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  1. Oh yes, this has been bugging me for a while as well. Different colours for wooden walls and floors would be nice as well, the furniture doesn't always look good on the wooden plank floor.
  2. Maybe they could add a little variety to the biomes and add islands that are just ice or desert or jungle/swamp where you can't survive very long or settle. You would have to fight the climate as much as the mobs there to get treasure or rare pelts/wood types. Those islands could also have more difficult mobs so even veteran players would have to team up. Then add taxidermy, of course. Add more furniture/decorative items and craftable clothes on top of that. I love housing in most games but there isn't that much to do with it in Wurm, there's like, what, 3 different carpets only? The free building aspect is nice, but after that it's either a long grind to be able to make nice furniture (that's okay) or just not enough of it.
  3. Oh, it needs an open helm ... I thought that was just the description of the skin. Guess I'll have to make an open helm then. Thank you!
  4. I just got my first monthly skin and I'm trying to figure out how to apply it. Any link where it's described? Wurmpedia didn't help (maybe I missed something?). I thought it would be just 'activate token and right-click item you want to change' but it didn't work or give any further info.
  5. Bump. I planned to have four side by side, had it all planned out in deed planner only to find that I cannot build them. Please bring them back, it just doesn't look the same.
  6. Requiem of Wurm

    Sounds really interesting. Does it have 3rd person?
  7. What if the sub was dropped but instead the price for deeds was raised a little bit? This way the game would be really f2p but there would still be limitations and a source of income. For people with huge deeds on many servers this could be more expensive, but at the same time they wouldn't have to prem any alts for priesting etc. Just wondering. On the other hand this might be bad for people like myself who has only one prem char at a time but a couple of smaller deeds on different servers.
  8. Absolutely. Customization of my character and houses are my favourite thing in games, and it shouldn't be too difficult or expensive but more an expression of one's own creativity. Same for wagons, tents, tabards.
  9. I would rather not plant my own steppe on Harmony with neighbors being so close.
  10. Maybe they're just newbies who don't know better. I would talk to them, explain it. I once tried to build a house in a steppe biome and had no idea this was a special place.
  11. Thanks to the people who created this, it was a-maze-ingly frustrating and fun at the same time. And thanks for a certain someone for dragging me through parts of the dungeon when I was lost and desperate, especially that horror house.
  12. Xanadu Offline?

    I just managed to log back in.
  13. Xanadu Offline?

    Maybe it's just you and me? The website says 'All servers online' ...
  14. Xan down

    All the pretty horses. *g*