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  1. Valrei International. 068

    And then if someone buys a spell of you on their important beloved item and you shatter that....ouch! You feel even worse
  2. Word Association!

  3. Word Association!

  4. Word Association!

  5. Cloth is still pretty useless as armour
  6. Valrei International. 067

    I, too, hope that future is not too soon, my old machine won't be able to handle new render for sure :(
  7. Titles Titles Titles!

  8. Valrei International. 060

    Re goals, I wish there was more of a variety as well. I've seen an awful lot of people now wanting to buy grapes, no one is looking for hops. Also hear a lot about people looking forward to baking pies. I kinda wish they were more original and less repetitive.
  9. Cheap garage sale

    Saw Iron Ql 83.50(94CoC, 80WoA) - 30c send to Rumi pls Grooming Brush with COC 20 c send to Kamala pls
  10. lets talk about uniques

    Maybe corpse stealing could be preventing somehow, but unique slayings such as they are now is not a fair game at all.
  11. The Wurm Economy Problem

    " DEV2:If you're selling stuff in wurm to make bank, you're going about things the wrong way " I used to not care about market too much. But now I want to pvp and progress there, and I need items like drake/dragon armour, or tomes, which cost ridiculous money (accounts seeling cheaper than these today) and am not willing, or able, for that matter, pay hundreds of euros for those items. So suddenly I care to earn money here, which seems impossible and makes this game too much "pay to win" for me.