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  1. Hey! Been a while since I returned to Wurm, and having found a place on the Calysto server I thought I would start a little (video) series there for those interested
  2. There was a Discord for Calysto mentioned (and linked to) in chat last night, but I logged out before grabbing the link. I looked around here and the googles, but am not seeing it (or am missing it)... anyone mind passing that on? UPDATE: A friend of mine was playing on the server while in my Discord, so I asked him to get it from someone in game. He passed it along to me, and I shall drop it here for those interested (who might not already know)... Thanks
  3. Heya! I jumped on two nights ago with a friend to check out the 300x skill gain (most I have experienced was... 10x I think?) - made a little video while I was there (below). We had a good time! I also talked about some possible future plans for Wurm and videos there, but I figured I would drop this here since it was on your server. I also wanted to give a shout out to the very helpful "Kitty" who was a great guide as soon as we arrived and provided great info about the server
  4. Heya! Jumped on your server last night briefly (went on a multi-server tour run this last weekend) and it looked great - people were friendly as well. Anyway, just wanted to pass that along while I was thinking of it
  5. River World

    A very nice map you have there. I know I mentioned it looked good earlier (looking at just the online map), but I went and jumped on for a bit tonight, I like it! Not sure I will get around to doing anything soon/ever, but I took a horse around exploring and what I saw was pretty cool - thought I would mention it
  6. River World

    Always liked rivers on maps - it's an interesting layout for sure
  7. Yea, we had a good start and things seem to be coming along well We are not actively recruiting (trying to find new people) but we are open to the idea of taking others in, if that makes sense. We have friends we want to pull in (most are in now) and we technically do not need anyone else - but we know there is interest from others, so we are open to that. Anyone interested should check out our Discord. There is more information there. Thanks for having us We do too Thank you, I appreciate it
  8. Hey all! Myself and 4 others with gaming related Youtube channels have established a settlement called Follywood on the Otherlands "White Light" server (Walden). Two of us have played the game before (a year ago) while the others are new. I thought you might be interested in this perspective as we have done this with other games, but not with a game like Wurm. Three of us have videos up today (the first)! Here's mine! Vortac: Mojo: [UPDATE] Foehamner just added his first video!: We have a discord channel here if you would like to chat with us: Otherlands Server:
  9. Hi! Looks like you are pretty active on Reddit, so I thought I would let you know here (just in case) that I just shot you a message there. Hoping it finds it's way to you (and does not disrupt your evening too much).


    Thanks ;)

  10. I've just completed the "Voyage" series and thought I would update the thread! Here is a link to the first video in a playlist with all 9 episodes ("Days") for those interested:
  11. Well @Brash_Endeavors, it happened... The problem as well as is that if you dispute it, it could mean getting a "strike" on your account if you (the youtuber) are proven wrong. Get a few of those and your channel is terminated, etc - hence the draw to music we know for sure that we can use. Fortunately this video is not yet live, and I can re-render it with non-wurm music and re-upload it if need be, but I will be putting in a dispute because it sounds like the Youtube system is relying on old information. Not a problem at all, just thought I would highlight our struggle, hehe
  12. Awesome! Thanks for watching I have this series completed (as far as recording goes). I am editing them as I go, but there will be 9 episodes total. I think I will be releasing Day 4 and 5 this coming Friday and Saturday. I might do Day 6 on Sunday, but we'll see. It really was a lot of fun sailing around, meeting people, checking out there settlements, etc. Good stuff!
  13. Thanks Romen More specifically, I would like to run a larger/dedicated server (at the Wyvern/Mythmoor scale) etc. I could handle all aspects of it with the exception of having the time to manage it from a support sense. We'll see what happens - there may be a point where I pay for such a server and have someone else manage that side of things. I would just need to get some other things in order first, hehe.