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  1. Grats to mollyberry for winning the cow race!
  2. +1 This would be a nice feature to allow alliances with mixed levels of activity to merge alliances together without losing permissions on deeds with people who are less active. Settlement could/should to be able to have an option to opt into alliance mergers. That way if your okay with it or don't care then you can auto-merge if not then you could be remove from the alliance to protect your assets. This would allow inactive deeds to have a level of protection for mergers but allow those that want to merge or would be open to it have it happen with out them being active. Ideally you should contact those less active via the fourms, discord, etc to notify them of what is going on and work it out.
  3. I am excited too! Always fun to see everyone!
  4. Oakenwell has been reestablished at,1220 we also have added it to the highway ill add the coords soon
  5. also having a issue with transfering from large crates to large crates. keeps saying i don't have permissions