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  1. There was a Fair near the starter town last night with fishing and archery competitions, a "Slay the beast" competition and much merrymaking. It was very nice to see so many people in one place! Thanks to Delilah for organizing it, to Blindmole for the free food and drinks and special props to Andreas for his well made market stall!
  2. Couldn't all involved parties just preserve some dignity and let this abomination die? If you really want to prevent people from ever considering to join Wurm PvP - keep going :s
  3. I'll give you a free bump asking two questions (one of them might help you to get new villagers): Whereabouts is your deed (Xanadu being huge and your deed not being listed in the community map)? Where the heck are the Maples - that's all Pines :D?
  4. I have only played for a few days paralell to WO now, but I have interacted with more people in person than in two years of Xanadu... Everyone is very friendly and helpful, especially towards new players. Roleplaying in local has worked fine so far, too. Winter is coming in a few hours and I am really curious what that will be like with the mod
  5. What the game needs is not more things and aids to be able to do everything yourself (like those NPCs). It needs more incentives to play cooperatively and more interdependency... God, I sound like a broken record
  6. A new server that doesn't start fresh (aka everyone starts at 0 skill wise) will achieve nothing but to dilute the population even further. I'd rather see nature reclaim old land by de-terraforming (smoothing of the landscape after a certain time of being unused). Or something truely innovative like a cluster where you have to choose a primary vocation (smith, carpenter, mason...) and cannot train other skills fully to encourage... you know... communities and interdependency. If someone wants to be a hermit on untouched land I really wonder why he doesn't just create a local WU server for himself...
  7. Sounds like Sims - Wurm Edition If it can be done without completely lagging out the server it sounds fun. Let's face it: WO will never see massive numbers of players, so lively villages/cities with players only will remain to be the exception.
  8. Why Java when it could run so much better in Turbo Pascal? Think about it.
  9. As was pointed out already: Where you make things once and then can keep them infintely unless you are very, very careless there will never be a real market. Craft, imp up, finalize and then you can use but not repair it. Stuff needs to be replaced, you have an economy. Otherwise it's down to consumables (aka planks and bricks...), which is where WO is now.
  10. My problem is that I am not a very good hermit. Just building my own little bubble on my own and just for myself gets boring quickly (I'll never get why people think building ghost towns with a plethora of buildings just for one person makes sense :P). As Wurm Online (Freedom at least) is basically a hermit game I leave and return in intervals. Right now the highway system might keep me busy for a while but once highways are built they are built - no long-term perspective there either. Currently I am also looking at a WU Server that might promote more group play. We'll see how that goes.
  11. Enjoy the sights and make sure to provide some screenshots. Most inhabitants of Xanadu will probably only have seen a small fraction of the map themselves. If you eve rhappen to pass by way down south you are invited to a mint tea and some tasty sausage
  12. You could only have real consumption of tools, weapons and armor if you could improve tools like now after creation but if you could only use them once you finalise the improvement via game mechanics and if you could then never repair them...
  13. Good points :/
  14. I dunno. I think not being able to pay Premium with silver and instead lowering Premium rates could (stress on could) be a good thing. The problem with the mix of RL currency and IG silver is not deed upkeep but Premium time after all... the outrage of some of the established players would be epic though as it works well for them. Wurm Online is a business though and personally I think the business modell will have to change in the long run as you do *need* fresh blood.
  15. A working economy with working supply and demand and interdependency makes for good content in a MMO. And trade usualy involves currency. At least it makes things easier