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  1. This has been an ongoing issue that needs fixed, devs. Please figure out a way to fix this asap as it's a game breaking glitch.
  2. So me and my girlfriend have been playing Wurm Unlimited since it came out on Steam (previously players of Wurm Online for two years). We know how to run a server without issues. However, this issue has happened to us twice already....And no one seems to care enough to help us fix it or even tell us if there is no fix yet. Our server has become corrupt for yet a second time. This meaning that everything in it gets all distorted and it screws up everything so that it is unplayable. Our deed is underwater, our animals along with it. Our mine completely collapsed to the bottom of the world. And on top of all that, we don't know if we can restore any of it back to the way it was. There was also a bug causing terraforming to change dirt into rock which was weird in itself since that should never happen on tiles that are being raised. We restarted after the first server crapping out like this, so we started a new one and custom mapped it for our need. After every update, this game just seems to break regardless of which world map we use. Please, tell us how to fix this or if there is even a way to do so!