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  1. The size of your height map must be the same as one of those listed in the error. You then must set the size BEFORE importing. Up there at the top where it says Map Size. Example -If your height map is 1024 x 1024 then you must set the Map Size to 1024 before you try and import it.
  2. Check Here You have to change some launcher files.
  3. Not using the bat...just looked in taskmanager -no such processes. nvm -found them -lol -got to love processkiller and the bat works just fine. Cool.
  4. such processes running on any of my machines. Just steam.exe and steamwebhelper.exe, but all 3 of my machines have recent steam installs. Looks like those processes have been replaced by steamwebhelper.exe.
  5. Nice Job! Looks great with barding
  6. I have asked about this over and over again...actually started as soon as the announcement was made - the only answers that have been given are, 1. Per Rolf - code around us (CC) -Everyone should be playing the same game 2. Workshop Content - Client Devs say yes this is a good idea - But Rolf says no Workshop content yet as they dont have the resources. Im waiting to let them look over the results of the WU release and talk things over to see where they are going to go before going hard core into my modding. Mostly we are testing stuff to see how everything works, but are not going to open up a server till we know for sure whats going to happen here. I was wondering how long it would take before people started figuring out that every time CC pushes an update all your mods could break, and if past is prologue then there will not be any advance warning or documentation when it comes to updates. if you dont mind a full time job then heavy modding is possible, you just have to be on top of things. If you dont want a full time job, dont heavily mod, at least this is the way i am looking at it and I am planning accordingly. Modding jars atm is a really risky thing. Just a quick edit for the OP - Disallowing updates from CC is not a good idea. Your going to want those updates. I realize thats how some other games do it....but thats really only a bandaid / stop gap measure for controlled chaos.
  7. Nooo...too early for all that. This was testing the totem summoning the mobs. All it does is summon them. It still needs to have code to tell it how many to summon, which mobs to summon and to limit it to witch only. It also needs to remove components from inventory with each summon as well as make a roll each summon to see if the witch takes any dmg from the summon.
  8. Todays test of the Hybrid pvp/pve system. "Mob Fights" Really early test but a witch can summon mobs using their totem.
  9. Sweet - worked like a charm.
  10. yep - When i push play..the image in my previous post is what i get....every time. No matter the process used to start it.. exe or steam
  11. This wont stop it permanently but itll change it to spring for you. DESTRUCTIONS
  12. Allready talked to Warlander, Its not a Java Issue, he believes it to be an issue with the native wrapper. I have done a clean reinstall of Steam, Wiped all versions of the redist and installed 1 at a time and tried to launch each time. Without 2013 it just hangs with no Microsoft error, with 2013 itll give the Microsoft error. I still havent heard back from Steam on this....still waiting...their customer service really sucks. Its getting old seeing this
  13. TY Most of the people that im thinking will come over and play are people i know outside of the general Wurm community. I talked to a lot of them back when it was first announced and they all loved the idea of a good macabre type setup. They just didnt care for the skill gains and such...the normal complaints. So after I told them we could speed it up to just whatever everyone thought felt good to them, they were on board hook line and sinker. Throw in some graphic upgrades and some assets and its all good So hopefully here in a few months we can start looking at opening it up to people that want to take a spin and see what we have done.
  14. From the pinned thread right at the top of this forum - HERE Skill gain for server is set up on the Server setup screens when you start the game. Local Server Tab > Game Tweaks I think its called, just scroll down the list youll see it.
  15. Got the same thing on a 32 bit machine running win 8 - got a message into steam over it. My guess is the VC redistributable is crashing, but we will see. 64 bit install went fine.
  16. Yeah its flaky for certain. After a while it started to save settings. I havent tried another restart since it started saving. Ill play with it some more and see if its just im being too impatient and not giving it time to write to the db. Seems to do better once you log in and stay in for a bit. But mostly any changes to the local server tab and stuff starts going nuts.
  17. Am I doing something wrong here. for some reason WU no longer saves the character after a server restart. It was doing just fine till that steam update went in however now I cant seem to get a toon to save. Is there something im doing wrong here? Every time I start the server I have to start from scratch on the toon. The changes I have made to the terrain are there, but not my toon. Whats going on?
  18. [media]
  19. I want the game I want. Im putting a lot of work into it and putting some money into it. Its like any other hobby, golf, ect. you drop a bit of money into it and its nothing but a sink. But you get enjoyment out of it. And im sure that as long as my attorney clears what Im thinking about doing that all the players will chip in to help cover the hosting costs. I just need to float it for a bit, and that I can do, so im going to do it. I bust my ass daily and have for turn
  20. Caught a good deal - 500 and change per month. Not counting the initial DDoS setup fee. Yeah its expensive - but - you get what you pay for. I dont want hosting issues, ill be busy enough getting other items done. Not to mention Ill have probably 2 servers for my Java guys to work on individually, plus a test server running on that one server. Im expecting, once live, about 15 to 50 full time players. So its worth it to have the best hosting I can get. (most of those are DINK's (Dual Income No Kids)) Its also why I may be taking donations to help cover hosting costs. I need to hear back from my attorney on this first though.
  21. Crime and Punishment Just some things we have been discussing concerning crime and punishment. First we want to have that Salem feel here, so of course we want to add in 2 specific items - A Crows Cage and Stocks. Crows Cage The Stocks So a player is accused of a crime. If he is a member of the deed where the said crime has been committed (or has been a member within the past 24 hours) then the mayor may choose to put the player in either a crows cage or stocks depending on the severity of said offense regardless of where the player is currently. Its up to the mayor to decide Guilt or Innocense. If the player is no longer a member of said deed and the time limit has passed then the mayor can post a wanted poster for all to see on their deed. They can also offer a reward for their capture. In either case the mayor has flagged the player as a criminal. Once this is done the player may be "captured" whether they are online or offline makes no difference. If a player that has been flagged a criminal logs off they leave an effigy. It stands still and does nothing. It cannot perform any action. Right clicking will give the name of the player and information about any outstanding warrants and rewards for capture offerings. All one has to do is right click on the player or its effigy> capture, and it will be captured.(Effigy is placed in inventory) You can then take it back to the deed of your choice if the player has multiple warrants , and plant it. Once planted you will receive the reward if any. Now the mayor can place the effigy in a crows cage or stocks for x amount of time (still working on exactly how this will be determined) and once this is done the player will be teleported to the appropriate venue and placed in them. The player even if logged out will still show and citizens of the deed can come by and pelt them with refuse (Dmged Meals for instance) during this time. The player will also be muted during this time so they can hear people giving them a hard time in chats but not be able to respond. Players in a crows cage or stocks will not be able to do anything until they serve out their sentences. NPC's on the deed will constantly berate and insult the player. There will also be one other item that can be used in special circumstances - One may have the offenders tongue cut out -this permanently mutes the player. However this will fall under some pretty specific circumstances. In order to have crime and punishment on your deed you must have at least 5 citizens and have either a Stock or Crows cage built on deed. Wanted posters only last 1 Wurm Month and if the player is not brought to justice before then, they are considered to have gotten away with it and cannot be captured until another poster is in place and they have been reflagged as a criminal. it will be possible to escape (with the help of another player).
  22. [media] Bass solo by the late Cliff Burton -RIP [media]
  23. My personal opinion is that they havent given a rats ### about veteran players for a very long time. The focus has always been on new players. Its my opinion CC has relied too heavily on the older players hanging around long enough for them to transition to...whatever the direction of the week is, which never seems to pan out. The older players know this and have suffered through a lot of nonsense in the past and most are pretty quick to remind them of it. Older players are a liability and as long as enough new players are coming in.....I dont think he will care one bit to see them leave. In short...if vets leave because he raises the skill gain and action timers to suit the steam crowd, as long as enough new are coming in...he will do it without any concern for the vets. Just my opinion of it.
  24. Its seems allmost a given that sometime soon.......if they really want to try and keep people that come over from WU....that the curve or something like it, will be the new standard across the board. Personally, id probably start getting used to the idea. Rolf believes that all this publicity from WU on steam is going to somehow translate to new players on WO. Ok fine, maybe it will, problem is, they are not going to stay with current grind If he is true to this, there doesnt seem to be an alternative other than increasing skill gain and action timers in order for those that come over to stay, other wise they will simply say...nope too grindy, too long to do anything, too hard.....