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  1. Photoshop - its a must have for editing height maps. Easiest is to take your heightmap and pull it into photoshop and edit it, then import it in to ..I think Map Generator 2.6 is the latest and greatest atm and continue to develop your map. If you want to make heightmaps, just use map generator and take the heightmap into photoshop. Edit, then import back in. Easy enough.
  2. That would be very nice indeed.
  3. its not Halloween without some King Diamond [media] [media]
  4. They are now starting to spawn in. I had upped the creature amount from 15k(Initial spawn amt) to 25k and let it run for a while. I have customs spawning in now.
  5. ok so that explains why none of them spawned on an initial seed - we have to breed them into the critter pop. Or was it supposed to pick from the custom on seed? I can summon the customs just fine, they just didnt spawn on initial seed.
  6. what are the spawn rates for the custom horses set at?
  7. Just some quick ingame SS before i waste this server. Nicely done!
  8. [media]
  9. Those look great. Cant wait to get them in game!
  10. Everyone thats going to release new animals or for that matter any new assets are going to run into these issues so its a problem that needs addressing. Its not easy, and its a lot of work, but imo will be worth it in the end. Im going to have to do the same thing as soon as I get our models done and ready.
  11. yep, ill definately be using the textures. Your doing a great job on them so im definately going to stick them in as long as you make and release them. Getting control of the spawn rate should not be too difficult,. I havent looked at it much as im in Blender most of the time these days but it seems to me that if you emulate what Ago is doing or base everything on a mod loader of some sort, then you should be able to expose some controls to handle individual spawn rates. Also Im not certain i would release them in packs and stick to releasing individually, at least at first, so people can pick which ones they want to put in. Once you have something in place that gives people control over the ones they want in and not in, then start releasing in packs. Just my opinion on it though.
  12. Thats unfortunate - removing the mod. I think it would be better if you let individuals decide what does and doesnt fit well on their server. Personally I think they work very well and will just reskin existing horses till i have time to put them in myself.
  13. Awesome, looking forward to them.
  14. Cool, how about something like these? Love paint horses.
  15. Not sure what your plans are but a reskin for the gray would be nice. I had them all zebras but since they are thier own animal now I changed them back to grays. Would be cool to change them to something interesting.
  16. Ahh yes, my bad, got my files mixed up and what I did was put the zebra over the black thinking i was returning it to black. I goofed.
  17. They do indeed spawn on a prepopulated server
  18. Awesome - ill plug it in as soon as I am home from work and give it a spin.
  19. Actually - ago - is working on a nice setup. A mod launcher designed to launch multiple mods for his priest mod. Now ..and this is only my opinion....but I think a mod launcher is something that CC needs to do as its basic modding infrastructure and it needs to be standardized. Ultimately one could see this being setup much like civ 5 in that you could open a GUI, select the mods you want to run and start. If CC would put something like this in I think the gloom and doom of updates would be greatly minimized.
  20. Very Nice - looking forward to seeing the results.
  21. Ty, saved me some aggravation. I had seen a couple people talking about it and was curious.
  22. Might also try CFR to decompile. I havent used it, but going to try it tonight.
  23. If you want - post a 1024 in a spoiler and ill try on my end.