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  1. Merry Christmas Wurm!

    Merry Christmas to all!
  2. I think you are not articulating your issue clearly. Are you upset about the pvp players also deeding on pve servers? Or Are you upset that your neighbour is 'stuck up' Or are you upset his charcoal piles are lagging you or are you upset that nobody agrees with you?
  3. WTS 2x Rare Longswords 90 qlty

    I'll take both. COD to Phantasy.
  4. close

    Leather Knife 81ql CoC-66 WoA-88 Needle 81ql CoC-80 Stone Chisel 81ql CoC-67 WoA-64 All to Phantasy please
  5. Rare leather jacket

    1s 50c
  6. Enchanted tools and weapons, compasses

    Compass QL 67.71 - 3.2s to Phantasy please
  7. New Ship/boat Models?

    Actually the facebook page has the caravel, corbita and the sailboat.
  8. Want To Buy A Mag Priest

    WTB a Mag Priest will pay well Euros or Silver Looking for high mining, high faith and sufficient body control for horses. Decent (30+) FS and Bow Skills is also welcome.