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  1. "... we are starting with a XANADU-WIDE ALLIANCE..." All of it :P
  2. For me it would be "Meaningful ways to encourage cooperative play and banding together in the Freedom Cluster".
  3. It's not about earning (more) silver - having a currency that you also sell for RL cash was the most shitty game design decision ever in my personal book. It's about the MM part in MMO. At least for me - I like interdependency and making stuff other people can use. If I want to play a single-player game there's far better ones that do not have a monthly cost attached...
  4. I'd really be interested in a number of premium accounts vs skill points graph for WO. I'd wager a bet that is is NOT the usual Gaussian curve you have in that kind of graphs.
  5. The "get new players and all economy problems go away" fix is shortsighted and won't work: For some strange reason suddenly and out of the blue a lot of new players join (how? why?) New players buy silver to buy tools from high-end crafters who rub their hands in glee - the economy is fixed! Those new players interested in selling items themselves soon realize there is no market for <QL50 items without enchants They get informed and realize it would take months or years and at least two accounts to be able to sell items themselves (and by that time the demand has dried out again) New players interested in being crafters/traders leave and find another game Those who stay have bought the tools they need *once* and never need to buy again Back to square one The system is flawed. And for as long as there is no turn around of items and high-end characters because they stay in the system indefinately (character sales...) that won't change.
  6. Last update was in January. Is this actually really still maintained?
  7. PvP Updates

    Sorry guys, but dyed fishing rods have a higher priority (yes, just trolling)
  8. Comparing the cost to other hobbies is irrelevant. What WO needs to compete with isn't people going to the cinema or playing basketball in their backyard (really? I mean... REALLY?) but other MMOs as that is where potential players go. Sure, it is a vicious circle - less players means less possibilities to lower the sub and keep the servers running. Comparably high subscription on the other hand (Camelot Unchained will most likely launch with a sub of 10$ and will be brand new, not 10 years old) means you loose more players than you gain, which in turn means at some point critical mass cannot be reached anymore... I have no idea where the critical mass is for WO, but numbers are sure only going one way: down.
  9. Considering that I need to buy silver on top of the sub to pay for upkeep - yep, too expensive for a niche game with a dwindling population and outdated graphics.
  10. It's always the same cycles for me: Returning to Wurm I come up with a few projects. This time round it was connecting my deed to the Highway system (ongoing... requires a tunnel) and building a brewery. After a while I start to ask myself "what for? You are the only one active in this area. No one needs your goods and no one will ever see what you build or use it." Then I start looking for other games. I play another MMO for a few months until endgame, realizing that I don't have the time to do endgame (which usually means raiding on a schedule unless you have the patience and tolerance to try your luck with PUGs - which I don't have). Then I return to Wurm. Sometimes I think I am just too old for this ######
  11. A good one was when they managed to make me put peat and woodscraps on every single bloody farm tile to triple yield... took me an hour to get to some peat and back alone.
  12. I wonder how much silver enters the economy via MOI foraging/digging. (From my perspective not enough. I play a game and have no problem paying for premium, but to pay my in-game deed I want to earn money in-game without slave laboring for it. My deed is really small (2s per month) and I still have to buy silver in the shop to pay for it. Sucks and probably turns off a lot of people enough to make them *not* play Wurm. Disclaimer: I even bought silver to buy a merchant like a year ago. I earned 2 silver something from that merchant selling some cordage ropes and a few gems... my QL 70 carpentry made tools (unenchanted) might as well have been used to fuel the forge...). Edit: Merchant is sitting in a market, not on my deed. Probably the deadest market of Xanadu (Black Forest Bazaar) but a market
  13. There was a Fair near the starter town last night with fishing and archery competitions, a "Slay the beast" competition and much merrymaking. It was very nice to see so many people in one place! Thanks to Delilah for organizing it, to Blindmole for the free food and drinks and special props to Andreas for his well made market stall!
  14. Couldn't all involved parties just preserve some dignity and let this abomination die? If you really want to prevent people from ever considering to join Wurm PvP - keep going :s