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  1. Sweet dreams Tich. I used to live just around the corner from Tich and would visit daily, while I haven't played in years this news has hit me damn hard as I never had the chance to say goodbye. Keep fishing Tich, where-ever you may be <3.
  2. lolwut. Don't really understand this whole private server thing. No idea why you haven't just posted Wurm onto steam as a F2P with a sub option, same as Eve and such. I honestly can't see how this private server thing is a good idea, ESPECIALLY after Rolf has protected his coding for over a decade. If the main game can't hold a solid amount of players to make the servers feel 'populated' then how the hell will a private server help. Players will join, see 10 people online, try to do anything, unable too, quit. Never to return. This is a very very risky move in my option. Especially since once someone tries a private server to only find its empty, why would they bother with the real one? Their first impressions will be bleak, empty and show the game as just a grind without the community aspect. Very hard to change someones opinion of a game once a "first impression" has sunk in.
  3. Looks nice Lisabet Glad you're happy! Pagsiu; [20:18:49] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. 100 power. Should be there in around 1minute 30seconds \o/
  4. 0.8kg lamp head + 24kg log = 5kg lamp.
  5. I agree but it should be a flat rate for all servers at the least. For me to mail 2kg of dye cross server it costs 60c. Its stupid.
  6. Everything you pick up should be mailable Mail fee should be lower, 10/20c per item is stupid for a game which is so spread out Mailing liquids needs to be balanced. You're currently charged 10/20c PER KG plus the container, its beyond stupid. The ability to move items from container to container by 100, no but how much space you have in your inventory. We can store cooked meat filets, but we can't cook fish filets and store them? Banners and flags are a HUGE pain to transport/store, they fit into pretty much nothing.
  7. I completely agree with Ayes. I can't be bothered to sit in a boat and sail for upwards of 2 hours just to visit someone or sell someone something. Especailly for people who have time consuming jobs and that few hours is all the they have available to play wurm.
  8. I quit for 2 years purely down to the constant spreading of the population of players. I first started playing back when there was just 2 servers. Wild & JK-H. And thats what got me hooked, I ran around Newtown and literally saw random people everywhere. Local always had 2-3 people at least. Then run down to New SouthPort was filled with people in local, greeting, active projects everywhere. Wurm had a huge community feel to it. It was alive, busy and active. But now, the game feels like its a private server version of wurm. Theres a stupid amount of servers. Not enough players to fill them. My friends join wurm, I lead them to my new deed and they question where is everyone. Now a-days you're lucky to see someone in local. For people who have played WoW and then a WoW private server, you'll completely understand what I mean. Edit: I've recently came back from that 2 year break. But I can still ride for 20 minutes and not find a single person in local. Its a sad sad shame.
  9. Are you wanting the woad to be made into dye? As I might be able to help you and save you a lot of money/hassle
  10. Nice to see that screenshot making the weekly screenshot!
  11. Ahhh thanks for pointing that out Gold. I'm only after unicorn horns (Examine and should state healing potency of (5) ) That'd be awesome bwg. I'm located at Port Onody. Few minutes from Freedom Market. Definitely do Rock! You should PM me, might be able to work something out.
  12. Title says it all, I'm buying all Teeth, Glands and Unicorn Horns. 10i per use. Items must be delivered to Inde @ Port Onody (38x 38y) - Its pretty much a minute away from Howl/Freedom Market. I will obviously add extra for delivery costs. Thanks!
  13. Elizarya; [00:09:23] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy and thank you!