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  1. Congratulations Reverent, send me you in game name and I will COD over ASAP. Post can now be closed. Thanks all for bidding
  2. Less than 12 hours remaining. Good luck to final bidders \o/
  3. We have here, my first Archaeological discovery of worth from my first deed since long forgotten. A Rare statue of Mountain Lion Fragment (1/46) [21:20:17] A small fragment from a statue of mountain lion. You think you could recreate the statue of mountain lion if you had a bit more material. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It can not be improved. Starting bid: 2s Increment (minimum): 0.5 s Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted
  4. 110% love the idea of this. Well thought out, breeds highlighted and traits/uses that are common the uses IRL. Should definitely be considered for implementation
  5. Currently have a handful of tools and a weapon that I no longer have need of. Iron Longsword, 65.96ql w/ Animal Demise, Nimbleness 98, Frostbrand 61, Circle of Cunning 97 - 4s Iron Pickaxe, 65.44ql w/ Wind of Ages 45 - 30c Steel Pickaxe, 44.95ql w/ Wind of Ages 72, Circle of Cunning 67 - 1s Oakenwood Rope Tool, 84.29ql w/ Wind of Ages 100 - 5s Iron Saw, 37.5ql w/ Wind of Ages 42 - 30c Oakenwood Spindle, 66.52 ql w/ Wind of Ages 75, Circle of Cunning 49 - 1.2s Offers also considered within reason.
  6. As per the titles. Looking for the August 21 monthly skin which was the Bulwalk skin for the Large Metal Shield. Shields with skin fitted considered also (material / rarity will dictate interest) Message below or PM if have one and interested in selling
  7. Sounds like a worthy adversary for my silver sledgehammer! I'll see you there
  8. Rift 12/7 Xan

    Thank you for the link and reply. Damn 0148...
  9. Rift 12/7 Xan

    Any ideas on a rough start time?
  10. Lunalong 2020

    @Dracaa I will be there from 13th, I can help with random or affinity based meals/pizzas as my other skills do not compare to the other impers. (80HFC) If you are happy for another chef alongside Bratty I can help out. Otherwise I'll be attending anyhow.
  11. Good Evening, are you guys still recruiting members? Returning Vet after some years, carrying much of my own equipment to get restarted with. Currently standing in Oakheart (Just NE of central Xan) deciding on a direction to walk. PM me here, in-game or reply if looking to add to your ranks.
  12. Small Anvil, Iron72ql 86- WOA 0.80 Silver Large Anvil, Iron 80ql 85- WOA 0.80 Silver ^^ Thank you for the above. Received within quick time frame, happy customer ?
  13. How many pans do you think it would require for hfc from 78.81-->90? Pm me details so can discuss
  14. +1 Number of villagers/alliance members cap should be considered before made available to them