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  1. I would rather not plant my own steppe on Harmony with neighbors being so close.
  2. Maybe they're just newbies who don't know better. I would talk to them, explain it. I once tried to build a house in a steppe biome and had no idea this was a special place.
  3. Thanks to the people who created this, it was a-maze-ingly frustrating and fun at the same time. And thanks for a certain someone for dragging me through parts of the dungeon when I was lost and desperate, especially that horror house.
  4. Xanadu Offline?

    I just managed to log back in.
  5. Xanadu Offline?

    Maybe it's just you and me? The website says 'All servers online' ...
  6. Xan down

    All the pretty horses. *g*
  7. Xan down

    Hey, yeah, I had just reached the nearest guard tower when the crash happened. Let's hope.
  8. Xan down

    I was just running away from a hellhound ... great. :/
  9. Hello, I know that 30 masonry is needed to build stone houses, but I was wondering if you can repair or improve the house with 20 masonry afterwards. Also, is there a similar skill gate to creating guard towers (it doesn't say so in the Wiki but I thought I'd rather ask)? Thanks
  10. I made it! I was really just one tile off and after removing the dirt it was possible to mine upwards from inside the mine.
  11. But shouldn't it be easier to break through if the rock is thin and there's a tunnel behind it?
  12. Same here, tryst. I've given up for the moment, too many hours wasted already.
  13. I wasn't able to see the fire at all from inside the mine; now I've freed two more tiles of dirt (some of which were so steep I couldn't stand on them at first) and I still can't break through. Maybe my calculations were wrong but the area isn't level and I don't know which level I'm on (depth). Could it be that I'm too far below those tiles? I tried mining upwards but keep getting the same "buried alive" warnings. I wouldn't mind being buried alive as long as I could open the freaking tunnel ...