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  1. What's the bounty/coin drop on creatures on this server?
  2. Hello I'm working with a friend to create starter towns near 5 spawn points that he has on his server. What are some basic things that could help new players? What do you wish was waiting for you when you started on your first server? so far I've created a small village with lots of supplies for the taking, mostly food/seed items. There's also a public mine for players to use. What else do I need? Would more signs help too? Beds? Free horses? i don't want to give them too much free stuff, but something is better than just a random spawn in a clearing. thanks
  3. Wish I had seen this last week. Oh well.
  4. But not easily right? I also have a shed right above it. Can someone deed over it?
  5. So if I have a mine outside my deed, even with a mine door, someone could deed over my mine and take it from me?
  6. I know some good ones based in US. Let me know if your interested.
  7. Might be interested if I could see a map w/ starting points.
  8. Is there a crude stone chisel or a crude trowel? Yeah.
  9. What crude stone items are you referring to?
  10. I'm not sure mining ability and speed is the issue, although it's connected. The main issue is alternatives. Why not allow players to use low grade wooden peg-nails that decay faster instead of iron nails? Why not have a crude chisel of wood that breaks easily than a iron chisel, or a wooden trowel? I can use a wooden mallet instead of a iron hammer. The only fence you can build without iron nails for an enclosure that's worth a darn is a palisade. I'm just thinking there are a lot of alternatives out there, let's use them and not stifle growth of the player base.
  11. I've been looking at a lot of WU maps online and I was wondering if someone could help me with them. None of them have legends. i've got most of it down, but maybe some master cartographer here can help me. light grey - rock? dark grey - clay? Regular blue - water deep light blue - water shallow dark purple/black - tar light brown - sand dark brown - dirt? light green - clear grass regular green - forest dark green - peat? neon red - lava Single dark black pixel/tile - mine entrance? is this correct? What others am I missing?
  12. Just wanted to say that Weemdale on Mythmoor is great. All the villagers are helpful and since joining I've really felt like we are a community working towards something but with still no pressure or turning it into a job. It's great fun. come check us out. and love the YouTube series Weem.