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  1. Beta branch. Double bulk capacity does not work. crate will fill up to the amount but if closed and reopened it goes down to default level EG small crate, fill up to 300 dirt, close and reopen 150 dirt inside.
  2. doesnt work with beta branch, havent tried others as I just found this mod. binding doesnt work and input commands dont work either. it loads up fine though.
  3. chrome actually, but it does work on edge...weird.
  4. can't download the mods? says the files dont exsist.
  5. I got an update to the wurm unlimited dedicated server but I cant find a changelog. Does anyone know what changed?
  6. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Having trouble connecting to the server today. Been trying for about 1/2 hour and it just hangs at "connecting to server", is anything wrong? I was able to connect and play no problems the past few days.
  7. Sklotopolis - PVE

    coffeetopia just opened up far southwest of spawn.
  8. I'm just requesting if someone can log onto my server, or at least try. I forwarded all the ports I think but I cant tell if its on the list to join. Server name is "if you can read this, you're to close". Thank you!
  9. 0.25-beta3 is causing a crash on launch, I dont even get an error log, or I dont know where to find it. or, removing all mods got this, window didnt close so I coppied it from the dos window
  10. so I guess there is no answer then?
  11. well thank you for this mod, even though they should have fixed this first thing, we shouldn't have to rely on mods for basic operations. I know this is an alpha but this has been a bug from its release and should have been patched first thing.