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  1. I reinstalled and it worked! Thanks for the advice all, I'd never have thought to restart the router. Now I just have to rebrand all my TWO HUNDRED FLOOFS.
  2. OK, so there's been progress! I restarted my router and I was able to connect to the client and download the game via Steam. However I still get the 'this app can't run on your PC' error when I try to use the shortcut on my desktop, and I can't use my main account via Steam. I'm uninstalling and reinstalling now...
  3. I've restarted several times already. AVG does seem to be a little buggy! But I've paid for it so I'm reluctant to stop using it early.
  4. Darn it! Sorry, I'll fix them. My system type is 64 bit (I installed the 64 bit version of Wurm each time) and I'm using AVG antivirus. That's the firewall I've tried temporarily disabling, but it doesn't make any difference. Images fixed!
  5. UPDATE: I just tried to install Wurm on my mother's laptop, and I get the same issue - I can't connect to update the client.
  6. I woke up this morning to news that my deed had fallen (sob!), so I've been trying to log in to salvage what I can. Unfortunately Wurm absolutely refuses to run. At first I got the message that my client had failed to update, and to check my firewall or redownload. I did both - my firewall allows Wurm, and I tried reinstalling. No dice! After doing those I got the error message "this app can't run on your PC". Well it did before! So I've tried going through Steam. I downloaded the game, only to get the original error message. I've tried turning off my firewall, same error message. I've just reinstalled again via the website, and the game was supposed lo launch but hasn't. I attach images of all the error messages I've got today, including one that I get several of when I start up my laptop. It worked before! *Sob* It kept making new ones?? I have no idea WTF this is TL;DR - HALP.
  7. I will always upvote BEARS.
  8. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME MAKE ANOTHER AUCTION POST. But since you asked nicely, ok. One nice standard floof, complete with a leg on each corner, north and south ends. But one nice non-standard rare trait! This lil floof can make double the floof when floofed. So for extra floofage, bid on this floof! [21:05:19] It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It has strong legs. It is easy on its gear. It has a chance to produce twins. It looks stationary. It has been bred in captivity. Starting bid - 5s Minimum increment - 1s Sniper protection - 1hr Delivery fee - 50c
  9. Congrats LionIX! Contact me here or ingame to arrange collection/deliver.
  10. A private bid of 23s has been made, bidding remains open!
  11. Because I've apparently had a glut of rare floofs and I'm posting this close to midnight, I'm going to shamelessly plagerise a previous post of mine to sell this unique, one of a kind, frigging immortal frigging poneh! New information is highlighted in bold. Come one, come all, and see this frigging immortal frigging poneh! A close relative of the frigging immortal frigging donkey, only bigger. And spotty. NOT SPOTTY, GREY FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. Four (4) legs as standard, one on each corner. North and south ends come complete with head and tail in the usual positions. Food goes in the head (north) end. The frigging immortal frigging poneh is guaranteed (not a guarantee) to perform all functions of non frigging immortal frigging ponehs, but for longer. Current height is approximately 2 dirts tall, this will increase at the usual rate with good care and standard treatment. Standard treatment covers all good practice which includes, but is not limited to, food, grooming, frolicking space and WUV. Non-standard treament will void the guarantee of your frigging immortal frigging poneh. This model of frigging immortal frigging poneh comes with: One (1) name - Queenrhyme AJAXFLASH Seven (7) spots ZERO (0) SPOTS Four (4) legs with attached feets LAST TIME I CHECKED One (1) tail Two (2) ears One (1) snoot Seven (7) traits: [23:27:26] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It seems accustomed to water. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It seems immortal. It has a slow metabolism. It has been bred in captivity. Please buy quickly so I can erase the evidence that I reuse my own posts. Starting bid - 2s Minimum increment - 1s Private bids accepted Sniper protection - 1 hour
  12. A private bid of 20s has been made, bidding remains open!
  13. A private bid of 18s has been made, bidding remains open!
  14. YES. Also spotty sheeps please!
  15. A private bid of 10s has been made, bidding remains open!
  16. Speed is fast. Three speed is faster. Well this is unbelievably fast! I present to you one genuine shiny rare speed foal! This lovely boy comes with all standard features, only faster. When Jollybenny is grown, just sitting on him will guarantee to make you type in italics, the fastest font (not a guarantee). His traits are: [22:00:08] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It seems to pick stuff up. It has a slow metabolism. It looks stationary. It is unbelievably fast. It has been bred in captivity. Buying this boy will also give you: Speed Prestige Bragging rights But will not give you: Beauty Intelligence Tact For best results kit him out with shoes, a saddle, food, frolicking space, and most importantly, WUV. With all of the above he can go up to 42kph! His father, who is also a 3 speed with unbelievably fast, regularly goes at 40-42kph when he's asked nicely. Do not add speed holes, they will not make him go faster. Starting bid - 10s Minimum increment - 1s Sniper protection - 1 hour
  17. I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy.
  18. None have crossed servers. I had another born today, possibly with a deceased father again. [00:13:55] Her mother is the venerable fat Amberbee.
  19. And another one! This one was born on the 4th but I've only just started to record him today. Again his probable father has died of old age, he was another male bred by me.
  20. I had another fatherless baby born today. I think her father is a male who died yesterday, but I'm not certain. [18:59:25] Her mother is the venerable fat Whinnytari. He probable father is one who was bred by me and died of old age.
  21. You like horses, yes? Well imagine you could horse while you horse! Instead of just one horse, you can get two! Yes two! Double horse juiced in goodness, for all the horse you can horse. This little girl can make you twins for extra horse when you want it. Coffeenapa comes complete with name, age and 7 (yes 7) other traits! [19:01:18] It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It seems more friendly. It has strong legs. It has a chance to produce twins. It has a slow metabolism. It looks stationary. It has been bred in captivity. Also included at no extra price: Adorable clippy hooves (x4) Cute white socks (x4) Pointy ears (x2) Waggy tail (x1) Extra boopable snoot (x1) Snoot can be pre-booped for an extra fee. Collection from Hindleap, G23 Xanadu or delivery for 50c. (Pre-booping fee included in delivery charge.) Starting bid: 1s Minimum increment: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hour
  22. So I've had two horses born in the past week that haven't shown their fathers in either inspect or examine. For the first one I thought maybe it was because their father had died (I had a male from that pen die of old age and he could have been the father) but I'm sure that isn't the case with the one I had born today! The foals are unrelated, one is a female buckskin 4 speed, and the other is a male blood bay 2 draft. Born today and on the 21st respectively. I've had others born in between that show their parents as normal, so far it's just these two.