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  1. Wyvern

    It's not that simple. Because of the type of modding that the Wyvern devs did, you cannot simply plug it into an unmodified server and expect it to work. For example, the "Depth Drill" item that they created is completely unique. Without having a mod for the depth drill like they did, there's no possible way to launch the server successfully. It will require someone with technical know-how and time on their hands to sift through the errors that the server encounters, then resolve them by hand. The only other alternative would be if Graham and Jonneh gave their server modifications with the download, but I don't expect that anytime soon.
  2. Wyvern

    It was suggested long ago that a highscores system be made to showcase the highest player skills on Wyvern. Now that the server data is in the hands of everyone, everyone has the means of seeing everyone's skills. I've made a spreadsheet that is ordered by the highest skilled players. You can view it here: Wyvern High Scores (Google Sheets) Hopefully everyone will find this interesting.
  3. Wyvern

    I have the resources to re-host it, but it would be from a server in Canada. If there's enough interest I could possibly make it work. It will just require some time to mimic the mods that were in place to prevent the mechanics of the game from destroying a lot of what was created (for example, crops not withering so that animals can eat, etc.). Considering the current popularity and success of Zenath, I'm not sure if it is worth my time to do so. Basically if Wyvern were to be re-hosted, it risks a split of players between Zenath and Wyvern, in which case there wouldn't be a strong amount of players on either side... Here's a strawpoll - I know it wont be perfect, but it will at least give a gauge as to how people want to proceed. Rehosting Wyvern Strawpoll Regardless of how it goes, I played endless hours on Wyvern and enjoyed a vast majority of them. So thank you for that, and I'm glad we at least have the files necessary to allow it to continue breathing life.
  4. You are in fact able to simulate objects from the Wurm server without actually running a server. It's how I was able to create simulators for spellcasting, item improvement, etc. which I showcase in the WU Datamining thread in the Game Guides section. For now I don't want to share it, but I would recommend you not give up on your attempts to recreate the situation in your own sandbox. It took me a week or so to get everything working, but after the headache was over, tapping into the objects to pull data and simulations was easy.
  5. How to Start Modding

    If you've never before in your life programmed anything, try Code Combat and get back to me on how much it helps you. I've tried it and it seems pretty damn good, but I'm unsure how helpful it might be to a complete beginner.
  6. [WU] Datamining

    I want to say yes, but I can't be sure. If I recall correctly I think it only affects bonus. If you have 70+ bonus in your cast, you'll cap out and the armour wont effect it. As to whether or not it affects non-combat spells, I want to heavily lean towards yes. It's been a while since I've done datamining but I do not recall the armour portion of the code being inside the combat spell area. If only I had my source code still.
  7. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Yeah. I'll send you the source in a PM right now.
  8. [WU] Datamining

    Yikes. I am taking a break from Wurm, but I still care enough to check this thread and answer what I can from time to time when I can. I have some time to dump on my hands, so here we go. The latest questions: Rarity on weapons increases critical strike chance by 10% (rare), 30% (supreme), and 50% (fantastic). This is a multiplier for the base crit chance, not added to the amount. So for example, a huge axe has a 1.00% crit chance (look at the spreadsheet in the OP) by default. With a rare huge axe, that increases by 10% to 1.1% chance to crit. With a fantastic huge axe, it would increase to 1.5% chance to crit. Critical strikes are important because they bypass hit checks and do double damage. Basically, if you roll a crit, your attack lands, regardless of shield blocks or parries. Rarity on armour is a bit similar. It reduces remaining damage done (after the base multiplication is done to reduce damage from armour type) by 3% (rare), 6% (supreme), or 9% (fantastic). So if you are wearing 100QL steel plate, you take 30% damage. With a rare piece, you take 30% * 0.97 = 29.1% damage. With a fantastic piece, you would take 30% * 0.91 = 27.3% total damage. A bit difficult to explain properly but hopefully that all makes sense. I'm so sad my external hard drive died. I had a document there which had EVERYTHING for this which I would have loved to share. All of the requirements and possibilities for each of those titles. Basically, it revolves around the sorcery system. There are 3 types of sorceries: red, black, and white. Off the top of my head, most fell in the category of white. The 3 that I remember being black were Blood of Angels, Libram of the Night, and Black Tome. Essentially, there's a bunch of conditions which give you a special title for having a specific combination of certain colors of sorceries, but only if you have 2 or more of a single kind. So having a red, black, and white sorcery will give no special titles. For example, having 2 white sorceries gives you Mage. Having 3 white sorceries gives you Wizard. Having 9 or more sorceries total gives you Archmage. I believe the Shadow Mage requires 2 black sorceries. Death Knight is 3 black sorceries if I recall correctly. Again, I don't have my sheet for this, trying to recall it off the top of my head. A good data miner should be able to figure out the rest. Demises are kind of interesting to me. When I was looking through the code I couldn't for the life of me find the area where demises were countered by things like Vynora's Protection or Libila's Shielding. However, I do recall demises giving a bonus to hit chance against certain types of enemies, and your list is almost definitely correct. As for critical chance, I believe it was hinted at somewhere but I didn't ever finish my full assessment of the combat system. It's quite likely that demise gives higher crit chance. Rarity on bows is about equivalent to comparing a willow bow to a different type. Willow gives -5 to difficulty (basically +5 to the "Archery" skill), and so do rares. However, rares also increase damage by a certain amount as well. I can't recall it perfectly, but I think it's 1% (rare), 3% (supreme), and 5% (fantastic). These could be totally wrong but I simply don't have the code infront of me and I'm just going with my first thoughts. At the end of the day, comparing a rare birchwood bow to a normal willow bow would give roughly the same results. That makes a rare willow bow equivalent to a supreme lemonwood, or a supreme willow equivalent to a fantastic cedar bow. Fantastic willow bows are far and away the best in the game, giving a total of -20 to difficulty, making basically any shot quite trivial for a skilled archer. I know it applies to melee weapons, and I think it applies to bows as well: quality on weapons is completely scalar. A 20QL bow does half damage of what a 40QL, which does half of a 80QL, for example. That means the difference between an 80QL bow and a 90QL bow is 8/9, or ~88% of what the 90QL bow would do. When flipped, the 90QL bow does 9/8 of the damage of an 80QL, or 12.5% more. You can do this type of math for comparison between any set of bows pretty easily.
  9. [RELEASED] Live Map

    A better reception than I expected given some of what I've posted in the past. I echo your sentiments and feel that non-destructive mods should be made public and allow the server owners to handle their rules and management around it as they see fit. I don't forsee myself ever posting the client side flight mod for example (which I admittedly tested on Desolation, actually - sorry about that one). However, I did send the source code (of client side flight and many of the other mods I created) to the developers at CodeClub a while back. If they intend to fix it, they will.
  10. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Here's the version that allows you to see uncovered veins/through walls: LiveMap [Edited] (Google Drive) I'm probably going to get absolutely slaughtered for posting it, but honestly it's deleting 3 lines. Anyone with basic programming knowledge who can decompile and recompile a program can do this. I see no reason to leave the people who are unable to code "out of the loop" I guess you could say.
  11. [Released] Disable Tree Collisions

    A little bird told me that changes to Wurm Unlimited are coming to allow server owners to better control the mods being used on their server.
  12. Zenath - The Beginning [PvP & PvE]

    I would be interested in helping with server development.
  13. [WU] Datamining

    Maximum CR is 100. Minimum is 1. Only uniques will be able to have over 100 CR. Such as a champion dragon. Combat Rating calculation can be seen in the first post of this thread. In PvP 1/5 of your fight skill is CR. In PvE, 1/10 of your fight skill is CR. So for example 70 FS would have 14 CR in PvP, and 7 CR in PvE. When applying additions from kingdom bonuses, enchantments, etc. the cap would probably still remain under 100. I don't think anyone has done a theoretical max, but the pseudocode in the first post of the thread should allow you to do that if you desire. Here is a list of combat ratings for existing creatures (immortal creatures like guides, lady of the lake, etc. have been hidden [except for Joe, he's there out of respect]):
  14. [WU] Datamining

    This is correct - the values on the graph are pulled directly from the game's raw data. They do not represent in-game results.
  15. [WU] Datamining

    For clarity, Wind of Ages used to malfunction because of poor mathematics calculations earlier in Wurm Unlimited. It used to function at maximum power when the cast was 1, then have no effect at 100. That math was corrected as a change from Wurm Unlimited version -> It was not mentioned in patch notes. Wind of Ages, as it currently stands, reduces the swing timer per attack by 0.005 seconds per power. At 100 power, Wind of Ages effectively reduces the swing timer by 0.5 seconds. This is, of course, quite significant. Nimbleness does not stack with Wind of Ages, yet has a different effect - increasing Combat Rating. Which one is better is highly dependant on many factors. For starters, CR calculations are different in PvE and PvP. Gaining CR from fight skill is 1 CR = 10 fight skill in PvE, and 1 CR = 5 fight skill in PvP. This results with larger values of CR in PvP, making CR a less desired trait. However, for PvE, having a 90 nimbleness weapon at ~20 fight skill will essentially double your hit chance against any given opponent. For example, without nimbleness, 20 FS = 3 CR. Against a 5 CR opponent, that's a 3/8 (37.5%) chance to hit them. With 90 nimbleness giving you +3 CR for a total of 6 CR, you have a 6/11 (54%) chance to hit them. In general lower fight skill/CR values will gain more benefit from Nimbleness than Wind of Ages. So how does that compare to Wind of Ages, exactly? It doesn't. Every single scenario will be different and the calculations will be different. Combat is an incredibly deep and complex system with so many variables it will make your head spin. I can't see a way to simplify it to the point where you can say "Wind of Ages is better than Nimbleness" or vice-versa. As for personal preference, I like Wind of Ages. It stacks with Glimmersteel and allows you to hit weapon speed thresholds able to make weapons that appear awful on the surface shine. Here's a new spreadsheet including glimmer weapon damages. I made this a few weeks after I posted this thread originally, but kept it hidden away while I was playing to maintain an advantage. Glimmersteel Weapons in the Weapon Damage Table. Note: The word "Fast" means Wind of Ages [100] enchant and Glimmersteel material. This is simply a "theoretical maximum" in terms of raw DPS.
  16. [WU] Datamining

    Defensive has a lower parry timer. You can parry far more often with defensive stance than you would with normal or aggressive, that's it's main advantage. I would answer in more detail but I am still quite busy. In general Glimmer will be better than Addy in all scenarios unless the damage increase allows you to attack less. For example, if an iron axe does 48% damage per hit, addy will hit for over 50% allowing you to 2-shot something instead of 3-shot, which is more effective than glimmer. However, when you deal lets say 40% of somethings health per hit, that increase to 44% will still force you to hit 3 times, in which case glimmer will be better. Because of this, Glimmer is almost always the better choice by logic alone. It also stacks with WoA and makes the WoA speed increased more pronounced, so Glimmer is usually the better bet. In terms of raw DPS they should be equivalent when not enchanted, though.
  17. Wyvern

    They did do exactly that: 12/19/2015 Patch Notes It's well known that many players use 6-20 sermon alts for gaining faith since the server is not modified to remove prayer limit per day. The actual number of players on Wyvern is below the amount of those listed directly underneath them on the server list - the value is just inflated. I probably put the most time into Wyvern out of anyone and it's a shame to say it, but it's been a long time coming that Wyvern starts dying. That's just what happens when neglect sets in and there's no appointed GM's or patches to address the server's critical issues. The only thing that happens now is updates to the Wurm Unlimited version.
  18. Wyvern

    GM's are nonexistant. Economy is completely shot to the point where people buy a supreme wagon for 25 gold. Even simple items like rare bones are 3-5 gold. Glimmersteel and Adamantine are abundant to the point where entire kingdoms can have sets and backup sets of the best equipment. Seryll, Dragonscale, and Dragonhide are the only rare materials. 100 titles do not actually apply. Macroers are absolutely everywhere. The community is split into many small groups instead of a single whole. The problem is, it didn't used to be this way. GM's used to respond to tickets. There used to be a decent market where people were trading one thing for another. Glimmer and Addy were rare enough that it wasn't flooding the server. People used to talk in GL-Freedom and be cheerful. There were people being helpful in CA HELP. There were community projects for roads, bridges, and other grand designs. Those grand projects of past have decayed. Highgate, Grand Estate Tranquility, and Planet Fitness are all ghost towns or disbanded. GL-Freedom is a cesspool or silent most days. CA HELP gets trolled far too frequently without any CM's or GM's to moderate it. I miss the days where things were simple and people got along. There's so many issues with the PvP server that I could write an essay on it. 1 guard deeds prevent conquering of nearby towers indefinitely. There's many ways to store your valuables without risk of them being stolen, even if you are successfully raided. Rare items like the Wand of the Seas can be found, but do not function. There is no HotA or Supply Depots to encourage roaming - just treasure chests with menial rewards for insane difficulty lockpicking. I spent so much time creating a History of the PvP Server, but now PvP is dead and the unspoken conclusion is that everyone just kind of... left.
  19. [WU] Datamining

    Another dataminer came up with slightly different results, but I only heard about it after that post was made:
  20. [WU] Datamining

    Yeah. That's kind of why I nope'd out of your earlier question. I did look around, but not for very long. The polling methods and nearly everything they call are a nightmare. I posted some simulations in the OP that have the different shield types compared. In essence, it does not appear to be much difference between the shields in melee block chance. However, smaller shields are much worse at blocking archery, but take less stamina from the user per block. As for shield bashing, it is not a system I looked at heavily. Once I realized that sufficient body control is a massive counter to shield blocking (in PvP), I didn't poke around too much. I may revisit it in the near future and will post further results on the deep mechanics of Shield Bashing.
  21. [WU] Datamining

    Using Ice Pillar, you get a power of 1-100 on a cast. The game rolls a random value 1-1000, and if your cast power is greater than the value rolled, then it creates a Tundra. For example, a 50 cast would have a 50/1000 chance of making the tile a Tundra, or 1/20. 100 power is 1/10. 10 power is 1/100. It's very similar to how Disintegrate works on Reinforced cave walls.
  22. [WU] Datamining

    I'd take a look at the following method in server\zones\ private final void spawnCreature(int tx, int ty, boolean _spawnKingdom) {
  23. [WU] Datamining

    It's based on the amount of traders in the server. The traders will obtain whatever is left in the coffers divided by the amount of traders in that kingdom: value = (kingsMoney.getMoney() / Shop.getNumTraders()); This value is then modified when it is not a home server, using the following: value = ((float)value * (1.0f + Zones.getPercentLandForKingdom(this.getKingdomId()) / 100.0f)); value = ((float)value * (1.0f + Items.getBattleCampControl(this.getKingdomId()) / 10.0f)); I hope this is what you were looking for. Odd bug you found! I personally wont be able to debug that. It's a really niche thing happening and it's best if the developers take a look at it, not a modder.
  24. [WU] Datamining

    Alright, my friend. I've been lazy long enough. You can read the raw code here. Let's jam, and figure this out in full (and english): You start with "mod" at 1.0. If the wall you are looking at resides in a village and one of the following conditions are true: If there is less than a month left in upkeep, mod is multiplied by 10. If the wall resides in a currently active kingdom, or the server is a homeserver, mod is multiplied by 0.5. If the wall is in a cave (Cave Dwelling), mod is multiplied by 0.75. Now, multiply mod by 86,400. This is how many seconds inbetween each "tick" of damage. For reference, this is 24 hours. If, for example, there is less than a month left in upkeep and it is a homeserver (multiply 1.0 * 10.0 * 0.5), it will take 5 days before it "ticks" damage. Now to calculate damage. In order to start, you need to determine whether or not the owner is inactive. Inactivity is described as one of the following two conditions being true: The owner's character info has been deleted (purged from the database). The owner has not logged in for 84 days (the game's definition of 3 months, since it considers 28 days to be a month). If the owner is considered inactive, the wall will take an extra 3 (flat) damage on top of normal decay. Furthermore, if it is on the perimeter of a village, and the owner is both inactive as well as not a citizen of the village upon which perimeter the wall sits, the wall will take a further 3 (flat) extra damage. Finally, the normal decay: this.setDamage(this.damage + 0.1f * this.getDamageModifier()); The damage modifier can vary. Here are the two values that can be returned: Stone Buildings return 100.0f / Math.max(1.0f, this.currentQL * (100.0f - this.damage) / 100.0f) * 0.3f; Non-Stone Buildings return 100.0f / Math.max(1.0f, this.currentQL * (100.0f - this.damage) / 100.0f); Basically, stone buildings decay at 30% of the rate that non-stone buildings do. Hopefully, that gives you all the math and logic you need in order to determine exactly when that next building will decay so you can snatch the rares inside!
  25. [WU] Datamining

    You are right, I misread that part a bit. The exact line for the code checking if they can restock: if (value > 0 && myshop != null && myshop.getMoney() < (long)Servers.localServer.getTraderMaxIrons() && (myshop.getSellRatio() > 0.1f || Server.getInstance().isPS()) && (Server.getInstance().isPS() || != 15 || kingsMoney.getMoney() > 2000000)) { In the final area of the code, you can see that one of the following has to be true: (Server.getInstance().isPS() || != 15 || kingsMoney.getMoney() > 2000000) I don't know what isPS() means, but the default is value is "false" so I'll skip that one. On any server that is not id 15, the 2nd check passes. However, on server with ID 15, the kingsMoney.getMoney() > 2 gold must pass in order to succeed. So, without knowing about Wurm's server infrastructure and what servers are what ID, I cannot tell you which one requires 2 gold in the coffer.