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  1. How mass spells like lof will work?
  2. i agree
  3. What would Codeclub do if a certain server maintaining costs were higher than money income from players on that server? Triple damage? No. Triple skillgain? Sounds like a good way to spend 8 euro in a very slow game. Wurm is already f2p, there are a lot of ways to make silver ingame. It just requires some time investment. Remove premium as it is now and add optionts to grind faster for money instead. why did i make this post
  4. Got some logs today [18:58:39] Slutload slain by Jamessnow Anyone [18:59:17] Catgirl slain by Anyone Jamessnow [19:00:12] Mohammedackbar slain by Jamessnow Anyone [19:00:33] Catgirl slain by Jamessnow Anyone Badget [19:02:11] Catgirl slain by Jamessnow [19:27:37] Sirmarcusiii slain by Jamessnow Badget [19:30:22] Madmatt slain by Jamessnow [19:34:20] Yesirn slain by Jamessnow Badget [19:34:40] Madmatt slain by Jamessnow Badget
  5. Would be good idea to have separate window with cr, height and flanking relative to each opponent you are fighting. But I dont think they can do it.
  6. Seems this is not fixed for over a year now, what is wurm team doing?
  7. Set tools you need for improve on toolbelt. bind i improve bind r repair Set 1i2i3i4i5ir for one button. I heard such macro is legit. You need 50 mind logic for it though, and improved improve simply removes this requirement. Definetly +1
  8. Thats almost Gavin's level of screenshotting.
  9. pls dont forget to increase spawn rate of unicorns
  10. So what speed full cog now has?
  11. Does sacrifice changes for Lib come in WU too? Also @Retrogradeequipping armor in combat still has timer, eben tho it was removed in WO. Very annoying.
  12. C H A L L E N G E wow just figured they removed related subforums
  13. Very nice, someone should have done this like a year ago. What is Specials for?
  14. Are treasure chests with moonmetal ore intended?
  15. What will be limit for number of guards and deed size?