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  1. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    There's been a lot going on recently, and I'd like to give a bit of background on where we stand, what's been going on, and what the near future looks like. However, first, the patch notes of today: New Mod: Fishy Tweaks (by Bdew) Added on screen notification when a fish bites (when rod fishing) or spawns (spear fishing) Caught fish can be automatically stored When fishing from the ground this will try to store the fish in any keep net that the player has open When fishing from a boat it will try to store in attached keep net, or crates/FSBs for larger ships or ship hold When fishing with a net and none of the above apply the fish will be moved from the net to player inventory Added passive skill gain ticks during fishing actions Spear fishing no longer misses if you click too far from the fish. Instead - if you click close you will get a bonus to your skill check Nimbleness cast on spears makes fish with them easier Wind of Ages and Blessing of the Dark casts on rods/spears/nets and their QL make fishing with them faster Timers for various stages of the fishing and lore actions can be changed Lore action will display a detailed report on all that you can currently catch after 40 skill After 60 skill you will be able to look up detailed report on each fish, see what it likes and how it affects your chances Enchant Decay Once per day, there will be an enchant decay tick for items with casts over 250. This excludes Bloodthirst. If there are casts over 250 (that are not Bloodthirst) on the item, the system will remove 3% of the difference between the current power and 250. For example, a 400 cast would have 4.5 power removed. Arrows have a special exception which causes them to decay down towards 150 instead. This system is temporary and intended to be removed after some amount of time (likely a few months). Miscellaneous Changes Updated Bulk Sorted mod (thanks Bdew) Crate sorting has been disabled. This was originally an unintended side effect of bulk separated which I wanted to fix, but never got around to. With this update, there is a configurable option for it and crates will no longer be able to be sorted. Existing crates with sorted contents will retain their sorted items, but items added to them will probably not sort correctly. Bulk objects with a plural name will now always use their singular name. For example, it will always be "lump" instead of "lumps" - this prevents an issue where the sorting would create two separate groups if there was only one of a certain quality and multiple of another. Faster transfer has been enabled, which makes bulk-to-bulk transfers faster. Moving objects out of a bulk container is no longer limited by player strength. Hopefully fixed a bug where crates would sometimes randomly change to unsorted after a server restart. Cross Faith Linking has been repaired, and priests can now link with any player regardless of faith. Added the item Statuette of Reevi. Reevi priests will continue using the Fo statuette until the next update to give players who have converted a chance to make their new statuette before the change occurs. Armour Limit Factor functionality has been repaired. Armour Limits for all armour should now reflect pre-1.8 values. Added Bloodthirst infection wound functionality to DUSKombat. Priests with over 70 faith in a non-deity will get bonuses in combat similar to those from the priest rework. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where high-power enchant casts would sometimes reduce the resulting cast. Additionally, channeling has now been added to the calculations, and improvements to casts will be more impactful with higher channeling. Arrow Packs are now tagged as weapons and should properly accept weapon enchants again. Fixed a bug where Replenish could not be cast on certain containers. Fixed an issue where planted objects could not be moved or stolen on Arena. Fixed a bug where Expand could not be cast on magic containers. (Thanks Bdew) Communication to the Players I've been doing a poor job communicating to the playerbase of the server recently. I'm sorry for that and I'll aim to do better in the future, starting now with everything stated here. I try to respond to personal messages as much as I can, but sometimes there's more than I can manage to respond to. If I ever failed to respond to a message, please don't take it as a personal insult or me ignoring you. I get many messages and sometimes get distracted and forget to respond to some. Enchant Decay A couple months ago it came to my attention that an exploit has been created through a series of my mods that allowed players to obtain unreasonable enchant power on their items. Due to some miscommuncation, this was abused to a significant degree and created super items that were far beyond the intended scope of the mechanics. I've addressed this in a previous post, and patched the exploit quickly to prevent further abuse. However, I failed to implement a system to remedy the problem quickly. At the time, I expected 1.9 to come out within a few weeks, and was awaiting the priest rework to avoid having to write the system twice (once before, and then a fix/repair after the priest rework came out). In hindsight, this was a poor decision. The 1.9 update did not come out as quickly as I anticipated and we were left with players using these exploited tools for several months. I should have responded far more quickly and implemented the enchant decay, despite having it break or require a rewrite with the 1.9 update. Next Steps The next additions to the server will include a hunting map, custom improvements and additions to the journal (such as titan slaying objectives & rewards), adjustments to large-scale combats (legendary creatures, titans, etc), and the Gem Augmentation skill (which I've been waiting to complete for nearly a year). I've been eagerly awaiting the ability to move away from bug fixes and adjustments towards creating new content for the game. However: The next few weeks of my time will be largely devoted to a few other game-related objectives outside of Revenant. Wyvern Reborn As many of you know, Wyvern Reborn has been largely neglected in favor of Revenant's development. So much so, in fact, that it still runs on Wurm Unlimited 1.7. This was not a problem until the 1.9 patch, when downgraded clients could no longer connect to the server. While I'm unwilling to update the mods and revive Wyvern Reborn, I feel it would be neglectful to wipe it away and remove it forever. In that vein, I'll be doing an identical process to the previous owners of Wyvern. As the next task, I'll be working on taking Wyvern Reborn offline and publishing the server files to the public for others to potentially update & rehost the server. This will take some time, as I don't want to release information that should not be released in the databases, such as twitter authentication keys, passwords, and chat logs. I also need to organize and release the source code for all the mods that were active at that time, since they have undergone significant changes. Configurable WyvernMods Due to the generous contributions of patrons on my Patreon, we've reached the stretch goal of making the WyvernMods collection configurable. This is already partially in progress with some of the changes made today, but it will take more time before I'd feel comfortable releasing it as a mod for any server to use. Players on Revenant might not be seeing the benefit of doing this, but there are actually significant improvements that will come along with making the mod configurable. Staff members would be able to assist me with updates to the server. Custom titles could be created for events with a single configuration line. Adjustments to creatures and balance could be made through configurations instead of having to be coded. Development speed would accelerate as the configuration becomes more robust. For example, making item recipes configurable will allow faster implementation of new items. I expect to have a prototype or working version of the configurable WyvernMods within the next week or two. Conclusion While we're in a bit of a transition period from 1.9 still, progress is being made at a steady pace. I'll do better to keep everyone updated as time goes on.
  2. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    Yeah the food fill mechanics weigh far too much on the QL of the item instead of the actual quantity eaten. Here's the % of food fill for a given QL of food (blue line). This is identical whether it's a meal, raw meat, whatever.
  3. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    1.9 Update Bug Fixes Fixed a bug causing horses and some vehicles to not be able to be embarked. Fixed a bug causing Expand to not be able to be cast. Updated Taxidermy to resolve an issue with animated corpses not being able to be selected. Fixed a bug causing Enchant Orbs not to work properly. Fixed a bug where Essence Drain wounds were not being applied in DUSKombat. The damage dealt from these wounds will not be calculated for loot assistance. This will be fixed at a later time. PvP Damage Multiplier in DUSKombat has been reduced by 30% on Revenant Arena. This does not solve all issues with the patch but hits most of the extreme problems. More fixes will come shortly.
  4. Sindusk Server Mods

    Better Combat Log has been outdated for a long time and is no longer being updated. It's safe to remove from any server. It was abandoned after the Wurm Online development team added multicolor combat logging.
  5. Sindusk Server Mods

    Spellcraft v4.1 (Download) Removed option showCreatureSpellEffects. This was implemented in the Priest Rework and no longer necessary. The option improvedEnchantGrouping now simply enables the changes to the enchant groups from the configuration. The Priest Rework updated all spell effect descriptions and the full functionality is no longer necessary. For compatibility reasons, I'm keeping the name of the setting the same, but it now only enables the custom enchant groups. Updated the system used to determine negating enchants to hook into the new vanilla system instead of overwriting it. Updated the onlyShowValidSpells system with the new vanilla jewelry enchants. It should also function better in regards to the custom jewelry enchants. With the new functionality from the Priest Rework identifying which items a spell can be cast on, I'll be further expanding on this in the future and make it even more accurate across all spells. Updated default configurations with proper spell groups using the new spells from the priest update. As a side note, due to my Patreon hitting it's latest stretch goal, WyvernMods will become configurable. I'll be working on this over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for when that becomes available.
  6. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    Revenant has been updated to Wurm Unlimited 1.9 Full details of the Wurm Unlimited update can be found here: Updated the following mods from other authors to be compatible with the latest version: Spellmod (Ago) Betterdig (Bdew) HotSFixes (Bdew) Archeotweaks (Bdew) Second Player Demigod: Reevi Congratulations to Reevi on collecting the 50 key fragments required to obtain a Key of the Heavens and ascend to demigod. On Revenant, when a player uses a Key of the Heavens, they trigger a global GL-Freedom event, which allows them to modify their resulting deity. Here's Reevi's responses: [02:03:02] <Fo> I offer the following: Life Transfer, Oakshell, Light of Fo, Charm [02:03:05] <Fo> Choose, Reevi: Which power do you select? [02:03:11] <Reevi> Light of Fo [02:03:35] <Fo> I hear you, Reevi, and grant you the power of Light of Fo. [02:03:52] <Magranon> I offer the following: Flaming Aura, Frantic Charge, Efficiency, Dominate, Strongwall [02:03:55] <Magranon> Choose, Reevi: Which power do you wish to wield? [02:04:15] <Magranon> Are you still there? Reevi, you must choose. [02:04:18] <Reevi> Flaming Aura [02:04:25] <Magranon> I hear you, Reevi, and grant you the power of Flaming Aura. [02:04:42] <Vynora> I offer the following: Wind of Ages, Circle of Cunning, Aura of Shared Pain, Excel, Opulence [02:04:45] <Vynora> Choose, Reevi: Which enchant power suits your needs? [02:04:50] <Reevi> Circle of Cunning [02:05:15] <Vynora> I hear you, Reevi, and grant you the power of Circle of Cunning. [02:05:32] <Libila> I offer the following: Web Armour, Truehit, Rebirth, Drain Health, Drain Stamina [02:05:35] <Libila> Choose, Reevi: What shall be your strongest power? [02:06:05] <Reevi> Truehit [02:06:05] <Libila> I hear you, Reevi, and grant you the power of Truehit. [02:06:15] <Unknown Entity> Upon ascension, you will receive Light of Fo, Flaming Aura, Circle of Cunning, and Truehit These spells were then added to the god, alongside randomly rolled other spells. Some of the randomly rolled random spells were removed in order to keep balance. The resulting spell list is available below, alongside the full log of GL-Freedom when the event was occurring. Thelastdab Spell Adjustments Due to changes in how demigods obtain their spell list and passives, Thelastdab's spell list has been modified. The new spell list and passives for Thelastdab are available below. Additional Changes Significant code changes were made across most of the larger mods (Spellcraft, DUSKombat, and WyvernMods) to get them compatible with 1.9 changes. I failed to keep a proper list of changes that I made during this process. None of my changes should have significant gameplay impact. They were focused around compatibility and ensuring that systems would work properly after the update. As a final note, some mechanics may break down due to the large amount of changes the occurred. If you find anything wrong, please report it via ticket or directly to me over Discord and I'll do my best to get it fixed in a timely manner. GL-Freedom Chat Log from Reevi's Ascension
  7. Sindusk Server Mods

    Thanks for the report. This is a conflict between the Bag of Holding spell and Spellcraft. Because Expand functions identically, they try to do exactly the same thing. You can either disable the Expand spell entirely through the Spellcraft configuration or remove the Bag of Holding mod.
  8. This, but marketed as an expansion. Full title upgrade: Wurm Online: Some Expansion. Focus the new area on community gathering and overcoming challenges as a group. Offer incentive to F2P players while they're there. Make it rewarding for existing players to join, whether they're just getting started or seasoned veterans.
  9. Sindusk Server Mods

    Updated the mods that required it to Wurm Unlimited 1.9. DUSKombat v2.0 (Download) Updated to Wurm Unlimited 1.9. Various effects from the 1.9 update have been enacted in DUSKombat: Life Transfer now operates on healing spell resistance and heals the highest damage wound. Web Armour now operates on the same principles as described in the priest rework. Wind of Ages and Blessings of the Dark now affect swing speed in the same way as the priest rework. Frantic Charge now affects swing speed in the same way as the priest rework. Server Tweaks v2.0 (Download) Updated to Wurm Unlimited 1.9. Removed the option removeInfidelError and the bugfix itself. It is no longer necessary as of the priest rework. Spellcraft v4.0 (Download) Updated to Wurm Unlimited 1.9. Removed spell Summon Soul - Spell was added as part of the Priest Rework. Disabled the option reduceScornHealingDone. It was no longer functioning and probably not necessary due to the priest rework changes. Disabled the option healingRedone. All of it's functionality was done in the priest rework and I'll be adding options to edit how the default system works in the future. Disabled the option increaseFranticChargeDuration. This was done in the priest rework and is no longer necessary. Treasure Hunting v2.0 (Download) Updated to Wurm Unlimited 1.9. Extra Notes All of these were updated to the point where they will allow the server to load. There may still be issues. If you find anything wrong with any of my mods, please let me know and I'll fix it. Spellcraft has some really strange bugs right now with the Priest Rework changes. I'll be putting out another update to fix the issues it has in the near future. The existing version will at least enable it to run on a server to edit spells/configurations/etc.
  10. Is it legal?

    This is the one Wurm problem with no real solution. Since most of the actions in Wurm are repetitive, the difference between a macro/bot and a human being blurs a lot. For example, most modern keyboards will allow you to edit the repeat "interval" when you hold down a key. If you set it to 1 minute and put a rock on your key, is that a macro? How would anything detect that is what's happening and not a person pressing the key every minute?
  11. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    So like this?
  12. In Memoriam - Seleas(Edward) - 02/18/2019

    Seleas frequented my sever on Wurm Unlimited. He was always helpful to new players, answering questions in global chat and being a positive influence in the community. I remember him for his witty comments, especially this comical exchange. I'll miss his banter. Rest in peace, Seleas [Crazy Cat Lord].
  13. Epic, Complete 180°

    It would involve ensuring that every player had a specific client mod installed, or some form of patcher/launcher that would be used to launch the game instead of Steam. While a mild hassle for the players, it would be an effective anti-cheat solution.
  14. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    Kind of wish I could select 3 different options. In regards to the everyday cases, such as items or players being stuck and getting them out, I'd select the first option: Good confidence in GM's. These cases are generally handled really well and pleasantly. The systems in place to support helping players in these situations are rather good and the staff executes their duty in that regard very well. Then you get to the sticky situations: player disputes. These cases are not pure white like the ones listed above, and generally involve two or more players interacting with each other where one side will always lose out, regardless of intervention or not. Since uniques are a hot topic, an example: Player A hosts a dragon slaying. The dragon is off deed. Player B does not participate in the slaying at all, but knows it's happening. Once the unique is slain, player B takes the corpse from the ground. They proceed to butcher the corpse then sell the bone to Player C and the tome to Player D. What happens? Obviously Player B is being a ######. But is that enough to warrant a punishment? Or does it come down to "deed it or lose it?" If they are punished, does Player C need to return the bone and Player D need to return the tome? What if they were already used? Are new items spawned in? Or do the items just stay as-is, Player B gets banned, and Player A gets nothing out of organizing the slaying? There's a significant amount of gray area in these situations. In regards to the outcomes of these situations, I'd select the second option in the poll: They're doing a good job but there's room for improvement. Obviously, decisions are subject of opinion and everyone is entitled to disagree with the outcomes. From my own experience, the actual outcomes of these disputes are generally reasonable. However, there's an aspect of these situations where I would select the fourth option: I have little faith. That aspect is how these situations are communicated and the accountability of the outcomes to previous cases. When disputes are handled, the communication to the people involved is generally atrocious. Sticking to the example above, assume that Player B would result with a permanent ban. They'd try to log in the next day only to see the message that they're banned. If they felt their actions were not against the rules, there's no indication as to why they were banned. What if they were a new player that just recently started playing and didn't understand what a public slaying was? Can they argue against the ban? Shouldn't "deed it or lose it" apply? Not only is there no official way to appeal a case (aside from E-Mailing an address, which to my knowledge is not in any official statement), but the responses received far too often don't actually represent an explanation of why the player was punished. There's far too many cases that exist where the situation is nearly identical, yet the rulings have gone different ways. That should never happen. Players are currently banned permanently from playing where players who have broken the same rule are still playing. If a case was ruled in the past, it should stand as a precedent or a public statement of change of policy should be made to void that case from being used as a comparison. Finally, I take significant issue with how it's impossible to tell how the Game Masters will act until after the fact. For example, answer how a GM will respond to the following hypothetical situations without reading a staff response on how it would play out: Hypothetical One: Player A sets his cart to "all kingdom members" can command and logs off. Player B comes and takes the cart, then parks it inside a locked house where only he has access. Player A comes back online and tracks the cart back to the locked area. Player A cannot retrieve their vehicle, but removes the permissions to command the cart. Player B logs back in and notices he can no longer use the cart, but it's in a bad position with hitched animals so he cannot move it. Player A puts in a support ticket to get his cart back. Player B puts in a ticket to get the cart moved to a different location in the locked area because he cannot move it. Questions: Does the cart get returned to Player A? Is the cart rightfully claimed by Player B through game mechanics? Would no action be taken and both players be dissatisfied? Hypothetical Two: Player A plays the game for a long time, and obtains a set of dragon scale armour. They place it in a wagon on their deed that only they have access to. They become inactive for a long time, and their deed disbands. When they log back in, Player B has claimed the area and built a fence around their border, completely cutting off access to the wagon that Player A had. Their intention with the deed was to make sure they would obtain the items in the wagon once it decayed. The wagon is close to decaying, which would drop its contents. Player A puts in a support ticket to get his wagon back. Questions: Is the wagon moved outside of Player B's deed back to Player A? Does Player A lose his dragon scale that is still retained in an object only he has access to? Hypothetical Three: Player A joins deed of Player B. Player A places a house and locks it. Over time, he stores all his items in the house. After some time, a dispute erupts which causes Player B to kick Player A out of the deed and put them on KoS. Player B then builds a fence around Player A's house to prevent him from accessing any of their items. Player A puts in a ticket to get their items back. Player B puts in a support ticket to remove the house he doesn't have access to on his deed. Questions: Is Player A allowed to get their items back? Is the house now a black mark until it decays on Player B's deed? Hypothetical Four: Player A wants to create a new deed. In order to do so, they cannot be the mayor of their existing one. Instead of using an alt, they instead hand their deed to Player B for safekeeping until they can get their second deed built and an alt transported to hold the writ. Player B gets permanently banned. Player A puts in a support ticket to get their deed contract back from the banned player. Questions: Should items from a banned player be given to other players ever under any circumstance? If so, what circumstances? To experienced players, many of the questions above could be answered. However, to someone who isn't as familiar with previous outcomes and standard operating of the Game Masters, how is anyone supposed to know what is and is not accepted? Every situation above is just gambling in actions which game mechanics allow. Even after reading the rules, it does not account for some of the gray area situations above. Wurm is an incredibly deep and complex game that has many different scenarios which can occur. It's unreasonable to expect every scenario to be accounted for. However, there doesn't even seem to be any standard procedure available to the public to reference before acting in many situations. This leads to a situation where every action you take and every word you say is subject to interpretation from a council of GM's that determine if you're at fault. Trust in their operation currently resides on a rough list of rules and blind faith.
  15. Open Reply to Abuse of Power Public Letter

    I apologize for getting that wrong. I don't know the exact progression taken through staff. Obviously, I was given poor information and it's my fault for assuming it factual. Sorry. I do however stand by the point of what I mentioned, which is to make a more public statement and introduction. If you mean to be a relay between the community and the staff, it would be wise to give yourself a bit of a background. Also, I doubly apologize if any of my post came off as an attack towards you. My primary point of issue is the policies in place which cause these events and drama, not the events themselves or the people associated with it.