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  1. Ebonhold is recruiting any and all players looking to join our community. We are a relatively new deed quickly growing and within the Wurmrest Alliance. All members are relatively active. We will help you learn your way and will give you the means to pursue any career path available. Very few things are expected and that is mainly to help each other however we can. If interested contact Drakul, Caridwyn, BloodMoonWolf or Drush.
  2. I will never let this post fully die I really want the devs to use some of my ideas as this game is still one of the greatest sandbox games ever in my opinion not many games allow the freedom of choice this game offers. Please more ideas for my topic it is interesting what some of you out there come up with.
  3. Hey all guess what this topic is back. I am still a wurmian and still like to hunt sadly with certain lack of a computer to play on this wonderful game and I still actively try to get it out to all my gamer buddy's out their irl. But I am rambling but keep the updates coming devs and please use my ideas I really just want to help make wurm online the best game it can be keep on playing my fellow wurmian.
  4. I am happy that you guys replied but wurm can be so much more making a house actually more like a house and less of a glorified storage room would just be another step that can make the game a lot better.
  5. I just had this come to me we have a handful of furniture items but not nearly enough in my current opinion. Anyone who spends a great deal of time working on their homes spend hours building but once it is done they have any amount of open space. This idea is simple add more furniture and find a way to make things hang able on walls like for example I hunt so I usually have pelts why not hang a prized bear pelt on my wall or perhaps a bow rack that holds my bow. Now it's a little more complicated then just adding cosmetics I like having functionality as well as good looking items. If they added more furniture think of the various storage things you could have access to like let's say a storage shelf for all the various metal lumps that the various smiths use or instead of a barrel of water they can have an actual water trough to temper items in. Now that is just a couple of examples theirs plenty more that could be added to make our homes more pleasant to the eyes and functional it would take loads of work for the development team but it's something that should be considered as it would open up a few different things to make coins as it would mean furniture trade could be a thing since the in game economy is ran by the players so as such it would make sense for more professions to get created so that trade lines and such will allow for players to actually do something worth while and feed the economy.
  6. I always like the idea of more items of the cosmetic variety furniture and such makes a players home look like more then a very glorified storage space so this is a decent idea in my book
  7. Yes more alcoholic beverages in wurm could make all those inns and taverns on various servers fill more like taverns and inns
  8. Like the idea as crates do take up a lot of space if you have many plus it would make deeds that are on the coast more functional plus imagine setting up warehouses along the coastal deeds and then renting them out to merchants it would help the player based economy prosper
  9. Interesting topic I agree lanterns on wagons and larger ships would be cool imagine the many deeds that have docks and how all the ships moored at them would look with lanterns glowing at night.
  10. Figured its time for this topic to make a comeback as I still think it is a good idea.
  11. This morning I was playing on my toon Dragonfire and I figured I would work on finishing my floors in my currently unfinished home as I completed my plank floor I noticed that even though I had finished the floor it was showing the packed dirt under the floor as if the floor wasn't their. It is not a huge problem but I brought it up in CA Help and mentioned it after I finished reporting it to CA Nicrolis and he requested I share it with you guys after sharing a screenshot with him. All I did before noticing the minor bug was simply cut the wood needed for the planks, make the planks and small nails and added them to the plank floor I will link the screenshot here for you to see.I must also add that I am pretty sure that I am on the stable client currently. URL:
  12. take the quiz yourself URL=]
  13. I was thinking as I read a topic and started to think which can be a bad thing. But I started thinking about the economy in wurm online. We could be doing better my suggestion is simple give everyone lets say 5 silver coins and make it so that the economy circulats funds so that setting up shops and/or trade routes actually worth while that way no one is ever truely broke and player can become more immersed in the lands and actually make a name for themselves where ever they are. This chould lead to specialiest in most crafts and supply and demand can balence out and money can be more important.