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  1. You'll need to add a #gl-freedom channel to your discord.
  2. It goes on every server and will not duplicate. The mod no longer has anything to do with something being a login server or not. When a player sends a message, the server that the player is on processes the message through the DiscordRelay that's on that current server to send the message to Discord. If a message is sent from Discord, each server individually processes it and adds a message to their own GL-Freedom channel directly instead of "broadcasting" the message as a global message. This prevents duplication of the messages entirely. If the login server is offline, and a message is sent on another server, it will still relay to Discord if the mod is installed on that other server. Equally, any server running the DiscordRelay mod will have any messages from Discord processed to their GL-Freedom channel.
  3. Here's a re-write I did that no longer echos at all. However, it only works for GL-Freedom. You would need to edit it a bit if you wanted to make it do something else (like other kingdoms). Here's that code compiled and repackaged slightly: You'll need to edit your properties file with these changes as well to make it work. Your existing properties will function with these changes: classpath=*.jar,libs/*.jar sharedClassLoader=true
  4. Supply Depots Depots now spawn 5 hours after the previous one spawned. This is changed from the previous 2 hour timer. Arena Cache rewards have been slightly tweaked: It will now award 2-4 loot caches, up from 1-3. Added 10% chance to contain a random HotA statue. Added 3% chance to contain a random sorcery with 1 charge. Added 0.1% chance to contain a Key of the Heavens, allowing a player to ascend to godhood. If you obtain a Key of the Heavens, you will be able to do the following: Choose whether to be white light or black light. Select up to 5 spells of your choice to add to your faith. Select up to 2 passives excluding Warrior to add to your faith. Minor Changes Treasure maps now reward slightly fewer caches in higher QL maps. Disabled the ESP counter on the PvP server by default.
  5. This is caused by trying to use a name which is already in use, yet the character has not been fully created. For the time being, I'd recommend trying a different name and then having a GM assist you with a name change.
  6. Treasure Hunting Quality of contents from caches in treasure chests now give rewards ranging from 50% to 105% of the quality of the container, from 98% to 102%. This change is made to ensure that great contents from high quality chests would be required to be improved in order to see full usefulness. Artifact Cache contents have been signficantly adjusted in various ways. Distribution rates of caches in treasure maps have been re-done. Rarity of maps increases the chest QL by 2 instead of 10 per rarity level. Dragonscale or Drake Hide armour obtained from Dragon Caches will now be improvable and show the proper armour model. If you have a bugged piece of equipment from before this patch, please put in a ticket to have it fixed. Minor Changes Eternal Reservoirs should now be improvable and repairable. Arena Caches now reward an enchant orb with power 130-150, up from 110-130. They will also give up to 3 random treasure caches, but no longer reward a guaranteed amount of crystals. Capital Teleport timer has been reduced by 3 minutes 20 seconds. Mind Speed and Soul Depth continue to reduce the timer. Fixed a bug where Glimmerscale armour found in Treasure Chests would not display the model properly. Fixed a bug causing priesthood below 30 to not function properly. Fixed a bug causing 100QL weapons and 100+ casts for offensive spells to not function properly.
  7. It's stated at the outset that game mechanics rule this server. The staff and GM's are not going to babysit players to fix any mistakes they make. If you leave your geared horse unbranded next to a unique slaying and someone takes it, we're not responsible for getting it back for you. If you kill a unique off deed and someone steals the corpse, that's not our responsibility either. In your case, leaving your animals unbranded, in an unlocked house, and having them taken is similarly not our responsibility. Beyond that, I even took the time to code a fix for the WO mechanic which allows this specifically because of your case: Fixed a permissions error where players without village permission to cast deity spells could do so in structures. Players now require the "May Enter" permission on a structure in order to cast spells in a structure. If they have deed permission, it will override this check and allow them to cast in houses where they do not have enter permission. "Leave players who did griefing to continue their play" is a pretty interesting argument to make, since I've also had reports against you as well in the past. We refunded everything you lost and then coded a fix for the problem you had. If you still don't feel like you can play "safe" then I'm not sure what will satisfy you. That you accuse us of not hearing your problem is baffling considering the amount of time we put into this specific incident, including the several hours of chatter in our Discord channel yesterday.
  8. I believe in transparency when it comes to staff intervention, so I'm just going to get out infront of this one. There was some drama earlier today that occurred, and instead of letting rumours spread throughout the server, I'm going to get infront of it and make a statement of my own in regards to what occurred and how it was attempted to be resolved. Earlier today there was a deed dispute where one deed had expanded their border, blocking expansion of the other. Upon investigation of what had occurred and talking to both players, it seemed a fair middle ground had been reached, and both players were requested to resize their deeds to match the desires of both. When the resizing was supposed to occur, one deed instead opted they would rather disband and move to a new location. The mayor initially disbanded the settlement themselves, but it resulted in a 24 hour delay before the deed would disband. They requested I disband the deed automatically, resulting in the following: 02-Nov-2017 18:07:58 Sinadmin disbanded Port Catnip I immediately followed this action by refunding the 20 silver that was in the deed's upkeep to the player in question so they could found a new deed. From this point, it appeared that the situation was resolved and we moved on. Fast forward a few hours to a unique slaying, where the relevant players meet up again in local. Some trolling involving spamming duel requests and antagonistic chatter in local chat spark a GM getting involved. When the GM requested more information from the player, the fight was already ongoing. The player attempted to respond to the GM's request, but was slain by the unique while trying to respond. This was blamed on the GM in question, which sparked rumours about the GM's being unprofessional and corrupt. After talking to a great many players and witnesses to events personally, I believe I should state the following to put to rest rumours about GM actions that were taken: Aside from the disbanding of Port Catnip, and the withdrawl of 20 silver from the bank of a GM account to provide the refund of upkeep to the owner, no GM actions were taken in relationship to these events. No players are banned. No players were punished. Conversations were had between staff of the server and the players involved, but no warnings were issued or insinuated. The goal of the staff here is to settle disputes peacefully with minimal GM actions taken. I trust my staff completely and the actions they've taken. The evidence they've provided me in regards to the events is overwhelmingly convincing that I have stated the sequence of events accurately and no foul play was involved. No players will be punished for what happened today, as it's mostly just words and drama. If they decide to continue playing on the server, they're welcome to do so and the staff will not hold grudges against the players involved.
  9. Wait a second. These changes look familiar!
  10. Affinity Weekend Affinity Weekend (which was extended to a full week) is now over. However, I feel that the overall concept was successful. As a result, I'm going to be keeping the changes in partial form. Skill affinities will return to their default 10% per affinity. Timed affinities from food and drink will now provide a 20% multiplicative bonus on top of the 10% additive to affinities. Example cases: No skill affinity with a timed affinity: 10% from timed affinity = 110%. 110% * 1.2 (from timed affinity) = 132% total skill gain 2 skill affinities and a timed affinity: 20% from skill + 10% from timed affinity = 130%. 130% * 1.2 (from timed affinity) = 156% total skill gain. Deed Upkeep Deed upkeep now follows a new formula, created by Piddagoras, the same mathematician who created our Damage Modifier formula. Smaller deeds should be mostly unaffected by the new formula. Significant increases should only begin to occur at size 50x50 or higher. A graph is provided at the bottom of this post showing the trend difference between the old upkeep and new upkeep. Some reference points: 100x100 deed: 20 silver/month before, 27.2 silver/month after 150x150 deed: 45 silver/month before, 96.6 silver/month after 200x200 deed: 80 silver/month before, 284.8 silver/month after. Soulstealing New Item: Eternal Reservoir The eternal reservoir is created using the Pottery skill. Start with a star diamond and pile of dirt, then add the following resources: 99 dirt 200 pottery bricks 50 peat 50 zinc lump 50 chaos crystals 20 hearts 5 sapphires, rubies, emeralds, opals, and diamonds Once created, you can activate souls and feed them to the device. There is currently an action to give you a rough idea of how much "soul power" the device has. When fueled, the eternal reservoir automatically feeds nearby branded carnivores. This means you will not need to place meat underneath the creatures, and instead just feed the device souls. Furthermore, the device will also use the souls to keep nearby forges and ovens lit. The range of the device is QL/10 in each direction. For reference, that means a 50QL eternal reservoir will go 5 tiles in each direction from the tile it's on, ending up being an 11x11 coverage area. This gives a maximum potential coverage area of 19x19 at 90ql+. Souls are a "fuel" for the eternal reservoir, and get consumed when used to supply nearby creatures with food or fires with fuel. A steady stream of souls is required to keep them functional. Soul Strength skill assists in adding additional power to the eternal reservoir when feeding souls. The reservoir only functions with objects above ground if it's above ground, and only in a cave if it's in a cave. A single reservoir will not function for both underground and above ground purposes. Trader Improvements - Thanks to Nekoexmachina for creating this mod! Traders are now capable of showing more than 9 items of each item type in their stock at a time. This means if a trader has 100 rubies, you'll be able to see all 100 rubies and purchase whichever ones you like. Traders now restock 50 sleep powders at all times. Traders now have 3 hand mirrors (50 silver) and 1 golden mirror (3 gold) available to sell at all times. Traders are also replacing the merchant at Holdstrong, and now restock with 5 affinity orbs and 20 disintegration rods at all times. New Item: Sealed Map Traders will restock with 3 sealed maps at all times with quality varying from 1 to 99.9. You can unseal this for a treasure map of identical quality. The treasure map will be locked to the server where it is unsealed, not where it was purchased from. These maps use a special pricing formula, designed by Piddagoras. There is a graph at the bottom of this post showing the difference from the previous pricing scheme. Mastercraft Channeling is now uniquely adjusted for our server, allowing skilled channelers to get truly remarkable casts: Affinities in channeling now reduce the favor cost of all spells by 2% for each affinity. Channeling skill above 90 now begins to reduce favor cost of spells by 1% per 1 skill over 90, increasing to 10% at 100. Channeling skill above 99 now begins to reduce favor cost of spells by 1% per 0.1 skill over 99, increasing to 10% at 100. This stacks with the 90 bonus, providing 20% reduction at 100 skill. The above changes means you can now get up to 30% reduced favor cost under optimal conditions. Favor reductions will reduce the amount spent. You will still be required to have the full amount to cast the spell when you try casting. Affinities in Channeling now give +2 flat power to all casts for each affinity. Power is also increased by up to your channeling skill. For example at 80 channeling, you can now get up to +80 power to a cast. This power increases use your actual skill, not epic curved skill. The amount it increases is randomized with a heavy curve towards lower values, meaning an increase by your actual channeling skill is highly unlikely. Old Theoretical Max Cast: 100 base power, +9 fantastic statuette, +5 improve power (109/20): 115 power New Theoretical Max Cast: 100 base power, +100 mastercraft power (100 channeling), +10 affinities, +9 fantastic statuette, +11 improve power (219/20): 230 power Please keep in mind that the new theoretical max is exactly that: theoretical. The likelyhood of getting casts near that power is astronomically low and extremely unreliable. Treasure Maps Newly found treasure maps will be locked to the island/server they were created on. Existing ones will remain unaffected, and can be completed anywhere. Any maps found or created after this patch must be dug up/found on the island where it was created. This change was implemented to mitigate the growing issue of maps being located on deeds. Arena maps were frequently being dug up on Twin Peaks, causing issues where the check to ensure it was not in water or on a deed was being ignored. Doubled the rates at which maps can be found when digging, mining, or surface mining. Fog Spiders have been removed as an amubush mob. They would instantly disappear if there was no fog weather. Unique mobs are now more more likely to ambush in maps above 80QL. Unique creatures should now drop high quality treasure maps again. Beyond that, they will always be rare or better. Chances of getting rare, supreme, or fantastic maps have been significantly improved. Currency reward from treasure chests have been increased. Full rework of treasure map loot: Treasure chests no longer reward items directly. Instead, they award caches which contain the item or multiple items. Armour Cache: Rewards a random piece of armour, potentially multiple. These caches are uncommon. Usually rewards normal armour types, but can very rarely provide spectral or even glimmerscale pieces. These pieces can be enchanted with Web Armour or AOSP. Sometimes, in very rare cases, even both. Finally, the material used on the armour can sometimes randomize completely to "impossible" outcomes, such as a glimmersteel leather armour. Artifact Cache: Rewards a glimmersteel or adamantine weapon. These caches are rare. The weapons have a decently high chance of being rare or supreme, with the odds increasing as the QL increases. The QL of the weapon will also be "curved" towards and potentially reach 99-100 in some situations, even from lower quality maps. These weapons can also be enchanted with either a high power Life Transfer or combination of Nimbleness and WoA/BotD (normally impossible). Crystal Cache: Rewards chaos and enchanters crystals. These caches are quite common. Dragon Cache: Rewards drake hide, dragon scale, or spectral hide. These caches are uncommon. Can sometimes provide finished drake hide or dragonscale armour pieces. Gem Cache: Rewards gems, and sometimes star gems. These caches are very common. Moon Cache: Rewards adamantine or glimmersteel lumps. These caches are uncommon. Potion Cache: Rewards potions and oils. These caches are quite uncommon. Some of the oils obtained from this cache are unobtainable elsewhere, since there is no corresponding blood. Rift Cache: Rewards rift crystal, wood, or stone. These caches are common. Treasure Map Cache: Rewards a treasure map. These caches are somewhat common. The treasure map will be locked to the island/server where the cache was opened, not where the cache was created. The map quality will always be higher than the cache quality by a random amount, up to 100 if you're lucky enough. Armoury New Weapon: Battle Yoyo! You can craft a Battle Yoyo with a string of cloth and a shaft. The creation and improving uses Toymaking skill. The Battle Yoyo is a fairly fast, short range, moderate damage weapon. It uses the Yoyo skill in combat. The major upside of using a Battle Yoyo is it's high damage output. The downsides are that you cannot easily train it, since you cannot parry with it. Titles - Thanks to Cynnthia and Genocide for inventing these new titles! Defensive Fighting 90 title has been changed from "The Wall" to "Bulwark" New Skill Titles: Normal Fighting: Infantry (50), Marauder (70), Gladiator (90), Templar (100) Weaponless Fighting: Scrapper (50), Brawler (70), Boxer (90), Martial Artist (100) New 100 Titles: Catapult: Castle Crasher Clubs: Bam Bam Firemaking: Incendiary Forestry: Silvanus (m), Mother Nature (f) Gardening: Earthbound Hammers: Doomhammer Locksmithing: Vault Smith Mauls: Breaker Mind: Enlightened Natural Substances: Biochemist Nature: Naturalist Religion: Chosen Shipbuilding: Naval Engineer Swords: Samurai Thievery: Shadow Tracking: Bloodhound Yoyo: String Theorist New Achievement Titles Titanslayer - Deal damage and defeat a titan. Spectral Warrior - Deal damage and defeat a Spectral Drake while over 50 fight skill. Crystals Drop rates for crystals overall has been increased slightly. Enchanters crystals have been reworked for how they operate: Rarity is no longer a limitation for applying Enchanters Crystals. Furthermore, rare or higher crystals are no longer harder to infuse with than normal crystals. Instead, rarity of enchanters crystals increases the amount of rolls by +1 per rarity when checking for a result, and applies the highest one. For example, infusing with a rare crystal will roll twice, and then select the highest result. Infusing with a fantastic crystal will roll 4 times, then select the highest result. Due to this increasing the effectiveness of Enchanters Crystals overall, their base difficulty for application has been significantly increased to compensate. This will be tweaked over future patches until reasonably balanced. Arena Supply Depots now require 25 fighting skill at minimum to capture. This ensures that fresh alts cannot be used to capture depots without risk, and if it is an alt, it will at least provide a death tab and (possibly) affinity. Supply Depot capture time has been increased from 3 minutes to 4 minutes. This change was made to provide a better opportunity to contest a depot if it spawns on the other side of the map. Supply Depots now reward one of the new caches at random. Chances for each cache are equivalent, meaning there is a better chance to get one of the rare caches from a Supply Depot. The cache will always be above 70QL. Stable Master animal tokens can no longer be redeemed while enemies are in local. The baseline local range on Arena with the ESP counter has been increased from 25 tiles to 30 tiles. Amount of trees required between an object to begin hiding it with the ESP counter has been increased from 5 to 8. Uniques creatures are now added to the list of objects countered by the ESP counter. Added some optimizations to improve the performance of the ESP counter, which should prevent densely populated areas from causing lagg. Titans should now spam their ability unprovoked far less often. Arena depots will now be announced by uniques without their prefixes. For example it will say "Green dragon" instead of "The venerable fat champion green dragon" Black wyverns should now spawn much more frequently in the forests on the Arena server. Discord Relay - Thank you to whisper2shade for releasing this mod! Messages from GL-Freedom ingame will now be broadcast to the discord channel #gl-freedom This functionality works in reverse as well, with messages typed into #gl-freedom being broadcast to players ingame through the GL-Freedom channel. We may be expanding functionality of this mod to include a discord channel for CA HELP and potentially villages or alliances in the near future. Minor Changes Mycelium will no longer be overgrown by grass. - Thank you to Nekoexmachina for coding this fix. Glimmersteel and Adamantine veins are now fixed and improved. They will now grant up to 1,000 ore instead of the previous cap of 300. If you know where a vein is, start mining away! Mining while on a vehicle will automatically mine to the vehicle. If a BSB is detected within the vehicle, it will automatically insert the ore to the BSB, which will subsequently be sorted by Nekoexmachina's BSB sorting mod. Crates are going to be ignored for the time being. Non-ore items such as gems and salt will continue to be placed on the ground like before. I may work on improving this in the future. This functionality only works for cave walls/veins for the time being. Timer for Crystal Combination is now based on your artifacts skill and the quality level of the crystals. This should be faster than the 10 seconds that it always was before. Avengers, Spirit Trolls, and Giants are no longer completely immune to archery. Enchant Orbs can now grant Wind of Ages and Circle of Cunning as possible enchants. Doubled the chances for an enchant orb to be Life Transfer. Further increased the armour of hatchlings and dragons slightly. Arrow packs now transfer their rarity to all the arrows. For example, a supreme hunting arrow pack will unpack into 40 supreme arrows. Some challenge helms cannot no longer not be non unimprovable by nobody. You should now be able to use the "unequip all armour" action while moving. Champion creatures now have a higher chance of dropping rare or supreme tools. Avengers and Spirit Trolls should now provide corpses, despite being ghost creatures. This means they can now offer Crystals in their loot table. Corpses for titans should no longer be tiny. Optimized the polling of supply depots and titans on Arena. This should improve performance overall and make the timers for spawns and mechanics more accurate & fluid. Fixed a bug causing the randomly typed creatures not to spawn properly. They should now be more common. Fixed a bug causing the custom armour limit factors for default armours (like plate, drake, scale, etc.) to not function properly. Fixed a bug causing Animals to be unable to be managed on the PvP server. Fixed a bug causing crystals not to drop on Arena unless the mob would have a high enough bounty without the 2.5x multiplier (meaning they required 2.5 silver bounty to possibly reward an enchanters crystal, for example). Fixed a permissions error where players without village permission to cast deity spells could do so in structures. Players now require the "May Enter" permission on a structure in order to cast spells in a structure. If they have deed permission, it will override this check and allow them to cast in houses where they do not have enter permission. Fixed a minor error in the Treasure Map mod causing errors to be thrown. Yet another attempt has been made to fix the issues plaguing priests crossing servers and losing faith.
  11. This is a great mod. It's absolutely wonderful that this type of integration has finally arrived for Wurm. However, I do have a few things I'd like to mention. Some of which I've already stated in the Wurm Modding discord, but I'll re-state them here for reference: Packaging the libraries directly into the jar probably isn't the best practice. I believe packaging the library separately and adjusting the classpath in the properties to something similar to "classpath=*.jar,libs/*.jar" where the JDA library is in the libs folder is likely more ideal. Channel names in-game do not accurately reflect channel names in Discord. For example, the "Freedom" chat in discord goes to "#freedom_isles" - instead I would recommend using "#freedom" for the Discord channel to keep them identical. This would change "#horde_of_the_summoned" to "#hots" which makes it easier for players to understand what channel they're actually typing in. You may want to adjust the mod to focus on GL- communications instead of server-specific channels. This will help with cluster setup as well. When using multiple islands, the best option for integration was GL- only because otherwise players on other islands would only get half the conversation from Discord. Non-login servers do not need to handle WcKingdomChat messages. In the current implementation, discord messages sent to the in-game chat are duplicated per server the app is running on. You can comment out the else and "wc.sendToLoginServer();" in the code, forcing the login server to handle and distribute all Discord chatter, as it should be. I heavily appreciate the public release of this mod. I'm curious to see what you've got up your sleeve next.
  12. Wyvern Mods

    Jerone is completely correct here. It's a subsystem of Wyvern that I actually created a separate mod at the time and did not include in this release. I may release it at a future date, but the item ID is my server's hardcoded value for the creature token. Other servers may have a different item mapped to that id. I apologize for the issue.
  13. This is basically the description of Ulviirala's Treasure Hunting Mod for Wurm Unlimited. It is absolutely amazing, and everyone who's played with it on WU seems to love it. +1.
  14. Due to an internet outage lasting 56 hours, the following patch was not deployed. The outage was specifically for me, and the server continued operation while my service was experiencing difficulty. I will be deploying the patch with updated patch notes in the near future:
  15. Wyvern Arena

    Here's some chatter from the server logs from the past few days, including the death tabs which get broadcast to GL-Freedom and some of the banter afterwards:
  16. Wyvern Mods

    The option causing that error is fixPriests. That's the one using the lFaith argument. I'm not sure why these are erroring for you Asperis, as the code should function properly. I'm assuming it's some kind of mod conflict. Very strange bug.
  17. Wyvern Mods

    Not sure what could've caused a server crash. Nothing like that should occur despite having the mod installed. Very interesting. Do you have a log? Edit: Also, as a follow up to your question about what is specific to Wyvern - most of the Arena mods are coded specifically for an environment setup like the Arena I have, where it's one kingdom fighting amongst eachother. Most of it will function poorly outside of that use case. Furthermore, some of the teleportation actions have hard-coded server ID's for teleporting to and from the arena. Everything outside of the Arena mods should function naturally.
  18. Wyvern Mods

    Here's the latest built version: Mod Download (Google Drive) Note: Some of it is designed specifically for Wyvern and will not function properly on other servers. A majority of it should function naturally, though.
  19. Wyvern Mods

    Wyvern Mods Download (Google Drive) Wyvern Mods is the source code for basically all of the modifications that currently run on Wyvern Reborn. I've tried to make a full extensive list of what it encompasses in the first post of the server thread, but it doesn't really cover all of it. This is not a single mod by itself. This is source code for a gigantic collection of mods. Some highlights: Titan System - Raid bosses that use special AoE abilities and summon minions. Supply Depots - A depot appears in a random location with a beam of red light marking it's location for all players to see, and can award custom loot to players if they manage to successfully capture it. Chaos & Enchanters Crystals - Custom items that can either greatly enhance or absolutely devastate an item they're used on. Meant as "late-game gambling" for those who don't want to settle for anything less than perfect. Custom Bounty - Bounty that rewards based on a creature strength algorithm instead of a flat amount per creature. Beyond that, you can award players based on damage dealt, participation, or simply edit what drops on the corpse of any given creature. Custom armour & weapons - Knuckles, Warhammers, and Clubs are new weapons. Spectral armour and glimmerscale for an "upgraded" version of drake and scale to make players even more powerful if they're willing to invest in it. Treasure Boxes - A custom item which rewards random treasures. Simple by design, but ultra effective in practice. Great for rewards after unique slayings and other events. So much more... The goal of posting this My goal with releasing this source code is to give a "foundation" of sorts for other modders, allowing them to learn from what I've created so far, as it's pretty easy to see the cause -> effect in the modifications here. Beyond that, I'm hoping some of it is found useful by other server owners in creating their own custom content. You can piggyback your own ideas onto the systems I've created, making your own raid bosses with the Titan system and your own randomly placed "treasure hunting" events with the Supply Depots (perhaps even a public version of rifts!). Make your own custom creatures using mine as a template. Create your own items with fun interactions with my Chaos Crystals and Enchanters Crystals as a starting point. I think with a little bit of tweaking, other modders and server owners should be able to create some extremely interesting new content with what's provided here. The final reason I'm putting this to the public is because I feel as though I don't need to "keep" my content to myself in order to maintain a playerbase. I don't see servers as a competition of who can get the most players. Once people begin playing on a server, they are most likely going to stay there for as long as it has a playerbase. I don't feel it necessary to "entice" players to come to Wyvern Reborn because it has unique custom content. I think the server stability, community, and server setup (2k PvE map and 1k Arena) are more important than that - and those are the factors that will keep people playing. My hope is that other modders and server owners will feel similar, and share some of the content they've created as well. AntiCheat and Miscellaneous Changes If you download the archive, you'll see that AntiCheat is part of WyvernMods. It has two components: Hiding hidden ores from LiveMap and XRay, and countering the advantage of ESP by hiding players, mounts, and lead creatures from local if they do not have vision of them (this component can cause sever lagg on larger servers and is currently a "beta" form of mod). The way this AntiCheat is handled is not counterable by client-side modding. The server culls information before the client receives it, meaning there's no way to adjust your client to counteract the change. I'd like to request anyone who is up for the challenge to split this out of WyvernMods and make a public anti-cheat available. I've been planning to do it myself, but the issues with the ESP counter have prevented me from going forward with it, since it could potentially destabilize a server that isn't aware of how it might affect them. I'm hoping someone can iterate on what I've done and create something truly remarkable that all servers can use to enhance the experience a bit further. Finally, there is a gigantic class called MiscChanges in WyvernMods. This is a collection of basically a year of QoL tweaks. I was planning to merge this into ServerTweaks to make it more enticing, but again, haven't had the time to do so. If anyone would like to split some of MiscChanges into a configurable mod for other server owners, it would probably go much appreciated. Usage on other servers So by now, if you're a server owner, you're probably asking yourself "can I use this on my server, and if so, how much?" - If you're asking about consent from me, I give it fully. You're welcome to use absolutely anything provided here on your server and modify it in whatever way you like. Unconditionally. I don't need to be credited for anything or have any other conditions for use. Just take whatever looks interesting and go crazy. I'm curious to see what you can do with it.
  20. Affinity Weekend This weekend we're having a server-wide affinity event! Players will receive 20% increased skill gain instead of the normal 10% increased skill gain per skill affinity for this weekend. Furthermore, timed affinities (from food and drink) will grant 50% increased skill gain instead of the normal 10%. This event starts from the time of the patch through at least Monday morning Eastern Standard Time. This is subject to change and could potentially be extended. Minor Changes Stealing skill no longer has a 10 minute timer between getting skill ticks. Range for soul stealing has been slightly improved. Sacrificial Knives will now take damage when soul stealing. Charcoal piles will now burn at twice the rate. Fixed a bug where an enchant orb could be used on itself, destroying the item. Fixed scythe titles so they should now be properly acquired at the 50 and 70 skill levels.
  21. New System - Soulstealing You now have a choice between butcher/bury and soulstealing defeated creatures. Soulstealing works by using a sacrificial knife on a corpse and selecting "Soulsteal" - this will perform an action much like butchering. After the soulsteal, the corpse is removed completely, meaning no need to bury. Butchered corpses cannot have their souls stolen. If successful, the soulsteal will give you the soul of the creature. This is a lightweight object that can be stored relatively conveniently. This makes soulstealing an "on-the-go" alternative to butchering. Stealing souls does not create high-weight objects out of corpses to lug around, as well as cleaning the corpse in a single action. Your ability to obtain a soul, as well as the quality of the soul, is based on your Stealing skill and the combat rating of the creature. Higher combat rating creatures will have souls more easily stolen. These souls will be used at a later date. For now, I'm going to be monitoring how fast players are collecting souls so I can try to balance the next component of this system more reasonably on release. New Mod - Bulk Items Sorted [Huge thanks to Nekoexmachina for providing this mod!] Bulk materials will now be sorted into 10 QL increments in BSB's and FSB's. At qualities > 90, they will begin to sort every 1QL instead. Quality 100 materials will also be sorted individually. New Mod - More Potables [Big thanks to Ulviirala for this public mod!] You can now plant certain herbs/spices in pots to grow, and then harvest later. Current list of items able to be planted: Woad, Cocoa Beans, Raspberries, Acorns, Kelp, and Mushrooms of all colors. New Titles [Big thanks to Joedobo for making these possible!] Defensive Fighting Titles: Resistant (50), Guardian (70), The Wall (90), Unbreakable (100) Staff Titles: Acolyte (50), Disciple (70), Monk (90), Sensei (100) Scythe Titles: Mower (50, Scyther (70), Harvester (90), Reaper (100) New 100 Titles: Archery: Legendary Marksman Artifacts: Curator Axes: Viking Baking: Patissier Body: Hercules Carving Knife: Woodsculptor Climbing: Moonwalker Taming: King of the Jungle/Queen of the Jungle Arena Changes Lilith has been disabled as a titan for the time being. There's currently an memory leak issue which makes fighting her impossible. She will return when the issue is resolved. In the meantime, Ifrit will be the only titan spawning. I'll be removing Lilith from the PvP server after the patch is deployed. Disabled the CA HELP channel on Arena. Black Wyverns now spawn on grass as well as sand in Arena. This should make them much more common, roughly ~50% as common as Green Wyverns. Armoury Changes Damage Type Enchantments Weapons imbued with oils that should change the weapon damage type... now change the weapon damage type. These had no effect earlier, but now: Salve of Frost will make the weapon apply frost wounds. Potion of Acid will make the weapon apply acid wounds. Salve of Fire will make the weapon apply burn wounds. These changes now open the potential damage types from attacks from 4 (crush/slash/pierce/poison [venom]) to 7 (now including frost/burn/acid). Armour effectiveness and glance rates are considered based on the wound type, so acid wounds for example are quite good against drake hide. These imbues compete against demise enchants for a slot on weapons. This mechanic has not changed. Armour movement speed penalties have been significantly reworked, increasing their speed: All plate helmets (great, basinet, and open) now have a 2% movement penalty instead of the previous 9%, 7%, and 5%. Plate breast plate and leggings movement penalty reduced to 6% from 8%. Chain jacket and pants movement penalty reduced to 5% from 7%. Studded leather jacket and pants movement penalty reduced to 4% from 5%. Leather jacket and pants movement penalty reduced to 3% from 4%. Weaponry has been adjusted to switch up the meta: Wilhelm's Wrath damage reduced from 7 to 6 Two handed sword damage increased from 10.5 to 11 Large maul damage increased from 11 to 11.5 Large axe damage increased from 8 to 8.2 Small axe damage increased from 5.6 to 5.8 Longsword damage increased from 6.5 to 6.7 Shortsword damage increased from 5 to 5.3 Small maul damage increased from 5.5 to 5.7 Sacrificial knife damage increased from 4.75 to 4.9 Steel spear damage increased from 10 to 10.25 Warhammer swing speed increased from 5.5 to 5.2 Huge axe swing speed improved from 6 to 5.9 Halberd swing speed improved from 5 to 4.8 Steel staff swing speed improved from 4 to 3.8 Club parry percent increased to 40% from 20% Carving Knife skill penalty reduced to 2 from 3 Meditation Cooldowns Path of Love: Refresh can now be used every 8 hours, down from 18. Enchant can now be used every 8 hours, down from 18. Love Effect can now be used every 4 hours, down from 18. Path of Hate: Increased Structure Damage can now be used every 4 hours, down from 18. Increased Attack Damage can now be used every 6 hours, down from 18. Fear can now be used every 6 hours, down from 18. Path of Power: Ignore Traps can now be used every 4 hours, down from 18. Erupt/Freeze can now be used every 8 hours, down from 18. Elemental Immunity can now be used every 6 hours, down from 18. Path of Knowledge: Get Info (Creature) can now be used every 4 hours, down from 18. Get Info (Tile) can now be used every 4 hours, down from 18. Minor Changes Amount of weight you can carry per body strength has been doubled. Mastercraft has been extended to include tool QL as well. Performing actions with tools above 90QL will result in a difficulty decrease. 99QL+ also has a much higher bonus. Bounties have been adjusted yet again. They should be closer to their previous values. Creatures will now give an event message if they are slain and drop a crystal. You no longer need to check the corpse if no event message is displayed. Summon Soul can no longer be cast or accepted when enemies are in the vicinity. Arrow pack weight has been increased to 2.5kg from 0.5kg. GL-Freedom death tabs should now be the correct color. Improved the Anti-ESP mod to hopefully make it less laggy with many players. It will be re-enabled with this patch. Fixed an issue where iron chain DR was swapped with steel chain DR. Fixed the name doubling up when depots are announced in GL-Freedom. Corrected an error that prevented dominated & hitched creatures from being attacked on Arena.
  22. This is neat. Can you add a toggle for rendering the terrain so it's easier to spot mines? Or just one that would highlight mine door tiles... or anything like that.
  23. Wyvern Arena

    With the implementation of Supply Depots every 2 hours last Sunday, we've seen an exceptional spike in PvP activity recently. Here's the death tabs from the past few days: [09:43:06 AM] Alexiaselena slain by Eggplant [11:52:10 AM] Zentil slain by Averagejay Eggplant [12:01:31 PM] Zentil slain by Averagejay Eggplant [12:37:56 PM] Katia slain by Averagejay Eggplant [05:16:40 PM] Cynnthia slain by Sindusk [11:30:59 PM] Mastavirus slain by Sindusk [11:33:54 PM] Sindusk slain by Mithraas Hakameda [04:29:54 PM] Kazui slain by Sindusk [10:25:25 PM] Sindusk slain by Hakameda Codeine Zentil [10:25:46 PM] Genocide slain by Hakameda Codeine Zentil [09:05:46 PM] Genocide slain by Codeine Zentil Melros [04:27:56 AM] Dilldough slain by Fullstone
  24. I have been working on a counter for this client mod on Wyvern Reborn for quite some time and absolutely everything you said here is accurate. I'll be releasing the counter to the public in the near future, once it's shaped up a little more, but testing is still underway to ensure the entity counter is not too CPU-intensive.
  25. New System - Arena Depots Every 2 hours, a random unique creature on the Arena server will inform all of Wyvern Reborn about a Supply Depot spawn on the Arena. This is to inform players on Twin Peaks what type of uniques exist on Arena. Definitely not a technical limitation that I had to pick a creature to send the messages in GL-Freedom. Furthermore, if no uniques exist on the Arena server, this will stifle the broadcast messages about depots to Twin Peaks. At certain intervals, the unique will broadcast a server-wide message to both Arena, Twin Peaks, and Legacy informing everyone of the duration until the next Supply Depot. When the time comes, a depot will appear at a random location on the map (not necessarily near the "host" unique). The depot can be "captured" by using an action lasting 3 minutes. Upon completion, the depot is removed and the player is given a cache of goods. There is no creature spawns or dangerous mechanics. The cache contains the unique ability to reward an enchant orb up to 130 power, higher than ever before. We're truly pushing Wurm Unlimited to its limits! The rewards from the cache are relatively tame right now. I'll be increasing their rewards if it's not enough. This system was built from scratch, with absolutely no foundation built on any existing Wurm mechanics, much like how I did the Titan system. There may be bugs, and reports are welcome. Currently the only minor issue I'm having is the depot only being visible from within 4 tiles. I'm unsure how to fix it at this time. You will be able to find its location through the giant beam of light in the sky, though. Arena Wyverns The following changes take effect to Wyverns on Arena only. Twin Peaks Wyverns will remain unchanged completely. All Wyvern hitched speed has been reduced significantly. They are now slightly faster than hell horses when hitched, but not incredibly faster. A geared hell horse will pull carts faster. All Wyverns have had their armour type adjusted to cloth for Arena. This makes them more susceptible to being hit by arrows (by about 10% increased accuracy), and gives them less glance rate against most weaponry. The one exception is the red Wyvern, which will have leather armour instead. Body Control requirements for Wyverns on the Arena server have been reduced: Black Wyvern: Stays at 30 body control. Green Wyvern: Requires 31 body control, down from 33. Red Wyvern: Requires 35 body control, down from 43. They can also now climb slopes of 150, up from 100. White Wyvern: Requires 33 body control, down from 40. They can also now climb slopes of 150, up from 100. Finally, they now spawn on Tundra, since snow does not exist on the Arena. Armoury Armour has been completely rebalanced yet again. Almost all armour values have been increased, with more significant increases at the lower spectrum. Check the Wyvern Data spreadsheet for the new values, as I spent quite some time adjusting them and wasn't able to record all the changes I made. I've also taken the liberty of updating the spreadsheet with damage effectiveness and glance rates. Bounty & Loot The bounty formula has been reworked. It now factors in natural armour and weaponless fighting. Rewards may now vary quite a bit, and I'd like some feedback on the results you get. Unique creatures no longer get a bounty multiplier for being typed (fierce, champion, etc). However, the stats they gain will still make them more rewarding. Creatures that reward a lot of money no longer get the 2.5x bounty multiplier on Arena (uniques, spectral drakes, etc). Chaos Crystal and Enchanters Crystals drop rates are significantly improved. Chaos Crystals now drop from any creature with a 30 copper or higher bounty, down from 50 silver. Enchanters Crystals now drop from any creature with a 1 silver or higher bounty, down from 2 silver. Chances to obtain a crystal is much higher. Chances for creatures to drop multiple crystals is extremely lowered. Uniques and powerful creatures are most impacted by this change. Treasure Maps PMK wagons have been added to the loot tables for unfinished items, including the 4 new wagons introduced recently. Custom weapons have been added to the list of potential rare items, including Clubs, Warhammers, and Knuckles. Bridle has been removed as a rare item from maps. Trader items have been removed as possible loot from treasure map chests. They were no-drop and somewhat irritating in certain situations. This leaves very few rewards remaining from treasure chest, and I have a plan to improve the loot through a full rework in the near future. Creature spawns for 70ql+ chests have been adjusted slightly. Warmasters and rift casters no longer spawn. Nogumps have been moved into a slightly higher tier, alongside the newly added Red Wyverns and Giants. Boars have been added to lower tiers. Chance for supreme or fantastic treasure have been improved yet again. Odds of discovering a Treasure Map on surface mining or digging have been improved. Minor Changes The server login now says "Wyvern Reborn (Modded PvE/PvP) [3x/5x]" Creature count on Arena has been reduced from 10k to 7k. The /who command will no longer give exact player counts on Arena. It will simply tell you if other players are there or not. Death tabs will now be broadcast in GL-Freedom. Now the whole server gets to laugh at you when you die. I've updated the ESP counter to only work against players and the creatures they are leading/riding. I'll be seeing if this functions well in this patch. Worgs can now be mounted and hitched. They require 30 BC to ride, and are just about as fast as Chargers, but cannot be equipped with equipment. Horses and hell horses can now climb up to 80 slope, 10 higher than a small cart and equivalent to a wagon. Horses and hell horses have been given another minor mounted speed boost. Their ability to pull carts remains the same. It is important to know that a well-equipped normal horse is now a faster mount than a Wyvern. Equipment matters. Chargers have been given a ~2-5% speed increase both mounted and on carts. This puts them faster than hell horses on carts, and keeps them faster when mounted after the increase to hell horse speed. Statuettes of Breyk and Cyberhusky should now be able to be sold to traders. Attempted to fix an issue where players crossing servers would lose their Libila faith and alignment. I've not been able to test this thoroughly. Attempted to fix an issue where players could not unhitch individual animals from their vehicle.