, anyhow a shout out to Welmari thanks for the cog.. couldnt have gone to a nicer guy.. eheheh... but anyhow hope u all had a blast as i know i did.. and thankfully psisimian had enough skills to pilot the cog.. wouldve been screwed if i won a knarr or something wouldve had to ""move""" it home... heheh have a good week everyone and thanks Virusmd for a great event... and so on and so forth it was an awesome time.. and i didnt die either and did get some rare achievments for killing things... oh and thanks brandonsf for making my rare shield go supreme first one of the event..!!! ya!!!!! later peace out...
  19. I believe if we (whats left of the new and old wurm community) band together via an all encompassing search which will be coordinated via the community maps or dumps, that could find this elusive prize which has been held in front of us for far too long. It is time; b4 we lose anymore of our valuable trusted experienced players or our new pee and vinegar filled newbies.. if you are interested please post here and with any ideas you may have.. i am only the drummer to call out some able bodies to manage this event.. we could aggressively or casually grid off our domain which is the freedom isles i am assuming but we will also need current chaos and epic players to search their respected islands.. then we could cross out the areas we search and pendulum search and then report to the handler of the maps.. think of it besides piloting a boat or horse no real skills are needed.. lets keep this cool Wurmians. stick to the positives.. thanks for reading..
  20. well today my boat adopted the name and woodtype of another boat near it