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  1. Is the Bakeoff past tense or present tense?
  2. With all the priest changes recently does anyone have ideas on what will be the best channeling grind strategy going forward? Chopped veg and Dirt still seems to be viable but I'd like to get peoples opinions. The thought of going back making rope or locks with RNG makes me want to cry. Dirk
  3. Just some thoughts and observations: Wurm cuts a deal with steam, steam requires or strongly suggests certain things/changes. Wurm sells out their loyal players for the possibility of a new player infusion via steam aka dollar signs. Looses loyal players for maybe some new ones on steam and possibly whatever Steam may be paying them. To see such a great game that I've been loyal to for many years go down the tubes over the past few years has been really difficult to watch. Unfortunate decision after unfortunate decision resulting in Wurm bleeding loyal hardcore players for years. It's like your favorite movie (thinking of the three original star wars) that they make a sequel to and then they ruin it by trying to appease the masses by adding a cheesy love plot or some "cute" idiot character that everyone hates (jar jar). Wurm has fallen into the same trap. If you're going roll something back maybe it should be the skill oils that make you able to get 100ql ore with 78 mining skill, or make it so that people from chaos can't come and screw up your server. Roll back all of the beautiful wood textures that so many people loved instead of the current ones that all look like the same bla with slightly different shades. Or maybe roll back the nerfed hell horse hitching feature. No amount of rewards or giving out of tomes for finishing quests will fix the fundamental damages that have taken place over the past few years. And while I'm on my soap box, I want to lament the publishing of WU, it fragmented the Wurm community which has never recovered. In the end I appreciate that Wurm is a business and that there are many competing voices advocating for what Wurm should be in the future. It just make me sad that a game with such potential should turn out the way it has, not unlike many a great movie. Rest in peace Wurm, follow in the footsteps of other once great games like Ultima Online. PS. And if you're thinking "well if they were loyal they wouldn't have left" I'm sure a lot of the people who have left felt betrayed that the Wurm they loved is no longer.
  4. Thank you Samool, that seems to have worked. Though I have to say that this seems to be an issue with Wurm not my OS. As mentioned above, recently I was able to open multiple Wurm clients. This issue started when I had to download a new version of Wurm Online a few months ago and is correlated with a Wurm update not an OS update it which makes it likely that the issue is related to Wurm not my system.
  5. In the very very beginning in 2013 I started off in Deliverance, SE corner near a friends deed. The hardest part was trying to balance staying a live long enough to build shelter and find food with decent nutrition. I didn't know how to farm, so no cotton, except from what I could forage/botanize which was really tough and slow going. I spent hours botanizing for healing cover bits and learned to have a million healing covers on hand at all times. Once I learned how to call the guards which was after quite a while, I was able to travel and mostly take care of myself. From there it was pretty much down hill. I eventually settled on Release with a new character and started a homestead in the middle of no where, which later became my deed. Those were the good ole days. I spent hours reading wurmpedia and trying to find public iron mines. I had to walk 45 mins to the one mine I knew on winding disjointed paths through dense forest. It was an exciting and amazing adventure every time I would log on. I miss being a noob. I called the route to my nearest clay deposit troll alley and spent hours clearing the route just to get there, good times.
  6. Hi, For the last two months at least I have not been able to open more than one client. Previously I could just click on the Wurm application icon and it would open a new client. However now when I do that it just goes to the window that currently open. If I right click on the program in "applications" and click "open", it again goes to the client that's already open and does not open a new client. This is pretty annoying because I want to buy premium for my dormant battery priest but there's no point if I can't have to two clients open. I'm running Wurm on a 2018 MacBook Air with macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and currently up to date Java. This seemed to start a few months ago when I could no longer use the old Wurm application that I had been using previously and as a result I had to download a new version from wurmonline.com. I apologize if this already has a thread, I did a few keyword searches but didn't see any applicable pages. Best, Dirk
  7. I also took some photos the day after Xallo posted their question at 4pm wurm time looking south. I don't remember what time during the wurm day the photos from my original post were taken. Also I confirmed that when I took the original photos there was no rift in the area.
  8. When facing northwest the ground lights up red. If I turn slightly one way the light gets brighter and then dimmer eventually. Also this phenomenon only happens on certain surfaces. I have attached a link to some photos. The photos show that as I turn from left to right as the red light gets brighter then dimmer. The red light also changes in this way as you look up and down. I've never noticed this before today. There are no lights in the area that could cast this type of light, I don't have a lamp on and if I go to another part of the server I still see the red light. Hopefully this helps diagnose the issue. https://imgur.com/a/3a6vjqf I'm running Wurm version 4.0.43 on a Mac High Sierra OS with the most up-to-date version of Java. Let me know if you need any more information here or pm Dirk in game. Dirk
  9. I love this =) <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Dirk (Former resident of Lake Superior shard/Minoc)
  10. I noticed when mining zinc just now that the minimum number of zinc ore that will form a pile is 7. I also mined copper and that needs 3 ores to form a pile as expected. I was mining the zinc off deed in a one tile mine. Dirk
  11. I skill on steel because I need it for PS. Brass and bronze are still pretty useless.
  12. +1 to fancy high end metallurgy items---> this would be really cool =) -1 to all metals idea
  13. Thanks Smilingcat for the custom enchant on my supreme shoe and for the nice 100ql 91 CoC pelt =). Great service every time. Dirk
  14. Samool, Thanks for the tip, I turned on GLSL and now they all look different. Not exactly what I was hoping for (how they looked yesterday) but they look good =). And all my bsbs are colored now thanks Dev team =) I'm happy. https://imgur.com/a/ba1LY Wood types from left to right: Olive, birch, oak, linden, pine, cedar.
  15. The dev team has done a great job on updates lately and the current one allowing coloring of wood and cloth parts of items separately is brilliant. But I was under the impression and really hoping that the old wood textures would come back for all wood items (like crates and bsbs etc) and stay the same for ones like barrels and beds. I really liked the wood textures they had before todays update and I was really sad when they removed them from most items including bsbs a few years ago. Now wood items (barrels at least) all look the same =(. I miss my olive wood barrels. Now wood items just look blah. Can we have the old wood textures back for all wood items please? Thank you. https://imgur.com/a/qKCEP Barrel wood types from left to right: Olive, birch, oak, linden, pine, cedar. Dirk