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  1. On 7/9/2019 at 12:15 PM, Keenan said:

    Having some experience with the ins and outs of Steam, we'd have to outright ban account/item/silver sales to be listed on Steam. Our current stance is obviously hands-off, but that wouldn't be enough.


    So in total honesty I did not believe this was the case when I originally read it. I always assumed that it was generally the company ToS/EULA that dictated those restrictions, mainly for the reasons of keeping game integrity. I also didn't believe this because Valve games themselves via CS:GO, TF2, and similar allow selling items for real money (caveat being it's through steam wallet, but still). This prompted me to contact Steam support directly and ask them directly whether or not a game which allows players to trade items for real money would be allowed.


    Unfortunately sometimes it's hard to convey the specific details of a situation... so it ended up being a back-and-forth over the past week trying to get into the finer details that there was no in-game method by which to support trading in-game items (ex. Diablo 3's real money auction house) and that it wasn't linked with the steam inventory nor would that be realistic (because then steam wallet could be used to purchase/sell items between players). It also had to be clarified that the servers where the items were held was on the company server, and not a private one (where the rules change: see Wurm Unlimited and players having cash shops as a prime example).


    In the end, I finally got some clarification. I admit I was wrong with my initial assumptions, and here's a couple of responses to my inquiries that you can use if the topic comes up again:



  2. On 7/11/2019 at 4:40 PM, solmark said:


    @SinduskCan you advise what field type these two should be? Would TEXT work ok?

    I believe they need to be be bigints. They're long values that record epoch time of the last event.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Devily said:

    I reinstalled this mod a couple of times configured it but cant seem to get this error to fix.


    [09:31:49 PM] SEVERE org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.server.Listeners: ServerStartedListener handler for mod WyvernMods failed
    java.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: ResultSet closed
        at mod.sin.wyvern.SupplyDepots.initializeDepotTimer(
        at mod.sin.wyvern.DatabaseHelper.onServerStarted(

    It's a conflict of database generation between Spellcraft and WyvernMods. You'll need to add a DEPOT and TITAN entry to the ObjectiveTimers table in modsupport.db to fix it in the short term. I'm unsure if I will be updating my mods anytime soon short of a WU patch breaking them.

  4. 19 minutes ago, MrGARY said:

    What are the plans to truly save this game when players are driven away?  Are we so reliant on whatever frontier is, and so-called epic attention by the people actually paid and in charge in the future, to save wurm?  We literally can't even know what's going on half the times unless we want to be forced to waste hours of our time watching people talk on a stream waiting for tidbits that matter and when we want to know what's going on we're told to just watch the stream, it's like people are so out of touch with what the players want and need because they're right in their mind and that's all that matters.  I still don't even know if people talking about epic being fully reset in the future is just a meme or something said in stream.  I still don't even know who found Enki's treasure or what it was

    I don't know when it started, but it was quite some time ago that the Valrei Internationals stopped being... news. I remember in the past these posts were usually exciting to read. These days, it just feels like re-hashed information of subjects that were last week's topics.

    • Miscellaneous Changes
      • Fixed several custom spell changes that broke after the priest update:
        • Difficulty of Dark Messenger reduced from 40 to 30.
        • Drain Stamina cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 1 minute.
        • Difficulty of Wind of Ages reduced from 60 to 55.
        • Cost of Wind of Ages reduced from 50 favor to 40 favor.
        • Cast Time of Charm Animal reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
      • Reevi priests will now use the Statuette of Reevi item to cast spells.
      • Fixed issues with meal achievements not working properly to update the journal.
      • Fixed a bug where Thelastdab priests would de-priest after gaining alignment.

  5. It's a double edged sword no matter which approach you take. If you make players skill faster (even just through the early levels) and get it wrong, it can have some awful consequences.

    • If it's too fast, players will catch up quickly and that sense of pride and accomplishment (sorry) that players have from their existing accounts will be upset. You can't take that back, either, because reducing the skill gain after certain people obtained levels will steer away any new potential players. Essentially, a window of opportunity or borderline exploit of the system.
    • If you make it too slow, it's not solving the problem and the vast gap will remain. If it launches like this, then new players will feel like they're catching up too slowly and that it's not worth the time and effort.

    If you adjust the skilling rate in any way, it has to be basically perfect to succeed, and cannot be fixed after the fact. On the flip side, you have their existing approach of implementing caps or curves on the existing system:

    • If the curve/cap is too high, then the gap remains too heavy and players will feel like it's not doing anything.
    • If the curve/cap is too low, then there will be no advantage to having a highly expensive, grinded account.

    While there's still bad scenarios on both ends, this system can actually be fixed post-launch to make it feel better on either side. It doesn't affect progression of accounts. Any fix that gets implemented has an immediate effect on everyone, too, so it doesn't take time to see if the change had the desired effect.


    As critical as I am of the decisions CodeClub makes, it's hard to argue that they've significantly improved recently. They've put out development streams, a road map, and have now shown people that there's a future for epic. If that trend continues, then we can expect a reasonable line of communication post-launch of the elevation reset, with monitoring on how the changes are working. My only guess at why they aren't discussing specifics of each system would be that they're either not finalized, or don't want to tip their hand too much right now.


    If they're not finalized, then that's understandable, but it would be nice to know what the goals with the system are. Is it to make everyone with 40 body strength a contender against 70 body strength accounts? What situations are actually being targeted with this as the "solution?" Give an example of a problem that exists now that would be resolved with the new system.


    If they're aiming to not tip their hand, I can actually respect that too. There's actually nothing wrong with keeping a formula secret. Due to the heavy RNG nature of the game, it's possible they could hide the formula from everyone (assuming they prevent it from going to WU). Just think of how many tools exist to manipulate the game right now. Grinder tells you the odds you have to get a skill tick. You can calculate a food affinity using an online calculator. Personal opinion, I think moving back to some form of uncertainty about how things work might be nice.


    I literally have a calculator that you can plug in stats/items into, and it will simulate a combat between two players X amount of times and print out statistics. If the new systems break that calculator and make it invalid with no way to repair it, I think that's a good thing.

  6. There's a lot of gameplay system interactions between the changes here. Some of them might not turn out as expected, but that's part of the fun when it comes to trying something new.


    2 hours ago, Darklords said:
    • Deeds disbanding on a set number of chain drains(Elevation Only)
      • A common complaint is deeds can be near impossible to disband even after its clear the owner has not been defending it in days.
      • Our current plan is to require 5 drains in a row to disband a deed but we are open to suggestions on what number of drains in a row should trigger an auto disband of that deed.
    • Stone Skin, True Strike, and Continuum will have their cooldowns drastically increased to 1 hour.
      • Currently these spells are way to powerful and can be cast almost endlessly with enough karma. We are looking for some feedback on what you think good cooldown lengths might be for each of these spells on their own.
    • Reduce Hell Horse Speeds
      • Hell horses might be a little too fast, we are looking for ideas on how you would like to see them slowed down some ideas include reducing rare shoe bonus and removing the always on speed traits.
    • Combat skill Soft Caps
      • To help balance out the top tier accounts vs people just joining we would like offer a sort of soft cap on some combat related skills including body stats.  This would not make leveling them any slower but would reduce your effectiveness per level in that skill above a set level for each.
      • Your total carry weight(for example) and other less combat oriented areas will still receive full benefit from levels.
    • Open up quick travel between any server border with a 1 hour cooldown for everyone on the boat before they may cross using that again.
      • Many know that sailing between servers on the epic cluster can turn into 2+ hour long trips, I would like to find some reasonable limit to help prevent abuse but I think we can find a good middle ground any suggestions appreciated.
    • Remove Karma Recall(Along with recall being gone will mean no teleporting out of stupid situations you might get into).
      • It’s no fun to be tracking someone down from a sticky situation they got into and for them to just vanish from being cornered back to a safe deed with everything they own. 
    • Deed disband after X in a row will create frustration.
      • It's unrealistic to expect players to be able to continuously assault a deed for almost a week straight. Imagine getting to 4 in a row, then on the 5th day you can't get enough people to match the defending force. All four days of success are undone by a single bad day.
      • The better solution is to implement a new mechanic of some kind for each deed, something akin to "Unrest" which would increase per drain, then decrease over time. For example, +20 unrest per drain, -10 unrest per day it's not drained. Deed disbands if it reaches 100 unrest.
      • This allows players to continuously assault a deed, but doesn't require a "perfect" assault over the course of a week. If they miss a drain or two, they don't have to start over. This also increases the importance of consistent defense. If a kingdom lets a deed get drained heavily, they now have to consistently defend that deed in order to prevent it from disbanding instead of simply spending the day watching it.
    • Stone Skin, True Strike, and Continuum need to either be disabled or reworked/nerfed on epic.
      • These spells are just egregious in the current combat system. Providing a cooldown is the least effective fix. It doesn't prevent them from doing the damage they deal. These karma spells alone can mean life or death, literally. A proper stack of truestrikes on a target can get them killed nearly instantly, swinging the tides of a combat.
      • Instead of just putting a cooldown on them and keeping their power the same, nerf them like crazy. Stone skin can cause the next 1 attack to miss. True strike can offer a single critical hit. Continuum can provide 5% damage reduction. These are really simple numerical changes that can be implemented quickly behind if(epic) statements. You can stack the cooldown on top of the nerfs if you want, but just implementing the cooldown isn't enough.
    • Hell Horses and mounts in general have more issues than just going too fast.
      • I believe I repeat this far too often, but horses actually have a random chance to be slowed down when damaged. I've thoroughly tested this in the past, and it can take up to 20 seconds to slow a horse after it's taken damage. This is something I've fixed in a mod on WU a long time ago (it's part of WyvernMods if you want to steal the code) and is something I hope is looked at for the base game when you tweak mount speeds.
      • Hell horses are too fast, but most of it comes from the gear that's on the horse. It works as an additive modifier to horse speed and can actually counteract damage inflicted because the additive bonus outpaces the slow from being damaged. The nerfs to horse speed should come from nerfing horse gear, not nerfing horses.
        • Personal recommendation is to adjust gear to be multiplicative modifiers instead of additive. Then re-scale their bonuses at maximum QL/enchant to be slightly lower than the current maximum.
    • Combat skill caps will affect skilling.
      • If you can't block, you don't get shield skill. Keep this in mind. These combat soft caps are actually a good idea, but ensure to make them PvP-specific, similar to how body strength already scales specific to player vs player combat instead of player vs creature.
    • Quick travel between server borders should be prevented if enemies are in local.
      • This should probably go without saying, but I've made this mistake in the past...
    • Karma teleport isn't the only method of instant teleportation.
      • The insanity teleport, home teleport from meditation (which should be covered by meditation changes), and farwalker twigs/stones are also available as methods of quick getaways.
      • If karma teleport is to be disabled, other methods of "get away immediately after I drop out of local" should be looked at as well.
    2 hours ago, Darklords said:

    Map Reset Specific Changes (Elevation Only)

    • Can only have 4 mine doors placed on any given 11x11 area and must have 3 spaces between each individual mine door.
      • We all know of the current mine door meta, we would like to end that with this new map and put some hard caps on the amount of mine doors in a given area.
    • This is a very arbitrary limitation that is difficult to convey to players.
      • When a player can't place a mine door, they have to look all over to figure out why.
      • An alternative solution would be to make them more easily broken via increasing the multiplier (similar to how tower chaining does it). Pushing through mines is risky enough as is with shaker orbs becoming a death trap. Allowing mine doors to be more easily broken is probably okay.
      • Secondarily, preventing players from replacing mine doors while enemies are in local.
      • There's a lot of different solutions for the mine door meta, but I don't think this is the correct one.

    It's a good start towards improving the landscape of epic. After nearly 4 years there will be new chapter in the story of Wurm PvP. A new chapter will start with kingdoms being formed and borders being drawn. It will also be exciting to see how the new systems interact with a fresh map, especially one that isn't so large.

  7. On 5/20/2019 at 3:41 PM, Batta said:

    I keep thinking I want this, but then the task of locating and eliminating any potentially conflicting mods seems really daunting.  We have 75 mods on our server, some public and some gifted to us, and it took some tweaking to get a balance without conflicts. I'm assuming we have to remove any of our current mods that do something similar to the effects in these modules so that the game isn't trying to do two different things at the same time.  


    That's the main reason I wish the modules were separate downloads, so I could work out each one without having to work out the whole thing at once.


    I always try to set up my mod configurations so that the mod runs no code with everything disabled. This should prevent it from having any conflicts with other mods, since nothing is being changed. That concept should remain intact with WyvernMods. If you find another mod is conflicting with WyvernMods, you can resolve that conflict by simply disabling the option that conflicts. Option disabled -> code doesn't run -> conflict resolved. I find this method to be the cleanest approach to modding for the game, and makes WU updates far less daunting. When WU updates break a piece of code, my Util class handles each adjustment in a try/catch fashion, preventing the server from crashing due to invalid hooks. Even when WyvernMods has functions no longer working, it gives agency to the server owners to resolve the problems on their own.


    On 5/21/2019 at 4:33 AM, Ayluin said:

    Yeah there's a bridge option in the miscchanges module. I haven't personally checked to see if it works. I was moreso replying to Batta's post about whether or not it conflicts with other mods. There are some things I know do not work and confirmed by sindusk like not being able to hitch or ride wyverns, and not being able to ride bison even though the options are there. So could be the bridge issue might be one of them as well.


    Just going to confirm that the bison mount option is not working, and there are indeed a few other options that aren't working. I'll be fixing these issues in the near future.

  8. There hasn't been a new map for Wurm Online since 2015, when Elevation was reset. It's been over 4 years since there's been new land. Anyone who only heard of Wurm through Wurm Unlimited (for example, me) has never had the opportunity to experience a new map for the game. That gold rush sensation of exploring new land and claiming it as your own.


    Players on PvP want a new map. Players from Wurm Unlimited might be interested in trying Wurm Online with a new map. Who knows, maybe it's just the bombshell you want for the upcoming dev stream.

  9. 21 hours ago, Retrograde said:

    We agree that we can share more information and the issues with feeling in the dark, the entirety of this entire change with the dev cycle is to address them by providing more clear and predictable update cycles and allow us to showcase what's coming each minor and major updates. 


    I think this is a step in the right direction. However, some advice: bring something substantial to the first development stream that you can discuss in depth. If your first development stream ends up being a cop-out on all the tough questions, you're just making false promises here. You should know what type of questions you're going to receive and you should be able to answer them clearly when they come through twitch chat. By the end of the stream, players should have new information that they can discuss.


    You have a really good opportunity to shift the mentality of the player base here. The first official development stream only happens once. Make it count and set a precedent for future ones so people are more likely to tune in.

  10. 32 minutes ago, CountZero said:



    I noticed on your server it said there was a mod for building bridges indoors - is that in the server tweaks mod or is it one thats not available?

    That's a feature of WyvernMods Miscellaneous Changes module, which is now available here:


  11. All of this heated debate is entirely self-inflicted. The unwillingness to be a more open and communicative entity causes all of these threads. Your players - no, your customers - are literally just asking for information. Information that's being adamantly refused based on policy with roots in ancient history. Games survive by adapting to their player base. When League of Legends first came out, it was marketed towards younger players with a more animated art style and more colorful characters than their competition. Over time, the player base grew up and now you have characters resembling a harbor butcher and heavy metal meat grinder in the game. When Path of Exile first came out, it was marketed towards those who wanted a dark, slow, gritty ARPG. It's adapted over time and become a fast-paced, high-depth ARPG that now dwarfs the genre.


    If you want Wurm to continue, it's time to re-evaluate and adapt to your market. The refusal to change the way you share information and stifling it from your consumers is ancient. It predates my introduction to the game entirely - years ago. You need to bury the hatchet and win back your community (both players from before and after) instead of holding them at arms length and hoping the problem goes away.


    Your fear for sharing information comes from getting flamed in the past. Welcome to the internet. Everyone gets flamed no matter what they do. You get flamed right now for not sharing future plans. You share future plans, you get flamed for those plans not being good. The plan gets delayed, you get flamed for not getting it done. You execute your plan, you get flamed because the implementation was bad. I've been flamed for releasing a free, open-source public mod here on these very forums, calling it shoddy work and a disservice to the community. The perception of the general public comes from how you handle pressure and respond to getting flamed. Frankly, and sorry if this comes off as flame; you're not doing a very good job of that.


    First of all, agree with people when they say something correct. When someone mentions an issue that's valid, such as priests being a sore spot in PvP, just admit it's a fair point. Now they know their issue is recognized and you're on the same side. When you're on their side and agree with them, you can then correct their points. Follow that up with information about how you would address it, or just tell them it's something that will be addressed later.


    Secondly, learn to take a knee and apologize when mistakes are made. If you recall this incident, you can notice very clearly there's no official statement saying something along the lines of "Sorry we banned over a dozen people who weren't even online at the time. Here's why, and we'll do better in the future." It's actually remarkable how looking through so many public statements, the only one that even resembles an apology is when horses turned gray. Even then, the lines are remarkably unapologetic.



    To apologise for this incident we will be giving out an extra 5 hours sleep bonus to all players, as usual passing the 5 hour cap up to 10 hours if necessary.


    We thank you all for your patience while we handle tickets and return the horses to their new colours! 


    Third and finally, make clear official statements regarding popular issues. If you hear something enough times (cough epic cough) you should be willing to put your foot down and make a clear, official statement regarding that topic to set the record straight. Not here in this thread, not even in the one asking for it. In the City Hall with a thread of it's own, addressing the topic in the most clear manner you can. I know the argument to this will be "there is nothing to say" which, while false, can still be worked around. State in an official manner that there's no plan, or some plan, or a plan in the works, or whatever - and that it will or will not be coming out any time soon. Say that epic will remain open or not for X amount of time. Take questions you see a lot regarding the topic and answer them.


    You don't need a release date. You don't need a roadmap with a sequential plan. You don't even need a plan. You just need go get over this stupid policy of leaving your customers theorizing potential futures and wallowing in the unknown.

  12. The last time a new server was released on the Freedom cluster was Xanadu, in June of 2014. This was roughly a year and a half before the release of Wurm Unlimited. For five years the game has been without a new server. Literally since the time I started playing and interacting with this game, there has never been a new place to play. Anyone who was introduced to the game via Wurm Unlimited has never had the opportunity to join Wurm Online through a new server.

  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I understand it looks really heavy on the requirement front, and truthfully it is.


    SinduskLibrary and Bdew Server Mod Tools will always be required for this mod, since it uses features from both in order to function. Both are very lightweight libraries that don't increase server stress at all.


    It will always require DUSKombat because of the way it interacts with the DUSKombat systems for tracking creature damage. There is no way to properly have the bounty module and custom creatures interact without having it required. I specifically added the enable check so that server owners could disable it completely. If the option is toggled to disable DUSKombat, the mod runs no code aside from the initial configuration (where it figures out that you have that setting toggled) and thus shouldn't have any impact on the server.


    DiscordRelay is a mod that I cannot imagine would be removed as a requirement. There are far too many announcements made in the mod that I'd like to relay through Discord for it to be feasible to remove it as a requirement.


    TreasureHunting is a requirement I could definitely change. The reason for it's implementation was to create Sealed Maps and use their ID as a reference for drops as loot (from rare spawns specifically). Now that configurations are available and I'm the one maintaining the TreasureHunting mod, I can move the Sealed Map item into the TreasureHunting mod itself, then use a configuration to add the ID to WyvernMods.


    There's no doubt that having every module split into it's own mod would've been ideal so it could be selected at will. I never thought I'd ever be releasing this version of WyvernMods. However, this prevents the features from each interacting with each other. So many of the edits and tweaks from this actually have an impact on another part of it. For this reason, keeping it all together in one mod makes the coding so much easier and allows a significant reduction in setup time to make everything work. In the example above with TreasureHunting, it would require the server owner to obtain and input the ID of the Sealed Map to make it work properly. For many this wont be an issue, but I know there will be difficulty for others.


    I wont pretend that requiring 6 mods to be installed just to start using this is a simple task. It's not easy and I don't imagine it's something everyone would want to do. There's a lot of good features here, but the requirements for setup match the complexity of the mod.

  14. Overview


    WyvernMods is the culmination of over 2 years of modding for my servers Wyvern Reborn and Revenant. After over a month of re-coding, the task of making WyvernMods configurable is now complete. Featuring over 20 modules in a configuration file of over 1000 lines and hundreds of configuration options, this might be the largest single Wurm mod there is. Standing with a whopping 500KB+ file size of raw code, WyvernMods is absolutely packed with features and tweaks. The best part? It's set up to allow you to pick and choose which features you want. With everything disabled, WyvernMods has no effect on a server. If any of the features here interest you, you're able to get those features specifically and decline to implement the rest.


    So... what does it have?


    Download WyvernMods

    Preview Configuration File


    • Requirements
      • SinduskLibrary v2.3 or higher: Download
      • Bdew Server Mod Tools v1.0.0 or higher: Download
      • TreasureHunting v2.0 or higher: Download
        • Can have it's functionality disabled by setting map drop chances to zero.
      • DiscordRelay v3.0 or higher: Download
        • Can have it's functionality disabled by leaving botToken blank.
      • DUSKombat v2.1 or higher: Download
        • Can be fully disabled by setting enableDUSKombat to false.
    • Miscellaneous Changes Module
      • Over 50 configurable options with miscellaneous tweaks and QoL changes, including:
      • Server Info Tab - Configure your own tab that displays information about your server when a player first logs in.
      • Fatigue Action Override - Allow players to craft, improve, etc. while mounted.
      • Disable GM Emote Limit - Remove the 5 second delay between emotes playing sounds for GM. Slap your players with vigor and have them hear each and every excruciating one.
      • Dynamic Skill Rate - Allows a reduction to skill gain rate as players get higher skill.
      • Mayors Command Abandoned Vehicles - Allow mayors to command, but not access the hold of, vehicles abandoned on their deed. Helps with letting players remove abandoned carts from their deed.
      • Hide Sorcery Buff Bar - Removes the buff icons for sorceries. Now you might be able to see your real buffs again. Spell Effects window will still display the sorceries active.
    • Arena Module
      • Over 40 configurable options with changes specific to PvP servers, including functionality for same-kingdom PvP, including:
      • Equip Horse Gear By Leading - Allows players to manage horse gear by simply leading the creature instead of requiring to tame it.
      • Disable PMK's - Disables PMK's from being founded.
      • Disable Player Champions - Disables players from becoming champions.
      • Disable Farwalker Items - Disables Farwalker Stones and Farwalker Twigs from being used.
      • Cap Maximum Guards - Reduce the maximum amount of guards allowed to be hired on deeds.
      • Disable Karma Teleport - Disables Karma Teleport from being used.
      • Remove OWFL - Prevents players from dropping items on death, removing the "Open World Full Loot" aspect of Wurm.
    • Custom Titles Module
      • Make your own custom titles.
      • These titles can then be configured to be granted to specific players on their next login, or will trigger on certain skill thresholds if configured that way.
    • Anti-Cheat Module
      • Removes the ability for livemap and xray to see ores that are not exposed.
      • Grants "prospecting vision", allowing the data to be correct for players up to the point they can prospect.
      • Map Steam ID's to a different database. The vanilla version of mapping Steam ID's is better but can be confusing. This is a simple Player Name -> SteamID map which is used for Bounty Module functions later.
    • Combat Module
      • Adjust combat rating with various different effects, like scaling pet CR based on Soul Depth or incurring a CR penalty for being on a vehicle.
      • Fix for Magranon damage stacking not calculating properly in aggressive stance.
      • Disable legendary creatures from regenerating and replace it with a new static regeneration system.
    • Mastercraft Module
      • Mastercraft is aimed at expanding the rewards for achieving high skill and QL on skills and items.
      • Adjusts difficulty of actions to give bonuses to players with higher skills and items.
      • Allows configuration to give rare items a further difficulty reduction on actions, making rare+ improvement tools slightly better.
      • Empowers channelers with higher potential casts using a new system which has an astronomically low chance of rolling maximum. This raises the ceiling for casts, but makes the highest ones exceptionally uncommon and very valuable.
    • Skill Module
      • Hybrid skill gain system which merges WO skill gain with WU skill gain, allowing success closer to a result of zero to grant more skill. This helps mitigate the creation spam meta.
      • Rename skills which will properly show in the skill window.
      • Adjust individual skill difficulty to make them faster or slower.
      • Adjust the tick time of a skill, allowing one tick of skill gain per X amount of time.
    • Meditation Module
      • Many changes to meditation, including smoothing the rate at which bonuses occur to lower levels and scaling up.
      • Simplify meditation question requirements to just a tile type instead of specific tiles on the map.
      • Remove SotG and Hate War Bonus. Options to replace them with action speed and movement speed bonuses instead.
      • Adjust every meditation ability cooldown individually.
    • Titan Module
      • Titans are designed as "raid boss" style encounters for players to undertake.
    • Rare Spawn Module
      • Rare Spawns are designed as creatures for small hunting parties.
    • Mission Module
      • Adjusts how missions are created. Allows configuration to enable valrei entities to generate missions.
      • Cleans up the mission removal and addition process so it's less likely to get bugged missions.
      • Add currency rewards for completing missions.
      • Changes some checks to make the mission system more friendly to modded creatures.
      • Disable the epic mission types: Ritual, Guard Tower, and Tower Guard missions.
    • Mounted Module
      • Complete re-write of mount scaling, making it no longer depend on thresholds but instead use a fluid formula for calculations of speed.
      • Update mount speed on damage. Instead of taking up to 20 seconds to slow down when archered, mounts will now immediately decrease in speed when hit.
      • Allow bisons to be mounted. If they can pull a wagon, why can't we ride them?
    • Teleport Module
      • Adjustments to how teleportation works between servers.
      • Most of this module is specifically coded towards my servers and wont function well on other servers.
    • Economy Module
      • Adjust the price of sealed maps (custom item) to be more reasonable based on QL.
      • Disable traders from refilling their coin from the king's coffers.
      • Void money that traders receive from trades.
    • Supply Depot Module
      • Spawn randomly generated supply depots around the map which players can capture for rewards.
      • Configure if they use the red rift light and how long between their spawns.
    • Bestiary Module
      • Disable players from AFK training on creatures.
      • Condition wild creatures at random, giving them the "greenish" "angry" and similar modifiers without being spawned from a lair.
      • Prevent legendary creatures from being hitched to vehicles.
      • Log creature spawns to the server, so you know what type of creatures are where.
      • Allow epic creatures to spawn naturally on a non-epic server.
      • Configuration for addition of custom creatures, such as Wyverns, Chargers, Giants, Avengers, and more.
    • Bounty Module
      • Handles the bounty rewards for players and loot from creatures.
    • Item Module
      • Over 30 configurable options adjusting items and adding new custom items, including:
      • Combine Leather and Logs - Allow leather and logs to be combined into one item, preserving enchants for crafting.
      • Reduce Log and Kindling Volume - Reduces the volume of logs and kindlings so more can fit into BSB's. Creating kindling from logs will no longer have more volume than the logs they're made from.
      • Droppable Sleep Powder - Allows sleep powder to be dropped. This makes them drop when a player is slain, but they can also be mailed.
      • Change Price of Silver Mirror and Gold Mirror - Changes their price so they can be sold on traders.
      • Loadable Mailbox - Allows loading of mailboxes so they can be traded among players.
      • One Handed Spear - Changes long spears to be one-handed.
      • Addition of nearly 50 custom items, including arrow packs, affinity orbs, books of conversion, and more. Each one able to be configured as craftable or not.
    • Soulstealing Module
      • A completely different vision for the Stealing skill, this enables a system by which players can steal the soul of a slain creature instead of butchering it.
      • The souls can then be fed to an Eternal Reservoir (custom item) which will automatically feed nearby carnivores and keep forges and ovens lit.
    • Action Module
      • Adds custom actions such as:
      • Unequip All - Allows players to unequip all items by right-clicking an item instead of their body.
      • Receive All Mail - Accepts all non-COD mail in one action instead of having to check the box next to each one.
      • Split Sorcery - Split sorcery charges into separate items each with one charge.
      • Add Mission (Dev) - Allows GM power 5 accounts to create new missions.
      • Remove Mission (Dev) - Allows GM power 5 accounts to remove existing missions.
      • Creature Report (Dev) - Allows GM power 5 accounts to generate a creature report of current creatures on the server.
      • Smooth Terrain (Dev) - Allows GM power 5 accounts to smooth a section of terrain.
    • Erosion Module
      • A new system that helps smoothing out a map by reducing the noise over time.
      • Configuration for the speed at which erosion occurs.
    • Treasure Chest Module
      • Adjusts the contents of treasure chests that spawn naturally.


    Important Disclaimer


    Some modules of WyvernMods are not fully configurable to the degree I think they should be. Many modules will have #TODO comments marked stating some of the further additions that need to be added.

    The default configuration file matches my settings on Revenant. This was done to make it easier for me to develop by ensuring the configurations I had worked identically to before. A "fresh" configuration file will be provided in the future.


    Patreon and Further Development


    WyvernMods Configurable is reality because of the generosity of my patrons on Patreon. Further development of the mod will continue through their support. As long as the goal is reached, I'll be asking Patrons which #TODO features they would like to see implemented next each month. If you want to be a part of that process and see more features added to WyvernMods Configurable, consider becoming a patron!


    Alongside further development of WyvernMods are other stretch goals such as streaming sessions of my modding and to begin development of a viable anti-cheat system that would hinder ESP, macros, and more.



  15. Both errors listed seem to be from previous versions of the mods. For example, all code for Summon Soul was removed in Spellcraft and it no longer exists. Updating the mods to their latest versions (downloaded from GitHub) should resolve those issues.

  16. The reason the game can't handle a world as large as Xanadu cleanly is due to a couple factors.


    First of all, pretty much the entire server runs on one thread. That means any additional load that gets added on by new features that are computation-heavy during polling will cause everything to slow down instead of using another CPU core to handle the processing. When you add an item, like was mentioned, it is polled every now and again for decay. As each item is added, the "main" server loop has to handle that. When it polls that item, it has to wait until it's done doing that poll until the next "loop" can occur for processing. When you have several thousand, it's no problem. When you get a million items that need to be processed on every loop and checked for decay, you get in a situation where it's spending more time decaying items than handling the actions for players. This is why you can run into situations where the server will stop responding and everyone will be "Refreshing..." until the server catches up.


    Secondly, there's a ton of really poorly implemented processes in that server loop. One of the most expensive operations in Java is handling exceptions. Exceptions are used in a ton of places in the code where they could easily be handled in a faster manner. For example, whenever a function needs to find an item on a creature/player it uses an exception. This runs when you are swinging in combat (to find your weapon), when you get hit in combat (to find your armour piece), and in some extreme cases, even when some creatures are moving. A prime example of that would be when you saddle/shoe a horse, it checks all the gear it has when it's moving so that it updates how fast it goes. Each one of these operations is an expensive check that, if it fails, can be extremely expensive. If I recall correctly, this check occurs on every single creature that's either mounted or hitched to a vehicle. Anyone who is using horses without gear on a vehicle is adding quite a bit to the processing required during server polling. This problem has been seeing some work recently and exception catches are becoming less frequent. However, they're so common that it still makes up a significant portion of the server loop.


    Third, there's systems in the game that are designed in a way that makes them very difficult to process when the volume becomes too large. Decay is currently designed in such a way that it requires collecting and polling every single item, structure, and wall in the game constantly. These are by far the most difficult problems to solve. They're not impossible, but implementing the solution is extremely difficult and would take a significant effort to mimic previous behavior. As an example, I once pitched a zero-polling decay solution. Instead of polling every item in the game, their decay would update when the item was observed. If you drop a pile of 100 wood scrap in the woods in a corner of the map and nobody is even in local range for 2 years, the server is still polling those items up to the point where they are deleted - on every loop of every server tick. Instead, the idea would be to tag the item when it was last observed. When a player enters local and can see the item, it would then update the damage (and/or QL) of the item relative to when it was last viewed. If that was 2 years ago, then obviously the wood scraps would take so much damage to be destroyed. If instead it was a week after they were initially left on the ground, they would take a week worth of damage. This whole system would allow complete removal of polling items for decay.


    So why not do that? Because it's really difficult. It involves adding data to every item that exists in the game and transitioning that into a brand new system. It would involve removing a ton of complicated code and re-writing it in a new way to be handled with the new system. It would involve updating the client-server communication so that the server would know when an item needs to be updated. All of these problems translate to solutions to other problems. Avoiding updating creature locations and data in un-loaded parts of the map would probably introduce new bugs. When a creature dies of old age in an unknown place on the map, it would drop a corpse and the corpse would start decaying. If the server stopped updating the age for creatures it could not see, then when it was finally viewed, it would drop a corpse with no decay introduced. Furthermore, it would be in the exact same location as when it was previously observed.


    TLDR: Server slowdown isn't because the hardware isn't good enough or that the database checks are slow. It's because the code for the game didn't have expansion in mind when it was originally created.

  17. 8 hours ago, EmmaGrace said:

    Does Spellcraft 4.3 fix the rite spells?

    It does not. That update is at the top of my list after I finish with WyvernMods. Most of the updates to the mods here were because of fixes or features I needed on my server.

  18. 10 hours ago, MrGARY said:

    I wrote up the core thesis behind the priest overhaul with deity changes, spell changes, and new spells so a dev (which would be sindusk) could use it and make whatever the dev team thought was good a reality plus their own tweaks/ideas, so I think I'd trust myself on this.  I even wrote it based on player god religions being outright removed, but that would never happen because of pve having control over a pvp feature.


    Just going to quickly confirm this is true. Gary wrote multiple pages worth of documentation outlining the work needed for the priest update. I took that outline and expanded on it slightly, which then went through revision with input from the rest of the development team. Without Gary's efforts, the priest update would not hold the shape it currently does. While I'm proud of the changes that occur and feel they've made Wurm healthier on both PvE and PvP, credit needs to be given to Gary. I may have gotten the ball rolling, but Gary designed the ball.

  19. On 5/3/2019 at 3:14 AM, Etherdrifter said:

    You do realise that nothing short of divine intervention is going to help epic right?


    I disagree. I believe there's a plan that would help Epic immensely and make it one of the best places to play. All it would take is to explain that plan and then commit to making it happen. It wouldn't come anytime soon, and would draw quite a few questions, but I truly believe that plan is one of the best ways forwards for Epic. At the very least, you'd see more players there. That's for sure.

  20. 24 minutes ago, Marex said:
    [09:11:04 PM] INFO mod.sin.armoury.ArmouryModMain: Beginning configuration...
    [09:11:04 PM] WARNING mod.sin.armoury.ArmouryModMain: Unknown config property: steamVersion
    [09:11:04 PM] WARNING mod.sin.armoury.ArmouryModMain: Unknown config property: enableCustomWeaponValues
    [09:11:04 PM] WARNING mod.sin.armoury.ArmouryModMain: Unknown config property: enableShieldSpeedEnchants
    [09:11:04 PM] WARNING org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.EarlyLoadingChecker: Mod Armoury loaded server class com.wurmonline.server.items.Materials during phase configure
    [09:11:04 PM] WARNING org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.EarlyLoadingChecker: Mod Armoury loaded server class com.wurmonline.shared.constants.ItemMaterials during phase configure
    [09:11:04 PM] SEVERE org.gotti.wurmunlimited.serverlauncher.DelegatedLauncher: mod.sin.lib.ArmourAssist.getArmourByte(Ljava/lang/String;)I
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: mod.sin.lib.ArmourAssist.getArmourByte(Ljava/lang/String;)I
    	at mod.sin.armoury.ArmouryModMain.parseArmourType(
    	at mod.sin.armoury.ArmouryModMain.configure(
    	at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared.lambda$loadModsFromModDir$4(
    	at java.util.ArrayList$ArrayListSpliterator.forEachRemaining(
    	at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared.loadModsFromModDir(
    	at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.serverlauncher.DelegatedLauncher.main(
    	at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    	at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    	at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    	at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.serverlauncher.ServerLauncher.main(

    I'm getting this with the armoury mod, and the server wont start with it.

    Make sure to have the latest version of SinduskLibrary installed on the server (Download Here). The method which is causing the error is trying to reference the library and not finding it.

  21. 4 hours ago, CountZero said:

    LOVE the spell mod!


    can you control the sorcery side of spells too tho? Tomes and karma and stuff?

    I actually haven't tried, but in theory yes. The karma spells use the same array as the religious spells. You should be able to modify them by using the name that appears in the context menu (example: "Karma Missile"). Cost would then refer to the amount of Karma the spell cost instead of the favor cost.

    • Armoury v4.1 (Download)
      • Repaired the functionality to adjust armour limit factors.
        • Configuration syntax has changed to be similar to the new damage reduction syntax, and properties files will need to be updated to reflect the new style:
        • Old:clothArmourLimitFactor=0.3
        • New:armourLimitFactor-1:cloth,0.3
        • Note that each change must have it's own unique number attached. Re-using the same number will result in only one of the configurations applying.
    • DUSKombat v2.1 (Download)
      • Added new option enableDUSKombat: Enables the DUSKombat system entirely. This is implemented so server owners using WyvernMods configurable can choose to disable DUSKombat while keeping WyvernMods configurable operational (since DUSKombat is a required mod).
      • Added functionality for Bloodthirst infection wounds.
      • Added bonuses to the hit check phase for non-player priests with 70+ faith to resemble the bonuses from the priest update.
    • Server Tweaks v2.1 (Download)
      • New Feature: Fatigue skill gain multiplier.
        • This system allows you to modify a player's skill gain based on their fatigue.
        • enableFatigueSkillGainMultiplier: Enables the fatigue skill gain multiplier system.
        • fatigueMaximumMultiplier: Maximum skill gain multiplier for having above the maximum threshold of fatigue. [Default: 1.0]
        • fatigueMinimumMultiplier: Minimum skill gain multiplier for having less than the minimum threshold of fatigue. [Default: 0.2]
        • fatigueMaximumThreshold: Maximum threshold in seconds of fatigue remaining for players before they begin gaining less than the maximum multiplier. [Default: 39600 (11 hours)]
        • fatigueMinimumThreshold: Minimum threshold in seconds of fatigue remaining for players before they lock to the minimum multiplier. [Default: 21600 (6 hours)]
    • Spellcraft v4.3 (Download)
      • New Feature: Enchant Decay
        • Enables the ability to decay enchants by a percentage towards a maximum every day.
        • The configuration should be documented well enough for usage.
        • To disable the system entirely, simply set enableEnchantDecay to false. This is it's default setting.
      • Added new option crossFaithLinking. This allows players of any faith to link with players of any other faith, regardless of template deity.
      • Added new option fixHighPowerEnchants. This fixes an issue where improving high-power enchants (such as 199 -> 200) could cause the power to decrease (down to 195 in the former case). This option fixes that, and increases the bonus for improving by up to 50. This can result in 1-3 power increases over former maximum values.
      • Fixed a bug where Replenish could sometimes fail to cast on valid containers.
      • Fixed a bug where Expand could not be cast on magic containers. (Thanks Bdew)
    • Treasure Hunting v2.1 (Download)
      • Added option logMapDrops: Determines whether or not to print a server log line when a creature is slain with information about whether it should drop a map.
      • Thanks to Revelation, who also added some great new options:
        • mapTiles: Send the map tile distance based on locate soul after the default map reading message. i.e The marked spot is pretty far away in front of you. The marked spot is 500-999 tiles away.
        • destroyLock: Destroy the lock when guardians of the chest are defeated rather than lowering the ql of the lock by a specific amount.

    Coming Soon: WyvernMods Configurable


    I'm still hard at work making WyvernMods configurable. I've pushed the code changes for the first phase of adjustments a few days ago. If you're eagerly awaiting this, you can take a look at the preview of the configuration file as it currently stands here. It's currently over 500 lines long with over 100 configurable options, including many multiple-configuration settings. While browsing the configuration file, you may notice some "TODO" comments that I've placed. My priority is getting the mod available as soon as possible in a configurable state. It will lack some options for some of the more complicated systems.


    This is all possible due to the generosity of my patrons from my Patreon. Once the WyvernMods configurable is released, I'll be posting a thread on my Patreon where patrons can request which "TODO" settings they would like to see prioritized for implementation. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, and I'll have more news to share hopefully by the end of this week or early next week with a working version of WyvernMods configurable.