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  1. The only consolation is that there are one or two items that use dirt as a mat. I believe the charcoal pile does and I am sure the kiln does. It MIGHT be possible to get a rare or even supreme charcoal pile but not sure what that will achieve either.
  2. I have done a similar job and have a Ships Chandler with odd components of ship building laying around (keels etc) and will put tools like a rope tool etc on the ground as well. I have a shipyard with a half built Cog outside. Mine is a 3 story U shaped building that has the ground dug up to the building edge to allow water to be "inside" the building. I intend to have a bridge over it as a roof when I can find some tin to make bronze for a Dioptra. There is the workers housing which is a group of 5 small terraced houses with a few basic bits of furniture in them. For RP purposes, I have a "Vacant" sign outside each of them. An import and export warehouse, I have made them separate but they can be combined into one. Most importantly the "Harbour Masters house" - an up-market house with fine fixtures and fittings and possibly marble floors etc - Essentially your own home. Mine also has a workshop at the back for my forge and loom etc and a garden area to farm cotton and wemp and two paddocks for my animals. I intend to have a cart parking area and a paddock for the horses as part of the facilities for visitors and a tavern and merchant area for the sailors when they arrive. *Need to find someone who can mod some dancing girls for the tavern and allow me to import music files in a "jukebox" for the tavern sounds though. It's not my server so I don't have privileges to summon a innkeeper. I can buy a merchant agreement to get a merchant there but don't know how to get a innkeeper. I can probably get the GM to add the dancing girls and jukebox mod.
  3. No, I have tried and you can't turn off automatic updates in Steam. You ONLY have the option of playing the "previous version" which, as I said, then becomes the next version up when the next update hits.
  4. The server I play on has been down since the last update. Every time there's an update, the owner takes it down a couple of days after and it's down for around 3 days while he plays with it to get it back up again. This weekly crap means it's down more often than it's up and it's been o/l for a week now. It's ok saying we can play the previous version but a week later and the next patch means the previous version is not the one we WANT to play because we need to be playing the version BEFORE it. Simply having a "No update" option would allow us to play the game until we see an update that actually adds something to the game and doesn't just fix obscure bugs nobody has even seen, (while ignoring the glaringly obvious bugs - ie: Stamina loss while riding or sailing etc). I am not interested in weekly bug fixes that don't affect anything I do. If it's a game under development, I want to see additions made to the game in the form of new stuff to craft and new things to do. Otherwise, it's just a beta build where we are all simply beta testers and not a game under development at all. I begin to suspect we are nothing more than beta testers who have paid for the privilege to test patches for WO since the new patches seem to break more than they fix. Every month is fine, at least we get to play the game for a while before the devs break it again. Every week means we spend more time getting the servers back up and running than actually playing the game.
  5. Does this work when launching the server? For example, can I run the server launcher using the same trick so I can run the client from another PC?
  6. Great, I'll install a mod that uses the existing stuff rather than have something new to build. :/ the whole idea was to have something new to build instead of coming to a grinding halt after building practically everything there is to build. As a single player, once you've built one of each of the ships, there's not much point in building duplicates. A ship that has another purpose on the other hand...
  7. Seriously why a rewrite? Add ceramic planks as a material, made from clay in the kiln the same way as pottery and add bones as a drop from animals. Craft bones into dowels using the carving knife. Put the two crafted items together and you have a ceramic barrel. How would this constitute a rewrite?
  8. Cotton Towel

    The devs won't allow you to have a towel. It would show you how many light years you've travelled to get to the planet of Wurm.
  9. Yes, I know about that. However, it can hold only 2 piles of dirt before it has to be hauled up and emptied. My idea allows the players to dredge a large area without constantly emptying the dredge every two piles. It's also another thing we can build and use rather than something else to go in our inventory.
  10. An idea for a new boat - The dredger. It basically uses a flat platform with paddles to drive it, the commander rows it from the front where he can see where it is dredging. On the front, there is a bucket ladder driven by a hand winch. The bucket ladder can be set to a specific depth so dredging is at a constant level below water. It can be operated by one person or two, for one person, they need to position the dredger and then operate the winch. For two people, the winch can be operated while the dredger moves which makes dredging faster. the dredged dirt/sand or whatever piles up on the flat deck and has to be emptied when it reaches 100. Can be used in conjunction with large crates, transfer the dirt into the crates manually from the deck of the dredger. Can take up to 4 large crates. It requires the water initially to be as deep as a person can dig while standing in the water. Every action can be completed by the commander without moving but if two players are working together, the player operating the winch stands at the front where the bucket ladder is located. Either player can transfer the dirt that has been dredged into crates. Size of the boat is the same length as a sailing boat but twice as wide. The bucket ladder stands above the deck half the height of a normal triangular sail when not being operated. Height during operation depends on the depth being dredged as the bucket ladder is tilted in order for the front to go deeper, however, it does not go above the height of a triangular sail at max dredging depth so if a sailing boat can go under a bridge, a dredger will also.
  11. Pegs would make a nice alternative to nails for some things. Vines (woven reeds) in place of rope for low level stuff and ribbons could be replaced by wooden hoops too. What about using animal fat for something else like glue that could be used to glue parts together instead of using ribbons? Mix animal fat with ground hoofs maybe to make glue? This would require a primitive mortar and pestle (made of stone + pickaxe) of course to grind the hooves to begin with. I'd like to also see a basic boat that doesn't need metal to make, (rowboat requires large nails for the rope tool to make the mooring rope). Maybe have vines as an alternative to ropes for low level stuff like the rowboat, possibly even the raft could be made with vines instead of nails, tie the logs together. Maybe even introduce a dugout: A tree trunk made into a dugout canoe and a log turned into a paddle with the use of the hatchet alone for a first boat. It would allow new players to make a boat for moving around the islands and gathering basic resources without having to first search high and low for iron. A dugout has no lock but it's easy to make with low skills and therefore, it's relatively pointless to steal one rather than make one yourself. In addition, to make the rowboat a better option later on, you stop paddling the dugout when your stamina runs out so you have to stop to recover your stamina every so often. However, the benefits of a dugout is that you can carry it on your head across land but it means you move quite slowly due to the weight. That makes a dugout quite handy at higher levels too. As far as locks go, you can make a crude wooden lock.
  12. But Bridges don't look so good in a settlement. Having steps up and down "pedestrianises" an area rather than having roads everywhere and makes the pace look a lot nicer overall.
  13. [RELEASED] Live Map

    I'm playing on a private server with a modded map. Sometimes the live map shows and sometimes it doesn't, there doesn't seem to be any logic as to why, it just seems random. Nice that we now have the ability to view a minimap. Maybe a little more zoom out would be nice so we can see a little more of the terrain. Also strange that Ago's client patcher worked like a charm but the server patcher still keeps refusing to patch so I still can't get the server mods to work on my server.
  14. A change to the client only should be a unversioned change since it really should have no effect on the link to the server. Admins should not have to take servers down to update them unless changes have been made to the server code as well. The hardest hit are often modded servers because some may have to wait for an update of the mod as well to be compatible with the new server code in order to get up and running again. I'm hoping that beta is open so modders can test their mods on the beta version and make them compatible in order to release the updated mod at the same time as the patch goes live. This would vastly reduce downtime for private servers. It would also increase the number of players testing the beta and allow more chance to catch bugs at the beta stage.
  15. Update Java... Check Clear Java Cache... Check Game runs... NO! Still crashing out with a null error when trying to connect to a private server. Oh wicked, does nobody actually test these patches before release? Or are WE the crash test dummies now?