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  1. double edged sword. I'd like this. Maybe add it as a permission setting for on deed only?
  2. Quick and easy trade. Thank you Tridek!
  3. High digging lets you see slopes from a distance, but currently mining does not. Please give higher level mining the ability to read slopes from a distance as well. Both let you level & flatten. You dig a surface or surface mine. Very similar results happen from either. Just not sure why only digging let's you read slope from a distance.
  4. what I can't figure out with the pvp mechanics we have, is why anyone would ever consider joining an inferior kingdom on Chaos? Isn't that like saying "here, take my stuff, I didn't want it anyway"
  5. Disable mail on Chaos completely. If not, it might also be used to allow the attacking forces to set up a mailbox somewhat near the victims and magically send in whatever supplies they need.
  6. It sure seems like a misunderstanding to me on the previous. I just did an expensive transaction with Rolandt and it went flawlessly. I've not seen any bad trades from him in my searching either.
  7. why? That seems silly, to have things stop working because an enemy shows up? If the enemy can't get to their target and gank them before they secure and protect their items, that is too bad. Why not have guards stop working and locks open up too?
  8. In the Nvidia control panel, you probably need to go back in and manually add the new java client to always use Nvidia and not Intel. These issues are exactly what happens when using the Intel CPU for graphics. I bet the new java just bypassed the previous Nvidia settings in some way. I have purposely avoided upgrading Java, to let all the quirks get caught by the rest of you first
  9. +1. When deeding coastal, it would be nice to have a minimal perim at the shore and bigger behind and on the sides. I think the min perim might be better at 2 though. That makes 2 full tile width between deeds, that can be fully manipulated, for making roads.
  10. Closed

    so the bidding winner needs to add 3s on to their winning bid to claim the rare chain parts? Does that also apply to the buyout? 28s to include the chain parts?
  11. I don't recall seeing any of your auctions tho...
  12. Auctions are more exciting and there is a sense of "I win!" that you don't get when just buying from the WTS area. Auctions just aren't any fun anymore here. WTS has been turning into a merchant section, with people listing 20 plus items at a shot. Chaos is winning (not the pvp group).
  13. bad for business. No reason for CC to even consider this.