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  1. [WU] Datamining

    I currently host everything on Google Sheets. I might be willing to share, but there's data in there I'd like to keep to myself for now. I may be able to work something out in the near future to open the sheets up. Yeah the shield QL seems to do nearly nothing, which is kind of disappointing. I can't help but feel that my simulator may have a bug or something that doesn't account for QL... but the results do seem to rise a little with higher QL... so maybe it is working. I'm not sure, but I'll double check to make sure that the shield QL is being passed to all the right places, and if it is indeed a bug, I will fix it and re-post my results. From what I read, rarity has no effect on shields at all. Aside from making you look pretty and shiny, I guess. I'll run a deep simulation (increase the sample size to 10x of the normal) between a fantastic and normal shield to confirm my results, then post. Large shield vs. Small shield is a good question. I didn't even consider it since everyone I ever saw only used large metal shield (aside from the Scale of Libila, of course). I'll run some tests and get back to you on the results later today. I've not actually tested it through simulation, no, but I can tell you that from reading the code I'm 90% sure it works as advertised. I will run simulations later to ensure that my theory is correct. I never published a mod. I wrote a few client mods but I keep them to myself. I saw the hot liquid thing in archery and must say I was intrigued. I heard stories about people throwing cauldrons of hot water at players and instantly killing them a while ago. I'm still writing my archery simulator so perhaps I will be able to simulate how it works and figure out what's going on with it. Good question. Similar to the Large shield vs. Small shield, wooden shields didn't cross my mind. I'll simulate some later today and post my results.
  2. Could always implement it, see if it works, and if it doesn't, change it.
  3. [WU] Datamining

    Okay, I've started it everyone, I've gotten a lot of PM's which have all mainly pointed towards combat. I've edited the original post with the beginnings of unraveling the combat system for the community. I will continue adding onto it in the future.
  4. Adamantine does not do 10% increased damage on weapons, like the Wurmpedia says (Adamantine): Here is a snippet of code from the getDamage function in CombatHandler: } else { boolean full = _creature.hasSpellEffect(67) && !weapon.isArtifact(); damage = Weapon.getModifiedDamageForWeapon(weapon, attStrengthSkill, full) * 1000.0; damage += (double)(weapon.getCurrentQualityLevel() / 100.0f * weapon.getSpellExtraDamageBonus()); damage += Server.getBuffedQualityEffect(weapon.getCurrentQualityLevel() / 100.0f) * (double)Weapon.getBaseDamageForWeapon(weapon) * 2400.0; } The first call is to Weapon.getModifiedDamageForWeapon, which does the 1.1 multiplication at the end of the function. if (weapon.getMaterial() == 56) { damreturn *= 1.1; } However, as you can see from the CombatHandler code, it then does straight addition to the value, gradually decreasing the effect of the multiplication, down to the point where an adamantine weapon eventually does about ~2% to ~3% more than a non-adamantine weapon. I have a combat simulator which I tuned to test the damage difference from adamantine. Here are the results: iron longsword: 11187 addy longsword: 11414 longsword difference: 102.02% iron maul: 20243 addy maul: 20677 maul difference: 102.14% iron huge axe: 24353 addy huge axe: 24867 huge axe difference: 102.11% I suggest changing of the Adamantine page to better reflect its actual functionality.
  5. Perhaps we can fix all the problems pretty pretty quickly while still allowing this really nice feature to be utilized on PvP. Allow management of animals on PvP: (behaviours/; 139-143) Remove locating animals from the menu: (questions/; 295-312) Add a warning message at the top of the question for players on PvP servers: (questions/; 511-515) A rather quick and dirty approach, but I think it hits all the bases.
  6. Adamantine Damage

    \o/ now to await that fix in wurm unlimited!
  7. [WU] Datamining

    Added a "True Weapon Damage" table and added some Mining simulations. I'll likely be approaching some combat next, starting with shield block and parry rates.
  8. [WU] Datamining

    Web Armour is cleared every 10 seconds or so, which means their next swing would be 8 seconds, yes, but then it would return to normal. Web Armour also only functions when you damage the enemy player. That means unless you're hitting every single time, the difference is not so drastic. When you account for shield blocks, parries, and the like, the power of Web Armour is reduced quite a bit. To my knowledge there are no floors or ceiling levels for any enchants. The only one that "kind of" works that way would be horse gear with WoA (or BotD). The code for understanding how horse gear works was kind of painful to read, but I think (if I read it right), the 1 power of WoA/BotD is equal to 1 QL on the horse shoe or saddle. Since horse gear QL applies additions to speed at certain "thresholds" I suppose that would act as a sort of cast ceiling once you got to higher QL and casts. For the rest, I can't see anything where a higher value doesn't increase the effectiveness of something. If you get away from enchants and start working with all spells, there are certain threshold values that are required. For example, to raise a champion mob with Rebirth, you need at least 20 power. To raise a unique monster with Rebirth, you need at least 50 power. Some other spells operate in similar ways.
  9. [WU] Datamining

    This cannot be answered by anyone except a developer. However, if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that the only thing really significantly difference is skill gain calculations. It was necessary due to the action timer difference. The rest of the differences are server-specific settings and mods.
  10. [WU] Datamining

    I looked into decay and found the following: Oak items decay 20% slower. Steel items decay 20% slower. Glimmersteel items decay 40% slower. Adamantine items decay 60% slower. Rotting Touch makes items decay (power)% faster. Crude items decay 10x faster. Fishing Rods made from willow decay 30% slower.
  11. [WU] Datamining

    Wow good call I just searched the healing method and look what we found: if (Tiles.getTile((byte)Tiles.decodeType((int)(tn = this.creature.getCurrentTileNum()))).isEnchanted()) { mod += 2.0f; } For reference, that is essentially 2x as powerful as how much increase you get from having it bandaged: if (this.isBandaged) { mod += 1.0f; } Nice catch and I'll add that into my spreadsheet misc info.
  12. [WU] Datamining

    It's a lot of questions, but i'll do my best to answer them all. Altar influence has at least 2 effects that I'm aware of. One, it increases spell casting power. You can see in the simulations in the OP that I added a "Altar Bonus: 60" - this comes from being within 10 tiles of a 90QL altar. It assists in getting a higher power while casting. Secondly, it increases combat effectiveness. I'm not sure how, but it is at least mentioned in the combat system. I know it does not affect damage, but I believe it may affect hit chance, block, parry, or other factors. I'm still in the progress of fully unraveling the combat system, but it does something for combat. It's also worth mentioning that the combat bonus is for all gods, not just Magranon/Libila. I actually don't have a good answer for this. It's really hard to determine the formulas because I haven't looked too deeply into the economy. However, I put the code for the sacrifice bonuses here if you would like to try your hand at deciphering it, or have someone else look at it. I will try to revisit it and truly understand it in the future. Notes: woodAffinity = vynora, metalAffinity = magranon, clothAffinity = fo, meatAffinity = libila. I think foodAffinity is Fo, and potteryAffinity is vynora, but i don't know it by heart. I was curious how this worked too, so I spent almost a whole day trying to figure it out. Here's what I discovered: Every second that you are logged in, the server rolls a value 1-3600. If you land a 1, you get a "rarity window" (Note: this means you should get 1 rarity window per hour on average). The rarity window lasts 20 seconds. This can be increased by up to 10 through the deed Enchanting bonus. When you take an action in the rarity window, you get a "Moment of Inspiration" drumroll, which goes down this list: If you are improving, and damage the item, nothing happens. If you are improving, and you get a skillgain tick (this is rarer on higher quality items, at least in WU), you succeed. If you are creating an item, you succeed. In most other actions, you will succeed. Upon success, the following occurs: You have a 1/1000 chance of making the item fantastic. If that fails, You have a 1/100 chance of making the item supreme. If that fails, The item is rare. Exception when improving, it appears to roll a 50/50 chance as to whether to make the item rare in the end. This is unconfirmed. Hopefully this is the answer you were looking for. I feel like you may have been referring to something else that's Wurm Online related, but this is how it works in the Wurm Unlimited code. Sadly I can't confirm this, and looking for where it might occur could be any number of places. If I stumble across this, I'll mention it, but to my knowledge enchanted grass has no special effect. Repair isn't something I've looked deeply into. I'll have to poke around and get back to you on this. I'll have to look more closely into how decay works, but from my (relatively poor) knowledge, all wood types except for one (cedarwood I think?) decay at the same rate. Again I actually don't know the answer to that one. As for improving success, all wood types are identical. Material type is not checked in the improvement code. Chain armour made out of other materials is only cosmetic. Iron, seryll, glimmersteel, etc. chain all function identically in terms of damage reduction. Having a different material just gives you that extra swag that charms the beast into going easy on you. Thank you for your questions and if I can clarify anything further let me know.
  13. [WU] Datamining

    The bonus does not count for spells. I personally play on a Wurm Unlimited server that has priest restrictions removed, so I can't hazard a guess as to why it's in Wurm Online. I'm not a developer, so perhaps it's old code left over from when priests could improve, or perhaps a bonus for champions (I think champions can improve in Wurm Online?). Not sure.
  14. [WU] Datamining

    Yes they do. From what I see, it appears that animals have breeding with other animals as part of their AI package. I haven't looked deep enough to know the specifics, but it appears that animals will seek out a mate and breed with them. When this happens, you'll likely see a message like this: Oh, and it's worth mentioning that with natural breeding, there doesn't appear to be a "pregnancy" period. Once they're done, the offspring is created instantly.
  15. I have datamined the values for weapons from the Wurm Unlimited code, and would like to see the Table of Weapons page updated to reflect it:
  16. Table of Weapons

    Ok I understand. Would it be possible to add a "Wurm Unlimited Data" section or something underneath? So it isn't confused with the Wurm Online mechanics?
  17. Adamantine Damage

    I understand not wanting to change the information because it cannot be confirmed on Wurm Online. Even players with adamantine weapons would likely be unable to confirm the difference due to how small the change is. However, it's been shown before the Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited moon metals function identically, as proven by this thread which was later implemented into the Wurmpedia through this edit. Now, I know, Keenan is a developer, but at the very least would it be possible to add a section underneath the Wurmpedia page for a "rumor" or such that it does not actually function as intended? The whole community of Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited are being done a disservice by promoting false information like this - prices are high on a material based on misinformation, and people are under the illusion that their item does something that it doesn't. As for the Combat Simulator, I copy/pasted the code from Wurm Unlimited for the setDamage function in the CombatHandler, then ran it 1,000,000 times for each weapon. I averaged the results and printed them out. You see the results in the OP.
  18. Is it possible for the compass mod, when you are underground, to show the height of the surface above you?
  19. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Is there a way to get the livemap back after closing it?