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  1. Could you please add the oleander bushes to the next version of Deedplanner? Many thanks for this great software!
  2. Could you please add 2 arrows on the top right of the skill tracker window, to be able to switch more easily from a tracker to the next or the previous. The menu is quite tedious to use when i've got to pass from window1 to window 3 and i've got already too many keys bound to commands. Thanks!
  3. Beverages don't have much use at the moment. Maybe if we could mix different beverages with herbs we could make useful potions. Would be fun the discover the new recipes and give us reason to gather apples, cherries etc... What do you think?
  4. Hello, In a next patch, could you please allow the client to remember between sessions the order in which i place items in my inventory, everytime i connect they are all randomly sorted again. Thanks
  5. Well, I must be blind because I can't see it. I see butcher but not filet. In which tab is it on the keybinding window?
  6. Hi, Could you please add a keybinding for the "Filet" command. I couldn't find it in the Settings and the "bind Home Filet" command does not work in the console. Or maybe I'm typing it wrong... It's really annoying to filet 50 meats with the menu. Xandoria