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  1. As a personal opinion, I feel limiting prayers to one per day, but granting faith equivalent to 5x what it currently offers (including up to 5 faith in a single pray), would be the ideal solution. This removes the need for players to feel chained to an altar for almost 2 hours praying every 20 minutes in order to be efficient. Instead, you'd pray once and be set for the day.
  2. Wurm Museum

    Really wish I had a reference to learn about all the history of Wurm, similar to this which was recently released for RuneScape:
  3. It affects all frost wounds you inflict. This applies to salve of frost weaponry, frostbrand, shard of ice, hypothermia, ice pillar, and any other source of frost damage that I might be missing. As a simple rule of thumb: if you deal damage and it's type matches the ring enchant, it gets the damage bonus.
  4. Another one is when your boat can't move. You hop into your boat and try to sail away, but it just doesn't move! There should be a message when you examine it telling you the water is too shallow for the boat. Even after playing for years, this one still gets me.
  5. Hey everyone, sorry for the confusion. We should've added additional information to the change log regarding how player god priest restrictions work. Priest restrictions are based entirely on the template god. For example, Nahjo's template god is Fo. This means any priest restrictions that apply to Fo would also apply to Nahjo. In this case, Fo cannot apply support beams, and therefore neither can Nahjo. Because Magranon is able to apply support beams, this infers that Smeagain also can apply support beams (since Smeagain is a demigod of Magranon). I do see how strange it appears with Nahjo being able to reinforce with a spell, but not with a beam. However, this isn't a bug and instead just a side effect of re-rolling the spell lists. We're open to suggestions for changing this, and would ask that you make a new thread in the suggestions forum mentioning it. Again, sorry for the confusion and hopefully this helps clarify similar situations in the future.
  6. No doubt! Dailies in other MMO's are very frequently underwhelming and I personally have been trained to dread them. With Wurm, it's even harder as the gameplay loop for each player differs substantially. Giving a player a goal to slay a creature when they have no interest in combat is a terrible idea, for example! So, since we're here, let's give it our best shot. If daily or weekly missions were added, what would you want them to look like? How would you make it appeal to the player it's given to? What type of objectives would suffice for both a casual player who logs in a few hours a week while also working for those who spend more than 24 hours per day grinding?
  7. Bingo. Vynora had an absolutely absurd amount of favor stored up that was basically all burned today through consecutive casts. Because of the new Rite system, rites can now stack on top of eachother. A Ritual of the Sun and Rite of Spring can both be active at the same time, and players can obtain bonuses for each one assuming they're the proper deity. In this case, it was three instances of Rite of Spring stacked on top of each other. This leads to players being able to "claim" their bonus and get all three rewards at the same time. You will see the line "You feel enlightened!" three times when you pray on Xanadu. Now Vynora has been drained of all her favor, and another cast wont be able to occur until her pool replenishes. The sad truth of today's events is that it only hurts everyone. If done correctly and more spaced out, players would've been able to claim the full 5 hour sleep bonus several more times over the next week or two from different casts. Since the casts were instead overlapped, it tries to claim the 5 hours multiple times, but is capped on the first, wasting 10 hours of sleep bonus. Luckily, everyone is able to at least claim the full 3x mind logic ticks that the ritual provides, and the bonus to boat speed will last until the rite expires (though it doesn't apply multiple times over, so that boat speed is also going to waste). In the end, it's just an anomaly that will sort itself out shortly. We're also going to be implementing a fix for server restarts resetting the bonuses that can be obtained from rituals. The existing rites are going to perish after the next server restart, which is the purpose for the existing Rite ban. Any further rituals cast could end up being cut short due to a hotfix being deployed... which ironically is meant to fix the very issue that it would be causing. I know a lot of people are currently thinking that "oh it turned out how they didn't want it to and they're going to nerf it!" - That's not the case. We're actually keeping the player's best interest in mind by banning further casts so that a hotfix doesn't interrupt claiming the reward. As of right now, no changes are planned to the gains or favor cost of rites, and claiming the mind logic reward on Xanadu is valid and not considered exploiting. With that said, bear in mind that we'll be monitoring how often the rites are cast in the near future. If it's faster than we want, we'll likely be raising the favor cost a bit to compensate. For now, enjoy the change and claim some stats.
  8. Rite of Death

    What type of effect would you like to see Rite of Death have? This was a question asked during the priest testing but no suggestions were proposed.
  9. You're correct on every front. The choice is whether you want to take the situational approach or the generic upgrade. While cold is better against some targets, it's also worse against others (see studded). The demise have no restrictions aside from what target your hitting, and will always be beneficial against those targets.
  10. Answered your points in purple above. In regards to ring, I don't really have a good answer for it. I'm inclined to say that it's the same as any other trade, but I'm not well versed enough to know with high confidence.
  11. Good catch! That's unintentional. For organization purposes, would you be willing to make a new thread in the Server Bugs forum mentioning this issue? Lots of work to be done and keeping everything well organized will help the team fix issues like this one.
  12. Examining the token should give a message stating if the deed is chained to kingdom influence.
  13. This is really nice. My only nitpick would be to freeze the first column (view -> freeze -> 1 column). This will allow scrolling until the names match up with a deity to check their spell list exactly. Otherwise, really glad that players are compiling information and working together to figure out the quirks of the new update.
  14. Would you happen to know if you had negative alignment before the update?
  15. Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback. We're reading through the posts and have made a couple of changes in response to some of the concerns you have. You're absolutely right with this. We've made a change that allows guards to prevent bashing towers. Our goal is going to be to keep it at the 90 damage mark, as we feel it might make for some really memorable moments. If a kingdom is alerted at 30/60, then gets rallied together and out to the tower with 70 damage being inflicted, it's very easy for the opposing kingdom to back off and determine it's not worth it. By putting the marker at 90, we're attempting to put the attacking kingdom into a "commitment" to take the tower. Leaving a tower at 95-98 damage because the defenders came into local is going to be a really tough call. We want this to happen. It could end up with moments where a kingdom sacrifices part of their force to take down the tower. Of course, it's possible that this doesn't turn out this way, and we end up with the opposing kingdom simply taking the tower and leaving. If this becomes commonplace, we can always revisit the mechanic and make tweaks to when the alert goes out. It's very hard to get these mechanics right without doing live testing on them first. Just know that we're not putting our foot down and saying "this is how it is and always will be" - we're open to adjusting the numbers in the future to improve the system. It's hard to know whether to overtune or undertune this system for release. On one hand, if you make the alert too early, players will just simply avoid bashing towers as it's not worth it, expecting the opposing kingdom to outmatch them. On the other hand, if we place it too late, players are going to be attacking towers rapidly across the map because the system is in a place that's very good for that. We're going with the latter, as we'd prefer to make players aggressively use this system to start. If it gets too crazy, we'll dial it back. Furthermore, we also believe that this opens up the opportunity for smaller kingdoms to make a play on larger kingdoms without having to fight their full force. As a final point, we're not intent on making bricks used to repair the towers right now. We can look into it for a future update, but right now we're happy with simply preventing players from repairing towers while there are enemies in local. If you want to repair a tower, you'll need to push them off the objective and out of your local to re-establish control to repair. Opinions might vary on this, really. While individually none of these penalties seems very severe, when combined and put into practice, they may make a significant difference. Inflicting decay on a longhouse through cutting it's chain can be very punishing, and requires a ton of maintenance. It's easier to say "just repair the walls with brick every few days" than to actually do it. In time, we'll see how this plays out. It's important to note that the goal wasn't to cripple non-chained deeds, simply provide penalties that give incentive for enemies to raid it more easily. If players are able to use these mechanics to wipe deeds off the map rapidly, then the goals of the system have failed. If players are using these mechanics to strengthen their position before committing to a raid, the goals of the system have succeeded. Correct. This system is limited to Chaos and Elevation. It's also tied to a feature that can be toggled on and off, server-specific, at any time. If any unforseen circumstances occur on any server after the implementation of this feature, it can be disabled without a restart until a fix can be deployed. Yes, they will begin to be affected immediately. We're not launching with a grace period, but it can be implemented afterwards if necessary. Correct. The new tower chaining feature also requires that deeds be founded with the token within 50 tiles of a chained tower, instead of 50 tiles of kingdom influence. This means a chained tower is absolutely required and the token cannot be placed outside of existing tower influence. Any deeds that already exist outside of tower influence are grandfathered in to the system and wont be penalized, assuming there is a valid tower nearby within chaining distance (120 tiles).
  16. It's been a bit since I last posted here, as I've been working on some of the projects unrelated to the priest rework recently. However, I've spent some time and made some quick changes to address some of the current issues/bugs with the current build. As of right now, the priest rework is considered content-complete and no further mechanics changes are planned. Fixes for bugs and exploits are obviously still on the table. Purge no longer dispels karma spell effects. Befriend monster passive no longer works for rift monsters or legendary creatures. Infection wounds no longer tick every minute against legendary creatures. Scorn of Libila no longer heals neutral creatures that are naturally aggressive. This resolves an issue with it healing creatures that are rendered neutral due to the befriend monster & befriend creature passives. Containers can now be enchanted and mended. This applies to pottery items, barrels, and similar objects that could previously not be cast on. Wrath of Magranon no longer fails to damage fences on the east and southern tip of its area of effect. Ritual of the Sun now properly repairs all fences and structures within Magranon & demigod faith zones. That aside, let's dive into some responses for the recent comments. Wurm is very heavy on RNG as it stands. Every action you take is dictated by some form of RNG, swayed by the items and skills you use. In the end, it still comes down to a roll of the dice. The "critical success" you speak of is done through raw sample size. Players cast over and over on items in order to achieve the higher value enchants. If the proposed ability to move enchants from item to item were implemented, it bypasses that sample size restriction on a single item and instead allows that sample size to be spread across all items and all players in the entire game. Instead of having a 104 enchant on a supreme be amazing, you'd instead compare a 104 cast on a supreme and a 104 cast on a normal item and consider them equal... because the normal item cast can be transferred to the supreme. To re-iterate, I've already done this in Wurm Unlimited. It ended up with players obtaining super-items that were massively out of control. Granted, I compounded that failure by uncapping enchant power and letting players advance excessively... but still. Once players have the best items, they no longer have anything to strive for. Goals are what keep players interested in playing Wurm. The ability to move enchants makes goals easier to achieve. While that feels good for the player, it's unhealthy for the game. This is a clash of good game design versus player desire. Sadly most of the work that was supposed to be done with Fo ended up not working out as intended. There were spells planned to be reworked that we just couldn't manage to do in a valid way, because the ideas were too ambitious. This leaves Fo in an unfortunate state where we were planning to give him something extra in order to bring him up to par with the other deities, but ends up falling short. Right now, he'll be remaining in the state that he's in. At the end of the day, he's the only god who has the full kit of healing spells, combined with Oakshell, Genesis, Life Transfer, and Venom. Because he's also a template god, he gets the special CR bonus for being on his terrain, which can be pretty potent. Aside from that, there's really not much else to say. I'm sure players will use him, but he'll be the niche pick of the group. This is intentionally remaining. Diversity is a good thing, and it will keep kingdom templates relevant. Players who are JK template can have a Vynora and Fo champion, then require a demigod for their third champion. Vynora and Fo are the most non-combatant template gods, so this seems a good balance whereas BL will have a "strong" Libila champion and MR will have a "strong" Magranon champion. Again, this isn't set in stone, so if it doesn't work out as intended, it can always be adjusted in the future. Fish are considered meat, so this is already functioning. Not being stung by bees seems like a good idea, but it'd require a new passive - of which Fo already has a very large amount. Followers of Fo already have 3 unique passives at 20 faith. Overloading Fo with passives is probably not the best way to fix him. In regards to the pets, that would be extremely difficult to achieve with the current pet system. There would need to be a rework of how pet mechanics worked before that type of idea could be attempted. Yes. Libila does not obtain Strongwall on PvE, but will retain it for PvP servers. Other priests will have access to Disintegrate on PvE after the update. Most of the deities roll either Strongwall or Disintegrate on PvE. I can't recall off the top of my head what deities have specifically on PvE, as the screenshots for their lists were taken on Baphomet (a PvP test server). A new list would need to be made for the PvE spell lists to include which deities have Disintegrate or Strongwall. No. This mechanic follows the same rules that govern all actions in the game. Whether it's improving an item, farming a field, or mining iron, you're always rolling -100 to 100, with a slide based on many factors. Channeling is no exception, but the actual power of the actions are more pronounced since they're entirely visible to the player instead of being hidden under other gameplay layers.
  17. The effect you see there was highly "forced" by using a GM account to apply the effect in that area repeatedly. I condensed about ~2-4 months worth of terrain erosion into that 15 second clip. Edit: a quick before/after when I was working on it. This was roughly a week of erosion being live on the server: Before After
  18. Since the mod was brought up (the one I made for exactly this purpose), I feel it's valid to provide some context. Basically, when I first generated the map for my unlimited server, it was riddled with horrible bumps and hills all over the terrain. It looked incredibly unnatural and was terrible to travel across. 10 slope up, 13 slope down, 11 slope up again. It was miserable. After some time, I managed to design a system that would naturally terraform the ground back into a more natural state by detecting severe deformities. It does this by moving dirt using logical amounts of slope differential between two sides. If you're looking at a hill that's 10-15 slope each tile up to the top, it's going to be entirely unaffected. If someone digs a 20 slope ditch on a single tile corner, the system would detect that and start moving dirt from the top down into the pit. It's actually somewhat difficult to describe how the system works, but it doesn't just "flatten" the world or make it look miserable. It also doesn't impact building sites, it doesn't work on deeds, and since its implementation there have been no complaints about the map terrain or existence of the system. The best way to describe it is probably a demonstration. This is the gif I used when I posted the patch notes to my server:
  19. It has always bothered me how useless some of the rare items are. I saw people making mods on Unlimited that would grant bones through sacrificing, give skill gain, or even provide other benefits separate from rarity entirely. However, there's already rules in place that rarity follows, it's just not implemented very well. When you consume a rare item while improving, there's a small chance that it transfers rarity (1/100). When you use a rare material to continue an item, it would provide a chance of transferring rarity as well (1 in however many materials are required). Following that mindset, I thought it would make more sense if rare materials just "worked" properly, and thus made the following changes to my WU server: Rarity Improvements Rarity windows now operate on bad luck protection similar to recently introduced treasure map finding. Rare materials now have a 5% chance to transfer rarity during improvement and creation actions scaled based on weight used. This applies to any combinable resource used to create an item or improve an item. For example, using a rare lump will have a 5% total chance to transfer its rarity over the 1kg it has. The chance is modified based on the amount used to improve or create with. For example, if you use 0.1kg of supreme lump while improving your pickaxe, that improvement action (if successful) will have a 0.5% chance of turning the pickaxe supreme. This makes it so that combining rare materials is no longer detrimental to obtaining rares. When you combine up a 40kg rare iron lump, consuming it to improve would net on average 2 rares via improvement. Furthermore, creating items using rare components such as handles, blades, nails, planks, etc. are now much better as well. The following system only applies to items which are created in their entirety from two consumable resources. For example, using a rare handle and a rare sword blade to create a sword would use this system. Using a rare anvil and a rare lump will not use this system, since the anvil is not consumed in the process. Metallurgy does work. Using rare charcoal with rare iron will produce rare steel, for example. When the item is created, it will roll randomly between the two rarities of the resources used to create it, distributed equally. For example, using a rare handle with a supreme blade will give a 50% chance at a rare, and 50% chance at a supreme. Using a normal handle on that same supreme blade would yield a 33% chance at normal, 33% chance at rare, and 33% chance at supreme. Using a fantastic handle on the supreme blade would offer a 50% chance at supreme, 50% chance on fantastic. If both items are the same rarity, it completely guarantees that the resulting item will be the same rarity. A fantastic handle and a fantstic blade will always create a fantastic sword. I find solutions like this to be far more eloquent in design than the ones than simple conversion of the rares into something else. If you're making arrow shafts, and get a rare arrow shaft... you should have a strong chance to make a rare arrow from it. It shouldn't just be spamming rare arrow shafts so you can eventually sacrifice a lot of them to get something else. That type of mindset generally encourages "gaming" the system to obtain as many rares as possible to achieve the final reward as many times as you can for maximum profit. That said, it's not like what I did was that much better. People ended up spamming shafts and handles so they could have good chances to create a rare tool. But at least they were creating a component of the rare they were aiming for, allowing them to do what's called "deterministic farming" towards their objective. Making a bunch of shafts and handles doesn't end with them being able to rare their dragonscale.
  20. If you thought the priest overhaul was big, just wait until you see what Tich had in store for you.
  21. Been a minute (few days) since my last post, so it's time for another round going through all the latest comments. So I ended up playing around with this for a bit, trying to figure out how to implement this exact thing onto dispel. I ended up with a few revisions that I attempted. At the end, I scrapped the whole thing and set it aside for now. While it's obvious that players want to be able to choose what type of effect to dispel, all the solutions for doing so have been pretty poor. I'm not willing to rush out a shoddy implementation just to "get it done" in this case. For now, Dispel will function as it always did. There's the possibility of revisiting this topic in the future but it will not be a part of the Priest Rework update. Makes some changes in the code. Nope. Definitely wont work on uniques. That's a pretty good idea with Oakshell. I'll ask the team if that's something we want to do. I'll be making a change to Purge shortly which will make it avoid dispelling karma effects. They're too costly to be removed so easily. We're still making some changes. Once all the changes are finalized (which should be soon), we'll have a finalized list of changes that we're ready to present. It shouldn't be too much longer. It does right now, but I'll likely be removing the ability for Purge to dispel those effects alongside Karma effects in the next update. I tried something similar to this in Wurm Unlimited. While people love it and use it frequently, I've found it fairly damaging to the economy. Players who have many resources are able to more easily and securely create "masterpiece" items. Instead of having to sit there casting on your supreme item, risking a shatter every time, you instead just cast on items you might plan on selling until you get a 100+ cast, then use the scroll to transfer it over. This removes a ton of the risk and provides all the reward to the player. Again, it feels extremely good from the player perspective because they strictly benefit, but it's a flawed design that will most likely cause significant damage to the community and economy.
  22. Nice responses. I read through it all and I think I have an idea. What would you think about allowing a form of "splitter" into a BSB? An example: You insert a splitter and set it to 90QL. Everything below 90QL would then be averaged together, and everything above 90QL would be averaged. This gives you two piles of bulk items. You then insert another splitter and set it to 50QL. Everything below 50QL would be averaged together, everything between 50QL and 90QL would be averaged together, and everything above 90QL would be averaged together. This gives the player the ability to split their BSB in a variety of ways, while being pretty clean in regards to how it's handled. If players don't want it to split, they simply don't add any splitters. It would be extra work on behalf of the player to create and install the splits instead of requiring new interfaces or similar. It also doesn't interrupt the existing gameplay, and instead is a pure addition. Would probably need to limit the amount of splitters, potentially based on the QL of the BSB/FSB, which would provide incentive for carpenters to actually improve those objects. What do you guys think?
  23. Yes, every attack with Bloodthirst still deals the 33% more damage. The infection wounds are a bonus on top of what already existed. The new BT changes do not apply to bows. Bows will function identically to how they did before with Bloodthirst. The magic shell idea is something interesting, but it's kind of exactly what we wanted to avoid. There's consideration for making it so that Purge does not dispel karma effects, and the normal Dispel spell would need to be used to remove them after a Purge. It's a new spell so we'll likely still tweak it a bit, whether that be cast time, cooldown, favor cost, or mechanics in general. It remains to be seen. Feedback is valuable for that process. While attack speed is capped to 3 seconds, the "base" speed can be lower. This base speed is what's calculated with all the effects, such as web armour, then it gets capped after all effects are in place. The infection wounds are different from infection... "status?" - This is one of those design areas that definitely needs clarification and possibly a rename of the mechanic. For example, we have poison "wounds" and poison "mechanic" which are different things. You can have a bruise with poison or infection. You can have a poison wound without poison status on it. You can have infection wounds without infection status on it. These are really difficult to convey, whether it be in a forum like this or in-game where it actually matters. When you get hit by an RT weapon, the only way you know that the wound is infected is to watch the combat log and recognize which area they hit. This whole thing has room for a lot of improvement. Rant aside, the infection wound differs from the infection "status" that is applied by RT because it actually changes the wound type. This changes how it interacts with armour and (by proxy) ignores glance rates. This gives BT a DPS increase based on the glance rate of the opponent. Alongside the significant damage increase, this makes BT a form of hybrid between Venom and the elemental enchants, as well as offering more versatility. It's hard to say exactly where BT will end up, but from my own perspective I believe 10k BT is the highest damage, highest versatility enchant for damage out there. The others are faster and mildly comparable, but BT offers a whole new way to fight, where you can wear down the opponent over time. While it's true that in PvP most players just zerg down a single target, when you scale down the fight sizes to smaller skirmishes such as 1v1 and 2v2, the infection wounds become way more valuable for obvious reasons. Landing an infected wound on a high shield skill target could be the difference between winning and losing the fight. In the end, time will tell how valuable it is. It now has its own identity separate from the rest of weapon enchants, and that was the goal with the change. I believe we'll be targeting the ability for players to switch their deity on both Freedom and Epic clusters - thus 2 resets. Can you elaborate on what's wrong with Dispel in it's current form? I believe I read something a long time ago posted in this thread regarding dispel, shattering, and similar... but it's buried so far back that I can't find it or recall the specifics. That's a bug and will definitely be fixed. Thanks for testing and reporting that!
  24. I would really like to see something similar to the bulk sorted mod from Wurm Unlimited, but it's implementation should not be so... choppy. The idea of shelves that accept certain QL is along the right track, but I'd like to see something truly inventive that makes sense and doesn't require player configuration to achieve the proper result. Also, shelves would make the interface harder to manage. Any ideas for ways to make this happen without just sorting by groups of 10QL and 1QL past 90?