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    Code's done. ETA next patch.
  2. DUSKombat Swing stamina cost has been doubled. Defensive stance now gives a higher reduction to the stamina cost of a swing. Aggressive now gives a higher increase to the stamina cost of a swing. Aggressive and Defensive stances have had multiple new bonuses and penalties applied. Dodge chance now has a penalty while you're in aggressive, and bonus while in defensive. This applies in the reverse for the attacker (defensive attackers will be dodged more frequently). Aggressive grants a 20% increase to critical hit chance. Critical strikes in defensive deal 140% damage instead of the full 150% damage. Shield blocks and parries now have a penalty if the attacker is in aggressive. Defensive now grants a bonus equivalent to double the effect of the attacker being aggressive. Difficulty to hit/miss has been increased very slightly. This should make defensive measures such as block/parry/dodge more effective, but should have little effect on ability to strike if you have sufficient skill. Block recovery when using a shield maximum debuff duration has been reduced to 5 seconds from 10 seconds. CR potions now grant an increase to hit chance. Arena The Arena host will now give GL-Freedom messages about HotA. Supply Depot enchant orb power rolls have been increased to 60-120 from 40-80. Since the server has advanced significantly, and players are able to cast better than before, it's time that these enchants started becoming more comparable. These enchants can still be the jewelry enchants (Acuity, Endurance, Industry, and Prowess). As of the time of this patch, there exists only two rings at 100+ power of these high difficulty enchants. Supply Depots now award 3-4 caches, increased from 2-3. Chance of crystal cache has been increased slightly. Supply Depot cache quality rolls have been increased from 20-80 to 40-90. HotA statues won from HotA now come in highly various colors. HotA now awards 4-6 lumps of seryll, increased from 3-5. HotA now awards 3-6 silver, up from 2-4 silver. Weapons and Armour Balance Every now and then, we adjust the balance of weapons and armour in minor ways to try and shift the meta a bit and give more options to players. Buffs to underused weaponry: Large Axe damage increased from 6.5 to 6.7. Longsword damage increased from 5.7 to 5.9. Longsword swing speed improved from 3.8 to 3.75. Knuckles damage increased from 3.6 to 3.7. While knuckles used to be highly favored due to their speed, their current damage is very poor with the changes to bloodthirst. This change is meant to try and counterbalance recent changes without making them broken. Short sword damage increased from 4.4 to 4.5. Scythe damage increased from 9.1 to 9.25. Staff swing speed improved from 4.0 to 3.9 Buffs to weaker armour types: Cloth base damage reduction increased from 55% to 61%. Cloth effectiveness versus pierce increased from 100% to 110%. Leather base damage reduction increased from 65% to 67%. Leather effectiveness versus crush increased from 105% to 107.5%. Leather effectiveness versus slash increased from 110% to 112.5%. Studded base damage reduction increased from 67.5% to 69%. Studded effectiveness versus crush increased from 107.5% to 110%. Chain base damage reduction increased from 67.5% to 69%. Chain effectiveness versus bite increased from 107.5% to 109%. Chain effectiveness versus crush increased from 105% to 107%. Plate base damage reduction increased from 70% to 71%. Plate effectiveness versus crush reduced from 95% to 93%. Plate effectiveness versus slash increased from 105% to 107.5%. Drake base damage reduction increased from 70% to 71%. Drake effectiveness versus crush increased from 105% to 108%. Drake effectiveness versus cold increased from 110% to 115%. Dragonscale effectiveness versus bite increased from 105% to 106%. Dragonscale effectiveness versus burn increased from 105% to 110%. All armour has had their glance rates halved. While glancing doesn't feel anywhere near as bad as it did when all damage was blocked, it still doesn't feel good. Removing glancing entirely would dramatically shift the identity of armour. Most likely in a negative way. For this reason, halving all the rates keeps them with their identity, but should help avoid situations where most attacks are glances. Miscellaneous Wisdom of Vynora has been removed from all deities. On Revenant, we use a system that prevents actions from using the fatigue system, since it negatively impacts legitimate players. However, this created a system where Wisdom of Vynora could be cast on cooldown to grant sleep bonus without penalty. This was unintentional. Options such as ticking down the fatigue timer were considered, but the amount of work required to get that functional seemed higher than the potential gain. In the end, Wisdom of Vynora as a spell doesn't fit the server philosophy and will be disabled until a new iteration can be created. I'm interested to hear suggestions about how to tweak its functionality and make it a proper addition to the server. Enchanter Crystals difficulty now scales with the total combined power of enchants that you're using it on. Scaling per enchant has been removed completely. Resurrection Stone price has been reduced from 5 silver to 2 silver. Fixed a bug where death tabs would show being slain by nothing when killed in PvP.
  3. Yes, this should be fixed on live now. Is there a specific scenario that you're experiencing where it's not fixed? I'll need details to dig deeper.
  4. The actual mechanics are already finished and in place, I just can't give out specifics right now because it's a component of yet another massive change that we've not talked about because it's pretty touchy, which is directed at changing a different facet of the game. However, I can tell you that it's not limited to favor cost of the spell. You'll still be able to link and cast bless, dispel, or CoC if you want.
  5. With the priest overhaul, priests will be able to link with other priests of a different deity under certain conditions, and 120 favor cost enchants (MS/LT/Venom/others) will be reduced to 100 to allow players with perfect faith to cast without a link.
  6. Hey now, put the pitchforks away. There's no conspiracy here. This was a change done in response to the smelting exploit immediately after the recent issue regarding the QL increase on creation. It was done prior to the July 10th Hotfix which reverted the change. The original idea was to counteract that QL increase with a QL penalty on smelting pots, which would essentially render the QL increase from imbues useless for exploitation at higher qualities. The code was done for it, but there was flaws in execution: it impacts players without imbues and who use smelting pots legitimately in a negative way. Fast forward a bit, the problem has been resolved (the change was reverted), and we've done a bunch of work for the recent patch and that change was left unattended and basically forgotten for the July 26th patch. As of this post this is actually the first time we realize the mistake. We'll be reviewing the change and we'll update you when more information is available. In the meantime, sorry for the miscommunication.
  7. I promised more information about the priest overhaul, so I'll mention a couple things specifically regarding spells (there's many aspects of the overhaul outside of just spell changes): There will be new spells - Completely new spells with new mechanics are being introduced across all deities. Some spells are getting full reworks - For example, Tangleweave now has a completely different purpose and role in the game, despite having a similar effect. Linked enchant favor being reduced - Venom, Mind Stealer, and Life Transfer will require 100 favor after the update, so they can be cast without linking by those who have perfect faith. New spells will follow the same format. Offensive spell rebalance - Offensive spells now scale differently against PvE and PvP targets. This will mean hitting a wolf with Fire Heart and decent channeling should take a proper chunk of their health compared to a Troll. Body Strength to Soul Strength - Spells will use Soul Strength instead of Body Strength for DR calculations in both PvE and PvP. It's nearing completion. Once it enters testing, we'll start opening the floodgates for information, and you'll see everything it has to offer.
  8. I added their launch dates to the table here:
  9. I'm not actually making a suggestion here, but instead looking for suggestions. I don't really have much experience with the current iteration of Rite spells. For those who are familiar with how they operate or have casted them in the past, please answer the following questions for me: Rite of Spring seems to be the only spell frequently casted. What new mechanics would you recommend for Ritual of the Sun and Holy Crop to make them more appealing? There appears to be spans of months between casts. What is the main factor preventing casting more frequently? Is it the organizing a group for linking, or the fact that the spell isn't available enough? Do you feel the current iteration of Rite spells fits the niche they are meant to fill? For example, does Holy Crop feel like it helps Fo priests and farmers? If not, do you have any suggestions for ways to make them more rewarding to cast? Any comments regarding Rites are welcome. Also, for those on PvP servers, comments on Rite of Death are also appreciated.
  10. Raiding Mechanics It's true that a lot of raiding mechanics are not streamlined. The interactions of war machines versus defenders repairing, mining or bashing versus players mine hopping, and a lot of other similar interactions generally feel really clunky. There's definitely improvements that could be made to make raiding a more streamlined experience. That would essentially pit two groups of players against each other in macro combat instead of the existing mechanics that use micro-mechanics to avoid counterplay completely (such as repairing from mines, creating unfinished walls, and similar). However, there's a more important topic to discuss before going down that path. Raiding Philosophy The overarching issue here isn't about the mechanics specifically, but instead philosophy. Should raiding be difficult? Should a deed be a safe space where a single player can defend themselves versus many? If a raid is successful, should they be getting anything outside of artifacts?
  11. New titles list

    I feel the pain of those who are responsible for updating the wiki. For that reason, since the work has been done, I'm going to go through each section listed here and confirm them. I do not promise to confirm future findings in this same manner. However, due to the high amount of effort put into this post to try and organize them specifically for the wiki, I'd feel really bad if they couldn't use it. Here goes (edited the 50/70/90 into each quote): Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed. Note 50 has a female alternative Confirm Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed. Note 50 title has male alternative Confirmed Confirmed (Long Spear) Confirmed. Note that the 90 title has a male alternative. Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed. Note 50 title has female alternative Confirmed Confirmed
  12. Thank you for this. It's always the biggest shame when great server mods from projects get left to rot. Having code available to the public helps new modders learn how it works, and gives experienced modders new methods to approach tackling specific problems. I find nothing but positive impact from these types of releases and hope that more follow in the future. Just as a follow-up question, some of your code would make good options in mods such as Server Tweaks. Would you be willing to allow me to add some of your code as configurable options to Server Tweaks and my other mods?
  13. Huh. For some reason, I didn't notice that. I'll make a note and work on it. Thanks!
  14. An error message is displayed telling you that it cannot be dropped there.
  15. I've made your wildest dreams come true. Time for you to return the favor. ^^
  16. Let's try to be reasonable and not do things like this. Also, I think we need a new thread specifically for players to display their creative title combinations.
  17. I'll be honest, I have no idea how I missed this thread before. I'm glad it got bumped. Instead of just taking the recent posts, I decided to read through the whole thing and respond to everything I can. Keep in mind that some details are not being shared because work is still being done. I know you're all eager for full details, but it'll have to wait until after the patch this week and into the few weeks after that. Just have some patience! With that out of the way, I'm going to answer a couple of posts that I felt absolutely deserve an answer after all this time. PvP and offensive spells are something that have bothered me for a while with their lack of clarity. It's even obnoxious for slayings when you're a healer and start channeling a Light of Fo, only to have all your wounds healed by someone else's a couple seconds before you finish the cast. With that in mind, I've added a new way to display information from these spells. After the update, offensive spells (like Drain Health and Fire Heart) will show an on-screen message (the pop-up kind) showing that someone is attempting to cast something, as well as another when they complete the cast. This should dramatically help with clarity in regards to those spells. Can't really comment on this one right now. Specific spell changes will be revealed later. Agreed but, again, can't really comment right now. My personal opinion is that the poison and infection mechanics probably need to be looked at in a broader sense beyond just these two spells. But again, can't really comment on their current changes. Linking was something I looked at really early. Trying to get priests together to cast a Rite these days, even disregarding their other problems, is really difficult. This is being addressed in the priest rework. The real answer to the question is somewhere in the middle. There should be an opportunity to play priests, but it'll be a different playstyle than a non-priest. I guess the real take on it would be something like choosing a class in another game. You can choose to play the ninja or the wizard. If you play the wizard, you're not going to be able to sneak and dash around, but you'll be able to cast spells. If you play the ninja, you're not going to be able to cast spells, but you can still sneak and dash around. It's not as clear-cut as that, obviously, since there's so many systems tied into each other in Wurm, but I think it's about as accurate as I can paint the picture. Player gods are a heavy focus of the priest rework. The issues with them being incredibly meta and the base gods having very few to no advantages over them has been identified and tackled. However, I'm not going to speak too much more into that topic, as it's a discussion for another day. The existing channeling skill system is heavily ingrained in current priest mechanics. While it'd be really cool to see subgroups implemented such as enchanting, abjuration, etc. - the reality is that doing so causes a headache. Would the players with 90 channeling have 90 in all of those categories? Would the skills be easier to grind than channeling? If they're split up into groups, wouldn't some categories be naturally easier to grind due to some of their spells being lower favor cost? That's not to say it'll never happen, but it's not part of the update. Can't comment on the creation skill grind. Alchemy restriction is being reviewed in the priest overhaul coming up. Can't comment on the final point either. This statement remains true to the priest rework coming. We're not changing the role of priests entirely, but improving them in their current niche. Didn't notice that about Refresh. I'll look into that one. Can't comment on spell specifics. All direct damage spells are being rebalanced. Can't comment on specifics. Pillars are also being adjusted, and not just number changes. Can't comment on specifics. Agreed, Smeagain priests are heavily favored in the current meta. This might change after the update. Can't go into specifics. Player gods are going to stay. That's not to say the base gods are being ignored. If the spell list changes significantly, the priests will be given a full faith switch. More details on that in the future. Can't really comment on any of the changes here until later, but I will say that the upcoming changes should address some of these concerns. Nerf is the wrong word. Change is the correct one. Thanks for the kind words. I've been working on it for weeks and it's actually closer to completion than you might think. However, making sure everyone is happy with the changes is yet another ballgame. I'm not delusional enough to say that everything is going to go smoothly, but I appreciate the support and will do my best. I'll answer what I can. Linking is going to be changed around a bit. I'm not going to dive too much into detail, but rest assured that it's an issue that I've spent time working on a resolution for. Agreed, priests should be able to make an altar. Just seems silly that they can't. I can't really comment on the lore. It's not really in the scope of the work I'm doing. Yes, that's an issue I discovered as well. It felt really weird when a WL god could cast Fungus. Just didn't make sense. There's a clarity QoL coming in the update this week regarding sacrificing. I hear your concerns though. Can't comment on what's happening to demigods.
  18. Sorry for the late response, been pretty sick today. Going to try and respond to all inquiries. I played as a Libila priest on PvP for over a year. I'm aware of the shortcomings and they will be addressed. The locate soul change encourages roaming because you can move around the map without being concerned that a player is going to know where you are 24/7. Anyone with a high profile name gets located constantly to identify their location. The moment they step off deed, people know. By implementing this limitation, it will at least give some wiggle room to allow players to operate around the restriction and move around the map. It's not a perfect solution, and I'll admit that. More changes will come to help remedy the situation further. As stated, it's just a first step. No. The Disintegrate change will apply to all servers including Epic and Freedom. This was answered in the original post in some regard. We don't want to go into too much detail on changes until they're closer to being ready for deployment to live. The priest rework is nearing completion and should enter testing relatively soon. Priests are not having all restrictions lifted, just some. As of this moment there are no plans to allow priests to improve items, so crafters and priests should remain separate.
  19. Initial PvP changes Starting with the next update, a new change to Locate Soul will be introduced to Chaos. PvP Change: Chaos server now has a maximum Locate Soul range of 500 tiles. This change is specific to Chaos and will not affect Freedom or Epic. Locate Soul’s intended usage is to give a general idea to the caster where their target is. This information can be used to track down a player off deed, identify that reinforcements are unavailable to assist them, and similar. These intentions are pure, and meant to encourage roaming to new places with the opportunity to find opponents in local, then track their location via Locate Soul, pendulums, etc. Locate Soul’s actual usage is to triangulate exact positions of players using multiple reference points, keep tabs on opponents from halfway across the map, and spamming the spell to guarantee reliable information as to whether a target player is online through their Nolocate. These two extremes are the result of a spell that has remained untouched for years. The problems with this paradigm is a meta of priests spamming locates from anywhere on the map and getting reliable intelligence with no cost. Hence the reason for the change. This is step one in a larger shift for Locate Soul and locating players in general. Limiting the range should alleviate some of the problems with the current metagame, but not all. Locate Soul and Nolocate are still undergoing iteration and will have other, more dramatic changes in the near future. This update will also include warrior god priests (Nathan, Smeagain) getting the double disintegration bonus equal to Magranon. The aim of this is to level the playing field for priests of all kingdoms and reduce the frustrating scenarios with RNG and safemines. Background and future works Along with this, in the next update, is a reworking of armour mechanics. This will make armour values easier to adjust in the future. Existing armour values are not being changed, but the background work is intended to make them easier to modify and adjust down the line. After this update, the next focus will be on the long promised priest and spell overhaul. This overhaul will feature a balance pass on all 98 spells available to priests and review of priest restrictions to improve gameplay for solo and PvP priests. There’s more to it than just that, and we’ll be sharing more details over the coming weeks. Once the priest and spell overhaul is live, we’ll begin looking at addressing other concerns within PvP such as tower capping and meditation. We know there’s a long road ahead of us to get PvP where we’d like it to be, and we know it will take time to get there. Our focus now is taking one step at a time, making sure it’s the right step, and then taking another step forward. We’ll continue to use the feature feedback forum for discussion on specific topics to allow for adjusting and improving our current plans if necessary, so please keep it all on topic and constructive.
  20. Yeah I never adjusted the conversion from player to player. Has to be done via the light.
  21. Can you tell me the number of passengers to get to the seat mentioned? I tested using the first passenger seat (when no other passengers are on the knarr) when I was fixing it. If it's down to very specific spots, I'll need to know how many passengers to load into the knarr before beginning to test again.
  22. +1 Would be really nice to see stats like this in a nice well-formatted panel instead of on examine.
  23. Skill Points

    Make a wish, Becket. Let's see if I can grant it in honor of your achievement.
  24. DUSKombat Tamed mounts now give a higher bonus to attack checks. Penalty to hit chance from Skill Penalty has been slightly reduced. Fixed an issue where excel and nimbleness were giving a penalty to parry instead of a bonus. Miscellaneous Adjusted the skill gain difficulty adjustment to a new (but similar) formula. Graph below. Smelting using a smelting pot has been disabled. Unfortunately, smelting pots are ripe for abuse no matter how I change them. Revenant and the mods we run are all about creative freedom, allowing new mechanics that bend and break the game to encourage new gameplay opportunity. If smelting pots continue to exist, they impose an invisible barrier of creativity that cannot be passed. New ways to improve quality of items, moving rarity, and similar all have to be designed with smelting pot use (and abuse) in mind. I want to rid myself of these restrictions, and this is the best way to do it. As a background for those unaware, the reason this change is coming through right now is because of a loophole using mine doors. Creating a rare mine door then smelting it gives you a large chunk of rare material in return, which can then be used to improve other items (using the Revenant rarity changes) to create multiple more rare mine doors, and so on and so forth. Smelting pots will remain, but the "Smelt" action will simply give an error telling you that Smelting is disabled (much like sermons). Fixed an issue where Affinity Catchers would not be able to be consumed if you did not have an affinity for the skill already. Fixed an issue where casts above 100 were sometimes causing power to be lower than the cast. Fixed an issue with uniques from treasure maps spawning incorrectly, causing them to be unable to be attacked.