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  1. Update: Server now has a HTML map
  2. (Mods Please remove old topic, Sorry). Laputa Kingdom www.laputakingdom.com Welcome, Traveler! Laputa Kingdom is open to all. While catering for PVP, we're also heavy in other areas, creating PVE 'Safe-Zones' for you to relax without fear of death or having your settlement destroyed. Settlement owners my choose to have a safe-zone created for their settlement, however this means they will not be able to go to war with others unless they first have the zone removed. We are based in the UK though we welcome anyone! x6 Skill x5 Action Community Events Free Deeds! No Upkeep! RP Lore! (We are actively expanding lore. Would you like to be a part of it!?) Map Size: 4096 Default Religion Custom Map - Dark Island by Jerico 200 Players Friendly, Active GMs Starter Town fully equipped with everything you need! (Forge, Ovens, Mine, Clay and Tar pits, Altars, Meditation Rugs, Training Dolls, Archery Targets and more!) Character We build with character in order to bring our settlements to life! From decorations to careful molding of nature. - (If you think you're a pretty good interior designer, maybe you could lend your hand? ^^) We do encourage other settlements to follow our lead as it not only brings life and character to settlements, but it's also a fantastic way to level those much needed skills! Friendly, Fun, Creative! We have a small yet dedicated team working on the server. Fun and Friendly GMs promote creativity within our community to help make it flourish. We have implemented fair systems to ensure a caring and understanding community for all to enjoy. Newcommer Friendly! We've all been 'The New Guy' at some point or other. We happily help new and old players alike to get settled into our community. You'll never be slandered for your lack of knowledge in our world or the Wurm world. Bonus Experience While we love how the system lets you build up your skills, using a wide-variety of items to craft with, we also understand it's sometimes daunting having to start all over again when starting a new server. This is why we've gone for a x6 x5 approach, allowing you to catch up with where you left off and get into the spirit of creativity! A Helping Hand Our 'Spawn Town' Sora, is equipped with plenty of resources to help you get started on your adventure. We have public mines, Clay and Tar pits, A Cooking and Forge area, Altars and Meditation rugs, all set up and fully equipped should you wish to use them. PMKs While we have started everything off with just one kingdom (Laputa) We're also very happy for others to form their own kingdoms too! Go out and create your own alliances and enemies as you see fit! Free Deeds! We allow totally free deeds without upkeep. The only condition? Keep it active! If we notice the deed is unused for a long period of time and the space could be better used we may remove it from our server. Events and Quests We love community! And we love to get everyone involved. We'll be hosting events and quest nights where you get the chance to take part in some awesome adventures with us! From pilgrimage to settlement founding. Wild hunts and dragon slaying! All sorts of fun is waiting to happen in Laputa Kingdom. Come on over and check us out! www.laputakingdom.com
  3. Right, this is starting to make so much sense. It's the little things that always slip by you ^^ Thanks for helping me out with this! I think I have just one more question. If I disband the default settlements. When people join the server for the first time, will the then just have the option to join the PMK? - If not is there a way to set it that they join the PMK by default?
  4. Oh I see. I just tried something new. So to change kingdom you go to the settlement token of the kingdom you want to be and use creature>change kingdom. I was thinking it would something to do with a dialogue box opening up and picking the kingdom you want from there.
  5. Ah really!? Well that sucks hard! That explains why it's not been working for me then. Any idea on how to change the GMs kingdom?
  6. It's not a home server, it's not PVP, I've tried with both Epic and not Epic settings. (I also edited my last post with the further answers)
  7. 1. I am the mayor of the settlement. I'm also stood next to the settlement token. Still no luck 2. How do I change the GM kingdom? (Does this have to be via the database?) 3. I mean the area of influence of the kingdom, how large it is (Is this not a thing?) 4. Thanks ^^
  8. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong here. Maybe it's the server settings or what not. PMK I have my settlement, I have a Declaration of Independence - I have GM 5 - No options by either right clicking the Declaration OR settlement token. Changing Kingdoms I know you can right click something and select creature>change kingdom. However it seems it only changes them to the kingdom I'm a part of. Is there a way to change something to another kingdom? Changing kingdom boarders Can this be done? Bonus Question If edits are made to the database, will they show up live or will I have to shut down the server?
  9. Laputa Kingdom

    Ah thanks. I've modified to x5
  10. Laputa Kingdom

    Ah, sorry. Since we're focusing a lot on building, we've set the Skill x10 and action x8 This will lower more once we're better established (Rates are mostly to give new contributers a boost while helping out)
  11. Laputa Kingdom

    Do you want to join a new server and help shape it? if yes, then you've some to the right place! We're literally brand new! But don't let that scare you away. We're hard working and dedicated to creating a flourishing server! What's to do? With us being so new, there's a whole map ready to be built upon. We've just begun the starter town and we're looking for people to come and help out! If you're the type of person who likes to revel in the glory of your accomplishments, this is for you! You mostly get free reign of what you do, from starting your own deed to helping with main towns/cities. (We don't want to limit your creativity too much!). What we're looking for Right now we're looking for several positions: Builders - People who can help to create our starter town (Spawn Area) and other areas (Not all builders will get GM access). Community Assistants - People to answer general questions and help new players! GMs - People to uphold our rules and solve in game issues Server Administrator - Someone knowledgeable in editing and maintaining the server's backend. Players - Most of all we're looking for active community members to part-take in the server and join/manage settlements! Please check our website for more info!