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  1. I have not seen this anywhere so since you mentioned it. Updates ...Rolf said they will hit WO first then go to WU. WIll people that are hosting thier own servers be able to decline an update or will this be pushed down in some way? I can see where people will have modded thier servers, WO update comes out and is released to WU. WU Server hosters install update and it kills the mods which then kill the server. Now it just makes sense that updates wont be forced but offered for download somewhere, but, Is this the plan, to just have the updates posted somewhere and let server hosters decide when they want to install or if they even want to bother with the particular update? Will they be forced through steam as an auto update? Any information on how this is expected to work would be appreciated.
  2. Aside from the graphics updates that I want to do, there is one other item that I want to try and achieve. I have just received an email concerning , at this point in time, a surprisingly large group of people that want to see a specific profession added to wurm. All these people are from outside wurm and will not play wurm ..umm...ever, which is why this is a bit overwhelming and shocking. They are all out of games like EQ2 ect. Since I have been speaking to them about WU i threw out , just kind of off the cuff ,some pie in the sky thoughts about reworking priests and maybe adding some other "professions". One in particular has seem to garner a lot of interest. Perhaps a UI to facilitate the creation of new professions by simply re purposing existing ones. Variations on existing Any thoughts? NVM just read your site - very nice indeed.
  3. lol, or its forum alts , or its fanbois manufacturing proof the new people are coming in, or even several birds were chirping a tune that sounded like a wurm online tune which subconsiously made people decide to make alts , absolutely no way to quantitatively assign causation. Could be leprechauns too, who knows. lol, i hate these graphs, they mean whatever the poster or interpreter want them to mean.
  4. Yeah just kill shadows, no prob. At the same time it would be interesting to know what the new rendering stuff is capable of doing. Regardless, if it needs 3 maps thats fine actually. NP at all duplicating maps and making a water level. Do you know what the underground layer is. is that another map or a tweak on the inverse of the rock ? I have seen several approaches on how others have done this, any idea how wurm does it? The biggest things I think for me at least are going to be the textures and shaders. I can sit here and make all the beautiful terrain i want but it all comes down to how well can it be rendered. So that new rendering stuff.....would like to see some specifics on it.
  5. OK hvergi -sent Big one i am working on, hope to be able to push it to WU, guess well see. Still lots of softening to do on some of the mountains, also need to decide where to put water and add grasslands, forest ect ect, Lots of shaders to make before its done, but hopefully i can push some version of it to WU and still retain a high level of detail. its 22500 m wide, so a decent sized map. Might eve go for a deep northern alpine setup in perma snow with pine and fir ringing the coasts.
  6. I use World Creator It is quite amazing. Dont think there would be a need for a texture editor as those can easily be done in photoshop. Shaders I can create in World Creator. It has a shader IDE. IMport tools would be very handy indeed. Warlander said they were working on a new rendering system for the client, so i am hoping this means increased support for shaders. It will make all the difference.
  7. The above is another reason I wouldnt want to use non pro versions of a terrain generator. They will all aim for the current state of Wurm or maybe go a bit past it. I want as much detail as I can squeeze out of the Wurm engine. I want to be able to do a complete gfx overhaul of the terrain. The devs have stated that the main reason gfx are not better is because they have to support lower end machines. Thats not a limitation ill encounter. So really I think , in the long run, itll be better to just use an existing Terrain editor and tweak the output to what Wurm can handle. If you have a good Terrain Generator then as Wurm can handle more youll be able to instantly adapt and create new, more detailed and enhanced terrain maps. But i guess if people really want to go to all the trouble to make them,I guess someone will use them. Just seems odd to me given that there are so many good ones allready out there.
  8. OK tons of questions, mostly about EXACTLY what you are planning to allow and how or if you will actively support world building. First, there is much talk about MODing wurm -How far will you allow this to go. Generating custom maps has been thrown around a lot so Ill use it as an example. I currently use WORLD CREATOR for some odd projects. And I would very much like to create maps for WU using this program as the detail one can get out of it is really astonishing -see GALLERY 1. Will you support this activity. By support I mean develop tools to automate import of maps made with external tools or will this be a we wont stop you as long as you can figure it out sort of thing? 2. If you are going to support it, can you briefly describe some technical limitations of wurm terrain rendering. Is it possible for wurm to support this level of detail? IE Shader support? 3. Will you be developing any tools so that we could say as an example use custom graphics for allready existing items. IE I dont like the low hedge graphic and I want to change that can I say for instance - Go into Blender, import the exisiting low hedge, change the skin and export it back out and use it in the game? Using a CC developed tool to import this back into the game and set all its parameters where they need to be? Maybe even changing the sprout that you use to grow them? A nice little UI for adding custom objects that allready exist in the DB? 4. Will we be able to Create new Items? Say for instance Trees. I would like to have a Date Palm for use around desert and coastal regions. Could we again go into a 3d modeling program, make our Date Palm and then export it out and add it to the game? Will you be developing tools to support this? 5. If you are going to support world building can any dev at all walk through a very very basic process of how you envision this to work. Now all these questions assume that you are going to actively go towards and support MODing. If you look at the forums and the chats in game EVERYONE thinks modding will be the saviour of EXACTLY how far are you planning to go with modding and what are some goals you have in mind for it? Make no mistake, if your going to make the tools and support the modding of wurm, Ill spend the time and the money on dam good 3rd party programs and art packages to mod it. But I need to know what you are planning and how your planning to do it. I need to know what will be allowed initially and in the future. I am well aware it wont happen overnight but what are the plans for it. How far are you willing to let people go with it? How much will you support it? This is an example of what I would like to do with the terrain in Wurm, can it handle it?
  9. Take a look at this one -I use it, and love it. World Creator Has a free demo Also Check this link - GALLERY Some of my biggest questions are how cloose to this can we get with wurm. Ill spend the time, Ill spend the money, but can wurm support this level of detail.
  10. Did you even read my post or are you just trolling?
  11. It has a player base because it was not always trying to market the 9 to 15 year old age group. It also has players from a different gaming era. SO the decision has been made to all respects....abandon the MMO platform in favor of a different direction. You cant have a small dev team spread across what will now be in effect 3 different games. PVP PVE and WU. Where is all the dev time going to come from? They cant keep up now and were going to add yet another area where dev time will be needed to develop UI's and mini programs to support world building and modding. You cant is the answer...something has to give...something has to go...or they will half ass it all and undermine thier own attempts at success. Its completely unrealistic to assume that 5 people with a handful of volunteers can manage this, its just not going to happen, something has to give. So one then looks at whats not pulling its own weight....well that would be pvp. On the MMO version I think its gone except for a very small handfull of die hards that will never give an inch no matter what the circumstance. PVE is next as the markets suffer from a much smaller population, so those that like a robust market are going to look elsewhere. Over and over and over one can see the downward spiral in this for the MMO version....The blanket overhead in running it....this will be come a true decisive factor in any decision to keep it alive. Every logical piece of evidence witnessed in the gaming industry and WURMs past suggest it is the beginning of the end for the MMO. The MMO version needs a lot of work to make it viable and they simply either wont do it or my own belief -they have given up on it as a profitable platform. When I see renewed interest by Rolf in the MMO version then and only then will I beieve other wise.....there is simply too much evidence to the contrary and its coming from everyone involved with CC. The MMO version is in its death throws as long as CC goes down this path...and quite honestly I think its exactly what they want.
  12. Very true -however - when you start to oversimplify you sacrifice detail - so while you may start out with a slick UI that makes things easy, as time goes by you add more and more till a person picks it up and its no different in complexity than any other terrain generator out there. So it would all in all be just educating a group on how these things work, and ultimately be just as complex as any other software package just focused on a single game. Not to mention you or someone else thats developing this may get a better job, move along or just stop working on it. Makes more sense in the long run to get a solid package that has a permanent development team behind it. EDIT Now all that being said If possible I want to use my own textures and maps - not wurms -is this possible? I dont know. If so Ill be redoing the terrain from the ground up. I want a very very very realistic and detailed map based on areas such as the appalachian mountains, the deserts of africa the jungles of the nile, Mississippi deltas ect ect ect. Ill import height maps and go to work on scale and populating my maps with flora and fauna relative to the environment im designing. This will take a powerful terrain generator - assuming such a construct could ever be brought into wurm(The maps I make)...which is the real question. Assuming it can Ill 10 to 1 get a pro package to help me with this. So a list of questions Will we be able to create our own graphics to import in - say from Blender or any other 3d modeling program? Will we be able to use our own textures for terrain? How much source code access will there be? Is it full except for the cheat catching stuff or limited even further? Will there be or are there any plans for developing UI's to accelerate world building / designing Details Details Details - None of which are available atm. So really it just makes more sense to go with a good solid package rather than start thinking about modding and developing stuff from scratch. It just makes more sense to look at existing packages so you can get started asap.
  13. And when you pay for it you get a good quality product. "You get what you pay for" It would not be an issue at all to modify the output for whatever you need. I have used 2 different ones for Unreal, its just not a big issue to modify output params to suit needs.
  14. [media] [media]
  15. Why develop from scratch - just take an existing one and tweak output results to match what you need. Good List of existing terrain generators
  16. SO the answer is to create private servers because the game is too hard and let people play those and somehow magically they will want to play the MMO version. well lets analyze this for a moment. They have moved towards marketing to a very young playerbase who have absolutely no interest in a slow paced grind game that takes way too long to do anything. These kids have no interest whatsoever in a game like WURM. Ill use my own son as an example, he will not paly wurm at all because it takes too long to do anything. Now he might very well enjoy WU because it can be much faster paced. Great, excellent for WU, but disastrous for the MMO. As they will still market to the younger must have it now, no patience crowd, if we look far enough down the road, which is not a very long look, it means that there is an increasingly greater rationale to shut down the MMO entirely...or the MMO version will not be able to support any realistic population because they will still be focusing marketing to a group that has no interest whatsoever in making things harder on themselves. There is no positive spin on this decision from an MMO point of view - It is wholly destructive to the MMO version. While it may be great from a CC point of view, in that they will have the option to close the MMO version, still make money from WU and loose all the overhead and hassle of trying to keep the MMO alive, for those that still cling to and enjoy an MMO experience, it looks like a death knell, and they would be correct. Oh and if WU doesnt work then they can fall back on the MMO version and hope to do something else. The only positive on this is that CC will have options, not so much the players. One could argue, yeah we will be able to MOD it. LMFAO, the devs cant even get it right most of the time. The code is, by thier own admission, "difficult" so I wouldnt get your hopes up on any modders being able to do anything other than complain about how things are so fubarred and demanding changes to the code so that they can have some hope in getting it modded. But ok lets say that CC says yeah ok lets get some stuff for modders going....what happens to the MMO version?....redheaded stepchild....more rationales for shutting it down. Less dev time spent on it, less players and on and on and on and on. Again there is no positive spin on this from an MMO point of view. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls for thee. [media]
  17. So - Does this mean a new dev team to manage the "unlimited" stuff? How will the "overworked and underpaid" current devs be able to handle what is clearly another very large persistent workload. Is the MMO version going to be the redheaded stepchild? Who will be focusing on what? All I have ever heard since playing this game is how short staffed CC is.....well. We getting new devs or? Im finding it hard to believe that they will just continue as normal.
  18. Yes this was indeed the case. The config file was the issue as well as all the other configs have been"reset" to default it seems. thanks
  19. <Unable to delete invalid keybinds file.> This happens every time while trying to login How to fix? Also get this garbage as part of the error report
  20. As the title says I have at current count and still checking others- 5 horses that have had thier traits changed /dropped. I had 4 speeds that are now 3 speeds. I have one horse that was a 4 speed that is now a single speed horse. WTF happened? and can this be fixed?
  21. [media] [media] [media]
  22. If you stand at the edge of a hedge (Oleander, full grown) the wall dissappears and mobs can walk through. The templar is getting stuck in open ground but near a fence, maybe he is stuck in the fence? I get the templar message when I can get him to move -[16:54:17] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of Aged hell hound! Sometimes I can kite a mob past him and get him to move, sometimes not. Started this afternoon, so I assume something with the latest patch is fubar. the templar above had just moved away from killing a hellhound and I kited another near him. He doesnt move, he doesnt fight it. Seems as though we are getting a very large continuous spawn cycle of hellhounds, some of which are spawning on deed, which the templar is supposed to stop from happening? Or Oleander hedges have lost collision when it deals with mobs???
  23. Ok thats where I was going with it, wanted to know if you were going to use a consistent permissions system across the board instead of multiple inconsistent (Fences work this way, houses work this way, boats work this way ect ect ect) permission settings. If I am correct in understanding your response and the dialog below it,you are going with a consistent system across the board? At least as far as it makes sense to? (Ie physical permissions items for all the major items in game perhaps?) Will it be possible to make groups to drop the names of fences in? like in Inventory where we can make our own groups?(Assuming it goes in Body or somewhere besides Inventory) Would be helpful when you have a lot of stables with lots of gates to drop all the gates in stable A into its own subgroup. Would also be helpful as later when you have Ownership Papers on animals one could drop in the ownership papers as well within that subgroup so that you can easily look remotely at what animals are in what stable and assign permissions to whatever individual needs them. EXAMPLE Stable A -Gate A -Ownership paper (Animal Name) -Gate B -Ownership Paper (Animal Name) Stable B -Gate A -Ownership Paper (Animal Name) -Gate B If im not being clear here the ultimate goal being a one stop UI that allows management of all physical permission items (Writs, Ownership Papers ect.) Meaning setting permissions and organizing the physical items within a single UI.(This assumes that your ultimate goal will be to use physical permission items on nearly everything.) Maybe a tabbed UI that is divided up into the major items EXAMPLE Settlement / Cart / Animal /Boat /Gate Under each tab it lists all the items you have ownership of and or can set permissions to. Something along these lines would be very handy. If it has a secondary inventory for storing all the physical permission items, this would also be great for management.
  24. Why cant fence gates work like houses for permissions? Why wouldnt you want them to work like housing permissions? What advantage does the proposed system give over making the fence gates work like housing permissions?