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  1. Always love the creative posts Stan. Thanks for hosting all these, it's an incrredible public service.
  2. Thanks for posting. We've got this on up to 85 ql and ~0 corruption currently.
  3. release died?

    Ya, all of my toons were booted too
  4. WurmNode

    Anyone notice wurmnode is acting weird the last few hours? Says website is not secure and might be impersonating wurmnode.com
  5. This is an iteresting addition but does doing cartography have an impact on some other skills or some other already existing aspect of the game or it just making maps?
  6. Hi Hvergi, Can I order a couple of enchanted items: - Rat pelt 100+ CoC (I sent one) - Iron hammer 100+ CoC (also sent) If it's 1.9s each for these, COD Dirk, otherwise pm me in game or here.
  7. WurmNode

    Thanks for running Wurmnode, it's great to have it as a resource. I don't know if this is in the que for being addressed but some of the skills don't have progress graphs for example coalmaking, metallurgy and the body subskills. I'm very grateful wurmnode exists but it would be awesome to see those graphs as well. Also, I love that you can Zoom in etc on the skill graph but exactly how the zoom in function works isn't clear and its too easy to zoom in to a part of the graph that has no data points etc. I love that you can see the highest value people have for each skill, really nice feature.
  8. Can you COD to Dirk: -1x low QL kindling with 95+ CoC - 2x gold lump with 95+ CoC
  9. Holy cow Smilingcat, that's an insane cast power! I didn't know it went that high. You're a hero, thank you [10:32:33] Scrap wood, mostly useful for feeding fires with. It is made from oakenwood. [10:32:33] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [107]
  10. Someone should make a calculator of this if it isn't already a thing. It seems really complicated...
  11. J-Smith: imping gold statuettes gives you pretty good fodder for deed bonus.