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  1. Well...having standards for quality on a wiki, and open registration are not mutually exclusive. Though, I see you're telling all of the players to deal with it so I suppose our exchange is over. According to a recent staff post in a thread somewhere around the time that the Wurmpedia was down for a bit, linking to non-official Wurm Online wikis are discouraged, so it wouldn't be hard to imagine there would be a new rule banning linking to outside wikis if an unofficial one ever got any traction. At any rate, this is all hypothetical. I don't expect that anyone, including myself, is going to start another wiki—mostly because this is a simple issue with a simple fix but creating a new wiki from scratch is a massive undertaking. And besides, isn't WO work enough?
  2. So does this mean we have a chance at having a wiki again this time around since Marni stepped down? As long as you require applications, no matter how gracious you are at providing accounts, the Wurmpedia will be a manual and not a wiki—something that requires anyone be able to edit (i.e. open registration). Even before Marni was given the WM position we didn't have hardly any destructive editing or edit war incidents—both of which being unsubstantiated issues thrown around in order to justify the new micromanagement policies. At the very least, open registration back up to where all anyone has to do is PM you stating they want an account and you provide them with editor privileges (like before Marni took over). I guarantee you more people would be willing to help as long as they're not bound to these terms: Requiring these same people to give "continuous service"—otherwise they lose their account—means that many who would otherwise help edit here and there are not willing to become an editor. And no, the Wurmpedia sub-forum is not a replacement for being able to edit, considering it's a nuisance to have to ask someone to fix something rather than being able to do it yourself when you see an issue. This results in Wurmpedia actually getting less editing done to it than if the manual's (wiki's) registration were open (or at least very nearly so, as I suggested above). The current editors would in all likelihood maintain their current level of support regardless of the proposed change, so in the end everyone would actually benefit from returning Wurmpedia to a wiki. Lastly, before anyone says how easy it is to get an editor account, please note that I refuse to beg for my editing privileges back after they were stripped from me and many others last July. Not to mention that having to apply to edit a wiki is in opposition to what a wiki stands for; so, on principle I refuse to apply and I know there are others who feel similarly.
  3. Plan for a Plan

    I posted this about two weeks ago here, but I figure it's worth mentioning again. Please remove timers that serve no purpose other than to waste the players' time (e.g. on push/pull/turn, haul, load, etc. actions). If a timer has the potential for giving skill, I'm fine with it but as is it's really infuriating to spend forever doing things that could be done instantaneously without any detrimental effect on gameplay.
  4. Please remove the timer on loading crates as well as any timers that serve no function other than to waste time (e.g. push/pull, haul, etc.). If a timer has no possibility of giving me skill then I don't want my time to be wasted by it.
  5. I respectfully disagree. There's no need to add more decay to deeds just because items in BSBs don't decay any more. Besides, how does increasing on-deed decay (for <30 days upkeep) in any way balance this update? It just doesn't make sense because that increased decay wouldn't remove items from the bin—it would just increase the amount of time repairing structures and objects that would already need repairing due to upkeep falling below 30 days. That is, unless you want the BSBs' entire contents to be destroyed before the deed auto-disbands due to lack of upkeep, which in my opinion is extremely harsh and unjustified. Your suggestion, on the face of it, seems to suggest adding more aggravation because a nice change was implemented.
  6. All of the fences on the southernmost edge of my village plan export are missing when opened in Deed Planner (2.4.0). For some reason it looks like fences alongside the southern border of the deed are not counted as being part of the deed when exported. In contrast, the fences alongside the northern border export perfectly. The fences that are missing are iron fences and an iron fence gate (the low ones). Also, I double-checked and the fences giving issue on export are indeed on-deed. P.S. Deeds are still underwater when exported.
  7. Erikn said a couple days ago that he's working on the Linux version right now, so it's more than likely going to be released soon. I just hope it's sooner than soonâ„¢.
  8. Will there be a way to "unlink" keys that exist for the item using the ownership page? If this is possible, then the key that is no longer associated with any locked item can be set to decay (regardless of where it's stored) and be removed from the world naturally over time.
  9. I just hope we get a more sane subscription model than we have currently, else we'll lose quite a few of the players that would otherwise be interested in the more challenging WO servers; we need to have at least two characters covered by the monthly sub cost instead of just one.
  10. Eir didn't make you go through an application process at all, you just asked them for an account and they gave it to not the same at all. And besides, Eir didn't take such an authoritarian position over the curation of Wurmpedia, either. As is, the process for updating pages is ridiculous considering all of the hoops you have to jump through in order to do it. You can brush off my concerns by saying I'm just jumping on the "anti-people in power" bandwagon but you're completely misrepresenting my positions by doing so. Reread the News #70 thread for some of the others' and my own past comments made on this since I'm not rehashing it all here.