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  1. horse shoe, 85 ql, 98 woa, 2 s COD Dirk Thanks Smilingcat =)
  2. Great news for the horse trading economy =/. This will probably turn out to be a disaster for small breeders. Yay for monopolies!
  3. Sweet axe =). Any lumps for re-imping in the price?
  4. butchering knife, 3 ql, 91 coc, 1 s Thank you Smilingcat, you are amazing as always *hugs* COD Dirk
  5. - mallet, oakenwood, 41 ql, 100 coc, 4 s - whetstone, 89 ql, 100 coc, 4 s
  6. best enchanted items

    cotton 5ql 0,15dmg COC75 - 55c COD Dirk
  7. chisel, 50 ql, 85 coc, 80 c meditation rug, 6 ql, 81 coc, 80 c ropetool, oakenwood, 30 ql, 73 coc, 45 c shovel, 50 ql, 88 coc, 1 s scissors, 58 ql, 76 coc, 45 c clay shaper, oakenwood, 7 ql, 76 coc, 40 c sickle, 30 ql, 81 coc, 80 c
  8. Chakron did you find dragon pads yet?
  9. I'll be there. Thanks Tuga. Dirk
  10. kindling, 35 ql, 82 coc, 80 c Thanks Smiling Cat =) COD Dirk
  11. I've observed this in the same location as the Elizarya. If I am on a horse or a cart I can access the bsb above. On one or two occasions in the past 24 hrs I have also noticed I can't access them even from a horse but if I log out and in again it works just fine.
  12. Client crashed and gave me a message about a bug. I discovered it in the morning when I woke up. I don't remember if I had logged my character out or not but in the morning when I opened my laptop clamshell the background wurm noises (birds etc) were still playing but the client was now displaying the below "you found a bug" message. My character was not doing anything just sitting there. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide that would be helpful. Dirk/Pseudomonas