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  1. I guess i wanna put in my two cents.. Of Course for Rolf for putting up with us over the years and his tireless dedication, thanks so much for the gift of Wurm, it is a priceless gift i will always cherish!! Thanks to BombaySteve and the whole crew over in our old Neighborhood, priceless times, too bad nothing ever lasts for ever!!! Thanks to Tenania or whomever you were for listening well into many nights!! Thanks to RedNeckGranny and her husband, they will always hold a special place in my heart and i will never forget times spent... and thanks to the whole Wurm community for making this the best community for any game out there pat yourselves on the back.. Happy Wurm'in
  2. Can i get the rake with 87botd sent to Psisimian in game for 48c's and 64 iron.. or thereabouts... thanks if so.. later..
  3. Ayes i am so pissed to hear about this.. but pleaseo as one of the few people who has given me at least a bit of understanding and therefore support over the years let me know if there's anything i can do to make your transition to a new deed any easier i would be more than happy to return the support you've shown me, you are a great guy and one of a dying few left in the game and it would be a great loss to the game if you go through with leaving outright!! Please anything at all i mean it!! />$@L@M0N!!!
  4. Hey man i hope you aren't leaving too.. Anyhow i am interested in these things.. iron hatchet botd 84 85 ish ql.. but knife 55ql c87 and the four 80ish ql woa horseshoes.. the best saddle.. and carve knife w77 ql 72 rake woa 72 coc 62 ql 68 dredge woa99 68 ql fine fish rod 69ish ql 92 coc or so... silver ring 94nolo 50ish ql.. rare unfinish forge.. let me know how cheap you can do a package deal otherwise ill just pick a couple of the important ones at a more pricey range.. thanks man.. good luck on life hope to see you back.. in game psisimian...
  5. Please send PSISIMIAN the iron small axe for 1silver.. please and thanks.. and thats to PSISIMIAN! SEE YA..
  6. I am interested in the large metal shield with c92 i believe and 75 ql.. please send to psisimian as soon as possible.. thanks.. i also need a good hatchet if you can send the iron one and keep the price for both to 1.5 silver ill take both otherwise just the shield..
  7. i'll let ya know in a bit.,. thanks..again.,.
  8. I fail to understand esteemed dragon-one.. if you were bashing them, then why would you care if he took them.. you were going to destroy them.. oh i see so they become unplanted.. ahhhhhhhh.. never taken anything like that so i wouldn't know.. but i guess thats the nature of greed.. sorry for your losses.. edit<> i correct myslef i took some rotting lamps once because they had wonderfully high ql paint on them.. ooops...
  9. I want the rare lantern.. how about 1.5 silver?? That strike your fancy.. they used to go for 2 but times are different.. let me know.. in game psisimian...
  10. Oh gods ... a little annoying trollet like that ruffling your skirts, take a deep breath... count down from 10 ..9..8...7...6..5..4..3..2..1 ok now breath its ok to be upset.. and its all over get on with your life.. WUrm is safe from marauders and rude half brains without diaper training.. continue Wurmin Folks..
  11. @Fairyshine you are like a breath of beautiful morning air in the toxicity of our discussions, I second your comment and would like to know as well.. and hear hear for bringing up something that actually matters, and not the usual moronic bickering we are used to (if you are offended its because its true).. and thanks again.. @ROLF thanks for showing up for the Wurm show and we sorrowfully missed you and we are sorry we lost some faith.. will you forgive us.. I will follow you to the end.. this game has provided me with so much fun and enjoyment and misery it truely is just like life.. luv ya Rolf!!! @Budda You will be missed and great job and you had a very hard job to do.. cheers!! I hope you stick around a play still!!! @Samool Good luck, congratz.. @Retrograde That picture on your profile is very unbecoming, unbusinesslike and if you don't know it i feel sorry, sorry just my opinion.. otherwise good job... Bring on the sharks, its Wurm season...
  12. I do believe that morons exist everywhere...
  13. Rolf....blubb blubb ... blubbb... ROLF!!!! blubb.. blubb.. blubb....
  14. whats a fair price for the rare iron huge axe?? What are yuou expecting for it??
  15. close

    Theres a 97 channeling 100 faith mag priest on the for sale section check it out..... :>
  16. id like to buy the best chain set you have there if its still for sale.. let me know/./ psisimian in game
  17. first offer is an amazing 5 silvers.. idk what its worth either this day and age... send it to psisimian in game if you agree...thanks..
  18. Hey VirusMD.... did i leave a sailboat there last year at this time at the last friend-a-long i haven't played much but i will donate it to you to give away to some newb since i won the cog last year i'll login during event.. later..
  19. I really like a happy ending... just warms the soul...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
  20. To whomever ended up with my namesake could they please contact me and maybe we can work out a deal.. i want my soul back.. thanks..
  21. I think everyone makes SOME sense.. but I definately do not think the game is too expensive... I hate to say it.. but since the game is so affordable, it seems reasonable that you'd have to buy some equipment to maintain safety outrun packs of hellhounds etc... but this game is not linear like most rpg's right off the hop you have to face trolls, hellhounds and such with lesser ql items and thats a bugger without highskill but it forces you (like I and all others with any success to learn the mechanics) to watch youtube shows, explore the wiki etc to enjoy the game, I like the game for it is.. do alot of exploring while playing and take in the works of the players, not at all trying to pay for it by playing it.. Its too bad not everyone can see the game as what it is and not for what it should be.. but at least the devs listen to the players and program in positive ideas which are possible within the current framework in a reasonable time, it is a player driven experience ... happy WUrm'in..
  22. Maybe thats how some cu1tures start out their snake charmers... but come on I second the WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!