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  1. New models and textures are something that's severely lacking in the Wurm Unlimited modding space. I don't think it's for lack of talent, but instead a lack of resources like this one which make modding more approachable. This is exactly what's needed to go further and open up more possibilities in WU modding. Thank you for doing this and I'm intrigued to see where this leads.
  2. Looks like the GitHub from Neko is gone completely. Here's the newest version of bulk items separated for those looking for it, now that it's gone. @Elsathis version will also fix your issue (not retroactively, though. just prevents it from happening in the future). Download: I'll probably end up putting most of the mods up on my GitHub soon to make sure their sources are easily accessible and it'll be easier for mod maintenance in the community.
  3. The original server only had a few modded items. Running it without mods should work perfectly fine, it will just error on things like the depth drill. Glad you could get it up and running. Hope it fits what you were looking for.
  4. Here's a zip archive of the wyvern server when it initially went offline in late 2016: It contains nearly 1 million items and 925 deeds. It's a 4k by 4k map with a lot of content and will likely take 5-10 minutes to load. There's no harm in sharing this because many people downloaded these exact same files when the server initially went offline in 2016. Here's a quick image of how it looked back then:
  5. Zero-Risk Arena This patch is introducing a controversial change to Revenant. This change is something I'm calling "Zero-Risk Arena" - the Arena server from the time of this patch forward can be played without risk (or at least minimal risk). This change comes off a history of events, an extensive amount of discussion, and a variety of reasons that I'm going to do my best to outline here. First off, let's start with history of the Arena server and events. To begin with, since the server launched, only two groups have set up deeds and made an effort to actively participate in PvP. These groups had some decent skirmishes early on in the server's lifespan, but eventually one of them opted to stop playing. This left the other group of players in a strong position with all artifacts, some of the highest skills on the server, and reaping the rewards of the Arena server for the last month and a half without contest. After some discussion a while ago about how nobody was willing to attempt to attack the group based on their strength, I started working with that group to begin reducing how intimidating they were. With their consent through the process, I nerfed the artifacts, made several mechanics changes to weaken their position on the server (such as mounted speed changes), and most recently ended up deleting almost all the artifacts on the server entirely. However, this still did not create an atmosphere I was happy with. The group was still extremely intimidating and nobody wanted to risk their gear, skills, or affinities in a fight they thought was lost before it began. Next came the discussion of how to resolve this issue once and for all. I began a dialogue with the players of Revenant to determine what needed to happen to encourage them to participate in going for objectives such as Supply Depots and HotA. The end result was a variety of reasons consisting of losing gear, losing skill, losing affinities, and a lack of reward given the risk. I took all of this into consideration for how I would approach the next changes I made to Arena. My goals with the changes were as follows: Players could go to arena knowing exactly what was risked to weigh versus the reward. Something that always bothered me was the 50/50 chance on Resurrection Stones and Magranon. I never enjoyed having loss be determined by the roll of the dice. In a PvP environment, skill and weighing risk/reward should always be prioritized over RNG. Investment to compete and punishment for loss were to be significantly reduced. This is being termed the "carebear" style of PvP by some players. To be quite frank, it is. Players don't need to commit or play as hardcore as before to participate in combat. However, I don't see that as a negative change. I see it as an opportunity to introduce a new population of players to PvP who are otherwise put off by how "hardcore" it is. One of the greatest benefits of Wurm Unlimited is that we can change the paradigm of how the game is played without "sticking to the roots" of how it once was. These changes incur a massive shift in how PvP is played, and allows players who would otherwise never touch it to dip their toes in and give it a chance. Make the reward for victory the objective, and not the loot from the kill. Revenant Arena is setup with randomly spawned objectives (supply depots) being the key to roaming combat, and HotA being the primary battlefield for coordinated combat. This has been extremely successful, with many deaths occurring near these objectives over the duration of the server. Even when the player kills themselves do not offer rewards, the kill is just a means to obtain control over the objective. With that out of the way, here is the list of changes: Zero-Risk Arena Player deaths on Arena will no longer drop items. Player inventory and gear will be retained for respawn whether they choose to spawn on the PvP server or PvE. There will be no items dropped regardless of whether the player was slain by other players, neutral creatures, or deed templars. Resurrection Stones now protect the player from losing fighting skill and other skills (such as body strength) on death. This has a 100% success rate. Resurrection Stones also prevent players from losing their affinity to their attacker. This has a 100% success rate. Players slain while a resurrection stone is active will drop 1 silver coin on their corpse. This is not taken from the players bank account, but instead from the King's Coffer as a bounty. This essentially rewards any killers with a fifth of the 5 silver cost of the resurrection stone purchased by the slain player. Players without a resurrection stone active will not drop a silver coin. Players without a resurrection stone active will always incur the -0.25 fighting skill loss, minor skill losses (assuming they are not high enough in Path of Knowledge), and have a chance to lose their affinity to an attacker. All repairable equipment in a slain player's inventory and equipped on their character will incur heavy damage upon death. This has a hard minimum of 10 damage but can extend up as high as 50 damage if the material and quality are poor. This will never destroy an item, and caps out at 99 damage, in the case that an already-damaged item incurs the damage done (such as a shield or armor damaged while in combat before death). Again, this only affects items which can be repaired, and thus excludes items such as ropes, sleep powder, food, etc. Other Notes Player skill in a weapon only affects the weapon damage up to skill 50. When a player is above 50 skill with a weapon, the skill only affects their chance to parry. Chance to hit is entirely based on combat rating and fight skill. This means a player with over 50 skill with their weapon will deal as much damage as a player with 90+ weapon skill, assuming all relevant stats are the same. Body Strength reduces damage taken up to 33% at 100 skill, and increases damage dealt by 33% at 100 skill, scaling linearly. A player with 30 body strength will deal 10% more damage and take 10% less. A player with 60 body strength will deal 20% more damage and take 20% less. The notes above are vanilla mechanics and are not changed on Revenant. This gives an economic risk/reward for players on Arena. They can either spend their money to buy a Resurrection Stone to ensure they keep their skills intact and their affinities safe, or they can opt to go without it and suffer the skill penalties if they are killed. This also allows players the option to hunt on Arena for the fighting skill increase, as well as kill other players doing the same for a small bounty of 1 silver or potential affinity. Furthermore, due to how default mechanics work, a player only needs 50 skill in a weapon and reasonable fight skill to participate in PvP. My hope is that these changes create more PvP activity over objectives on the Arena server. My secondary hope is that it leaves a positive economic footprint where players are more inclined to have their gear repaired and re-improved after deaths, and spend money on Resurrection Stones for when they decide to venture into combat. As always, I'll be monitoring this change closely and making adjustments based on player feedback and my own intuition of how to proceed. Until then, get out there and fight! You've got nothing to lose. Not anymore. Mod Updates Highway Portals v1.6 (Bdew) Fixed deactivated portals staying planted Better Farming v1.5 (Bdew) Fixed issue where combined crops dropped in bsb/fsb would retain the "pile of" name Area harvesting will no longer add to rare or processed (chopped, etc.) piles of crops Area planting will no longer use rare or processed (chopped, etc.) crops Leaderboards New Leaderboard Section - Achievements There is now an entirely new section of leaderboards specific to achievements. There are 134 achievements to choose from with a variety of conditions. These achievements have been hand selected out of the nearly 500 in Wurm because they have a counter attached (more than a yes/no). Many achievements have been edited with new names, descriptions, and requirements to make them more functional than their vanilla iteration. Some of these achievements are essentially duplicates, with conditions such as "Kill a Spider" and "Kill 50 Spiders" being some examples. The achievements which are done in multiples will be removed later. Certain players have had their counter for two specific achivements significantly reduced or reset to prevent witchhunting. Most Affinities - Leaderboard displaying which players have the most total affinities across all their skills. Most Unique Achievements - Leaderboard displaying which players have the most unique achievements. This is not the sum of all achievements, but rather a counter for how many they have at least one count in. Largest Structures - Leaderboard displaying the largest and most complex structures on the map. Erosion System Erosion is a new system specifically designed to slowly smooth the terrain of the map over time. The focus is to reduce or eliminate the frequent "bumps" that occur naturally on the map. The system works extremely slowly for technical reasons. I have been extremely strict with how it functions to ensure it doesn't interrupt normal gameplay. Erosion will not make changes to anywhere near a deed, near a road, near a structure, near fields, or near rock. It will prioritize areas dominated by grass, trees, sand, tundra, steppe, and snow as it's top targets for erosion. Again, if the area is on deed, it is immune to the system entirely. It goes as far as to make sure it's not wihtin a deed's perimeter either. Flattened areas which fit the conditions of the erosion system (very uncommon) will be affected extremely slowly. The erosion system simply moves dirt along a single tile border. This means that the dirt will have to flow from the outsides of the area inwards. Due to how slowly the system operates, this could take days to go only a few tiles inwards. The goal of this system is to reduce the "unnatural" look of the maps and begin making it look more appealing. The checks in place to smooth the terrain prioritize making it so slopes align, not to make the area flat. For example, a 10 slope leading into a 15 slope is smooth. The system would leave this alone. However, a 10 slope leading into a 30 slope is not smooth. The system would erode the 30 slope down towards the 10 slope until they come closer to matching. We're not going to have mountains flattened down to rock and our deserts filled in. You can see a gif of the system working in a small, controlled area at the bottom of these notes. The Arena server does have this system. Archaeology Overhaul A vast majority of the "trash" fragments from Archeology are now removed. Fragments of caches (dragon cache, moon cache, rift cache, etc.) have been added, and require various numbers of fragments to complete. Fragments for several of the statue items has been adjusted to make them more reasonable to obtain. New items including adamantine, glimmersteel, and seryll lumps are now possible fragments to obtain. Some special items have also been added to the table that are extremely difficult to obtain otherwise. Affinity Orb Rework Affinity Orb price has been reduced from 1 gold to 50 silver from traders. When using an affinity orb, instead of being a completely random affinity, a new window will appear. In this window, you will be able to select 1 of 10 random affinites to select. This change is retroactive and will affect Affinity Orbs that existed before the patch. Each Affinity Orb's selection will remain exactly the same regardless of where it's used or who uses it. The Affinity Orb is consumed only if the accept button is used. When you see 10 affinities you can close the window using the X and trade it away to another player. They will also be have those same 10 affinities to select from. Treasure Maps New Cache: Tool Cache - Awards a random tool. This can be of many different materials and have several interesting effects. Cache distribution has been adjusted. Gem caches are now less common. Crystal caches are now more common. Other caches have had minor variations in their chances to make room for the new tool caches. Output quality from all caches has been slightly improved. Armour caches now have a very small chance of awarding a rare or higher item. Enchants on Artifact cache rewards have been improved. Battle Yoyos and Clubs can now be awarded from Artifact caches. Arena Rewards Supply depots now award both a sleep powder and seryll, instead of one or the other. Base quality of Seryll awarded from supply depots has been increased to 80 from 70. QL of adamantine and glimmersteel lumps from HotA is now more randomized based on win streak. In return, their base quality has been increased from 50 to 60. Gem caches have been removed from the reward table of HotA. Tool caches have been added. Base quality of Seryll awarded from HotA has been increased to 40 from 30. Maximum quality of Seryll awarded from HotA has been improved from 70 to 100. Miscellaneous Creature count on Revenant reduced from 50,000 to 45,000. Titans now use a static regeneration system similar to uniques, although much, much slower (roughly 1/40th as fast). Sorcery items can now be split into several items with single charges. Right-click the sorcery and select "Split sorcery" to split the charges into individual items. Sorcery items can now be used in any location with a flat 3x3 area and an altar. They no longer have requirements to be above a certain height, in a certain terrain, being undergound, etc. Any 3x3 area with an altar will allow the sorcery to be used. Enchanter Crystals can now apply Efficiency as a possible outcome. Armour titles no longer give a bonus to improving armour items when equipped. Instead, these bonuses are applied automatically regardless of what title you use. Items with Titanforged enchants can no longer have Eternal Orbs used on them. Combat polling frequency for creatures has been increased significantly. Instead of once per second, creatures will update their combat status at a similar rate to players. This should help to mitigate interactions where creatures will spike 2 or 3 hits in a single attack. Fixed an bug where cast power displayed by the priest love mod would always display the existing enchant power even if the cast power was lower. Fixed an issue where barding was slowing down horses more than intended. Fixed an issue where gear equipped on creatures in Arena would sometimes not drop when they died. Erosion Demo - Controlled Environment: This effect would occur over the course of weeks or possibly months in real time. Sorry for the late response to all of this, as I've been hard at work at the patch for today. You bring up some really great points and I want to address them all here. Axe, Sickle & other weaponry balance: My balance is almost entirely dictated by what players are using. When a majority of players start using a weapon, it's generally for a reason, and it's up to me to figure out what that reason is. Yes, sickles are really good stat-wise, but that CR reduction from skill penalty actually keeps it roughly in line, since players are generally in the 8-12CR range at end-game and -1 hurts your chance to hit quite a lot. Also, slashing weapons tend to be more effective since most of the tougher creatures are wearing leather and drake armour. This makes their glance rate versus crushing damage pretty high, meaning slashing weapons which look like they would do less damage than a crushing weapon are actually dealing effectively more, based on the target. I encourage feedback on weapons, and so far there is a wide variety of weaponry being used on the server. My changes are just trying to hit the outliers. Creature Additions: For the most part I agree. They don't really offer much "new" content in the way of visual aesthetic. The problem is that unfortunately I'm limited by the existing models in the game. I am doing my best to utilize the creatures that are available, and I have plans for more "common" creatures to come in the future. I'll play around with changing the Spirit Troll model to the Troll King model (while staying spectral) and see how that looks, just to diversify the visual appeal a bit. Too Many Creatures: I agree completely, and have been hesitant to adjust it because some players have given me the opposite feedback: They like the dense wilderness. However, when I travel to densely populated areas like the southern desert or northwest forest, I see there are only 2-4 tiles between each creature. As a result, I'm making an adjustment to bring the maximum creature count from 50,000 to 45,000 in this patch. We're going to see how much of an effect a 5% reduction has. Hopefully it keeps things dense enough for the players who like it, but eases it up a bit for those who prefer the calm. Sleep Powder, Skill Gain, etc: I feel the skill gain on Revenant is the closest to ideal I've ever played on in a Wurm Unlimited server. While 8x-1x sounds slow, the actual rate is quite different because of how heavily modded the server is. Sleep powder is abundant through treasure maps, which are obtained through what most new players do: Digging, Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Foraging, etc. Every treasure map rewards at least one sleep powder. This fact, combined with the fact that obtaining maps has bad luck protection (you're guaranteed a map after X amount of actions) makes it so newer players do not feel behind. Furthermore, Treasure Maps can also hold items that players can sell for enchanted tools, further increasing their skill gain. I've had a friend trying the server for a couple of weeks now, starting brand new. He found 5 treasure maps in the limited time he's played, and has been able to purchase a pickaxe, hammer, etc. with 80+ skill gain enchants (BotD/CoC) with what he's obtained from killing creatures. An 80 cast tool gives +80% skill gain, and sleep bonus doubles it multiplicatively. For someone using sleep bonus and an 80 cast tool, the rate of skill gain is 360%. Using this as our example, we can apply that to the skillgain rate and say that Revenant operates at ~28.8x - ~3.6x rate. Finally, due to my new additions where food affinities give 30% multiplicative skill gain, and enchants can go up to 200, we have players at endgame using the following math: 200 CoC tool: 3.0 multiplier Sleep Bonus: 2.0 multiplier Food Affinity: 1.3 multiplier Total: 3.0 * 2.0 * 1.3 = 7.8x, or 780% skill gain rate. Players who are extremely well established are playing the server at ~62.4x - ~7.8x rate. I understand that many players are put off by the rate, which looks very slow. However, due to the heavily modded state of Revenant, the actual rates vary heavily. The only way to know if you like it is to try it for yourself. Everyone has their own ideas of what they want, but I feel Revenant's skill gain is one of the most well rates I've seen on a server, offering dedicated skillers something to work towards, while being fast enough in the early game that it doesn't feel sluggish.
  6. You're not wrong. The results aren't going to paint a night and day picture of where the issues lie, but you can at least get a feel of where the general perception of PvP is. For example, as of writing this, the results of "no issue" votes in order from least votes to most: 8 - PvP Community is Toxic 15 - Players are too strong 17 - PvP isn't rewarding enough 17 - Combat is too random 19 - Kingdom's too established From those results we can kind of gather that most players don't mind losing gear, skill, and affinity from PvP. The difference in power and the lack of rewards for trying to stand up to it seem to be the issues most people seem to vote as an issue or severe issue. One of the most valuable parts of the results, however, is the second part. Which reason is most significant. Again, from time of writing: 10 - PvP is Toxic 5 - PvP Player Strength 5 - Maps Too Established 5 - Gear Loss 4 - Combat Randomness 3 - Skill Loss From here we can see that the results above are somewhat reinforced, but we also see a polarizing effect. While the least amount of players don't mind losing gear/skills, there is a minority of players who consider it to be the most detrimental reason as to why they don't want to PvP. The final two options were interest in hybrids. Taking PvP to the PvE servers through events, or taking PvE to the PvP servers through safety of deeds. That interest seems relatively split, and nothing of value can be gained from them.
  7. I'd like to know from players who do not participate in PvP: Why not? I've created this extremely short google form to fill out to try and gather data. Form: Results: Feel free to fill out the form even if you play on a PvP server.
  8. From what I can see, it's not techincal limitations. Making this change would involve editing one variable from 20 to 23.
  9. Updated Armoury to v2.1 to correct the issues mentioned above. Thanks @conco!
  10. Sindusk Library [v1.3] Added a Property file handler. Updated error messages to log to file instead of only to the server console. Armoury [v2.0] Requires Sindusk Library v1.3 or higher. New Feature: Armour Stats Controls The previous method of configuration for armour DR settings has been reworked. It is now more functional with forwards-compatibility for future armours if they ever get added. There are now configurations for effectiveness and glance rates against certain incoming damage types per armour. These can be configured. New Feature: Material Control - You can now adjust the following properties for all materials in the game (iron, steel, adamantine, willow, leather, etc): Armour Damage Reduction - Additive bonus to base DR. Armour Movement - Percent reduction to movement speed penalty. Armour Effectiveness(New Mechanic) - Give a percent DR modifier to specific incoming damage types. Armour Glance Rate(New Mechanic) - Give a percent glance rate modifier to specific incoming damage types. Weapon Damage - Percent modifier to weapon damage. Weapon Speed - Percent modifier to weapon swing speed. Weapon Parry - Modifier to the parry bonus. Weapon Armour Damage - Percent modifier to amount of damage inflicted to armour. Item Damage - Percent modifier to damage taken on use. Item Decay - Percent modifier to decay taken. Item Difficulty Modifier(New Mechanic) - Percent modifier to difficulty checks. Item Spell Effect Modifier(New Mechanic) - Percent modifier to effective spell effect power. Item Specific Spell Effect Modifier(New Mechanic) - Same as spell effect modifier, but only for specific enchants/spell effects. Item Action Speed(New Mechanic) - Percent modifier to action speeds such as mining, harvesting, improving, etc. Does not affect weapon speed. Item Creation Bonus - Percent increase for creation towards 100. Item Improve Bonus - Percent modifier for improve power. Item Shatter Resistance - Percent chance to resist shatter. Item Lockpick Bonus - Bonus modifier for lockpicking success. Item Anchor Bonus - Percent chance to avoid drifting. Item Pendulum Effect - Percent modifier to effect of pendulums. Item Repair Speed - Percent modifier to speed of repair. NOTE: WU Vanilla bug affects this, details in properties file. Item Bash Modifier - Percent modifier to bash damage. Does not affect weapon damage. Miscellaneous Improved configuration options to handle armour names, material names, and damage type names instead of their numerical id. Fixed a rare bug where dual wield changes would not function sometimes. Note: The mod now loads certain files from the source that may conflict with other mods. ServerTweaks is among them. If you experience a crash with another mod saying a class is frozen, please add the mod name to the depend.suggests configuration in the properties file. If updating from Armoury v1.0: Unfortunately due to the sheer amount of changes that have occurred to the configuration file, you'll likely want to reconfigure the mod from scratch. I apologize for the inconvenience but I'm looking forward with my configurations this time instead of doing it the fastest way possible. Spellcraft [v3.1] Requires Sindusk Library v1.1 or higher. Updated the damage modifier calculations to account for new material modifiers. Improved some code to integrate properly with the new Armoury update. Fixed a concurrent modification exception in the healing rework. SinduskLibrary: Download (GitHub) Armoury: Download (GitHub) Spellcraft: Download (GitHub)
  11. Winner of Unofficial Contest: A week ago, I challenged players in GL-Freedom to create the recipe "Budda's Terrible Pasta Dish" and gave them the recipe to complete it (shown at the bottom of this post). I had completely forgotten about it until I logged in and received this mail. To my surprise, Critias took the time and effort to actually cook this insane recipe. For his efforts, his wish will be granted, and he will receive the title Pastamancer when he next logs in. This type of thing is really fun, and I want to encourage more of it. It's no secret that pizza is the most consumed food on Revenant. There are several players cooking pizzas for their villages and alliance. But who makes the best pizza? Who is the real pizza master? I'd like to find out. I'm offering a bounty on the title Pizzamancer to the first person who achieves the following: Mail one of each of the following pizza's to Sindawn in one backpack (Quality does not matter): four seasons pizza, full house pizza, hawaiian pizza, Pandalet's one true pizza, pizza margherita, pizza mariana, Zarasy's three cheese pizza. The first player to achieve this task will receive the title. Good luck to all challengers, and may the pizza be with you. Pizza Recipes: New Item: Eternal Orb The purpose of this item is to allow players to move their runes, imbues, and enchants from one item to another. While I've had a hard stance against adding something of this nature in the past, I'm introducing it now at high cost due to the new material changes. Forcing players to re-create their highly enchanted, runed, and imbued tools as a new material seems unjustified and un-fun. Eternal Orbs can be purchased from any trader for 20 silver. To use an eternal orb, activate the orb, then target the item of choice and use "Absorb enchants" This will consume the Eternal Orb, create an Enchant Orb, then move any rune, all imbues, and any enchants onto the Enchant Orb. If the target item does not have any enchants, it will give a message saying so and the orb will not be used. Eternal Orbs do not transfer rarity. Item Update: Enchant Orb With the introduction of Eternal Orbs, there were significant improvements to the functionality of Enchant Orbs. Enchant Orbs can now handle rune application. If there is a rune on the enchant orb, and a rune on the target item, it will refuse to transfer the rune, and remain on the Enchant Orb. Enchant Orbs now handle imbue transfers intelligently. If there is no imbue on the target item, the imbue will transfer in its entirety like any enchant. If there is an imbue, and the combined total of the imbue on the Enchant Orb and target item are less than 100, it will add them together and apply it to the target item. If there is an imbue, but combining the two would total over 100, the Enchant Orb will only transfer as much as necessary to achieve 100 power in the imbue. The remainder will stay on the Enchant Orb. If there is an imbue already at 100, it will refuse to transfer the imbue and it will remain on the Enchant Orb. Enchant Orbs will no longer transfer a lower enchant to an item that's already enchanted with that spell. For example, trying to use a 50 WoA Enchant Orb on a 70 WoA item will no longer consume the Enchant Orb and replace the 70 with a 50. It will instead refuse to transfer the enchant and the 50 power will remain on the Enchant Orb. If there are two conflicting enchants on the Enchant Orb, such as AOSP and Web Armour, it will apply the first one, then negate the second one down the list because it now has a negating enchant. Enchant Orbs are now only consumed when all of the enchants have been transferred off the orb, instead of when any transfer succeeds. Enchant Orbs can now transfer enchants to items that used to refuse to accept enchants from Enchant Orbs (like Expand casts to frying pans, forges, etc.) Miscellaneous Players now regenerate stamina on vehicles regardless of slope. (Thanks Bdew!) Moon metal veins per unique blessing reduced from 20 per unique to 10-15 per unique. All artifacts have been destroyed permanently on Arena except for the Mouth of Vynora and Eye of Vynora. Fixed an issue where bred blue wyverns were not receiving custom names. Budda's Terrible Pasta Dish:
  12. Major System: Materia Overhaul One of my largest endeavors yet, this completely overhauls the material system of the game and makes it so every material has it's niche. Initially this will only cover metallic materials in the game. I have left room to expand this system into wood materials and similar in the future. Metals Base Metals Iron - The staple. This is going to be the baseline material, with little to no modifiers when it comes to how it operates. Copper - The conductor. Copper's primary use is going to be for enchantment. Casting on items made of copper will result in higher casts, and the copper will also augment any casts on the item to function more optimally. This is an enchanter's best friend. Gold - The precious. Gold's primary use is going to be for tertiary bonuses. Weapons will parry more frequently. Tools are more receptive to enchants. Armour has increased glance rates. This all comes at the cost of increased damage taken. Lead - The durable. Lead's primary use is going to be for raw power at the cost of speed. Weapons will hit hard but swing slowly. Tools will produce better results at the cost of higher action timers. Armour will have higher DR at the cost of movement speed. Silver - The shining. Silver's primary use is going to be for balance of power and speed at the cost of tertiary power. Weapons will hit harder and faster, but have reduced parry. Tools work faster and produce better, but are less receptive to enchants. Armour has higher damage reduction and increased movement speed, at the cost of reduced glance rates. This all comes at an additional cost of increased damage taken. Tin - The lasting. Tin's primary use is going to be for containers. Tin will reduce the decay on items inside and have the effect of Expand augmented. It will also increase the heating effects of items inside, making them optimal for cooking. Zinc - The quick. Zinc's primary use is going to be for speed over power. Weapons will swing faster but deal less damage. Tools will work quickly but produce worse results. Armour will have faster movement speed at the cost of damage reduction. Alloys Brass - The fast conductor. Brass' primary use will be for speed and enchanting power at the slight cost of power. Weapons will swing faster but deal less base damage. Tools will function faster but produce worse. Armour will have faster movement speed at the cost of damage reduction. Brass is always easier to enchant and increases enchant power. Bronze - The conductive staple. Bronze's primary use will be for power and enchantment at a slight cost of speed. Weapons will hit harder but swing slower. Tools will produce better but function slower. Armour will have higher damage reduction but incur a movement penalty. Bronze is always easier to enchant and increases enchant power. Steel - The staple alloy. Steel's primary use is going to be a combination of power and speed at a slight cost of enchantment. Weapons will harder and faster. Tools will produce better and function faster. Armour will have higher damage reduction and movement speed. Steel will be less receptive to enchanting effects. Moon Metals Adamantine - The durable powerhouse. Adamantine has massive bonuses to strength and durability. Weapons will hit harder. Tools will produce better. Armour will have increased damage reduction and durability. Glimmersteel - The ultrafast. Glimmersteel has massive bonuses to speed. Weapons will swing faster. Tools will function faster. Armour will have increased damage reduction and increased movement speed. Seryll - The ultimate. Seryll will be a solid combination of all of the above, granting bonuses across the board. Due to the raw amount of numerical value changes from this overhaul, there's no way to properly convey them through text. There is several images linked below in to showcase the new value changes. Please use them as a reference. They will also be available in the Revenant Data Spreadsheet. However, due to the complexity of some of what's displayed, I'm going to give a few examples of neat interactions now available: The New Steel Armour Steel armour now has 3% base damage reduction added to whatever is made from it. We'll use a chain coif as an example. We're going to assume it's 100QL. A 100QL steel chain coif has a base DR of 65.5%. This is the initial 62.5% from being chain armour, and 3% from the steel material. Now we need an attack to test against. We're going to use a crushing attack, for example from a troll, to test the new interaction. We're first going to have to see if it glances. This glance rate is determined by both the damage type dealt and the material of the armour. In our case, chain armour has a 25% base glance rate against crushing attacks. However, steel now has a -2.5% global glance rate. We apply this to get 24.3% glance rate. Looks pretty unlikely to glance, so let's move onto the next step, damage reduction calculation. As stated before, the initial damage reduction is 65.5% from our steel chain coif. The next step is damage effectiveness. Chain has a 107.5% effectiveness against crushing damage. This would normally mean that our DR against crush is now 70.4% (0.655 * 1.075). However, steel now has a DR effectiveness modifier of 4%. This brings our 107.5% up to 111.8% (1.075 * 1.04) With the new effectiveness applied, our new DR against crush is actually 73.2% (0.655 * 1.118). This makes it more effective than even glimmersteel against crushing damage. However, with the new power comes a drawback. Steel is now weak against piercing damage, and will apply a -2% DR effectiveness modifier. Enchanting Modifiers All materials now have a modifier for difficulty, action speed, and enchants. These can be very, very significant in choice of material for skilling or operating in the game. For example, copper now has one of the best enchant modifiers. It gives 2% increased enchant power to anything cast on it. This would make a 100 power Wind of Ages become a 102 power Wind of Ages in function. However, this comes at the drawback of 1% action timer and 1.5% difficulty increase. If you use a copper pickaxe, for example, you will swing roughly the same rate because the 1% action timer decrease cancels out the 100 wind of ages. However, you'll also mine lower quality ores on average because the difficulty is now increased. This difficulty increase can of course be counteracted by casting Efficiency on the pickaxe. With enough power, the bonus given by the copper material may completely negate or even surpass the difficulty reduction. These should open up new and interesting options for what players use as their primary tools. Furthermore, certain materials have hidden bonuses to certain types of enchants. Here's a few: Tin now grants 20% increased power to Expand. This means a 100 Expand tin cauldron will hold as much as a 120 Expand iron cauldron. Adamantine now grants a 5% increased power to damage enchants and Nimbleness. This multiplies with the 1% global enchant modifier. This means a 100 cast Flaming Aura on an adamantine longsword would act like a 106.05 power Flaming Aura (100 * 1.01 * 1.05). Steel now grants a 5% increased power to armour enchants. This multiplies with the -1.5% global enchant modifier. This means a 100 cast Web Armour on a steel breast plate will act like a 103.42 power Web Armour (100 * 0.985 * 1.05). There are other hidden enchant bonuses for other materials. I've heard Vynora and Libila like gold, while Fo and Magranon prefer silver. It's up to the players to find out what these bonuses are and share amongst eachother. Life Transfer Adjustments Explanation We're at a point in the server where players are starting to "outscale" even the most difficult of creatures. A lot of the problem boils down to how Life Transfer works. When in aggressive with dual wield or a two hander, players now have high enough casts that they generally heal all the damage they take with every attack. This leaves very little desired in the way of defense, making offense a heavy priority. This is a careful matter, because reducing the power of Life Transfer directly would harm newer players ability to scale up in combat. I wanted to be careful about how I approached this for that reason. After much consideration, I've decided on the following change being the most fair: Life Transfer now has 50% effect in healing elemental wounds (Acid, Burn, Cold). It also has 30% effect when healing other non-physical wounds (Infection, Internal, Water, Poison). I believe this is the most fair because the "early-game" mobs that players use to obtain fight skill are generally doing physical wounds, and will not notice this change. However, higher level players fighting the elemental wyverns, avengers, spirit trolls, etc. may end up needing to back out and bandage up every now and then. Furthermore, I wanted to address Arena's iteration of Life Transfer. With the changes to how PvP damage works on Arena, Life Transfer was healing wounds too rapidly in combat. For that reason, I'm implementing the following change: Life Transfer in PvP combat (including against player pets) now has 50% effect. This multiplies across the previous change for damage types, allowing players dealing elemental or non-physical wounds to have their damage "stick" in combat more (unless healed through healing spells). I'll be monitoring how these changes affect players and adjusting it as necessary. I realize that I'm starting pretty heavy-handed in these changes and that putting some power back into Life Transfer may be necessary. Armour Adjustments Explanation Right now acid damage is acting as a form of "true damage" piercing through all armour types, making potions of acid the absolute best damage source for weaponry. The goal of these changes is to shore up that weakness in the armour paradigm, as well as giving armour a more clear "focus" of what they are supposed to be. Acid will remain somewhat neutral across the board, remaining a decent source of damage against everything, but no longer better than a more specialized damage source against certain armour types. While at it, I also wanted to make it so Drake would be a directly upgraded version of cloth and leather, while dragonscale was directly upgraded version of chain and plate. As a result, I'm giving drake the same damage type weaknesses that cloth and leather share, while dragonscale will have the same weaknesses that chain and plate armour share. Drake and dragonscale continue to have a higher base DR, so don't worry. They're still top tier armours right up there with moon metal. Changes Cloth effectiveness versus bite increased from 80% to 90%. Leather glance rate versus acid increased from 20% to 35%. Leather effectiveness versus crushing increased from 100% to 105%. Studded Leather glance rate versus acid increased from 20% to 45%. Studded Leather effectiveness versus crushing increased from 100% to 107.5%. Studded Leather effectiveness versus cold reduced from 110% to 105%. Chain effectiveness versus acid reduced from 100% to 95%. Chain effectiveness versus crushing reduced from 107.5% to 105%. Chain effectiveness versus slashing increased from 100% to 102.5%. Drake Hide glance rate versus bite reduced from 50% to 40%. Drake Hide effectiveness versus bite reduced from 100% to 97.5%. Drake Hide glance rate versus crushing increased from 50% to 55%. Drake Hide glance rate versus slashing reduced from 50% to 35%. Drake Hide effectiveness versus piercing reduced from 100% to 95%. Drake Hide glance rate versus burning reduced from 30% to 20%. Drake Hide glance rate versus cold increased from 50% to 60%. Drake Hide effectiveness versus cold increased from 105% to 110%. Drake Hide glance rate versus acid increased from 30% to 45%. Dragonscale glance rate versus bite increased from 40% to 55%. Dragonscale effectiveness versus bite increased from 100% to 105%. Dragonscale glance rate versus crushing reduced from 50% to 30%. Dragonscale glance rate versus slashing increased from 20% to 45%. Fixed an issue where Drake and Dragonscale armour had higher damage reduction than intended. They were set to 70% and 75% in my configuration (expecting that to be the final result) instead of the proper 65% and 70%, where an additional 5% is added on later in the formula to create the proper 70% and 75% values. Before this patch, drake was giving 75% DR base and dragonscale was giving 80% DR base unintentionally. Unique Loot Uniques now have additional loot on their corpse: 1 Affinity Orb Between 1 and 3 Random Caches If it's a hatchling: 2 drake hide pieces. If it's a dragon: 2 dragon scale pieces. Miscellaneous There is no longer a minimum damage requirement to inflict a wound. You can use knuckles or even your bare fists to inflict wounds against uniques and other high-armor targets. Just don't expect the wounds to be very big. Huge thanks go out to Bdew for solving this which has been a pain for years. Arena damage reduction in PvP has been reduced from 50% to 30%. Aura of Shared Pain now has it's return damage reduced by enemy spell resistance. This does not apply to PvP. Adjusted chances of obtaining a treasure map with various activities. This patch introduced a ton of various bug fixes regarding armour, weapon, and general item properties. Certain material modifiers not applying correctly, damage reduction on armour not being calculated properly, and other problems have been tightened up and resolved.
  13. I don't think you need to delete Epic. You don't need to disconnect Chaos. You don't need to make armour changes or merge servers or wipe the map. There's a much cleaner solution that could hit a home run across all aspects with only moderate effort. Best of Both Worlds There's very decent playerbase playing Wurm Unlimited. Many of them keep their eyes on Wurm Online and follow what's happening. The battle on Chaos from a few days ago caused conversation among players who had absolutely no involvement and had never played on Chaos, myself included. The reasons for people playing Wurm Unlimited usually contains one of the following reasons: They started on Wurm Unlimited, and feel like they are too "late" to join in Wurm Online. (This is my chief reason for personally not playing Wurm Online) They came from Wurm Online but were sick of the issues that plagued the environments they wanted to play on (stagnation, low population [epic], etc) They prefer the quality of life from mods that run on Unlimited servers. Being able to mine from a wagon into loaded crates, BSB's sorting by quality, etc. They consider Wurm Online to be too slow with how skill gain works, and prefer the Wurm Unlimited method of skill gain. Not everyone on Wurm Unlimited plays for PvP either. In fact I think a large majority play for the PvE aspects of the game. You can solve almost every problem listed above with one simple solution. The New Cluster Add a new cluster of servers, consisting of both a PvE and PvP map, similar to how Freedom and Chaos work right now. Disconnected from Freedom, Chaos, and Epic, this would provide the first fresh start since Wurm Unlimited released. Players who have never played Wurm Online, myself included, would heavily consider trying Wurm Online for the first time. The promise of a new PvP environment disconnected from all existing servers would allow full creative freedom over balance changes and allow it to be built from the ground up to support longevity, including a proper map. This is all alongside a brand new PvE map, with the cluster running on the Wurm Unlimited skill gain system (with some changes to avoid spam creation, I hope). Launching the new cluster alongside a new limited-exclusive feature would also help the launch. Rifts would be a good example. In a hypothetical, launching the cluster with Rifts as an exclusive feature for the first few months would give players a "gold rush" mentality, where they want to have access to the newest content as soon as it's available. With it going back to the other clusters later, it would cause minimal issues, as dedicated players don't miss out on content that's created. This opens up new design options such as considering limited-time PvP servers that would be reset every few months, trying new features each time. Each one would be satisfactory to play on, since they could transfer everything back to the connected PvE server before it closes. Every reset would bring back players and create an ebb and flow of economics where players enter a heavy spending time before the new server opens, preparing themselves for launch. The Here and Now With that out of the way, I'll come back to reality. I don't forsee that happening, but it would certainly solve a lot of problems from a player perspective and developer perspective. In the meantime, the best that can be done is simply identifying problems. Suggestions are great to an extent, but sometimes they come off too forced. I'm beginning to feel this way about the epic armour changes, and want to rephrase how it's looked at. Instead of asking for the armour changes, answer the following questions: What problems would the epic armour changes solve? What other changes could solve the same issue?
  14. Introduction The Gaussian roll governs a gigantic amount of systems in Wurm. This method is called in almost every facet of gameplay. From mining ore QL, to the power of enchants you cast, to chance to parry, to your ability to continue an unfinished item, this method determines your chance to succeed and by what margin you succeed by. When you mine an ore, the resulting QL is determined by the result of this method. When you cast a spell, the power of the enchant or effect is the result of this method. When you improve an item, the amount you improve by is the result of this method, and fails if the result is less than zero. It's not farfetched to call this the backbone of functionality in Wurm, and yet it doesn't seem to be understood or analyzed anywhere. For that purpose, I'm sharing now an analysis from a mathematician of Wurm's Gaussian Roll. Wikipedia: Gaussian Function The Method public static final float rollGaussian(float skill, float difficulty, long parentId, String name) { float slide = (skill * skill * skill - difficulty * difficulty * difficulty) / 50000.0f + (skill - difficulty); float w = 30.0f - Math.abs(skill - difficulty) / 4.0f; int attempts = 0; float result = 0.0f; do { result = (float)random.nextGaussian() * (w + Math.abs(slide) / 6.0f) + slide; float rejectCutoff = (float)random.nextGaussian() * (w - Math.abs(slide) / 6.0f) + slide; if (slide > 0.0f) { if (result > rejectCutoff + Math.max(100.0f - slide, 0.0f)) { result = -1000.0f; } } else if (result < rejectCutoff - Math.max(100.0f + slide, 0.0f)) { result = -1000.0f; } if (++attempts != 100) continue; if (result > 100.0f) { return 90.0f + Server.rand.nextFloat() * 5.0f; } if (result >= -100.0f) continue; return -90.0f - Server.rand.nextFloat() * 5.0f; } while (result < -100.0f || result > 100.0f); return result; } Mathematical Analysis Say skill==difficulty first, then slide==0, w==30. Thus both result and rejectCutoff are Gaussian with standard deviation 30 and mean 0. We reject result in case result<rejectCutoff-100, which has a probability of between 0.9% and 1%, using the following theorem. Theorem: Let X and Y be independent normal, with means μ and ν, and variances σ2 and τ2 respectively. Let W=X−Y. Then W is normally distributed, with mean μ−ν, and variance σ2+τ2. (Note that rejectCutoff-100 is Gaussian with mean -100 and standard deviation 30, so we are looking for the probability that rejectCutoff-100-result>0, which is a Gaussian with mean -100 and variance 1800, standard deviation 30sqrt(2). The probability that a Gaussian variable is 2.357 standard deviations above the mean is between 0.9% and 1%.) In the second portion, if the result is above 100 or below -100, it is truncated to +- 90 with some extra random thrown in. this only happens between 0.9% and 1% of the time each (with the standard deviation and means used). We should note that the chance of getting anything between 90 and 100 is only 0.7%, so truncating everything above 100 down to 100 in this case would make good rolls too likely. We consider several more examples. Say skill==50, difficulty==40, then slide==11.22, w==27.50. result has mean 11.22 and standard deviation 29.37 rejectCutoff has mean 11.22 and standard deviation 25.63 we reject if the Gaussian variable result-rejectCutoff-88.88>0 rejectCutoff-88.88-result has mean -88.88 and standard deviation 38.98 and so we reject 1.13% of the time. Big Picture Analysis We attempt to give some big picture analysis of what this method does. If your skill is well below the difficulty of the task, then you will have a below-average mean, and a standard deviation which well below 30, which will make it difficult to overcome the low mean, even on a particularly good roll. As your skill increases towards the difficulty, your mean shifts towards 0, and the standard deviation increases towards 30, allowing for more variation in rolls and approximately 50-50 behaviour in successes and failures. As your skill surpasses the difficulty, the mean of your rolls increases above 0, and the standard deviation begins decreasing, so you an expect better averages, and with less variation. As your skill increases further, the standard deviation eventually begins increasing up to a maximum of 30.0715 with skill==100 and difficulty==91.2879. To see a plot of how the standard deviation changes (x is skill, a is difficulty), query WolframAlpha with the following: plot 30-abs(x-a)/4+abs( (x^3-a^3)/50000+(x-a))/6 where a=50, 0<x<100 To see a plot of how the mean changes, query Wolframalpha with the following: plot (x^3-a^3)/50000+(x-a) where a=50, 0<x<100 The rejection cutoff seems completely arbitrary and useless, considering how the method handles results above 100 or below -100. It is probably meant to prevent, for example, extremely low skill allowing for extremely high results. Essentially getting two Gaussians with essentially the same mean and standard deviation and making sure they aren't too far apart. It happens infrequently enough that it probably isn't worth changing, even for performance. As far as the removal of results above 100 and below -100, it seems like a reasonable way to handle that extra 2% of cases without just saying they're all -100 or 100, since the probability of getting something between 90 and 100 could be quite a bit lower than the probability of getting something above 100, we don't want to throw all the extra weight onto 100. Unfortunately, this leads to a situation in which a skill of some number less than 100 is better than a skill of level 100 for skill checks.
  15. Incident Report & Aftermath A bug was discovered shortly after release of the May 15th patch. This allowed players with a rare tool to place it into the second slot of the crafting window to obtain the 5% rarity transfer chance when creating objects. It was then hotfixed the next day. However, during the time that the bug was active, certain players abused the bug to obtain hundreds of rare and supreme items. For the past several days, we've been trying to think of a proper way of approaching this situation, as some of those items are used as primary tools, weapons, and armor. For this, we've decided as a pair it's best to write up a script for the specific timestamp of any items made rare in the ~12 hour window between May 15th and May 16th to be set back to normal rarity. The items will remain, the enchants will stay, and nothing will change except the rarity of the item. We are not apologetic to anyone who abused this exploit. This is going to have false positives. If you come to discover that something you previously had as a rare has been set back to normal rarity while you were not a subject of abusing this bug, please put in a support ticket. We'll be handling any issues case by case. For reference on how bad this was, 713 rare+ items had been made, mostly consisting of tools/weapons/armor, during this time period. By comparison, 1519 random rares (including rock shards, dirt, etc.) have been made since the start of the server. New Mod: Priest Love (by Friya) Priests don't get enough credit for their work. Creators of items get their name engraved, but priests who cast our great enchants go entirely unrecognized. This mod changes that. From now on, priests will have their name on any enchant they casted. Successful casts on an item will now display their power in an event message. Items with casts from before this mod was implemented will remain without a name attached. Weapons Meta Another minor tweak to weapon stats based on usage rates. Huge axes are still by far the most used weapon by experienced players due to it being the highest base damage. For this reason, it's being reduced to perfectly match large maul. It will also receive the same speed, making them functionally identical with one being a slashing weapon and the other being a mauling weapon (with higher parry). Warhammers continue to be the most used 1-handed weapon. While I feel their actual damage is fine, their swing timer is getting a slight reduction to try and align them with the DPS of other weaponry. Two-handed swords have gone from one of the least used weapons to one of the most used weapons. I feel they're currently one of the staples of balanced two handed weaponry. Knuckles are still seeing heavy usage after the bloodthirst changes. However, I feel they're fine in their current iteration. Instead of nerfing them, I'd prefer to put power into the other 1h weaponry that isn't seeing as much use below them. Huge clubs, while wielded by trolls and some uniques, are not dealing more damage than 1 handed clubs right now. I'm changing this by buffing them significantly. Keep in mind this will make mobs wielding them much more dangerous. Huge Axe damage reduced from 11.35 to 11.25 Huge Axe swing speed improved from 6.0 seconds to 5.9 seconds Scythe damage increased from 9.0 to 9.1 Small Axe damage increased from 5.2 to 5.3 Warhammer swing speed nerfed from 5.5 seconds to 5.6 seconds Long Spear damage increased from 8.0 to 8.1 Huge club damage increased from 8.0 to 10.5 Small Maul damage increased from 4.7 to 4.8 Short Sword swing speed improved from 3.0 to 2.85 Long Sword damage increased from 5.5 to 5.7 Long Sword swing speed improved from 3.9 to 3.8 Medium Maul damage increased from 7.75 to 7.85 Hammer of Magranon damage decreased from 17.5 to 9.5 (this was a change that was supposed to have been implemented earlier, but failed to apply). Miscellaneous Enchant orbs from arena supply depots can now have new enchants: Mindstealer, Harden, Efficiency, Quarry, Prowess, Industry, Endurance, and Acuity. When a treasure chest's guardians are all defeated, it will now display a message in a 20 tile radius mentioning that the treasure's protection is reduced. Warhammer heads (and thus warhammers) can now be made out of all metals. This includes silver, gold, bronze, brass, etc. Combat Rating penalty from fighting on a cart has been reduced to 25% from 30%. Bloodlust has been reduced to 1% per attack on a pet down from 3%. Bloodlust messages will now be much more frequent so that if a pet is being attacked and the creature is enraging, it will be far more obvious. Sorcery Fragments are now awarded directly from the Supply Depot instead of from the cache. This fixes an issue where sorcery fragments could be obtained on PvE. Fixed a bug where the ring enchants were stacking with eachother. Rings with multiple of these enchants already existing will cease to function until you've dispelled them to the point that only one of the four enchants remains. To recap, this is Acuity, Endurance, Industry, and Prowess. Example product of the bug from May 15th:
  16. Spellcraft [v3.0] Six New Enchants Endurance (Jewelry): Reduces stamina loss. This has no conditionals and will work at all times, whether you're improving items, digging a road, or simply moving. Industry (Jewelry): Improves skill checks. This applies to a great deal of actions and will allow you to improve a little bit higher, parry a little bit more often, get higher average ores while mining, etc. Prowess (Jewelry): Increases Combat Rating. This affects your ability to hit and evade in combat. Acuity (Jewelry): Reduces favor cost. This effect only applies to spells with a favor cost over 10. Titanforged (Any): A combination of Wind of Ages, Circle of Cunning, and Efficiency. Has a multiplier for the power of each it should give per Titanforged power. Labouring Spirits (Strange Device): Designed specifically for use with the Automata mod, this has no use otherwise. If you do not want any of the above enchants, simply set their god to 0 and nobody will be able to cast it. Spell Adjustments Recoded Smite: Completely reworks smite so that it is a more usable spell. A better description is available in the properties file. Increase Frantic Charge Duration: Multiplies the frantic charge duration by 20x to match other similar effects such as Oakshell, Truehit, and Excel. Healing Redone: A very complex rework of all default healing spells and implementation of a new healing resistance system. More details can be found under "Healing Spell Rework" in these patch notes. Minor Tweaks Fixed an issue where certain spells would stack even if the enchant groups were set to disallow it. Fixed bugs with Replenish that would cause it to cease functioning under some situations. Download (GitHub) If upgrading from a previous version of Spellcraft, you can see the difference in the properties file from this commit
  17. Along those same lines, locates for artifacts could also display the distance instead of being vague messages to memorize.
  18. I've created a repository for this mod and updated it: Added useVanillaMessage configuration. This will use the default message with "Casted by ..." appended to the end instead of the fully custom messages by the mod. Added obscureNames configuration. If disabled, it will not obscure the names similar to creators on items, based on the power of the cast. Fixed a bug where the name would no longer display if the caster logged off. Download (GitHub) Really neat mod. I'm curious if there's a way I can integrate this into Spellcraft and allow it to apply to my custom spells as well. I'm currently thinking I'll just rewrite the mod to check if the SQL table created by this mod exists, then perform the same functions that PriestLove does if Spellcraft finds it. If you have any other ideas for how to do it, I'm open to suggestion.
  19. Informative Errors Right now in Wurm there is a significant number of systems that do not give proper player feedback which can result in confusion for anyone who doesn't understand the intricacies of how things work. These suggestions are meant to help improve clarity by adjusting error messages to more specifically display why things aren't working. Horse Gear A new player to the game might not understand that horses need to be tamed, charmed, or branded in order to be equipped. They might try something like either of the below after creating their first set of horse gear: Notice the errors? You can't reach that. You are not allowed to do that. Why can't I reach it? Why can't I do that? A new player would be absolutely confused as to what they did wrong here. In many cases, that player would simply go to Wurmpedia and figure it out, but not everyone is that patient or dedicated to resolving issues. My suggestion is to change the messages to give more clarity of what went wrong: You can't take that. The (name of creature) must be your pet or branded to your village. You are not allowed to do that. The (name of creature) must be your pet or branded to your village. Something along those lines would solve this player confusion with extremely minimal effort. Highway System There's a google document describing how the highway system works. I assure you, not everyone has read it. While creating a new highway is somewhat reasonable in terms of understanding how it works, take a look when trying to add on to an existing highway: You don't even get an error. You just can't even plant the objects trying to expand it. Now, an experienced player will know that you need to replace the catseye in the road with a waystone. But a new player will just sit there completely confused about what they're doing wrong. My suggestion is simple: Allow there to be a "plant" option for waystones and catseyes in the road where they wouldn't work. Then, display an error message telling the player why it wont work. For example, trying to place the catseye next to the highway here would result in an error like: You cannot place a catseye here. It would create an intersection, which requires a waystone. If I were to try the waystone, it could tell me something like the following: Waystones must be planted within a deed or replaced on catseyes to create an intersection. It's not perfect, but it sure beats having no idea what went wrong. Enchants & Negating Effects This one is rather simple, and can be described in two lines, copied from my Spellcraft mod description: [21:01:38] The longsword is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect. [21:01:43] The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark which would negate the effect of Wind of Ages. "Something that would negate the effect" tells the player nothing about what's going wrong. Someone who doesn't read the wiki would have no idea why their enchant wont apply. Corners Can't Be Modified When trying to flatten or level an area, sometimes this will happen: Some corners can't be modified. Why not? What's stopping it? Which corner is it? The following is more descriptive: The birch tree prevents a corner from being modified. The slate bricks prevents a corner from being modified. Either one of those is more effective than what's being displayed. Overall, clarity in error messages does nothing but good things for the game. It helps people learn what they're doing incorrectly and guides them towards solving the problem instead of leaving them feeling dumb and helpless.
  20. It'd be nice if we could stop speculating about the balance concerns they have and instead they just told us or gave us an example of a scenario where this is detrimental...
  21. An alternative perspective might be someone buying drake on PvE with the intention of skilling up a bit then moving to Chaos with it. Again, I'm doing my best to play devils advocate here, but in reality I see way more upsides to broadcasting the Epic armour changes to other servers.
  22. It "devalues" drake & dragonscale, meaning players who purchased it with real money would lose out on some of that investment by making it weaker. I don't know for sure if that's correct, but it's what I'd be thinking from a developer standpoint.
  23. I'm going to contest that a little bit. Here's literally the one change necessary to make it so armour DR from Epic transfers to Chaos as well, without affecting freedom: Apply that to a few other parts in the code and it actually wouldn't take more than a few hours to make all the changes Chaos players want without affecting Freedom.
  24. Quick question. Why can't Chaos have different armour settings than the Freedom clusters? Sure the gear can transfer, but that doesn't mean they can't function differently on each server.
  25. I've fixed a lot of the bugs. Also, you may want to decrease the difficulty of maps in the configuration. mapBaseDiff=60.0 Set this to a lower value if you want to obtain higher QL maps on average.