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  1. Hello! I'm looking to sell those items. You can pick up at Indi q21 (near Haven's Landing) or delivery can be arranged. PM Antuan or Liqmas ingame Bulk Goods clay ~21ql 0.4s/k 2k in stock iron lumps ~27ql 0.4s/k 7k in stock small nails ~26ql 1s/k 3k in stock large nails ~26ql 1.2s/k 3k in stock ribbons ~26ql 4s/k 1k in stock Want other blacksmith bulk stuff and dont see it here? Send me pm and we can work something out! Blacksmithing tools/imp 70ql -- 10c Rares rare saw, iron, 70ql rare spoon, iron, 70ql rare frying pan, iron, 70ql x2 supreme rock shards, ~24ql rare grindstone rare lump, iron x2 Rift Loot socketed ring, seryll human skull shoulder pad small shoulder pad curved shoulder pad boar shoulder pad seryll lump, 88.65ql, 0.26kg glimmersteel lump, 89.20ql, 0.36kg rift wood x1 ~24ql rift stone shards x2 ~29ql rift crystals x3 ~33ql Other source crystal x10 easter egg yellow potion x24 other gems over 10ql:
  2. Got 8 emails today. It appears system sends mail every time my toon is logged in, including when crossing servers.
  3. Sold

    Please close
  4. Too low for me, but thanks for offer!
  5. Updated 22.02 Looking to sell these items! Send me PM or /t Antuan ingame Rares: supreme rock shards 24ql iron frying pan x2 grindstone iron saw Rift stuff: lump, glimmer 89.20ql 0.36kg human skull, boar, small, curved shoulder pad x1 each socketed ring, seryll rift stone shards sold 54ql average rift wood sold 45ql average rift crystals sold 54ql average Gems: star ruby 1ql Other: yellow potions x23 easter egg source crystal x4
  6. Koshkin Dom ищет жителей! Ты новый игрок? Приходи к нам! Поможем освоиться в игре, обеспечим инструментами, жильем и едой. Давно играешь и хорошо разбираешься в "вогике"? Присоединяйся и поделись своими знаниями с новичками! В программе: лютый форажинг в окрестных лесах, строительство ХРУЩЁВКИ, выкапывание скалы из-под земли, безумие на рифтах. И, конечно же, гринд, куда без этого. А еще, в далекой перспективе, мы поедем пвпшиться на Хаос. Пиши в игре: Liqmas или Gashekk Дискорд Badget#7810 Или в пм на форуме Translation: We are looking for russian-speaking players, new and veterans alike. Help with learning game, home, tools and food provided.
  7. How all this new stuff works with bonuses from hate and power? Also can someone pls link me up-to-date table of armor DR and glance rate
  8. [11:43] Badget: @Ciray video? [13:31] Sabaka: Hi badget [14:55] Ciray: Didn't record
  9. [20:49:16] Retroedankslayer slain by Meelis Blinksys [21:22:45] Dilldough slain by Retroedankslayer [21:30:59] Spyro slain by Dilldough [21:48:36] Dilldough slain by Geschirre [21:51:15] Blinksys slain by Retroedankslayer Amorph Misterchu [21:54:09] Misterchu slain by Blinksys Billnye Fang Dilldough [21:55:14] Dilldough slain by Binn Amorph Retroedankslayer Misterchu Buldog [21:55:40] Buldog slain by Fang Dilldough Meelis Blinksys Billnye Server gets lively, come and join the fight!
  10. @Prophetearsis gay play on this server