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  1. Could start out at 1,000 maximum tile distance for Locate Soul and see if that helps at all. It would at least discourage the use of alts spamming from deeds or using the triangulation method from all the way across the map.
  2. Here's the version that currently operates on my server. I don't have the windows .bat for it, but it shouldn't be too difficult to tweak and get it running how you want. I'm not the best person to ask questions about it, but perhaps others who use it will chime in and help. MapViewer (Google Drive)
  3. When I joined the team, I listed three primary focuses: Weapon/Armour/Combat Spells & Religion PvP I'm unsure if this changes anything, but those are my focus points.
  4. So I guess the real question is: Would you prefer to see a reduction in locate soul range, or would you rather see it removed completely?
  5. Since it was mentioned, I'd like some input on how Locate Soul is perceived on Epic vs Chaos. Which system is better? The limitation of 200 tiles on epic, or the unlimited range on chaos? Is there some other change to make Locate Soul better in the current meta?
  6. Reduced local range gives players an easier time to get into archery range and begin to dehorse their target. This also gives a party options to box in a target without having to create a massive distance between players. It at least gives a way for players to test the changes without being absolutely chained to them. If someone prefers the higher local range, they can hunt during the day. For those who want the lower ranges, they can hunt at night. These types of systems can sometimes sound good in theory but end up horrible in practice. It's just a matter of trying it out and seeing if it works.
  7. They weren't the same size as chaos. The maps were usually 1/16th or 1/8th the size of chaos and elevation, so you have a point. However, it's been proven time and time again that having reduced local ranges leads to combat more often. When the distance where you can scout an enemy is so high, you have so much room to bolt away from conflict. By reducing the gap to close in response, it's easier to identify a target and close that gap, beginning an engagement. If I'm not mistaken, this is what players want: more engagements. I'm also curious how you feel about only having a reduced local range during the night and fog. Would you be interested in seeing night time and fog provide lower local ranges, while the existing daytime local range remains the same?
  8. These are all valid points. You're right, the game should be about the fun stuff, not the chores. There's enough grind in the game as it is.
  9. This is actually a topic that really should be discussed at further length. The fact that there is no sink for items is actually not just an "economy" problem - it's a power creep problem. Let's imagine 10 years from now when there's 10 years worth more of drake sets and dragonscale available. The supply is going to be so high that everyone will be able to get their hands on it for what's essentially free. All gear in Wurm, including tools, weapons, and equipment, are decreasing in value over time. This also poses a challenge as a designer, too. Once an item is implemented, it's stuck in the ecosystem for good, continuing to be repaired and improved back up to top shape as long as it exists. It's hard to balance scarce armour X against common armour Y when kingdom Z has dozens of backup sets of each.
  10. DUSKombat Changes Rarity from weapons now affects swing speed, providing 0.2 seconds faster swing speed per rarity level. Shield blocking now has a 10 second maximum debuff penalty instead of the previous 30 seconds. This should make shields a far more effective defensive tool. Frostbrand and Flaming Aura damage instances now always apply their wound (should have happened before, but I missed something). Frostbrand and Flaming Aura damage now gets tracked in the Loot Assistance damage tracker. Dodge chance bonus roll has been split from fully body control to half mind speed and half body control. In general this should lead to less dodges from players. Miscellaneous Bloodthirst gained from slaying players is now reduced as the power increases. All deities now grant alignment for killing creatures. Fixed a minor error where there was no space in Discord Relay's moon metal blessings from unique slayings. Fixed an issue where creatures could not be equipped by leading them on Arena as of the last WU update.
  11. Most kingdoms would likely have an in-house crafter creating their sets. Those who win fights would simply loot it off their opponents and keep those in reserve. Regardless of what type of armour is in demand, the fact that there is no "sink" to remove armour from the economy makes looping in trade very difficult unless the armour is as rare as drake and scale. If you can think of a way to create an item sink to get armour (and weapons, possibly) out of the system via PvP, that would be something highly interesting to hear.
  12. There’s some good ideas here and I wanted to pitch in my own opinion and thoughts on the feasibility of each one. These are just my opinion and I’m not making promises or setting deadlines. HotA Removal & Battle Camps This is probably the most technically challenging one. HotA isn’t something easily removed and replaced. This also shifts the dynamic of the PvP server dramatically. That’s not to say that it’s impossible or couldn’t be done, just making sure it’s understood that this would definitely be the most difficult of the suggestions to implement. That said, I do believe there needs to be some reason to roam. The battle camps are a good solution, but bring a concern where it’s likely a single, powerful kingdom would end up taking control over them and farm it just like the current implementation of HotA. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how the battle camps work, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind when the objective is in a static location. Tower Chaining Being able to place a tower wherever you want does seem rather unintuitive. The changes proposed make sense to me, but I also don’t have the background as to why the tower chaining system from a long time ago was removed. If someone could explain why that happened, I’d be far more onboard with this. Horse Rework Hell horses and Unicorns are likely to pose an issue to balance as long as they exist. Whether it’s because they’re stronger in combat, faster, or whatever, it’s a balance nightmare without standardizing them in some way. Disabling the ability to ride hell horses and unicorns seems like the least intrusive method to get mounted speeds back in line. Reduced Local I don’t even need logic for this one, WU servers have tested this as thoroughly as humanly possible and the result of reduced local is always the same: Better PvP. The idea for a dynamic range based on weather conditions and time of day makes it even more immersive. This also opens up opportunities for night assaults or using fog to your advantage. Really good stuff. Epic Armour Changes This one is touchy because of how it affects the Freedom market. Most of the demand for drake and scale comes from the PvP servers. Buffing the other armours too much will render drake and scale obsolete. If not the epic armour changes, I think there’s definitely some room for increasing the movement speed from non-dragon armour, as well as increasing the DR for leather/studded to stay viable.
  13. Server Tweaks [v1.2] New Options: Minimum and Maximum moon metal vein limitations - When setting these values, any vein that exists with above the maximum will re-roll to between these two values on the first mining action. New Option: GM Enchant Any Item - This will allow your GM's to cast spells on items that normally would not even display the options. It will not allow them to break restrictions such as negating enchants and similar. Download (GitHub)
  14. Man... right after I made changes, too. What a shame.
  15. Oh that's actually ServerTweaks. I hardcoded it to give 500-1000 randomly if it was over 1k. Whoops. I'll update ServerTweaks and add a setting for it.
  16. You'll need to use ServerTweaks or similar in order to solve that problem. #moonMetalVeinFix: Fixes the issue causing adamantine and glimmersteel veins to cap at 50 hits. moonMetalVeinFix=true
  17. Thanks devs.

    I think we need troll invasions, where the Troll King and his Troll Guards take a Troll Army to a server. Just to troll.
  18. Thanks devs.

    The trolls are here to haunt you.
  19. Actions performed right now that aren't working will not be counted retroactively after the update. The trigger that's causing the counter to increase is bugged right now. After the update, actions will be counted properly.
  20. Yeah! Get him Retrograde! Throw the rulebook at him!
  21. The bot should come online when the server starts, and go offline when it's down. Players generally find this feature useful because they know that if the Discord bot is offline, the server is down.
  22. Yep. They're indirectly buffed by this system because the default minimum timer is 2 seconds instead of 3. This gives weaponless a 50% dps increase. Furthermore, this also removes the minimum damage threshhold, so hitting frequently for low damage is much more effective.
  23. Just to reiterate, since it seems to be skimmed over with what I said: we're going to make an alternative change to make removing them a bit easier under certain conditions. The result is that this specific method of removing reinforcements is undesirable, not that removing reinforcements should be impossible.
  24. After some discussion, erupt/freeze will not be able to remove reinforced tiles. The fact of the matter is, reinforcements are just that - reinforcements. They're not meant to be easily removed. They should require considerable effort to remove. However, we're going to make an alternative change to make removing them a bit easier under certain conditions.