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  1. Bump also magical chest slows decay by a large factor not pervent them completely so meal will still decay if you leave it in there long enough.
  2. This is the best storage option in wurm everything inside the fountain pan will not suffer decay Starting bid 70e Minmium increase 5e Buyout 100e sniper protection 1hour
  3. This account has been sold to me (Kegan) and the forums account was included with it so this now is one of Kegan's forum accounts just wanted to let everyone know.
  4. *Deleted* Meridius character and forum account was sold to Kegan.
  5. Right.. Do you also go to the store after you see they have a sale on the thing you bought the other night and ask for the difference back?
  6. For those of you worried there will be some huge land grab on Xanadu when it opens and all the rich old accounts will buy up all the prime coastal real estate, I sat down and worked on the math for all of you Chicken Littles. Listen, Xanadu will be 16x the size of Independence or Chaos, that's huge, so let's put it in perspective. Xanadu's map will be 64x64 kilometers, that's 4,096 square kilometers of map. Judging by the water percentages of Indy and Release, the amount of land to water is about 50%. That leaves 2,048 square kilometers of land to settle on and explore. One tile in Wurm is 4m, so that's 250 tiles per kilometer. 250x250 is 62,500 tiles per square kilometer. Okay, so that's 62,500 times 2,048 sq/km. That gives us a play area of 128,000,000 tiles. Wow. 128 million tiles, can you imagine? So if EVERYONE that plays at one time, say 1000 players on at once, plops down a 100x100 deed (10,000 tiles each) that means they would use up 0.78125% of the land on Xanadu. (1,000,000 divided by 128 million). So please, everyone relax. You'll find your place in the sun!
  7. *Looks at the dead horse, takes away your stick* Listen, whatever they focus on is what they want to focus on, either based out of desire or most likely, out of resource limits. There are only so many developers for this game and in the MMO market, has to be one of the smallest. Things change, and the limited resources dictate that they work on what they can. If we get an update that seems to benefit one playstyle, the other seems to feel left out, demanding more. Just relax and play the game. Be patient, Wurm is still chugging along.
  8. PvP easy fruits

    Oh yeah, the game would become more fun (or, become fun, as fun isn't a word anyone can use to describe Wurm, perhaps interesting or enjoyable, but not "fun"), and would boost the pvp crowd many times over.