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  1. Will the new metal weapon features will apply/transfer to arrows (arrow heads)?
  2. 1. [22:15:16] You think the chopped corn might give you more of an insight about locksmithing! 2. Regular 3. Body, Body strength, Body Stamina 4. 8 h 5. Wrapped 6. Fixed affinities ON 7/8. COD Rumi Tyvm
  3. Thanks, I'm at work atm, will contact Phynx later
  4. Hey, Would like to buy Nathan and Tosiek convertion. Will travel to any server. Pm with offers. Thanks
  5. For me as well. Horrible fake face tan and pale coloured body, even masks don't help, have to hide behind armour.
  6. Any update?'s been a while
  7. Received with thanks
  8. 1 of each for me please if there's any left
  9. Trying to go to the rift on Deliverance, 3 more people in local freezes computer.... Update: that was with the low memory client. The usual stable was better
  10. Yes, thanks! enabling dynamic lights limiter and setting it to 7 + GLSL helped. In my large enough village was 3 FPS, now 13-19FSP. Low memory client bumped it up to 25 FPS Still think I need a new PC... Thanks for your help though
  12. same as mysterydate, also on iMac
  13. Re JackRIvers comment People seem to think that it's straight out easier skill gain in Epic. But it's a curve, it's only easier in the very beginning. then it evens out and compensates even later on. I have heard that in very high levels, definitely after 90, it is actually an easier grind on Freedom. I'm not sure about mage achievements through tomes, as these are related to "things", maybe they should be left on Epic server and not carried over, to make it more fair. It may upset some Freedomers alright...
  14. I have the same issue.