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  1. Today marks the very first alpha release of "Wurm oAuth", an application I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. http://woubuc.github.io/wurm-oauth/ Features: Let users log into your website / application with their Wurm Unlimited account (based on WU user + steam ID) Show information about those users in your website / application through the read-only API that is linked directly to the Wurm Unlimited database Completely separate from the Wurm Unlimited server itself, does not impact the game. The number of API endpoints is rather limited right now (after all, it is the very first release), but I am planning to add more - I'm open for suggestions. For WU players who are not programmers: this application doesn't do much on its own, but it opens the way for developers (including non-Java developers) to integrate the game data into their website, forum, ... I'm curious to know what you think, all feedback is welcome PS: It is not really a tool that creates content for WU (as per the description of the Tools forum), but I figured this would be the best place to post it since it really isn't a mod either.
  2. I will also be looking for testers, anyone interested in trying this out on their server send me a message
  3. I'm working on an oAuth-like login system for Wurm Unlimited servers, with a built in read-only RESTful API so external websites and applications can integrate with the game server. Temporary webpage: http://woubuc.github.io/wurm-oauth/ It is still in development and isn't yet available for use, but that should change soon since I'm getting close to completing a first test version. But, I would be very interested in getting some thoughts on it from the community here. Are there any features you can think of that would really need to be in a system like this? Things that definitely shouldn't be in it? All ideas, thoughts and opinions are welcome
  4. That's not what we're trying to do. We were talking about how to recreate the hashing process of WU, in order to end up with a password hash that matches the one in the database. I think Node should be able to recreate the algorithm using Buffers instead of strings, but I don't have enough experience with those (and no experience whatsoever with Java) so I probably won't be able to properly implement it. Node has an exec function as well, could you maybe share your Java program, so I can implement it in my app? It would help me immensely. And if you don't mind, sharing the code on Github or something would also be very interesting so I could look it over some time and see if I can implement it with Node directly. I don't know Java development and I don't have a Java development environment set up but I should be able to understand Java code.
  5. Thanks for the reply @Ahava! I'm working in Node.js, which has a pretty good crypto module built-in that I'm using. I got the first half of your instructions, my code now gives me the steamID + base64String thingy correctly, but then it goes wrong. I use crypto.pbkdf2 which according to the documentation "applies HMAC digest function SHA1" which sounds a lot like your "PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1" (I don't know much about all these various algorithms though so I may be wrong). But I'm still a bit confused about the rest, like what data exactly do I need to use for the salt? Also, a length of 192 as you say gives me a very long string while the password string in my database is only 48 chars long. Could you perhaps give some more details on the steps to get to that password? If it helps, this is what I've got now: https://gist.github.com/woubuc/cfb19cc6902bb2f91985
  6. I tried some combinations but no luck. Is there anyone who knows a bit better how it works (what hashing algorithm, salt, etc), or who could check out the code to figure it out? I don't have the Java skills to do this myself, I wouldn't even know where to start nor do I have the time to learn a whole new environment just for this unfortunately.
  7. How is the password hash related to the Steam profile though? As far as I can tell from some tests on my dev server, it's not the Steam ID or any hash of it.
  8. Yeah, that is the Steam API which I can use to let a user log in with their Steam account. That's the easy part, I've done it before and it's not much work to implement. However, what I want to know is, once I have the Steam ID of a logged-in Steam user, is it possible to get the player account(s) from the Wurm Unlimited database that belong to that particular user?
  9. I'm looking to implement a Steam oAuth login for our server's website, that is connected to their in-game character.
  10. Merchant Exporter

    I made a little Node.js script that exports all merchants and their inventory to a JSON file. It can be used to display merchants inventories on a webpage, or in an external application. If you want, give it a go and let me know what you think! Suggestions are welcome. The script: https://github.com/woubuc/wu-merchant-exporter (see the Readme for information on how to use it) Example output from my local test server: https://gist.github.com/woubuc/33a2a5d5bcec8ce078a7 If there are any bugs, feel free to create an issue or submit a PR. Note: I have only tested this with a couple of merchants on a local creative test server. I don't know how resource-hungry the script will be when used on a busy server, so be careful.
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to find a player in the database by their Steam ID, or if not perhaps a way to get the Steam ID of a specific player?