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  1. Is it legal?

    This is the one Wurm problem with no real solution. Since most of the actions in Wurm are repetitive, the difference between a macro/bot and a human being blurs a lot. For example, most modern keyboards will allow you to edit the repeat "interval" when you hold down a key. If you set it to 1 minute and put a rock on your key, is that a macro? How would anything detect that is what's happening and not a person pressing the key every minute?
  2. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    So like this?
  3. Website - Discord - Mapviewer - Server Data Revenant is a spiritual successor to Wyvern Reborn, taking the most successful ideas and mods then providing a fresh start and economy. Attached to an Arena-style server that takes heavy influence from what Desolation v3 did right, this will provide one of the most fleshed out and modded PvE/PvP experiences available in Wurm. A new skill gain adjustment will provide a quick way to medium skill levels, but tapers off as you approach mastery to provide longevity. A carefully controlled bounty mod will balance the economy with deed upkeep being drained out of the economy entirely instead of going back into the King's Coffers. The most successful items added to Wyvern including the Arrow Packs and Affinity Orb have been ported to the launch for Revenant. Direct Connect: (or Revenant (PvE Map) Ruleset Automated/Looping macros and bots are prohibited. Flyhacks and speed hacks are prohibited. All other client mods, including the public ESP mod, are allowed. Primary Features Treasure Hunting - Treasure maps are able to be obtained and tracked down using a compass, spawning a treasure chest and guarding mobs. You can even get ambushed by a unique when attempting a difficult enough map. Custom Skillgain - Skillgain will starts high, then slowly decreases to a lower multiplier as you rise in skill, down to around 1x when you reach ~90. Leaderboards - See how you stack up to other players in our specialized leaderboards. Skill Leaderboards - Select a skill and see the top 20 players in any given skill. Achievement Leaderboards - Achievements such as how many bears each person has slain and how many knarr's they've built are also tracked. See who has created the most supreme items or cut the most trees. Unique Leaderboards - New leaderboards for unique tracking. See who has built the largest structure, has the most affinities, slain the most uniques, and more. Discord Integration - New unique rumors, GL-Freedom, and death tabs are all integrated into discord channels that work both ways. Talk in GL-Freedom from your phone! Mastercraft - Achieving 90+ skill has more benefit than usual, providing a curved increase to the power of your rolls as you gain skill closer to 99, which then doubles in power during the curve from 99 to 99.9999 Bounty - Bounty mod calculates reward based on the combat strength of the creature, and not some static number. The bounty comes from the king's coffers to keep the economy stable. Spellcraft - Adjustments and bugfixes to spellcasting to improve the overall feel of spells and faith gain. Armoury - Weaponry tweaks will occur over time, buffing weaker weapons to make them viable in the meta over time. Priest Settings Priest restrictions removed. You can build, improve, farm, etc. without penalty regardless of which deity they decide to follow. Maximum Faith 150. Prayers have been re-scaled to work up to a new faith cap of 150, allowing high faith priests to cast complex spells without needing to link. Prayer once per hour. You now only need to pray once per hour, instead of the standard 20 minutes. In return, each prayer will offer 3x more faith. This allows exploration after prayer without having to feel chained to the altar. Libila Enabled. Anyone can play Libila on any server, with full access to the Libila spell list. Minor inconveniences like Mycelium being overgrown by grass and animals requiring Bless before being tamed have also been removed. New Spells Harden (Vynora/Magranon) - Enchant that reduces the amount of damage taken by items through use. Keeps your equipment in top shape. Replenish (Vynora) - Enchant that automatically refills containers with water over time. Useful on items such as waterskins, barrels, and even fountains (without requiring a water source). Summon Soul (All) - Summons a player to your location. Has a long cast time, high favor cost, and is blocked in PvP if there are enemies nearby. The player being summoned also must accept the summon to avoid abuse. Expand (All) - Increases the size of a container. The container will remain capped at 100 items, but it will store larger/heavier objects. Allows forges to store up to 100 ores, mailboxes to fit longbows, and chests to fit saddles. Efficiency (Magranon) - Reduces the difficulty of skill checks with that item. This applies to many different actions, allowing players to mine higher average quality of ore, succeed in improvement more often, and similar. Has negating interaction (does not stack) with Circle of Cunning and Blessings of the Dark. Quarry (Magranon) - Casted on a pickaxe, this makes surface mining more likely to adjust the terrain. Higher casts give a higher chance of ensuring the rock level changes after mining. Titanforged (None) - Obtained on items only by slaying a Titan, this acts as a stackable Wind of Ages, Circle of Cunning, and Efficiency buff at half effect. Jewelry Enchants - Only one of these enchants can be on a single jewelry item. You can wear one of each enchant. Multiple of a single enchant on multiple items will not stack, and instead only use the highest value. Prowess (Magranon) - Increases Combat Rating while the jewelry is being worn. Industry (Vynora) - Reduces difficulty of skill checks while the jewelry is being worn. Endurance (Fo) - Reduces stamina loss while the jewelry is being worn. Acuity (Libila) - Reduces favor cost of spells while the jewelry is being worn. Uniques, Titans, and Rare Spawns Uniques have been reworked significantly. Static Regeneration - No longer are unique fights limited to sub 10 minute battles where it's simply a gear check of if you can do enough damage in time. Uniques now heal at a static rate (X% health per second). This generally makes fights take somewhat longer, and also become more tactical, giving players a chance to back out and regroup without the unique fully healing while they're regrouping. Improved Loot - Each unique drops an Affinity Orb and several other items of interest when slain. More loot is available for distribution. Moon Metal Blessing - When uniques die, they bless the world with several veins of moon metal (adamantine and glimmersteel). These are placed randomly and could potentially be near or in a deed. Loot Assistance - At the end of every slaying, player names are randomly generated into a list, allowing randomized distribution to all participants without having to use /roll or alternatives. Rare Spawns are a new type of creature where only one can exist on the map at a time. Small Group Balance - These spawns are designed to be handled by a small group of 3-5 skilled players, or 2-3 veterans. This makes them ideal targets for small hunting parties, while not being the target of "unique slaying" size groups. Rift Rewards - Every player who participates in slaying one of these creatures is awarded a rift cache, which opens up into rift crystals, rift wood, and rift shards. Treasure Map - On the corpse of the slain creature is a guaranteed medium-high quality treasure map. Titans are my take on raid bosses in Wurm Unlimited. Combat Mechanics - Titans obtain unique abilities including AoE attacks, target smites, add phases, and similar. These are not your standard "attack until dead" creatures. They require tactics, attention, and reaction to the mechanics they perform. Titanic Rewards - Titans have the best rewards of anything in the game. All participants receive an Affinity Orb and Titan Cache which provides a guaranteed Titanforged item. The titan corpse contains multiple different sorceries and several other items of intrigue. Material Overhaul Materials have been completely reworked from the ground up to offer new and unique bonuses. Creating items from certain materials has a variety of special benefits and, in some cases, penalties. Iron is used as the baseline with no changes, meaning the system can be ignored entirely by using iron tools. However, if you seek to truly maximize your effectiveness, you'll want to start seeking new tools made of alloys or moon metals. More information can be found on the spreadsheet below. Custom Creatures Forest Spider - Common spiders that deal poison damage. Giant - Large giants found rarely in forests with clubs that deal acid damage. Avenger - Ethereal guardian found in tundra that deals frost damage. Spirit Troll - Ethereal troll found in snow biomes that is capable of dealing crippling frost wounds. Wyverns - Multiple different colors of small drakes that can be tamed, dominated, mounted, hitched, etc. Custom Items Affinity Orb - Grants the player a random affinity when consumed. Eternal Orb - Sold at traders. Consumable item that allows players to move enchants from one item to another. Book of Conversion - Sold at traders. Consumable item that allows players to switch their deity at only a minor faith loss instead of a full faith reset. Enchant Orb - Can come with a random enchant. The enchant can then be transferred to an item without risk of shatter. Depth Drill - Drills a tile corner, revealing the amount of dirt until you hit rock. Beyond that, it can also locate nearby ores. Disintegration Rod - Sold at traders. This removes 1000 hits from any vein (no ore is provided), or instantly destroys a cave wall (like the Disintegrate spell). PMK Wagons, Banners, and Flags - Art from PMK's in Wurm Online can be crafted specifically. Like the art from The Crusaders? You can make it here, then mix and match that with an Ebonaura wagon. Chaos Crystals - This is a volatile crystal that can be infused on items for a variety of outcomes. It can increase rarity, or destroy the item outright. Uses the Soul & Mind characteristics. Enchanters Crystals - This crystal can adjust the enchant properties of an item. Uses the Soul & Mind characteristics. Mass Storage Unit - A massive storage unit designed to hold multiple BSB's, FSB's, chests, and crates, all in one neat window. Arrow Packs - Craft 40 arrows and a quiver into an arrow pack. Improve the arrow pack, then unpack to receive a quiver with 40 arrows of the QL of the arrow pack. This also transfers any enchants from the Arrow Pack to all 40 arrows. Meditation Reworked The timer between Meditating skill gain has been changed from 30 minutes to 1 hour. With this change, I've also corrected a bug/issue (existing in Vanilla WU/WO) where players could go on cooldown and not receive their skill gain tick. Skill gain for meditation has been significantly increased overall. Meditation tiles no longer require a flat area under conditions such as near water, rock, etc. Instead, you can meditate on any tile for the following paths to advance or obtain your path: Insanity: Any tile in a mine. Knowledge: Any sand tile. Power: Any rock or cliff tile (on surface). Hate: Any mycelium, infected tree, or infected bush tile. Love: Any grass, tree, or bush tile. Beyond this, the following changes have been made: Path of Insanity's Shield of the Gone has been removed. Path of Insanity now grants a permanent action timer haste starting at level 7. Action timers are reduced by 2% for each level after 6. This will grant a total of 12% reduced action timers at path level 13. Path of Hate's 50% damage against animals and humans ability has been removed. Path of Hate now grants a permanent scaling increase to walk/run speed starting at level 4. Speed is increased by 1% for every level after 3. This will grant a total of 9% increased movement speed at path level 13. Path of Power's hidden body stamina bonus now scales from level 7 onward instead of being locked to level 11. You now gain 5 hidden body stamina per level after 6. Path of Knowledge skill gain bonus now scales from level 7 onward instead of being locked to level 11. You now gain 5% increased skill gain per level after 6. Quality of Life Fatigue Action Override - You can now make fatiguing actions from vehicles and mounts. Improve from a horse. Build from your wagon. Sow from your cart. You no longer need to "be on solid ground" to do that anymore. Vehicle Auto-Deposit - While performing gathering actions from a vehicle, you will automatically store the results in proper containers in your vehicle. This applies to mining, woodcutting, and digging. It will deposit bulk items into Bulk Storage Bins that are loaded into the vehicle if they exist and have space. It will deposit bulk items into crates if there are no valid Bulk Storage Bins to deposit them into. It will deposit any items that do not fit in the above directly into the hold of the vehicle. This includes gems. Sorcery items can now be split into their individual charges. Inventory groups can now have sub-groups for further inventory organization. Logs now take up significantly less volume in bulk containers. Leather and Logs can now be combined, allowing you to save a good enchant. Rarity system has been significantly improved. Fantastic items are now more attainable. Shields can take less than 0.01 damage when you block. Added a "Receive all mail" button to mailboxes. It will automatically accept up to the first 100 non-CoD mails that were sent to you and place them directly into the mailbox. Added an "Unequip all armour" button when interacting with equipped items. It will... well... unequip all your armour. Food and drink timed affinities are now universal. If you get a Fletching affinity from a drink you make, so will everyone else. Furthermore, food affinities have been improved from 10% to 30%. Cooking is a valid profession. Damage taken by items over 90 have been re-scaled. An item improved to QL100 is immune to damage and will never decay. Loot Assistance messages are broadcast when a unique creature is slain, randomly ordering participants for loot distribution (if it's wanted by the slaying group). It also displays rough estimates of how much damage each player did to the creature. Creatures born on enchanted grass have a random trait removed immediately on birth (like an auto-genesis). Mailboxes, Trash Heaps, Altars, and Bell Towers can be loaded for transport. Body action to check your bank balance. Exhaustive Mod List Armoury - Bugfixes and adjustments to weapon, armour, and combat. AshProduce - Forges now produce ash while burning. Better Digging - Dig directly to your cart or wagon. Dropped on the ground if not on a vehicle. Better Farming - Perform farming actions in a small area as skill increases. Bulk Items Separated - Items are sorted by quality levels when deposited in bulk storage bins. Careful Harvest - Allows you to replant your crops automatically upon harvest. Craftable Pauldrons - Create unique pauldrons using various skills. Crop Mod - Fields do not wither. DiscordRelay - Allows server chat and events to be broadcast to Discord, and vice-versa. FireBurnTime - Shows the remaining burn time more accurately on lit containers. Harvest Helper - Minor adjustments to improve harvesting. Hitching Post - Item that allows you to hitch your animal in place. Hitch Limits - Improvements to creatures hitched onto vehicles. HotS Fixes - Bugfixes for Libila. Highway Portals - Create portals to instantly transport to deeds connected via the highway system. Inbreed Warning - Warning message when attempting to inbreed. Increase Merchant Items - Merchants can now hold up to 90 items. Kingdom Offices - Bid for kingdom titles in a PvE environment. Kingdom Stuff - Allows creation of kingdom and PMK-specific items for player use. Meditate Mod - Guarantee meditation success, no 10 tile movement. Move Mod - Adjustments to movement speeds of vehicles, mounts, and boats. Move To Center - Provides an action that allows you to move items directly to the center of a tile. Mycelium - Minor fixes to the spread of mycelium. No Holy Ground - Allows construction within the vicinity of white and black light. Server Packs - Allows custom graphics to be displayed from the server to clients. Server Player Counter - Corrects the server player count on the server list. Server Tweaks - A suite of various bugfixes and tweaks for Wurm Unlimited servers. Sindusk Library - Required for various other mods. Spellcraft - Various bugfixes and gameplay adjustments involving deities, faith, and spellcasting. Spell Mod - Priest restrictions removed. Stable Master - Allows conversion of creatures into tokens that can be redeemed. Starter Gear - Adjusts the starting gear of new players. Tabard Mod - Allows players to create kingdom-specific tabards to wear. Taxidermy - Players can create kits to keep corpses as decorations. Three Dee - Tables and other decorations can now have items placed on top of them. Timer Fix - WoA/BotD function properly with increased action timers. Trader Mod - Adjusts items stored on traders. They will now hold 50 sleep powders at all time. Treasure Hunting - Treasure maps that can be hunted down and opened for great rewards. Wyvern Mods (Adjusted) - The collection of mods designed for Wyvern Reborn. This will be adjusted and tweaked heavily to work with the new server. Revenant Arena (PvP) Revenant Arena The arena is seamlessly tied in with the Revenant PvE map. Items and skills will transfer from Revenant to Arena. You can sail from any border of our PvE map to the Arena through plot course. Alternatively, you can use the Arena teleport to enter and retreat from the Arena server. More details below. There are no starter deeds on the PvP map. On death, if you do not have a village token to respawn at, you will instead respawn at a random location on the map. You can also opt to respawn directly to the PvE server. Zero-Risk PvP Players do not drop their items upon death. Instead, any repairable items take heavy damage. This excludes items without the ability to be "repaired" such as food, ropes, cotton, etc. Resurrection stones now protect players from losing skills or affinity on death. If the killing player does not get an affinity because a resurrection stone was used, they will instead get silver for killing the target (from the King's Coffers via the amount paid for the Resurrection Stone). These changes make it very minimal risk to participate in the PvP server. The spoils of victory is the objective you're after, and not the loot of the opponent. Supply Depots Supply Depots spawn in a random location on the map every 11 hours. They are marked by a red beam of light visible from across the map (Rift light, if familiar with WO). It is required to have at least 25 fighting to capture a supply depot. This is meant specifically to prevent risk-free alt captures and ensure that killing someone trying to capture a depot results in a death tab. The capture has a 4 minute action timer. You must be standing still and remain out of combat for the duration of the channel. Taking damage (spells, archery & war machines included) or entering melee combat will interrupt the action. Rewards: Sorcery Fragment, Enchant orb (40-80 power), 2-3 caches, currency, seryll/sleep powder, and a few other potential rewards that are not guaranteed on every depot. Hunt of the Ancients Hunt of the Ancients will begin at the center of the map every 37 hours. The HotA is unchanged from default mechanics. Four pillars will spawn when the hunt begins, and the first alliance or village to capture all four wins the hunt. Rewards: Key Fragment, Affinity orb, 5-8 caches, currency, 5 addy/glimmersteel lumps, sleep powder, seryll, and a few other potential rewards not guaranteed every victory. Moon metal weights are increased as HotA win streak increases. All items delivered into the HotA statue to the alliance capital. Fixed various bugs involving HotA, including a secret where the HotA statues were supposed to come in Glimmersteel or Adamantine for groups that have extensive HotA win streaks. Arena Teleports There are two body actions that can be performed: Arena Teleport and Escape the Arena. Arena Teleport can be used from the PvE server. It requires 1 minute of uninterrupted channeling to perform. During the channel, the command will display messages that you should absolutely read and interrupt the action if you don't like what you see. Upon completion, the teleport will transfer you to the Arena server. Where you end up depends on a few conditions. If you are a citizen in a village, it will transport you to the village token. If you are not in a village, it will select a random location on the map to transport you to. The random teleport is conditional. You will not end up in water, you will not end up on a cliff, and you will be outside of local range of any existing villages. Otherwise, the location you end up in is completely randomized. On the other side, we have the Escape: Escape the Arena can be used from the Arena server. It requires 3 minutes of uninterrupted channeling to perform. Enemies entering within 80 tiles of your location will interrupt & block your escape. When successful, the escape will transport you to the PvE server. The location, again, depends on a few conditions. If you are a citizen in a village, you will again be transported to your village token. If you are not in a village, you will be transported to the token of the starter town. Any server-bound items, such as artifacts, sorcery fragments, or key fragments, will drop where you escaped from and remain on the Arena. Important: These teleports are being added as an experiment. If they begin to cause more trouble than they're worth, they will be removed. Arena Respawn Respawn has been completely reworked on the Arena server. Upon death, you will now get a new screen asking you where you'd like to respond. In all cases, you will have 2-3 options. The default option selected is the token of your PvP village, if you're a citizen of a village. This will obviously not be an option if you have no village. The second option, which is default if you are not part of a village, is a random location. This will select a random point on the map to spawn you. This will not be in water, on a cliff, or within local range of any existing villages. Finally, there is a button to return directly to the PvE server. Selecting this will transfer you back to PvE and give you the default respawn window, allowing you to select to spawn at the starter deed, your village, any existing allied villages, etc. Sorcery Fragment Combination Sorcery fragment combination is now available. To start combining your sorcery fragments into a sorcery, you must visit the White or Black altar on Arena. You're required to have at least 2 fragments in your inventory to begin. Right-click the altar and select "Combine sorcery" to begin the process. This will start a 5 minute action timer and announce to the server you are beginning to combine fragments. You cannot move, enter combat, or take damage during this 5 minute period. Doing so will stop the action and you'll have to start over again. Upon completion, 2 fragments from your inventory will combine. The fragments will be renamed with [#/10] at the end to indicate how complete they are. If you have 10 or higher total fragments, they will combine and produce a random sorcery with 2 or 3 charges. If you combine two fragments with a total of over 10, for example a 6/10 and 8/10, they will produce a new fragment after the sorcery is complete with the remainder. In this example, you would receive the sorcery and a 4/10 fragment. Deed Mechanics Deeds can be placed at any location on the map, regardless of influence. There is a minimum distance of 100 tiles between any two deed tokens. Kingdom titles will be obtained identically to how it's done on Revenant: bidding with Kingdom Tokens purchased from the trader. Deeds will be limited to 5 guards at most. Spirit templars will attack anyone who is not a citizen or ally of the deed they're guarding. Arena-Specific Mechanics Global Damage Reduction - Players (and their pets) take reduced damage from other players (and their pets). This allows for more drawn out and tactical fights. Local Range - Reduced to 50 tiles down from 80. This applies to surface-to-surface vision, cave-to-surface and cave-to-cave remains 20. Champions Disabled - Champion player system is completely disabled on Arena. Mount Gear Anywhere - After leading a creature, you can equip it with shoes, saddle, barding, and similar. You do not need to have it tamed or branded. One Lead Maximum - You can only lead one creature at a time. You'll have to decide between a pet or a backup horse. Karma Port Disabled - Karma teleport has been disabled on the Arena. Stats Tracking - Kills, deaths, and depot captures are tracked and openly displayed on the Leaderboard system. Supply Depot (Red Beam): Material Overhaul: In-game Leaderboards: Main Leaderboard selection screen: Opt-Out players show up as "Unknown": Special leaderboards including total overall skill level and highest actual skill levels: Full Discord Integration: All in-game chat channels: #gl-freedom: #event: #arena: #deaths: Skill Gain Algorithm & Comparison:
  4. Sindusk Server Mods

    Hi everyone. In an attempt to not "spam" these forums since I keep making more and more server mods, I am going to condense them all into one thread like the other smart modders out there like Ago, Bdew and WalkerInTheVoid. You can download them all individually or simply browse the folder where I'm storing all of them: Sindusk Server Mod Folder (Google Drive) Here's some details about everything you'll find in there: Sindusk Library Download (GitHub) This mod is very specifically a library built to support the rest of my mods. It has other functionality that other modders may find useful as well as features allowing double-checking whether or not a feature is broken in one of my mods due to another mod conflict or Wurm Unlimited update. While required required for a good deal of my mods, the library itself being installed does not affect the server or gameplay at all. The library is installed just like any other mod on your server. Armoury Mod Thread - Download While primarily consisting of bug fixes and minor tweaks, this should give server owners the control over weapons and armour that has been desperately missing from our modding community for some time. Requirements Sindusk Library Primary Features Change Weapon Swing Timer - Ever get sick of being capped to 3 seconds per swing minimum? Think it's too fast? Now you have the power to change that. Allow knives to hit every second, or once every 10 seconds. Enable Non-Player Crits - Crits are fun. Why limit them to PvP? Let yourself feel stronger by allowing yourself to critically strike the animals and monsters of the world. Be careful though, if you do this, they can critically hit you back! Rare Swing Timer Reduction - Rare weaponry is exceptionally useless by default, offering a pitiful crit chance increase. Well without this mod, you can't crit NPC's anyway. Beyond that, the crit increase is still bad. So I've fixed that! Now you can allow rare, supreme, and fantastic weaponry to actually reduce the swing timer of the weapons. That supreme huge axe you made specifically for that unique slaying now actually does something special! The amount they reduce swings by is configurable, and defaults to 0.2 seconds per rarity level. Bug Fixes Armour Limit Buff Bug - Go into your server. Equip a full set of plate. Take all the plate off. Look at your buff bar. This fixes that. Armour Limit Spell Effect Bug - Similar to the above, spell effects always show as "Bonus" instead of "Penalty" in the Spell Effects, even when the value is negative. This fixes that. Saved Swing Timer Removal - Ever shield bash, then immediately get two hits off in succession? That's because the swing timer is actually still ticking when the shield bash action is ticking. This removes that interaction, and others, by reducing the swing timer back to 0 as soon as you land a hit, ensuring that you don't cheese the system with free hits for no reason. This option is configurable for those who feel this maneuver is skillful and not a bug. Configurable Weapon & Armour Settings Armour Reduction Values - Edit the damage reduction values on all types of armour, from cloth to dragonscale. Want dragonscale to be better than glimmersteel plate? This allows you to do that. On the topic of moon metals, damage modifiers from moon metal on plate gear (and others, if applicable) is also modifiable here. Armour Limit Factor Values - Sick of having that -30% penalty to spellcasting while wearing plate? This allows you to edit those values for all types of armour. Remove the penalty entirely, or make it worse. The choice is yours. Armour Movement Rate Values - Edit individual pieces of armour and adjust their movement penalties. For example, I like to reduce the penalty on plate breast plates and leggings from 9% to 8%. This mod allows me to do that. Custom Weapon Values - Edit weapons and tune them to exactly how you want them. Values to modify: Base damage, swing speed, crit chance, reach, weight group (useless value I think?), parry percent, and skill penalty. This makes a great deal possible: Remove the skill penalty from sickles to bring them in line with other weaponry. Buff the damage of knives so they're viable weapons in combat. Nerf the parry rates on swords to bring them more in line with other weaponry. Allow previously incapable weapons to crit, such as small axes or legs (for when you get that kick inbetween theirs). Included .properties file, including a write-out of all default weapon stats for reference: Spellcraft Mod Thread - Download (GitHub) One of the hardest and most complicated mods I've ever made, now fully realized and completely customizable. Requirements Sindusk Library Primary Features Change Maximum Faith - Change faith to be lower than 100 or up into the thousands. This functions properly and breaks no systems in the game. Scaled Prayer Gains - Changes the formula for how prayers are calculated to match the maximum faith set above. Priest Faith Requirement Change - Allow players to become priests at 10 faith. Or 1 faith. Now you can let those spells with faith requirements less than 30 actually mean something. New Favor Regeneration - Now operates 10 times faster. Literally. You gain 1/10th of the previous favor per tick, but it ticks 1 time per second instead of once per 10 seconds. Also wonderful to use with the new maximum faith gains to ensure you don't get spikes of 20+ when below 1 favor (due to how the calculation works). Show Creature Spell Effects - Pretty simple, just shows spell effects on creatures like enchants on items. [23:45:43] Horses like this one have many uses. [23:45:43] He is very well defined. [23:45:43] This creature could use some grooming. [23:45:43] Frantic charge has been cast on it, so it has greater speed. [50] New Damage Modifier - It's really hard to explain why this is here to someone who doesn't code, but basically due to one of my custom spells I had to include it. You can find out more information about how this works here, under the "Damage Modifier" section. I highly recommend it. Improved Enchant Grouping - Improves enchant grouping to be more efficient. This feature allows more detailed explanations as to why certain enchants do not stack. [21:01:38] The longsword is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect. [21:01:43] The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark which would negate the effect of Wind of Ages. Enchant Group Customization (New) - Allows you to edit the enchant groupings. You can now edit whether WoA clashes with BotD, or if Flaming Aura should be cast with Frostbrand. You can now have a fire and ice sword that makes no sense! Statuette Spellcasting Tweaks - Gives the option of statuette QL and rarity affecting the power of spellcasts. Now your shiny statuette is more than a decoration, and instead a useful tool in your arsenal! Rite Changes This gives a lot more control over the deity favor requirements for the Rites that exist in the game. Many of the rites require an MMO amount of prayers which is generally unreasonable for the lower population Wurm Unlimited servers. This also adds custom tweaks to some rites that don't really operate up to the standards I hold them. With many people running Crop Mod, making fields never wither, there is now an option to allow Holy Crop to do a "Mass Genesis" cast, removing a random trait for all bred animals on the map. Rite of Spring now has a customizable cap for the amount of players required in the vicinity. On older, more heavily populated but less dense servers, this should make casting the spell more reasonable. New Spells I have designed and implemented several new custom spells. I may expand on this concept and add more in the future. All spells have completely configurable settings: cast time, favor cost, difficulty, faith requirement, and cooldown. Harden - Enchant able to be cast on most items. It reduces damage taken by the item by up to 30% at 100 power. Phasing - Enchant able to be cast on weapons. It increases the difficulty of blocking attacks with the enchanted weapon. Configurable for how much the difficulty will increase. Summon Soul - Summons a player to the position of the caster. Has a window appear much like Locate Soul for the caster to type the target name into. After that, the target gets a window asking if they want to accept. Upon accepting, the target is teleported to the position of the caster. This spell is quite un-refined and will work to summon enemies to you, if they choose to hit accept. Expand (New) - Enchant able to be cast on containers. Increases the capacity of the enchanted container. Efficiency (New) - Enchant able to be cast on most items. Reduces the difficulty of skill checks with the enchanted item. Quarry (New) - Enchant able to be cast on pickaxes. Increases the chance to successfully surface mine. Default Spell Modifications Edit Spell Variables - You can edit all of the settings for existing spells in the game through the properties file. Change the cast time of Strongwall. Change the cost of Genesis. Change the difficulty of Light of Fo. With Spellcraft, you have full control over the base spells in the game. Add and remove spells from deities - You can now add and remove spells from any, or all, deities in the game. Remove the god demise spells from all the deities since they don't work. Add Willowspine to Libila. Give Rebirth to Magranon. The choice is yours, and the control is now in your hands. Support for player gods - The system also supports player deities. You can add and remove spells from player deities in the same way you remove them from non-player deities. Fine-tune that player deity that didn't quite get a good spell list. Included .properties file: DiscordRelay (Original by whisper2shades) Mod Thread - Download (GitHub) Primary Features Relay Kingdom Chat - GL-Freedom, Freedom, GL-HOTS, whatever kingdom chats are in use. They can now be relayed seamlessly to and from Discord. Relay Trade Chat - Relays Trade chat to and from your Discord server. Type messages into #trade without that pesky "WTS/WTT/WTB/PC" prefix that's usually required! Relay Unique Rumors - When a new unique spawns, it's hard to know unless you were online. This fixes that, keeping a log of all spawns directly on your Discord server, along with the map they spawned on! Bot Setup Properties File - The properties file has a link and visual image that will assist you with setup. It will link you to the page where you would create the bot and show you where to obtain the bot token when the bot is properly configured. Mod Integration The sendToDiscord() method - By listing DiscordRelay as a dependency for your mod, you're able to call the sendToDiscord() method with 3 simple arguments: String channel (discord channel to send to), String message (the content to send in the message), and boolean includeMap (whether to append the map name to the message). This will allow modders interested in broadcasting their custom mod details to Discord the ability to do so seamlessly, assuming this mod is installed. If you're curious about how well it functions, I encourage you to join the Revenant Discord at the following link to see it in action: Even if you do not intend to play there, you'll see all the in-game channels laid out in a way that will demonstrate the power and utility that this mod provides. Included .properties file: Treasure Hunting (Original by Ulviirala) Mod Thread - Download (GitHub) Requirements Sindusk Library (v1.0 or higher) Primary Features Written explanation coming soon... In the meantime, please check out the original mod thread for more details about this mod. Better Combat Log (Outdated!) Outdated Note: While this mod is currently outdated and no longer functional since the introduction of multicolor line sequences, I'd like to revisit it and make it functional again in the future, on top of making it better. Old Information: Libila Fixes (Depreciated - Merged to ServerTweaks) Server Player Counter Download This mod is meant to "correct" player count in the client Server List when launching the game. Because of some weird mechanics of how Steam counts players, the count on the server list can very commonly become incorrect. This solves the following problems: Invisible/Offline Steam users not counting towards the server list. Players on other maps in your cluster not counting towards the server list. Players who lose connection and become de-auth'd from Steam, despite reconnecting, not counting towards the server list. Alt accounts of players do not show on the server list. Server Tweaks Download (GitHub) Requirements Sindusk Library (1.0 or higher) Primary Features Quality of Life Bugfixes - Automatically put new players in CA HELP. Naturally spawn uniques as a developer. Fix moon metal veins being capped to 50. There is a suite of bugfixes and QoL updates to utilize! Useful Gameplay Tweaks - Disable sermons or the fatigue system. Tax inactive player deeds. Allow GM's to create enchants up to 999 on items as special rewards. So many useful tweaks you probably wont even use them all. Fully Enable/Disable Ready - Don't like what you see here except one thing? That's fine! Simply disable absolutely everything else in the mod through the configurations and use only what you want. With everything disabled, this mod runs no code on your server and changes nothing. There's nothing but pure benefit from installing! If something breaks, disable it! Here is a list of all the settings you can adjust: v2 - 11/23/2016 New Settings Disable Sermons - Sermons are disabled from the server. Disable Fatigue - Fatigue is disable from the server. Dev Commands - New commands for CM+ and DEV characters. Dev Commands ##event (message) - CM and above. Creates a message in the Srv-Event channel. This is visible to the whole server, but can only be posted in by CM's and above. Meant for running events. ##unique - DEV-ONLY. Does a natural unique spawn attempt. It checks each unique and gives a 1/300 chance (if default) of it spawning. Spamming this will eventually spawn a natural unique. ##kingme - DEV-ONLY. Makes you king of your current kingdom. Only works if there is not a current king. v3 - 3/29/2018 Now requires Sindusk Library. If you had a configuration file, you will need to go through and make identical changes in the new one. Sorry for the inconvenience. Heavily re-written backend to split into dev commands, bug fixes, and gameplay tweaks. Mod Merge: Libila Fixes. All of Libila Fixes changes have been rolled into 3 options for ServerTweaks: fixFreedomMycelium, enableFreedomLibila, enableFreedomDarkMessenger. Mod Merge: SkillGainControl. The characteristicDivider option from SkillGainControl is now available in ServerTweaks as characteristicDivisor. Mod Merge: TaxConfig. The gracePeriodDays and increasePerDay options are now available in ServerTweaks as taxGracePeriodDays and taxPercentIncreasePerDayGone. New Feature: Moon Metal vein fix [Bugfix]. This stops moon metal veins from being capped at 50 hits. This performs the same fix as Moon Metal Mining by Webba, but uses string replace instead of bytecode manipulation, making it more resilient to breaking through WU updates. New Feature: Rarity window adjustments [Gameplay Tweak]. You can now modify the chance of fantastic, supreme, and rare rolls during a rarity window. These can be configured in the properties file. New Feature: Item based food affinities [Gameplay Tweak]. This makes food affinities based on the item instead of the consuming player. The reason to do this is to allow players to sell well-cooked food with good affinities. New Feature: Bank Balance action [Gameplay Tweak]. This gives an action usable from your body or hand that will tell you your bank balance instantly from any location. New Feature: Spawn Teleport action [Gameplay Tweak]. This gives an action that can be used to teleport to the spawnpoint. Skill Gain Control (Depreciated - Merged into ServerTweaks) Starter Gear Download This mod allows you to fully control what is created for new players on your server. It has an implementation where you can configure in the properties exactly what you want, what quality, and whether or not to make it repairable. Here's the default config, using the starting items for a normal server without epic or challenge settings: #Format: Item-[internal id]=(templateId),(quality),(amount),(isStarter) # internal id - This is just an internal index for debugging purposes. If your config is incorrect, it will reference this value. # templateId - The ID for the item you want to create. Reference to find the template ID for the items you want. # quality - The quality you want the item to spawn in. Floating point values accepted. # amount - It will give this many of the item to the player. # isStarter - Whether or not it can be improved. When true, item cannot be repaired. When false, acts as if created normally. #After weapons and armour are created, the player attempts to "equip" everything available. weapon-1=swordLong,50.0,1,true weapon-2=shieldMediumWood,30.0,1,true armour-1=leatherGlove,30.0,2,true armour-2=leatherBoot,30.0,2,true armour-3=leatherSleeve,30.0,2,true armour-4=leatherJacket,30.0,1,true armour-5=leatherCap,30.0,1,true armour-6=leatherHose,30.0,1,true armour-7=toolbelt,20.0,1,true armour-8=backPack,10.0,1,true #Recommend keeping the mirror as-is. item-1=handMirror,20.0,1,false item-2=flintSteel,50.0,1,true item-3=bowlPottery,2.0,1,true item-4=rope,10.0,1,true item-5=compass,30.0,1,true item-6=tent,30.0,1,true item-7=deedStake,30.0,1,true item-8=hatchet,30.0,1,true item-9=knifeCarving,10.0,1,true item-10=shovel,10.0,1,true item-11=saw,10.0,1,true item-12=pickAxe,10.0,1,true item-13=rake,10.0,1,true Tax Config (Depreciated - Merged into ServerTweaks) Thank you for visiting and I'll try to keep this up to date with anything new I make. Please click subscribe, like this video, and let me know what you'd like to see next in the comments below!
  5. In Memoriam - Seleas(Edward) - 02/18/2019

    Seleas frequented my sever on Wurm Unlimited. He was always helpful to new players, answering questions in global chat and being a positive influence in the community. I remember him for his witty comments, especially this comical exchange. I'll miss his banter. Rest in peace, Seleas [Crazy Cat Lord].
  6. Epic, Complete 180°

    It would involve ensuring that every player had a specific client mod installed, or some form of patcher/launcher that would be used to launch the game instead of Steam. While a mild hassle for the players, it would be an effective anti-cheat solution.
  7. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    Kind of wish I could select 3 different options. In regards to the everyday cases, such as items or players being stuck and getting them out, I'd select the first option: Good confidence in GM's. These cases are generally handled really well and pleasantly. The systems in place to support helping players in these situations are rather good and the staff executes their duty in that regard very well. Then you get to the sticky situations: player disputes. These cases are not pure white like the ones listed above, and generally involve two or more players interacting with each other where one side will always lose out, regardless of intervention or not. Since uniques are a hot topic, an example: Player A hosts a dragon slaying. The dragon is off deed. Player B does not participate in the slaying at all, but knows it's happening. Once the unique is slain, player B takes the corpse from the ground. They proceed to butcher the corpse then sell the bone to Player C and the tome to Player D. What happens? Obviously Player B is being a ######. But is that enough to warrant a punishment? Or does it come down to "deed it or lose it?" If they are punished, does Player C need to return the bone and Player D need to return the tome? What if they were already used? Are new items spawned in? Or do the items just stay as-is, Player B gets banned, and Player A gets nothing out of organizing the slaying? There's a significant amount of gray area in these situations. In regards to the outcomes of these situations, I'd select the second option in the poll: They're doing a good job but there's room for improvement. Obviously, decisions are subject of opinion and everyone is entitled to disagree with the outcomes. From my own experience, the actual outcomes of these disputes are generally reasonable. However, there's an aspect of these situations where I would select the fourth option: I have little faith. That aspect is how these situations are communicated and the accountability of the outcomes to previous cases. When disputes are handled, the communication to the people involved is generally atrocious. Sticking to the example above, assume that Player B would result with a permanent ban. They'd try to log in the next day only to see the message that they're banned. If they felt their actions were not against the rules, there's no indication as to why they were banned. What if they were a new player that just recently started playing and didn't understand what a public slaying was? Can they argue against the ban? Shouldn't "deed it or lose it" apply? Not only is there no official way to appeal a case (aside from E-Mailing an address, which to my knowledge is not in any official statement), but the responses received far too often don't actually represent an explanation of why the player was punished. There's far too many cases that exist where the situation is nearly identical, yet the rulings have gone different ways. That should never happen. Players are currently banned permanently from playing where players who have broken the same rule are still playing. If a case was ruled in the past, it should stand as a precedent or a public statement of change of policy should be made to void that case from being used as a comparison. Finally, I take significant issue with how it's impossible to tell how the Game Masters will act until after the fact. For example, answer how a GM will respond to the following hypothetical situations without reading a staff response on how it would play out: Hypothetical One: Player A sets his cart to "all kingdom members" can command and logs off. Player B comes and takes the cart, then parks it inside a locked house where only he has access. Player A comes back online and tracks the cart back to the locked area. Player A cannot retrieve their vehicle, but removes the permissions to command the cart. Player B logs back in and notices he can no longer use the cart, but it's in a bad position with hitched animals so he cannot move it. Player A puts in a support ticket to get his cart back. Player B puts in a ticket to get the cart moved to a different location in the locked area because he cannot move it. Questions: Does the cart get returned to Player A? Is the cart rightfully claimed by Player B through game mechanics? Would no action be taken and both players be dissatisfied? Hypothetical Two: Player A plays the game for a long time, and obtains a set of dragon scale armour. They place it in a wagon on their deed that only they have access to. They become inactive for a long time, and their deed disbands. When they log back in, Player B has claimed the area and built a fence around their border, completely cutting off access to the wagon that Player A had. Their intention with the deed was to make sure they would obtain the items in the wagon once it decayed. The wagon is close to decaying, which would drop its contents. Player A puts in a support ticket to get his wagon back. Questions: Is the wagon moved outside of Player B's deed back to Player A? Does Player A lose his dragon scale that is still retained in an object only he has access to? Hypothetical Three: Player A joins deed of Player B. Player A places a house and locks it. Over time, he stores all his items in the house. After some time, a dispute erupts which causes Player B to kick Player A out of the deed and put them on KoS. Player B then builds a fence around Player A's house to prevent him from accessing any of their items. Player A puts in a ticket to get their items back. Player B puts in a support ticket to remove the house he doesn't have access to on his deed. Questions: Is Player A allowed to get their items back? Is the house now a black mark until it decays on Player B's deed? Hypothetical Four: Player A wants to create a new deed. In order to do so, they cannot be the mayor of their existing one. Instead of using an alt, they instead hand their deed to Player B for safekeeping until they can get their second deed built and an alt transported to hold the writ. Player B gets permanently banned. Player A puts in a support ticket to get their deed contract back from the banned player. Questions: Should items from a banned player be given to other players ever under any circumstance? If so, what circumstances? To experienced players, many of the questions above could be answered. However, to someone who isn't as familiar with previous outcomes and standard operating of the Game Masters, how is anyone supposed to know what is and is not accepted? Every situation above is just gambling in actions which game mechanics allow. Even after reading the rules, it does not account for some of the gray area situations above. Wurm is an incredibly deep and complex game that has many different scenarios which can occur. It's unreasonable to expect every scenario to be accounted for. However, there doesn't even seem to be any standard procedure available to the public to reference before acting in many situations. This leads to a situation where every action you take and every word you say is subject to interpretation from a council of GM's that determine if you're at fault. Trust in their operation currently resides on a rough list of rules and blind faith.
  8. This is an open reply to the Abuse of Power claims public letter, specifically directed at Enki. To preface and clarify, I’m not the one who made all of the claims that were mentioned, nor do I pretend to represent the players or staff who did so. This is more of an opinion piece from myself with mild additional information granted by the players and staff who did report these claims. Enki, The public letter you made is an exceptional step forward. This statement here is something so critical, yet was obscured information that was difficult to find: Designating a clear chain of command is important, and letting the players know who to contact if they have concerns about a staff member helps immensely. Previously, when players had witnessed something questionable, they had no idea who to turn to. This statement clarifies that perfectly, so thank you. I do have one question, though, mostly brought out of my own knowledge. What prevents a staff member from deleting relevant logs and information in regards to activities? There is at least one person not mentioned here who would have the ability to do so. I’m not making an accusation, I’m just asking for clarification about the safeguards in place to prevent “evidence tampering” so to speak. Would you be willing to further clarify the “chain of access” beyond the chain of command? Who has access to what, and what can they do with it? I’d understand if not, but I felt it’s a question worth asking. Now onto the actual events themselves: A classic player dispute where neither party was fully at fault. Player A gets impacted by forces beyond their control, and loses items to Player B because of it, without being subjected to proper in-game mechanics. There’s already a precedent set by previous GM actions that these types of situations are to have the “corpse” of the incident returned to Player A. In this case, the actions taken were warranted, and clarifying that it was done by the GM team instead of by a friend of Player A makes it much better. Thanks for the transparency. This one is an issue. While the accusation was that normal procedure was skirted in order to obtain the item, the fact that the item was obtained at all is an issue. There are restrictions on the items that are to be given out to staff on events like Christmas. One such restriction is the ability to craft the item. This restriction was not adhered to in this case. Other staff members are rightfully upset that one person requested an item that was essentially “restricted” from being given out as a gift, and then was granted that item. For reference, there are only a handful of summer hats currently in the game. These items have a very significant value because of this limited supply. While never officially declared, it was assumed that no more would ever be produced, granting them value. Players have spent hundreds of euros on this specific item, under the assumption that it was one of a very limited supply. By introducing a new supply (even just one), you have essentially diminished the value of all of these players investments. I recall a discussion when armour changes were being considered, and the topic of summer hats being nerfed because they were no-drop came up. The consensus were that they were rare enough, and expensive enough, to not warrant additional changes to balance them. Furthermore, it was important not to devalue items that players had invested in. This line of thinking applies to all facets of the game. If scale was suddenly the worst armour, players who had invested in owning scale would be incredibly dissatisfied. The actions taken to introduce a new Summer Hat goes directly against these philosophies, and have devalued the investment of players into the other summer hats that exist in Wurm Online. It also creates new questions: Will more summer hats become available over time? Are other items that were deemed “limited” going to become more common as well? What prevents a staff member from requesting a Bag of Keeping and getting it approved? The important question to answer: What policies are in place for what items can and cannot be created? What type of reference point do you use to approve or deny requests for items? Is it simply off your own judgement, or is there a process of checks for what type of impact the creation would have before it’s creation? While essentially just a lighter version of the summer hat situation, many of the same concepts apply. While the act was with good intention and does not signify any abuse of power, the optics of the situation create concern for other players. This event leans much more towards favoritism than abuse of power. What prevents the ability to give a supreme pickaxe to someone “in an event?” When someone spends their time creating a supreme pickaxe legitimately, that act is devalued through events like this where an identical creation is made at the flick of a wand. Along this line of thinking, I’d like to make a suggestion. Some of the most tempting rewards are items which cannot be obtained yet have no additional function over their natural counterparts. A great example of this is renamed items. They are identical to their normal counterparts, but have an additional flair added for the purposes of the event. You can take the reciprocal approach by adding rarity to items that are naturally unable to be rare, such as a magic chest, yet serve no additional purpose by being rare. The ability to obtain a shiny magic chest would be exceptionally tempting to players. Obviously, magic chests are on the more expensive side of examples, but hopefully the point is conveyed. The creation of items by GM accounts is always going to be something that’s difficult to defend. I recognize that the best efforts are being put forward to keep things fair. However, putting policies in place in regards to their creation will be far more effective than defending the action on every single instance. Also, making those policies public. When a player breaks a rule, you point to the rule and tell them they broke it. When a GM creates an item, you should have a policy and be able to point at the policy and say it doesn’t break any of those limitations. Whenever a play account gets used in something that has the possibility of being impacted by GM account information, the accusation will always rise. As an unlimited server host, I know these accusations all too well. I also know that there is generally sufficient evidence behind the scenes to know if a malicious action was taken. Checking these actions like you have and releasing that information to the public builds trust that GM accounts are being held accountable for their actions. Thank you. This one is a bit tricky. On one hand, everything stated here is accurate. I know that only you have the authority to place a member on the GM team, being the Head GM. This is a fact. However, it gets into a light conversation about bias and how relationships between people can increase their standing. Did you feel pressured at all into making the decision? Were any of the others who recommended the promotion influenced by other actions? What were the key points which lead you to the decision you made? Of course, all of that is hypothetical and nobody knows what actually happened. What did happen, though, and is plain to see, is yet another lack of communication between the staff team and the community in regards to the operation of the staff. Let’s paint a picture here. Assistant community relations officer applies to become a GM. The application goes through, and is approved. The assistant community relations officer is made to be a GM. The community is not informed by either the GM staff or community relations that this happened. Where’s the announcement that the person was made to be a GM? Why is this all being done hush-hush? If this person is going to be ruling over incidents in the game, shouldn’t the community at least be aware of what’s going on? I’m not saying you need to announce every GM, but surely you can see how weird it is that the community relations assistant being promoted to GM has nothing but silence? Imagine how the optics would look if you announced it in public: “Due to X contributions to the community and their ability to Y and Z, we are happy to announce X as our newest addition to the GM team!” You explain why they were promoted, you inform the community as to what’s going on, and you now have a platform of public approval and appreciation instead of gossip. Sorry… starting to rant a bit - I think we both know my stance on that topic. I’ll try to get back on topic. In conclusion, I believe you (Enki) have been doing a great job at increasing the transparency of the team recently. The addition of the gallows is something that I had been pleading for since the ban of Propheteer last year. Posting a public investigation into one of your own staff is a risky move, and I commend you for it. It helps show that the staff is being held accountable, and improves the faith the community has in the actions of the team. Of course, I do not agree with every decision made, but I believe you’ve done the best with the hand you were dealt. I hope to see this trend continue moving forward, and the trust in the staff from the Wurm Online community be rebuilt. Thanks for taking the time to write the post you made. Sindusk
  9. Open Reply to Abuse of Power Public Letter

    I apologize for getting that wrong. I don't know the exact progression taken through staff. Obviously, I was given poor information and it's my fault for assuming it factual. Sorry. I do however stand by the point of what I mentioned, which is to make a more public statement and introduction. If you mean to be a relay between the community and the staff, it would be wise to give yourself a bit of a background. Also, I doubly apologize if any of my post came off as an attack towards you. My primary point of issue is the policies in place which cause these events and drama, not the events themselves or the people associated with it.
  10. Sindusk Server Mods

    New updates to most of my mods. It's recommended to have the latest SinduskLibrary even if you don't use Armoury, though not required. Sindusk Library v2.2 (Download) Update to support new armour class design, allowing Armoury to reference armours properly. Addition of the EnumBuster supporting class, which is used by WyvernMods to create custom titles. Armoury v4.0 (Download) Requires SinduskLibrary v2.0 or higher. Repair armour modification code. This re-enables the use of the following properties: armourDamageReduction-## - change the base DR values for an armour. armourEffectiveness-## - Change the armour effectiveness value against a specific wound type or set of wound types. armourGlanceRate-## - Change the glance rate of armour against a specific wound type or set of wound types. DiscordRelay v3.0 (Download) Added support for relay between CA HELP and #ca-help. Added support for relay between MGMT and #mgmt. Both of these features can be enabled or disabled in the configuration. Server Tweaks v1.6 (Download) Added feature that allows an adjustment to the power of the epic curve. Fix an issue where uncap GM enchant maximum power was set to 999, causing GM's to be unable to properly set the power of Bloodthirst. The new maximum is 99,999. Spellcraft v3.3 (Download) Items with QL 99.995 or higher are now considered to be 100QL for the purposes of damage modifier calculations. Fixed a bug where placing an item on top of a container would prevent Replenish from functioning. (Thanks Xype) Fixed a bug where casting Heal on a zombie would cause the server to crash. (Thanks Carl for crashing the server by casting on a zombie chicken) TreasureHunting v1.3 (Download) Added a feature where the quality of the lock on a chest would be significantly reduced if all ambushing creatures are slain. Fixed an issue where maps would not drop from hunting due to an invalid code hook. On a more personal note, I'd like to share something else. Over the past several years that I've been modding Wurm Unlimited (and for a short time, working on Wurm Online), I've done so completely out of passion for the game. Ever since I started playing the game in 2015, it's really captured me in a way that very few other games have. I believe I'm not the only one to share this feeling. There's other server hosts and modders which show similar passion in their projects to the benefit of everyone else. Sometimes I forget how much I take for granted, such as BSB's being sorted or horses going up more than 40 slope. However, I'm now in a financial situation where I could use your help. For this reason, I've set up a Patreon page. With your support, I'll increase my efforts to give back to the community in meaningful ways. My stretch goals include making WyvernMods fully configurable and increasing my efforts towards a valid anti-cheat solution. Beyond that, I'd be making additional mods with the input of patrons. Hope everyone likes these new updates. It's taken some time to get back into the swing of things, but I've got some big plans for after the next WU update!
  11. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    DUSKombat Defensive stance penalty to swing speed reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds. Frostbrand damage bonus reduced from 33% per 100 power to 30% per 100 power. Flaming Aura damage bonus reduced from 33% per 100 power to 30% per 100 power. Frantic Charge no longer reduces swing speed by 0.5 seconds at any power. Instead, it now reduces swing speed by 0.1% per power (10% at 100 power). Wind of Ages and Blessings of the Dark no longer reduce swing speed by 0.5 per 100 power. Instead, it now reduces swing speed by 0.1% per power (10% at 100 power). Web Armour no longer increases swing timer by 0.1 per 10 power. Instead, it now increases swing timer by 0.5% per power (50% at 100 power, 100% at 200 power). Duration of the status remains unchanged at 1 second per 10 power. Nimbleness now provides slightly more bonus to hit chance. High difficulty creatures (titans, uniques, rare spawns) are now slightly more difficult to hit, especially at lower weapon skill levels. Note: These changes will dramatically affect the DPS output of any weapon with Wind of Ages or Blessings of the Dark. Weapon & Armour Balance Every now and then, we take some time to look at the current meta of the server and adjust a few things to give more playstyles a chance to succeed, with a focus on buffing under-used items instead of nerfing over-used items. Weapons Battle Yoyo swing speed improved from 3.85 seconds to 3.75 seconds. Battle Yoyo critical strike chance increased from 0.8% to 1.2%. Butcher Knife damage increased from 2.0 to 2.5. Carving Knife critical strike chance increased from 0% to 2.0%. Club damage increased from 8.1 to 8.3. Knuckles damage increased from 3.7 to 3.8. Large Axe damage increased from 6.7 to 6.85. Longsword damage increased from 5.9 to 6.0. Longsword swing speed improved from 3.75 seconds to 3.7 seconds. Medium Maul damage increased from 7.85 to 8.0. Medium Maul swing speed improved from 5.0 seconds to 4.9 seconds. Scythe damage increased from 9.25 to 9.4. Scythe critical strike chance increased from 1.6% to 2.2%. Short Sword damage increased from 4.5 to 4.65. Short Sword critical strike chance increased from 2.0% to 2.5%. Sickle damage increased from 6.1 to 6.2. Sickle critical strike chance increased from 0.4% to 1.4%. Small Axe critical strike chance increased from 0% to 0.8%. Small Maul damage increased from 4.8 to 5.0. Steel Spear damage increased from 9.0 to 9.1. Warhammer damage increased from 9.4 to 9.5. Warhammer critical strike chance increased from 0.8% to 1.5%. Armour Cloth base damage reduction increased from 56% to 58%. Cloth effectiveness against slash increased from 80% to 85%. Leather base damage reduction increased from 62% to 62.5%. Studded effectiveness against bite increased from 105% to 107%. Chain base damage reduction increased from 64% to 64.5%. Plate base damage reduction increased from 66% to 68%. Plate effectiveness against crush increased from 93% to 94%. Plate glance rate against crush increased from 12.5% to 17.5%. Plate helmet movement speed penalty reduced from 2% to 1.5%. (Open helm, Basinet helm, and Great helm) Drake Hide effectiveness against slash reduced from 95% to 93%. Drake Hide effectiveness against acid increased from 95% to 97%. Dragonscale effectiveness against crush reduced from 95% to 93%. Dragonscale glance rate against crush reduced from 15% to 12.5%. Dragonscale glance rate against slash increased from 22.5% to 25%. Dragonscale effectiveness against acid increased from 100% to 103%. Player Titles The custom title system has been repaired. Any players who donated to receive a custom title in the past will have it restored and able to be used on their next login. Title rewards that were removed in the past have also been re-implemented: Titanslayer - Defeat a titan in combat. Spectral - Defeat a spectral drake. (Used to be "Spectral Warrior" but has been changed to make better use of the compound title system) Players who previously obtained these titles will need to do so again. Miscellaneous Sorcery resistances and vulnerabilities no longer display a buff icon. The effects from sorceries can still be seen through the Spell Effects interface. Items which display at 100QL (actual QL 99.995 or higher) no longer take damage if they are a repairable object. Traders will now restock with 50 kingdom tokens instead of their previous 10. Fixed a bug where Treasure Maps were never dropping from creatures. Fixed a bug where Replenish would cease working if an item was placed on top of the container. Fixed a server crash when casting Heal on an undead.
  12. Epic, Complete 180°

    With enough effort, I believe so. Yes.
  13. Epic, Complete 180°

    I wonder if this would work as a Wurm Unlimited server...
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    The biggest problem here is you're injecting more RNG into the already RNG-ridden combat system. This creates a scenario where people will be gambling life and gear over a dice roll. This is further compounded by questions of what happens when blocked. Does it still apply resistance? If not, what prevents people from just casting again? The new resistance system was designed specifically because of this problem. The old resistances were a pass/fail where you would dice roll a 50/50 to determine whether or not your spell would work. Requiring it to be a wooden shield is an artificial limitation. Encouraging players to use a different arsenal is one thing, but forcing them to use it will just result in frustration. If you want to apply an enchant to shields, do it for all shields. At that point, you can make the enchant less effective on a metal shield to some degree, just be careful to make it something they can live with. Also, others (from both kingdoms) have mentioned shield bashing. Currently, casting a spell reduces your CR by 50% while you're channeling the action. This CR reduction does nothing for the difficulty to interrupt a player getting shield bashed. Translating the 50% CR penalty and making it also apply a 50% difficulty reduction for shield bashing (and furthermore interruption from shield bashing) makes sense. This also gives non-priests a reliable way to interrupt spells assuming they have competent shield bashing skill and the opponent doesn't have insane body control.
  15. [WU] Datamining

    Disclaimer: The information posted here is based off data gathered from the Wurm Unlimited code and Wurm Unlimited gameplay, and has not been confirmed in Wurm Online. Some information posted below may also be off to some degree so, please, be aware and take this information with a grain of salt. Hello everyone, I am an avid Wurm Unlimited player and experienced java programmer. I've been playing for nearly 6 months (never having played Wurm Online before) and been doing a lot of datamining in the Wurm Unlimited server code during this time. I've made large strides in discovering the darkest mysteries of Wurm, and in doing so, created several spreadsheets, mods, and even a standalone simulation program to analyze how Wurm works. I've noticed that not much of the community has been sharing their findings throughout the code with the rest of the players. People ask many questions and receive answers from people simply skimming the code looking for the fastest answer. It leads to misinformation such as this weapon damage list that I see pop up every now and then. I'm here to put my foot down and officially reveal (almost) everything I've found so far. Let's get started. Information Spreadsheets Forge Burning Time (on full fuel) Note: There are other factors involved in how long forges last. Consider this a "maximum" value for time. Prayer Chart Deity Bonuses Weapon Stat Table Miscellaneous Information Creature Statistics [multiple images] Super Important Note: "Est Combat Power" is a dumb value! It is a formula I made up to calculate "X is better than Y" - the value itself means nothing! Please do not look at it and assume an anaconda is over 10x stronger than a huge spider. Armour Reduction Table True Weapon Damage Note: The total health pool of a player is 65565, reduced by armour, body strength, etc. The values listed are expected of a 90 skill player wielding the listed QL weapon attacking an unarmoured new player. Meditation Messages Note: This is a list of messages that can appear after "You fall into a trance." - using this message can give you a good indicator of what type of tile you're on. Okay, now that those are out of the way, let's move on to some spell casting simulations. Spell Casting Religious spell casting power is based almost entirely on channeling skill. Here are some simulations to assist in gaining a better overall picture of how channeling affects the results. I'm going to use Blessings of the Dark as the spell of choice, but all 60 difficulty spells should function identically. Each image will increment the channeling skill by 5, and show the new results. Each test runs 1 million casts on a single item, then prints statistics on the results. Well then, that's out of the way. Just to illustrate the amount of difference that difficulty makes a spell, I'll give a reference point by comparing 50 and 70 channeling to the 20 and 40 difficulty spells, Courier and Dark Messenger Excellent, so I think that gives a pretty decent idea of how channeling impacts spell casting. I can run further simulations and try to answer any questions you may have on the topic. Let's move on to mining. Mining Mining has a ton of factors. The first are obvious, QL of pickaxe and mining. Then there are less obvious factors. Maximum QL of the vein, whether it was transmuted or not, type of vein, and mining oil imbue. Here, I'll show the results of a few simulations against a transmuted iron vein, with normal - fantastic pickaxes in use, then followed up by increments of 10 mining oil imbue power. Now to get onto the juicy bits that I've been asked about in so many private messages. Combat! Combat Combat is such an incredibly intricate topic. Having spent months looking through it, writing a simulator, and getting down to the nitty gritty details of how each individual system operates, I feel I have only still just scratched the surface. Knowing how each system works does very little if you don't understand the whole picture. I've spent so much time on this, and I'm pleased to say I have some information that I think a lot of players will find useful. Combat Rating & Hit Chance Let's start from the top and work our way down. The first thing to understand is hit chance. Hit chance is determined by the following formula: float chance = (float)((double)(this.normcr(myCR) / (this.normcr(oppCR) + this.normcr(myCR))) * m * (double)parryBonus); A simplified version: chance = (myCR / (oppCR + myCR)) * m * parryBonus); The major factors at play are your CR, your opponents CR, the modifier (m), and parry bonus. I went through the combat rating method and all it's sub-methods, then translated them to English (sort of). Calculating Your Combat Rating Next step is the modifier. But I'm going to ignore that for now. It's a little complicated and not worth the trouble of diving into just yet. Finally, the parry bonus. It can equate to 0.8, 0.9, or 1. It depends on where you and your opponent are targeting. If they are in defensive targeting (the little shield buttons) in the direction you are swinging, then it is 0.8. If they are targeting the other side (horizontally) of the body compared to where you are swinging (for example they are upper right, you are upper left; or you are middle left, and they are middle right), it resolves to 0.9. In all other cases, it resolves to 1.0. Shields So that's the rundown on hit chance. Let's move on to shields. When you attempt to block with a shield, a value from -100 to 100 is obtained. There are 3 different ways a shield can resolve: a full block (50-100 roll), half block (0 - 50 roll), and fail block (-100 to 0 roll). A full block stops the attack entirely, no damage is dealt and that's the end of it. A half block reduces the hit chance of the attacker, by up to 50%. This helps resolve it to become a miss, parry, or evade, yet it's still possible the attack goes through and deals damage. Finally, the fail block is when your attempt to block fails and you do not block at all. Keep in mind you can only block 2 attacks per round of combat. Because of how many factors are at play, I am running my simulations with both players having equal combat rating. The attacker will use a 70ql medium maul with 70 skill in it, and the defender will have their shield skill and QL changed over the duration of the simulations. Here are the results. Shield Blocking Simulations Shield Type Testing Note: Increased sample size to 100,000 from 10,000 to improve accuracy. Added shield material to the output. Shield Rarity Testing Note: Prepare for extreme disappointment. Reading the code indicates that rarity is not a factor, and these simulations back up that claim. I have a few other things I can share - mostly involving combat - and will continue in the future. Hopefully you like what I've shared and can glean useful information from it. If you have any questions or would like to request an addition to the Miscellaneous Info spreadsheet (by asking a question about how a certain thing works), just ask and I will do my best to answer your question.
  16. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Or just make it so switching meditation doesn't take 6 months. Also an option...
  17. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    It's accusations like this one that caused the policies which were a large reason for my leaving the team. I'm not blaming you, just making an observation. I never "told them exactly how things work." They asked questions, and I answered those questions. If that's something that shouldn't be allowed, then I'm guilty as charged, and the policies that are in place make sense and shouldn't change. But you make a solid point that some of the more intricate interactions with other game systems should probably be more clear. I'll do elemental damage types first, then move into some of the interesting mechanics with meditation. Elemental Damage Types One of the big changes with the priest rework is the ability to use a salve on your weapon to change its damage type to elemental. This means that you can use a maul, but it will no longer inflict crushing damage. Instead, it will be inflicting acid or cold type based on the salve. This damage type change also affects the glance rate and effectiveness against armour. Here's an evaluation of all armour types: This spreadsheet was provided through Valrei International 066. The two damage types to be aware of are cold and acid. Looking through glance rates, you'll notice that drake has an insane 60% glance rate versus crushing damage, and reduces the actual damage by up to 73.25%. This makes drake extremely powerful against mauls. Players using medium mauls versus a drake user would notice roughly 10.7% damage output to someone wearing high quality drake as opposed to an unarmoured target. When you take a medium maul and convert the damage through a salve, it causes both the glance rate and DR effectiveness to adjust as well. This means applying a salve of acid on a medium maul will cause drake armour to glance 50% of the time instead, as well as taking a DR penalty down to 66.75% instead of its standard 70%. This causes damage throughput versus a target using an acid maul to be 16.7% effective when compared to an unarmoured target. You might be thinking that there's only a 6% difference between 10.7% and 16.7%. That's incorrect. When compared to eachother, the situation where the maul is using acid inflicts 56% more damage as opposed to being its standard crushing self. This damage differential is roughly equivalent to having permanent truestrike. Meta Observation When the epic armour changes came through, it became obvious that chain was the favored non-dragon armour. It had damage reduction better than plate to crushing, and better slashing damage reduction than even drake/scale. The movement penalty was less significant than plate, which is why players started shifting from wearing plate into chain. At the time, the damage conversion had not yet occurred - meaning players were not concerned with the absolutely atrocious DR against cold and acid weaponry. When the conversion mechanic had been pushed through with the priest rework, players started noticing that any frost or acid weapon would absolutely decimate chain armour. The common choice was salve of frost, as it dealt more damage than literally any other type of attack to any other type of armour that wasn't cloth. This caused players to have to rethink what they would wear. If not chain, they would have to wear plate, leather, or studded. Plate has a significant movement speed penalty and is extremely vulnerable to non-converted mauls (which are the current meta weapon). This put them out of contention, leaving studded or leather. The difference between damage reduction for leather and studded is substantial, but creates a vulnerability in the slash column which can be easily abused. Against any other type of weapon, studded is generally the best choice, but contains an "achilles heel" which is easily abused. Instead, standard leather provides the best protection against both crushing, slashing, and cold - the three most common damage types. The best way to punish players wearing leather is to enhance weapons using a potion of acid. This will convert the damage type to one which actually worsens more rapidly (like rotting touch) and also causes the player to take extremely heavy hits when a blow lands. For comparison, hitting a player in leather using an acid weapon will deal roughly double the damage of hitting someone in drake with a maul. Meditation Before the changes, not using Shield of the Gone on a PvP account made you a prime target for assassination in a fight, as you'd be taking more damage than everyone else. After the changes, there's actually a lot more room to select different meditation paths. Path of Love is actually a great selection for players using Fo priests. All healing spells in the game were changed to be affected by the level 11 "Healing Hands" passive. This makes the healing resistance less penalizing overall, as the amount of healing done through resistance is increased by 50%. Someone with 6 minutes and 40 seconds of healing resistance will take equivalent healing from someone with Path of Love as they would with no resistance from someoneone without it. While it provides very little in regards to damage output or reduction, being able to heal through the new resistances more efficiently can be the difference between getting nuked down and staying alive. It's also worth mentioning that Light of Fo and Scorn of Libila are affected by these changes, and are more effective when used by a Path of Love character now. Path of Power is probably one of the optimal choices for those without 70 meditation yet. At 50 meditation and level 9 Path of Power, you obtain Elemental Immunity. This lasts 30 minutes and completely negates all elemental damage. Remember how acid is so much more effective against certain armours as described above? Acid is an elemental damage type. To clarify: Frost, Burn, and Acid wounds are considered elemental. This means if someone uses a salve of frost or potion of acid on their weapon and try to attack a player under the effects of Elemental Immunity, they will not be able to deal damage. This also translates into all spell damage inflicted during that time, and it gets even better. If someone attempts to cast a spell on you during Elemental Immunity, you will obtain resistance equivalent to the amount of damage it should have inflicted, but will take no damage. This creates a situation where even if your elemental immunity falls off, any residual resistances you had from previous combat will still apply. Finally, keep in mind that this power can be triggered during combat and gives no message to enemies when you do so. Path of Hate is one that I consider to have been indirectly buffed through the priest rework to the point where I personally feel it is stronger than Path of Insanity overall. First of all, while the Magranon passive which caused 25% increased damage was nerfed to 15%, Path of Hate's war bonus effect was not and remains a 30 minute window with +50% damage. Again, 50% damage is equivalent to having Truestrike. Only difference is that it stacks with Truestrike as well and makes you do 225% of standard damage when using both. However, the most important part is the level 11 Spell Immunity. This makes it so players cannot even try casting offensive spells on you. Fireheart, Shard of Ice, Rotting Gut, Hypothermia, Inferno, Worm Brains - all gone. None of those can be cast on a player with level 11 Path of Hate. This also includes the new spell Purge, allowing players who have level 11 Path of Hate to get away with a lot more nonsense than standard players in regards to newly buffed spells (forest giant strength, bearpaws, etc). It does not, however, protect against AoE spells which do not specifically target the player. Fire Pillar, Ice Pillar, and Tentacles will all still impact someone who has Spell Immunity. Dispel also functions against Spell Immunity. Finally, +2CR from Fear is nothing to scoff at and is roughly equivalent to 10 fighting skill in PvP. Conclusion The reality is that the Priest Update didn't just affect priests. It didn't just affect combat, and it's not all about the spells. Wurm has an insane amount of depth and hundreds of systems to account for. Mechanics that were discounted as useless in the past are now capable of having significant impact. Many systems are thrown out due to past stereotypes: Shield of the Gone is required. Body strength is the only stat that matters. DR stacking is the key. These stereotypes are deep-rooted in the community due to how long the meta has remained the same. The changes have shifted the meta, there is no doubt about that. Now it's the next step - adaptation. Figuring out what works and what doesn't. The update has been out for under 2 months and people are still feeling it out. I personally consider that a success. If it was so simple that it was understood immediately, then it would detract away from exactly what makes Wurm so enticing... it's depth. My hope is that the new HotA system would encourage more small-scale skirmishes on a more frequent basis, so that players can experience the changes where their actions make a more significant impact on the fight.
  18. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    The goal was to make it so offensive spells from priests were potent. Right now, they are. There were many tools implemented to counteract their potency through the other player taking an action to avoid it: Line of sight Range Tangleweave (requires being a priest). Keep in mind this also increases their cast timer by up to double for a duration up to 50 seconds. Pre-casting heals in anticipation of the heavy nukes (requires being a priest or allied priest). This method also makes the target highly resistant to further offensive spells through the resistance system. Shield bash (unreliable) Inflicting enough damage to interrupt (also unreliable) Jewelry enchants for resistance (you can wear one of each element) The problem is people are either not using these tools well enough, or they're not good enough tools. Improve the tools by which to counter offensive spells, don't nerf the spells. If you continuously nerf the spells, you'll end up exactly where they were before with nobody casting them because they're useless. They were also designed to bypass a lot of the natural resistances that old and high-skilled accounts would generally have: high body strength and extremely strong armour. People who used to be near immortal are now shown an achilles heel. We're finally starting to see people wearing leather again and doing well because of these changes. To take the gloves off and state it bluntly: A lot of these changes are being criticized due to not understanding how they work or the tools available to avoid them. Learn the system. If your opponents are doing something that's been effective, try it right back at them. If it doesn't work, figure out why it didn't. If it does, then you'll win.
  19. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    Armoury Armour modifications from the Armoury mod have been repaired. Armour values displayed on the data spreadsheet are now accurate again, and the material modifiers have been restored to their listed values. Most armours now have a higher base DR than they would before. Glance rates should be roughly half of their previous values. Movement speed penalty for chain and plate are significantly reduced. Material movement and damage reduction modifiers have been repaired. Material glance rate and effectiveness modifiers are still not functional. Movement penalties are now displayed on examine for armour. Combat Stamina drain from shield blocking has been roughly doubled. Shield blocking in aggressive stance now costs slightly more stamina than normal. Defensive retains it 50% reduction to stamina drain from shield blocks. Fixed a bug where shield blocking was draining stamina from the attacker instead of the blocker. Miscellaneous Discord Relay now relays chat from in-game CA HELP to the #ca-help channel. Discord Relay now relays chat from in-game MGMT to the #mgmt channel. Bounty rewards for Son of Nogumps have been increased significantly. Upkeep changes have been reverted. Deed upkeep has been returned to vanilla Wurm values. Updated the messaging when using the arena transfer actions. The warnings should now better reflect the current state of the Arena. Players will now sit down when transferring to or from the Arena server. Sleep Powder and Affinity Orbs are no longer no-drop. This means they can now be mailed, but will also drop on your corpse when you die on PvE. Shaker Orb price reduced from 5 silver to 2 silver. Base cost of sealed maps has been reduced by half. Fixed some mounting issues with Chargers. This should correct the behaviour when mounted on a charger and trying to cross a bridge, as well as instances of chargers going underground when mounted. Fixed an issue where GM's could not correct Bloodthirst values due to enchant powers being capped to 999. Fixed a bug where affinity orbs would be consumed even if you selected an affinity that the player was already maxed on.
  20. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    Miscellaneous Eternal Orbs can no longer be used on arrows. Effective power of combat enchants on the Arena are now capped to 200 during combat. This change applies to Flaming Aura, Frostbrand, Nimbleness, Life Transfer, Aura of Shared Pain, and Web Armour. The actual enchants will not change for items on Arena, nor will they be affected when transferring. Instead, the calculations during combat will use the lowest value between 200 and your enchant.
  21. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    Reading back, I understand that a lot of this looks like it was framed specifically against you and your kills on the players on Arena yesterday. I apologize that it looks that way, and will try to clarify my viewpoint here. There are many, many enchants above the ones you own on the server. Here is the current highest player-made enchant (that isn't Bloodthirst) on the server: [13:52:44] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [732.6] My philosophy is to encourage players to "break" the mechanics I implement. When titans were first released, there was a total of four slayings of the titans using "cheese" tactics or downright exploits. One of them was so significant that it was used in Wurm Online to slay a unique. In each instance where players abused mechanics to slay the titan, I allowed the slaying to occur and let the players keep the rewards. I encourage people to think outside the box and overcome obstacles. I also encourage players investing time and resources to make something truly unique and magnificent. You've done precisely that with your staff, and it's a marvel to behold. However, I find it extremely difficult to argue that having enchants which give players up to 8x skill gain is healthy for the server. The crystals were never designed to be utilized in the way they were. I understand that you contacted a GM and reported the issue to check if it was okay when you first discovered it. Unfortunately, there was a fault in communication and I was never informed at the time. Obviously, this is an issue, and I'll be working to remedy that problem with the other staff members of the server in the future. The truth is, had I been informed of this issue, I would have patched it immediately (as I intend to now, hopefully by tomorrow). I want players to have the moments you did. Fighting one on one with a black hatchling and coming out victorious through sheer power of will and ingenuity. Figuring out how to link mechanics together to their advantage and discovering a new way to advance their goals in the game. In the future, I intend to develop features and content which further those ideals. While I wish there was a way to make an exception for those who truly invested their time and effort into the items they own, the simple fact is that it truly was not intended to allow crystals to get this out of control. In my search through the database to find other instances of high enchants, your staff stands out as one of the most powerful items. Very few weapons can meet the level of investment your staff has, and I can personally relate with your viewpoint where it appears other players are attacking the mechanics on the basis of what you spent so much time on. It's an impressive piece of work, but it will also remain so. Even through a decay down to 200 enchant power, your weapon would remain in the top 5 highest enchanted items. It's my responsibility to keep the game enjoyable for everyone and ensure the health of the server. The enchants which are currently available and being replicated are not healthy for the server. It's unfortunate that it turned out this way and needs to be addressed in such a crude manner, but it's a necessary evil that would fester and become worse if left unaddressed. I'll be doing my best to provide some form of compensation for those who have their items negatively affected by the changes. I enjoyed reading the stories you've shared, and hope to see more in the future.
  22. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    You're right. Straight up. The last time I looked at the database for spell effects on items was months ago, and at the time I recall only seeing a handful of items (less than 10) total with casts above 200. This was several months after the server had launched with the crystals in play, and it was fine. This is no longer the case, and there are now hundreds or possibly thousands of items with casts ranging up to 900. To explain why I thought it would never get out of control: crystals have a difficulty increase as more enchants are used on an item. This creates an artificial cap on the amount of enchants an item can have. In your example, there is a total of 1360 total enchant power across the enchants you've highlighted. This would create a 136 difficulty increase when infusing the crystal, on top of the base difficulty which is usually around the 20-40 range. For reference, it would be like trying to improve a QL 150 item. The chances of failure are extremely high. Players are bypassing this mechanic and creating superpowered weapons through clever usage of game mechanics, enchanting items which can be split while retaining their enchants (arrow packs). They then can experiment with crystals on the individual arrows and copy any success to another arrow pack using an eternal orb. If one arrow critically fails, which is highly likely, then it's no big deal as there are dozens of other copies of the exact same enchant already in play. This is a problem, and I intend to solve it. The risk/reward factor should have artificially limited the enchants to the ~200-300 power range using crystals and excessive amounts of money to create these items. I don't particularly find this a problem if enough time is invested, but that time and money investment is being bypassed through the mechanics that currently exist. I'll be working on a way to resolve this without simply deleting these items, as it's not the fault of the players who were ingenious enough to figure out how to bend the mechanics to their favor. This is my fault for neither having the foresight to link these mechanics together for this type of abuse, nor paying a close eye on the server for the past several months. I apologize for letting it get this out of control and assure you that further updates will aim to resolve these problems.
  23. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    You make very good points. It can be highly demoralizing to see the type of items players have on the servers, considering how much easier they are to obtain with the mechanics introduced. To explain the thought process behind the crystals, they no doubt create a power creep. As more crystals enter the economy, player stats increase, and more are used to create more powerful weapons - there becomes a dynamic where the players end up outscaling the toughest creatures the game has to offer. In most cases, this would be a red flag, and would call for nerfs on the items or buffs to the creatures to make them more challenging. However, my philosophy follows another track. Nerfing the items just makes the players who worked hard to obtain them feel bad. Buffing the creatures makes it more difficult for newer players to deal with existing creatures, further increasing the problem to begin with. Instead, my philosophy dictates that power creep is fine, so long as there is consistent challenge to accompany that creep. This aligns with how most MMORPG's handle increasing item power. As a new expansion is released which enables higher level caps or stronger items, new content with new challenges are released to accompany that increase in power. Sadly, because I haven't been actively developing Revenant, the new content side hasn't had a chance to catch up, leaving players in an overpowered state for everything the game currently has available. To remedy this, the next goal is to introduce a hunting map that will contain new creatures and challenges that players can engage with. The timeline on this is undefined, as I'm currently awaiting the next Wurm Unlimited update before beginning further development on the server. There is a significant number of changes to the code base from the last several months of Wurm Online development that will break a very large portion of my mods. Any development I do on my mods now has a high likelyhood of being invalid with the new changes. In conclusion, I hear what you're saying and agree. There's definitely things that need to be done to improve the server's health overall, and I fully intend to develop Revenant further. When the next Wurm Unlimited update becomes available, you'll see those developments begin.
  24. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    I was really hoping to just leave this behind me, but this post is just so insulting to me that I feel it's necessary to respond. Evidence is through internal communications. That's protected by NDA. I don't want to air dirty laundry, I just want to leave. If you really want to get into it, then go ahead and start with how I "threw team members under the bus." After you state your side, I'll be willing to state mine with all supporting evidence. You have my permission to share the full conversation we had on December 13th in IRC, if you really want to. However, that does nobody any good. This is by far the most insulting thing in the post. There are literally months of internal communications of Retrograde and other staff actively preventing the suggestions in this thread. Again, it's all protected by NDA, and I'm not looking to really get into it. Wurm isn't going anywhere, but the people that care about it are.
  25. Priest overhaul testing

    People are giving me far too much credit for my work on the priest rework. As is stated above, the development team is not a single person. While I did a large portion of the overhaul, it would be false to claim I did everything. Much of the changes were a joint effort between the developers and came at the conclusion of discussions with the whole team. I was prepared to come to our next discussion with this as a topic. It would've come with a recommendation to collapse the resistances of Shard of Ice, Fireheart, and Rotting Gut into a single shared resistance. This prevents the spell spam while keeping their potency (which is well received) intact.