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  1. Some Epic Things

    My only objection is in the use of this argument. Freedomers get something, so epic players must get something too. Well, lets make a poll on freedom if they actually want or care about this something. If it turns out that freedomers couldn't care less about transferring to epic, then lets forget the whole story. Don't get me wrong. If life on epic feels that bad for so many people, then there must be a formula to transfer out. But lets call it that. It is not that freedom gets something out of it.
  2. Some Epic Things

    I doubt freedomers asked for any of this either. I believe that the whole change is implemented as a way to revitalize epic. The problem that I see in this thread is that lots of epic players want to get out of epic and relocate in freedom. It feels like a mass migration of epic refugees to freedom. As far as I'm concerned, do come in, bring your skills, your items even your chickens if you want. What troubles me is how this is going to revitalize epic? If you leave, then we have an empty cluster, maybe used as weekend resort for bored freedomers and that in rare occasions since you will have to organize it in advance to find someone there.
  3. +1 and I claim Manouri as the feta byproduct with protected designation of origin of NW (or center-west if we follow mission locations) Xanadu.
  4. Averages do not say anything. What could help is direct comparisons of the whiniest toons about the matter, both in freedom and in epic, with toons of similar playtime and overall skill orientation (if possible) from the other side.
  5. Item: Workbench Skill: Fine Carpentry Attributes: Can be planted/secured, locked with large padlock, loaded with cart or better, normal decay rates apply for items within. Permissions: Location (deed) rules apply for the workbench. If locked, item permissions are typical with the addition of a “Use” flag. Capacity: Acts as a simple container with anyone with the right permissions able to place/remove tools in it. The maximum number of tools it can hold is workbench Quality/10. Description: Anyone allowed, has the Use option in the right click menu if s/he stands near it. Upon Use, a toolbelt-like window opens, with the appropriate size and filled with the tools in the toolbox. The window is location sensitive. If you move away from range, it disappears (just like a container inventory). The tools in the workbench-belt can be examined, repaired(?), activated (as if they are in your inventory) and dragged (or right click→add) to the crafting window. Wish-list: Reduced decay for pelts/whetstones. If I can place a bucket/small barrel of water in there, then the active tool is the water in it. I will still have to refill it manually. Place appropriate graphic models on the workbench, depending on what is inside. It could be a nice exercise on placing items on furniture. Edit: on abandoned workbenches, damage can deactivate tool-slots, according to effective QL, till the workbench is destroyed and the remaining tools drop to the floor.
  6. The video suggests that it has a cooldown like foraging. Finite items is a reward for old players and any new ones (a year or so after it is introduced) will find archeology as a moot skill, while infinite simply favors farming. Drop a deed where old deeds were and farm it every day. Don't get me wrong. I love it. I simply want to know how they balance it.
  7. Finite or infinite items? Would someone (max skill and gear) be able to clear out a location (given enough time there) for everyone else or would anyone that digs there may find something?
  8. To gamble or not of course. The skills I consider important right now for my toon, I have grind them or still grinding them and I hardly ever fail (in creating, imping is another story altogether). I get better every day in them. I have the game you want already. I also have the option of building a caravel on the side, while semi-afking, through gambling. It is a plus not a minus. What do you want? Your skill is X, the ql of the material you try to place is Y, calculated time of placement is Z? For me is boring. Why? Because I like gambling in this case. I chose it. I like having good and bad days. Otherwise I would simply calculate my estimated time of crafting and allocate the required game time. No, "nice, I had a good day" or "it is not my day" sums at the end. You know, things that make this a game, not a factory job. Edit: Now that I think of it, your high level skills are like your profession while your low ones are like hobbies. You want effectiveness on the first ones, you simply play with the others.
  9. Because that way there is a choice. Your game is half the game wurm is right now.
  10. You keep saying that and I wonder if you have actually understand the mechanics involved. It is not simple RNG here. Let me give you an example. Right now I build a caravel. For no reason other than decoration of my harbor, so it is not something I’m in a hurry to complete. My shipbuilding is a bit low for that kind of job, so I get a lot of fails placing parts. If my shipbuilding was higher, I would get considerably less fails, since my skill level is directly tied to that chance percentage. I made the choice to start working on it now, instead of grinding shipbuilding first (making lots of easier ships first, ships I have no use for). I traded deterministic grinding for gambling as you call it. I made that choice, not the game. Right now, I’m placing deck boards. The deck boards are of a bit low quality as well. Why? I had a stock of 35-40ql logs I wanted to get rid off. The boards averaged at around 29ql. Their low ql is one of the reasons I get so many fails as well, because their quality is also tied to that same chance percentage. I could use better quality logs, discard the low quality boards I produce and only work with the best materials. I would get way less number of fails that way. I traded quantity of mats (all the low ql trees, logs and boards I may get and have to discard) for gambling. Again, my choice, the game didn’t force me to do that. Why that choice? Because I’m not in a hurry to finish and pressing a key every now and then is ideal for semi-afking while doing some other things like watching a movie. I don’t care about fails. If you do, get better in your crafting and use higher quality mats and tools. That simple. Wurm has one of the best balance of RNG use I’ve seen in a game, with multiple ways to affect your chances. Even though I hate to admit, sometimes RNG in Wurm can drive you nuts (yes, meditation, I'm looking at you ).
  11. While I love a detailed guide to fine tune the settings, wouldn't be nice if along with the default settings, the client would provide a low and a high settings profile? Not everyone is comfortable playing with the settings and I think that the default setup is a bit unfair to the new client. A new player trying to check the game should be able to go to high fast and enjoy it. First impressions do count.
  12. I don't have a problem with tree collision, I kind of like it to tell you the truth. The only issue that comes to mind right now is this. I have several trees in the place I keep my animals. The annoying thing about this setup, is that since they don't care about trees, I very often find them inside those trees, especially my oaks and olives. That is a real problem with small animals like foals and sheep. Till now I could go into trees as well and find them. Are they going to hide from me for as long as they like now? Can we get a simple tree avoidance system on their movements, at least till we got a better route algorithm? Nothing fancy, something like checking the 3 approaching tiles in the movement direction (if (x,y) is the tile you are and you have to go to (x,y+1) check (x-1,y+1), (x,y+1), (x+1, y+1) and prefer (if possible) the ones without trees). You can even expand it to prefer tree tiles with smaller trees if there is no other path (like preferring to go through a lemon tree over an oak).
  13. Why not simply having the meditation refresh tick only affect the nutrition level (taking it to 99%) and leaving the food bar as it is (as empty as it was before). That way you get some benefit and you can still eat affinity food. Or if you feed yourself through meditation, you can eat all the junk you want for food and then go to 99% nutrition with a successful meditation.
  14. I hope this doesn't mean that they take double damage now
  15. Have you tried to disable stuff like shades and reflections?