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  1. If its not to late ill take Wolverhampton and Major Bloodnok
  2. Payment not going through pay pal either. Iv tried several times to purchase premium time using the paypal link, but it just keeps saying confirm and pay and never goes through. I would sure like to renew my play time.
  3. I know i havent been on for 6 hours, maybe about 3 hours.
  4. Yup same here. First time i was outside and noticed it i started checking my lamps, but all were full. This time i was standing outside and day went night instantly.
  5. Some of the land seems busy with building and construction. The sounds of hammers, files, and stone chisel, ring off the mountain sides. And yet in the south the sound of quiet, the pad of soft feet and swish of a long reptilian tail. Open land waiting for you, build your dreams.
  6. Great server with a pleasant map. Quite a few of us there working away on our deeds. Come claim your piece of wilderness and carve out a homestead, town, harbor or perhaps a city. Watch out for trolls; and dragons? maybe.
  7. Will be back in game in several hours due to rl. thank you
  8. U.S. Mt, im in game presently. Where shall i deliver too?
  9. I have 12k of fresh clean dirt for sale. Asking 1s per K. Comes packed in large crates for your convenience. Have Knarr will travel. Can deliver to coastal areas and many inland areas. But no pvp. So if you want to expand your dock, build an island, or tame some unruly holes look no farther. Pm here or in game as available.
  10. Thank you very much to Vernex for the referral. Its nice to have premium again.
  11. Want to buy referral for 6s. if im not logged into the game, please msg me here. thank you
  12. tech issues, computer crashing all day and nothing seems to be fixing the issue. Sorry I missed it. Hope everyone had fun and got the loot they were hoping for! Good job guys on keeping Xanadu safe once again.
  13. We just pulled in. Soon as we get camp set up ill start clearing trees.