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  1. Hi Eject ;D I am Bogus and I play on your Server necropolis .. lol
  2. Yes, the problem is the same, but the version is wurm unlimited
  3. Hello all ;D I have maybe found a bug, I see over the object a border, when I gone over the objects. I play under Linux Mint 18. Greetings Gerriet
  4. Thanks for you reply post, but the actualy version Oracle Java run on my linux ;D Is sad, that if give a client for linux, but the run not normal and so I have no found help over google or here. Very sad, but I will not give up. I love the game and can play the game under win7, but is not the best way for me ..
  5. Hello all ;D I have a big problem under Linux-Mint 17.2 64bit, I can't start the steam wu client. I have no error messages. Have Java update to date. Anyone can help me ? Greetings Gerriet