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  1. Hi all, Where would everyone recommend to store rare materials, such as shards, logs etc?.. I have tried a few different areas including a tent, within a cart (in raft), barrels etc but they all still decay. Is there anywhere I can store them outside of my inventory where they either wont decay, or will decay a lot slower?.. This is on deed with 30+ days of upkeep. Thanks LuciusB
  2. Dear all I have been reading up about how tending farms effects final yield. However, what I have read in a few places seems to contradict my experiences. So I know most crops will go from seeds to harvest in anywhere to 3-5 days ish. That bit seems random and isnt affected in anyway by tending from what I can tell (please correct me if I am wrong). I know yield is also affected by skill. So lets say for a potato crop my normal yield if I tend the tile every day is a minimum of 3 up to a max of 5. I have read in a few places that to get the best yield it is recommended to tend the field a minimum of twice. However, I tried this and if I do then I will often only get a yield of 2. Sometimes I may of tended the tile 4 out of 5 times and still only get 2. In addition you often get the option to tend a field immediately prior to harvesting. Does this last minute farm action still impact the overall yield? Sorry, lots of questions, very few answers. Thanks I took some of my info from here Under sneaky tips It's best to farm at least two times before harvesting to ensure the most yield.
  3. Perfect, thats great thanks.. and yes pretty much spot on with blacksmithing skill..
  4. What determines the creation quality of an item. I have looked on wiki and not been able to find an answer. Some items on the wiki give details, others don't. Does the creation QL depend on the item?.. Take for example two metal items. A Large Padlock and a Needle. For a large padlock the creation quality seems to be tied to the quality of the metal lump (makes sense).. so if my metal lump is 30QL the padlock will vary up to that level.. However, if I use the same metal lump to make a needle I only seem to get around QL 3 needles. Is it tied to a skill, or something else?.. the small anvil I used was also around QL 30. Thanks
  5. 1267,612 Dragons Wood (just south of deed called “Shire”)
  6. 1267,612 Dragons Wood (just south of deed called “Shire”)
  7. Is there any difference in game between the effectiveness of using any of these tools to create, say a stone fence?.. also what impact does the quality of the tool have on the process if any? Thanks
  8. Hi all, Anyone new to the game who are finding it difficult to know what to do or where to start, I highly recommend this tutorial series on you tube.. Its for Wurm Unlimited but the mechanics are the same. Cheers
  9. New Server set to Heavenord Adventure Map welcomes new players. Servername: NewPlymouthAdventurePVP This server suites new players starting out for the first time in Wurm Unlimited and suites either solo players or small groups wanting to team up together to found your own villages. If you have any questions or need any GM help please post here. Settings This is a PVP enabled server so beware of teaming up with players you don't know. Also please do not get offended if existing players don't want to invite you to their village. Trust takes time. We believe the threat of PVP brings more of a point to your building. Why build walls if no-one could ever attack you? However, this is a newbie friendly server so most people will not attack unless provoked. Most settings are default mining = 21 hits Action Speed Modifier and Skill Rate gain = 10x Field Growth Stage = roughly 28 minutes Breeding Time Modifier = 5x Settlement upkeep = YES. Deeding remains free but you have to consider long term maintenance costs. With a single Spirit Templar and a 20 x 20 deed you will roughly have 1 months free upkeep when you found a settlement. Economy: the traders have all been seeded with 10g each to kick start the economy. This will also filter through to the settlement tokens. This will be monitored and additional funds added to the central towns as required. Additional items will be added to the traders to purchase over time Any changes made to one kingdom will always be replicated to the other kingdoms to ensure a balanced server. Time zone of most active players is currently GMT but all regions welcome