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  1. Conquest PVP - 3x/3x - heavily modded

    [11:43] Badget: @Ciray video? [13:31] Sabaka: Hi badget [14:55] Ciray: Didn't record
  2. Conquest PVP - 3x/3x - heavily modded

    [20:49:16] Retroedankslayer slain by Meelis Blinksys [21:22:45] Dilldough slain by Retroedankslayer [21:30:59] Spyro slain by Dilldough [21:48:36] Dilldough slain by Geschirre [21:51:15] Blinksys slain by Retroedankslayer Amorph Misterchu [21:54:09] Misterchu slain by Blinksys Billnye Fang Dilldough [21:55:14] Dilldough slain by Binn Amorph Retroedankslayer Misterchu Buldog [21:55:40] Buldog slain by Fang Dilldough Meelis Blinksys Billnye Server gets lively, come and join the fight!
  3. Conquest PVP - 3x/3x - heavily modded

    @Prophetearsis gay play on this server
  4. Valrei International. 054

    Plot twist: it is the same chest.
  5. [PVP] Sklotopolis Dungeon - Round #1

    Is there limit on templars?
  6. Team Name:Smth MemeyMain Names:Badget Geschirre OrdecSub Names:Team Leader;Badget
  7. Wurm Unlimited: Battle Royal

    Make so players can join already running game (unless they died in it).
  8. Valrei International. 040

    Remove the subscription and we will have WU server with nice (longterm) rates and without "cheaty" mods.
  9. Valrei International. 040

    I have a message for all the guys asking for merge
  10. Wyvern Arena

    How mass spells like lof will work?
  11. Surface Mining "Level"

    i agree
  12. Wurm Population Status Problem Solving.

    What would Codeclub do if a certain server maintaining costs were higher than money income from players on that server? Triple damage? No. Triple skillgain? Sounds like a good way to spend 8 euro in a very slow game. Wurm is already f2p, there are a lot of ways to make silver ingame. It just requires some time investment. Remove premium as it is now and add optionts to grind faster for money instead. why did i make this post
  13. Sigma PVP Many Mods Custom Map

    Got some logs today [18:58:39] Slutload slain by Jamessnow Anyone [18:59:17] Catgirl slain by Anyone Jamessnow [19:00:12] Mohammedackbar slain by Jamessnow Anyone [19:00:33] Catgirl slain by Jamessnow Anyone Badget [19:02:11] Catgirl slain by Jamessnow [19:27:37] Sirmarcusiii slain by Jamessnow Badget [19:30:22] Madmatt slain by Jamessnow [19:34:20] Yesirn slain by Jamessnow Badget [19:34:40] Madmatt slain by Jamessnow Badget