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  1. Ok I understand. Would it be possible to add a "Wurm Unlimited Data" section or something underneath? So it isn't confused with the Wurm Online mechanics?
  2. I understand not wanting to change the information because it cannot be confirmed on Wurm Online. Even players with adamantine weapons would likely be unable to confirm the difference due to how small the change is. However, it's been shown before the Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited moon metals function identically, as proven by this thread which was later implemented into the Wurmpedia through this edit. Now, I know, Keenan is a developer, but at the very least would it be possible to add a section underneath the Wurmpedia page for a "rumor" or such that it does not actually function as intended? The whole community of Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited are being done a disservice by promoting false information like this - prices are high on a material based on misinformation, and people are under the illusion that their item does something that it doesn't. As for the Combat Simulator, I copy/pasted the code from Wurm Unlimited for the setDamage function in the CombatHandler, then ran it 1,000,000 times for each weapon. I averaged the results and printed them out. You see the results in the OP.
  3. I have datamined the values for weapons from the Wurm Unlimited code, and would like to see the Table of Weapons page updated to reflect it:
  4. Adamantine does not do 10% increased damage on weapons, like the Wurmpedia says (Adamantine): Here is a snippet of code from the getDamage function in CombatHandler: } else { boolean full = _creature.hasSpellEffect(67) && !weapon.isArtifact(); damage = Weapon.getModifiedDamageForWeapon(weapon, attStrengthSkill, full) * 1000.0; damage += (double)(weapon.getCurrentQualityLevel() / 100.0f * weapon.getSpellExtraDamageBonus()); damage += Server.getBuffedQualityEffect(weapon.getCurrentQualityLevel() / 100.0f) * (double)Weapon.getBaseDamageForWeapon(weapon) * 2400.0; } The first call is to Weapon.getModifiedDamageForWeapon, which does the 1.1 multiplication at the end of the function. if (weapon.getMaterial() == 56) { damreturn *= 1.1; } However, as you can see from the CombatHandler code, it then does straight addition to the value, gradually decreasing the effect of the multiplication, down to the point where an adamantine weapon eventually does about ~2% to ~3% more than a non-adamantine weapon. I have a combat simulator which I tuned to test the damage difference from adamantine. Here are the results: iron longsword: 11187 addy longsword: 11414 longsword difference: 102.02% iron maul: 20243 addy maul: 20677 maul difference: 102.14% iron huge axe: 24353 addy huge axe: 24867 huge axe difference: 102.11% I suggest changing of the Adamantine page to better reflect its actual functionality.
  5. Is it possible for the compass mod, when you are underground, to show the height of the surface above you?
  6. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Is there a way to get the livemap back after closing it?