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  1. I really like that you make it easier for the noobs. I remember it was very annoying, all the fails at the beginning (also was hard to accept how I was being killed by a chicken, so fast...I mean....a chicken??) My boyfriend, who just started playing the game, said that without my help, he would have not have kept playing, no way. Not every noob gets such help, so I think we don't hear how these fails affect new players cause those have left long time ago. Now the more he plays the more he likes it, but the start was off putting. So there, my 2 cents.
  2. I guess, I will give it a shot. Will be with helping with LW, BS, WS, FC, Carp. Would preferably focus on weapon smithing. Could I get a bed also, please?
  3. I have built one on the between Freedom Market and Great South Mountain Road. Take the east exit from FM, take right after the HOTS guard tower and follow the road up. Around H17 area, I think.
  4. Hey, I would like to come with crafters Rumi and Pasaka (90+: LW, BS, Bowyery, Chainsmithing, Carpentry; 86 WS) and Tosiek priest Advent (channeling 72) +battery Neroche. Could I get a room pls?
  5. In game N 15-16, community 33x 41y
  6. And then if someone buys a spell of you on their important beloved item and you shatter that....ouch! You feel even worse ?